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Resident Athlete Program
The primary objective of the Resident Athlete Program at the Olympic Training Center is to provide an appropriate and encouraging environment for the athletic and personal development of Olympic and Pan American athletes. The initial qualification standards, as well as the program requirements and expectations are provided below. Please read each item carefully prior to completing this application form. The information requested by each applicant is expected to be current, specific and accurate. Approved residents will be evaluated on the information submitted as well as their performance. Please take the time to completely answer all information requested. Incomplete applications will be returned. Applications are to be typed or printed in black ink.

Resident Program Qualifications and Standards:
1. NGBs that compete in the Olympic and Pan American Games are eligible for resident athlete programs. Unless special circumstances are cited, resident programs will be awarded at one training center only.

2. Resident programs are to be submitted for those training programs that are longer than 6 months in duration. Programs fewer than 6 months in duration should be submitted on a short term program request form. Applications are to be submitted annually and will be reviewed twice each year. Once approved, each NGB will be notified as to the status of their request and the number of resident spaces awarded.

3. A complete individual application must be submitted and approved for each athlete requesting resident status. Returning residents must also submit an annual application. All athlete applications will be reviewed twice a year. Individual athlete applications should be submitted to the Operations Department at the training center where each athlete will train no later than two (2) weeks prior to their planned arrival.

4. Resident athletes must be at least 15 years of age; current United States citizens; and be eligible to represent the U.S. in the Olympic or Pan American Games in his/her sport. Applicants accepted into residency must be endorsed by their NGB as having strong potential for participation in future Olympic Games.

5. Athletes endorsed by their NGB for acceptance must meet the USOC/NGB criteria. Only those athletes showing continued improvement towards international success and the high probability of becoming an Olympian will be accepted.

6. Each athlete must demonstrate progress in training and competition, including reaching competition goals established by the athlete and their coach(es) for the year. Progress in international standings will be a consideration in evaluating both program and individual resident athlete applications and renewals. Coaches will report each athlete's progress and specific performance standards twice each year.

7. Athletes are expected to have a Personal Development Plan (PDP) for their year of residency. Personal Development Plans may consist of components from education, employment, MEDALS workshops or other areas of interest to the athlete as well as community service opportunities. Each athlete is responsible for checking with their individual training center for PDP requirements at their site.

8. Applicants of high school age must be enrolled in high school. At the time of application, athletes must possess, and continue to maintain a 2.7 grade point average. Athletes who plan to take college courses must possess and maintain a 2.0 GPA. Grade reports are to be submitted with applications and PDP semi-annual reports.

9. All new applicants will be placed on a 90-day probation period. After 60 days the resident coach will be asked to review the athlete's progress and initiation into the program. This is designed to allow both the coach and the athlete to determine if the athlete has the potential to be successful, both in training and socially, within the structure of the current NGB resident program.

10. All NGB resident programs are expected to provide a dorm liaison for their program. This person may not be another resident athlete.

Athlete skill levels eligible for resident status:*
Olympic caliber: Athletes who currently meet performance criteria to compete in upcoming Olympic, Pan Am or NGB World Championships

National: NGB Senior National Team members and/or athletes who have been selected for international competition at major events (other than those listed above) within the past 12 months.

Junior National: NGB Junior National Team members and/or athletes who have been selected for, or are eligible for selection to international competition within the past 12 months or upcoming resident year.

*Athletes of other skill levels are not eligible for resident status except at USOEC/NMU where athletes may live and train on a self-pay basis if space is available.

Call USA Wrestling at (719) 598-8181 for more information