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Six freestyle champions qualify for World Team Trials at the Bill Farrell International

by Koral Sugiyama, Special to

Photo of Myles Martin at 86 kg. Photo by Andy Hamilton, FloWrestling.


CEDAR FALLS, Iowa – The final day of the Bill Farrell international concluded with men’s freestyle as ten more athletes qualified for World Team Trials in May. 


Stepping out at 61 kg was 2019 World Team member and 2020 Pan-Am champion Tyler Graff (TMWC/NJRTC). Graff faced off against Daniel DeShazer of Gopher Wrestling Club. After a single takedown, Graff took advantage of DeShazer holding his position and took him to his back where Graff secured the pin. 


The finalists at 65 kg were 2018 NCAA champion and Olympic Team Trials qualifier Seth Gross (SKWC/WRTC) and three-time NCAA qualifier Ian Parker (C-RTC). While Parker kept the heat on the entire match, Gross was the one throwing the points on the board; he defeated Parker 12-5. 


Gross’s main weight class last year was 61 kg, but this year he’s making the decision to move up.


“I’m going to make sure I’m in the best shape I can be in without the weight being a factor. It’s going to help me perform,” said Gross. 


Three-time NCAA All-American Tyler Berger (CA RTC) took down 2019 NCAA champion and 2020 Pan-Am gold medalist Anthony Ashnault (NYAC) in the 70 kg final. The first period ended tied at 2-2. Berger accredits his win to focusing on his motion and his shot which showed on the scoreboard with two additional blast doubles. In a tight match, Berger came out with the win over Ashnault, 6-6. 


Both four-time NCAA qualifiers, Joshua Shields (SKWC) and Joey Lavallee (TMWC/LVWC) reached the finals at 74 kg. Although Shields was called for passivity in the first period, he was able to create the opportunities he needed in the second period to defeat Lavallee, 5-2. 


Chance Marsteller (TMWC/Annapolis RTC) defeated Thomas Gantt (TMWC/Wolfpack Wrestling Club) in the 79 kg bout, 6-0. Marsteller opened up about his sobriety and how that has been a contributor to his mental toughness. Between that and traveling an hour and a half everyday to train with the Navy, he believes his unorthodox life is what gives him the ability to go hard for the entire match.


“I just know that I give everything I have every day so with that mindset, you have to realize that [in] six minutes you can do anything you want,” said Marsteller after his match. 


In the 86 kg final bout, Myles Martin (TMWC/Scarlet Knight RTC) teched Owen Webster (Gopher WC - RTC), 14-3. Martin has been enjoying the process even though his body is feeling the effects of years of wrestling. He’s learning to listen and take care of his body through nutrition and recovery. 


Zane Richards (TMWC/Illinois RTC) championed the 57 kg round robin without a point scored against him. None of Richard’s three tech-falls went into the second period. 


Michael Macchiavello (TMWC/Wolfpack Wrestling Club) also battled his way through a round robin to claim the 97 kg title. Macchiavello earned two unanswered technical falls along with an 8-0 decision over Canada’s 2021 World Team member Nishan Randhawa and a 4-1 decision over 2019 Greco World Team member Josef Rau (TMWC). 


2007 84-pound Fargo champion meets 2007 275-pound Fargo champion 15 years later in the final heavyweight bout of the night. Hayden Zillmer (Gopher WC- RTC) finished off the 125 kg round robin with a last second push-out over Dominique Bradley (SKWC), 3-2. Zillmer’s first win of the day was over Ceron Francisco (TMWC/NLWC).


Titan Mercury and Wolfpack Wrestling Club’s Nick Reenan was the only competitor at 92 kg. 


Throughout the weekend, in all 30 weight classes, the highest-placing U.S. athlete, who has not already qualified, will earn a bid to the World Team Trials in May.

Qualifying for the World Team Trials included champions Graff, Shields, Marsteller, Martin, Reenan and Macchiavello as well as runners-up Michael Tortorice (57), Parker (65), Ashnault (70) and third-place finisher Francisco (125).


The next time you can catch USA’s senior wrestlers will be in four weeks in Las Vegas at the U.S. Open live on



At Cedar Falls, Iowa, April 1


Men’s freestyle final results


57 kg/125.4 lbs

Gold – Zane Richards (TMWC/Illinois RTC)

Silver – Michael Tortorice (Knights RTC)

Bronze – Nico Provo (CA RTC)


Round Robin Matches

Zane Richards (TMWC/Illinois RTC) tech Michael Tortorice (Knights RTC), 10-0

Nico Provo (CA RTC) tech Gregory Diakomihalis (TMWC/Spartan Combat RTC), 10-0

Michael Tortorice (Knights RTC) fall Nico Provo (CA RTC), 4:57

Zane Richards (TMWC/Illinois RTC) tech Gregory Diakomihalis (TMWC/Spartan Combat RTC), 11-0

