USA Wrestling's strength is its' reliance on volunteers to help advance the cause of amateur wrestling in the United States. To achieve sustained competitive excellence, USA Wrestling, yearly, relies on the efforts of coaches and medical volunteers for the many events held annually. USA Wrestling appreciates the commitment that coaches and medical volunteers make to the sport of wrestling year in and year out.

If you are interested in being more involved with amateur wrestling, the USA Wrestling Coaches Pool and Medical Volunteer Pool needs to have your application completed.

In order to receive an assignment from USA Wrestling you must hold a current USA Wrestling membership card. For coaches, who wish to receive a coach's assignment, you must be at least Bronze Certified by the National Coaches Education Program. Elite athletes who do not hold Bronze certification will receive an exemption of two years to complete the course.

To increase your chances to receive a coaching or medical pool assignment, USA Wrestling looks for volunteers who are active with USA Wrestling events at all levels. Cody Bickley, National Teams High Performance Manager, suggests, "Make sure you volunteer at the state level for the USA Wrestling state tournament. Be a part of the organization by showing your support for wrestling from the earliest age groups through the senior levels." The more active you are, the more likely you are to receive an assignment. Also, be realistic in the assignment you want to receive. You must be active with the age group, that you want to be assigned to.

Additionally, for coaches looking to increase their chances of receiving an assignment. Make a special effort to attend the National Training Camps and to actively encourage other coaches to become certified by NCEP. Please be very clear on your application relating to the leadership you have provided for wrestling in your state or region.

The National Coaches and Medical Volunteer Pools help build a strong wrestling organization nationwide. We hope many active coaches and medical volunteers will take the time to apply to these pools, so they can be actively involved in amateur wrestling.