Gregory Diakomihalis (TMWC/Spartan Combat RTC) dec Michael Tortorice (Knights RTC), 8-8

Zane Richards (TMWC/Illinois RTC) tech Nico Provo (CA RTC), 10-0


61 kg/134.2 lbs

Gold – Tyler Graff (TMWC/NJRTC) fall Daniel Deshazer KS (Gopher Wrestling Club - RTC), 1:41

Bronze – Paul Bianchi (Arkansas RTC) dec Josh Kramer (SKWC), 18-16


65 kg/143 lbs

Gold – Seth Gross (SKWC) dec, Ian Parker (C-RTC), 12-5

Bronze – Matthew Kolodzik (NYAC) VSU Vince Cornella CO (TMWC/Spartan Combat RTC), 11-0 5:32


70 kg/154 lbs

Gold – Tyler Berger (TMWC/CA RTC) dec Anthony Ashnault (NYAC), 6-6

Bronze – Elroy Perkin (TMWC) tech Evan Yant (Panther WC RTC), 10-0


74 kg/162.8 lbs

Gold – Joshua Shields (SKWC) dec Joey Lavallee (TMWC/LVWC), 5-2

Bronze – Collin Purinton (SKWC) tech Dillon Williams(Canada), 11-0 5:36


79 kg/173.8 lbs

Gold – Chance Marsteller (TMWC/Annapolis RTC) dec Thomas Gantt (TMWC/Wolfpack WC), 6-0

Bronze – Quentin Perez (CA RTC) dec Jared Krattiger (Gopher WC - RTC), 11-4


86 kg/189.2 lbs

Gold – Myles Martin (TMWC/Scarlet Knight RTC) tech Owen Webster (Gopher WC - RTC), 14-3

Bronze – Dylan Lydy (Indiana RTC) tech Andrew Morgan (TMWC/Spartan Combat RTC), 11-2


92 kg/202.4 lbs

Gold – Nick Reenan (TMWC/Wolfpack WC) vs BYE


97 kg/213.4 lbs

Gold – Michael Macchiavello (TMWC/Wolfpack WC) 

Silver – Josef Rau (TMWC)

Bronze – Morgan Smith (TMWC/Ohio RTC)


Round Robin Matches

Michael Macchiavello (TMWC/Wolfpack WC) dec Nishan Randhawa (Panther Wrestling Club RTC), 8-0

Josef Rau (TMWC) tech Tyler Thurston (Iowa), 11-0

Morgan Smith (TMWC/Ohio RTC) dec Nishan Randhawa (Panther Wrestling Club RTC), 3-1

Michael Macchiavello (TMWC/Wolfpack WC) tech Tyler Thurston (Iowa), 10-0

Michael Macchiavello (Wolfpack WC) dec Nishan Randhawa (Panther WC RTC), 8-0

Josef Rau (TMWC) tech Tyler Thurston (Iowa), 11-0

Josef Rau (TMWC) tech Morgan Smith (TMWC/Ohio RTC), 11-1 

Nishan Randhawa (Panther WC RTC) tech Tyler Thurston (Iowa), 10-0

Michael Macchiavello (TMWC/Wolfpack WC) tech Morgan Smith (TMWC/Ohio RTC), 10-0 

Josef Rau (TMWC) dec Nishan Randhawa (Panther WC RTC), 8-7


125 kg/275 lbs 

Gold – Hayden Zillmer (Gopher WC-RTC)

Silver – Dominique Bradley (SKWC)

Bronze – Ceron Francisco (TMWC/NLWC)


Round Robin Matches

Dominique Bradley (SKWC) forfeit Derek White (TMWC/CKWC)

Hayden Zillmer (Gopher WC-RTC) tech Ceron Francisco (TMWC/NLWC)

Hayden Zillmer (Gopher WC-RTC) forfeit Derek White (TMWC/CKWC)

Dominique Bradley (SKWC) tech Ceron Francisco (TMWC/NLWC)

Ceron Francisco (TMWC/NLWC) forfeit Derek White (TMWC/CKWC)

Hayden Zillmer (Gopher WC-RTC) dec Dominique Bradley (SKWC)


Men’s Freestyle World Team Trials qualifiers

57 kg/125.4 lbs – Michael Tortorice (Knights RTC)

61 kg/134.2 lbs – Tyler Graff (TMWC/NJRTC)

65 kg/143 lbs – Ian Parker (C-RTC)

70kg/154 lbs – Anthony Ashnault (NYAC)

74 kg/162.8 lbs – Joshua Shields (SKWC)

79kg/173.8 lbs – Chance Marsteller (TMWC/Annapolis RTC)

86 kg/189.2 lbs – Myles Martin (TMWC/Scarlet Knight RTC)

92 kg/202.4 lbs – Nick Reenan (TMWC/Wolfpack WC)

97 kg/213.4 lbs – Michael Macchiavello (TMWC/Wolfpack WC) 

125 kg/275 lbs – Ceron Francisco (TMWC/NLWC)

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