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Bey wins silver as Greco-Roman action concludes final day of Budapest Ranking Series event

by Joe Wedra, special to


Kamal Bey faces Sanan Suleymanov of Azerbaijan at the Polyák Imre & Varga János Memorial

Photo: Kamal Bey (USA) faces Sunan Suleymanov (Azerbaijan) in the finals at 77kg. (Kadir Caliskan, United World Wrestling)

BUDAPEST, Hungary — Kamal Bey won a silver medal at 77kg in the final day of the Polyák Imre & Varga János Memorial, the fourth and final UWW Senior Ranking Series event of the year. Bey wrestled in the final session with other U.S. competitors Alejandro Sancho (67kg) and Spencer Woods (82kg) who both finished in fifth place of their respective weight classes.

Bey had a standout day as the leader of the U.S. Greco-Roman group. He went 4-0 in the first session, a performance that included a win over Iran’s 2019 Junior World champion Mohammad Naghousi. In the gold medal finals, Bey was defeated by Azerbaijan’s Sunan Suleymanov, 4-1. Suleymanov took silver at the 2021 Senior World Championships.

Sancho, a 2020 Tokyo Olympian, lost a 1-1 bout to Lei Li of China to finish fifth. On the day, Sancho went 3-2. In Sunday’s first session, he defeated Hungary’s Adam Pohilec (5-1) and China’s Husiyuetu (4-4).

Woods, winner of the Pan American Championship in May, dropped his bronze medal bout to Gela Bolkvadze of Georgia. Bolkvadze, who was a 2018 U23 World champion, finished fifth at the 2022 Senior World Championships.

Azerbaijan won the final Greco-Roman team race with 140 points. They were followed by Hungary (113 points) and Iran (98 points). The U.S. finished in sixth place with 64 points.

In total, the U.S. won 14 medals at the event — eight in men’s freestyle, five in women’s freestyle and one in Greco-Roman.

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UWW Senior Ranking Series: Polyák Imre & Varga János Memorial
At Budapest, Hungary, July 16, 2023

Greco-Roman day two results

Final team standings
1 - Azerbaijan, 140 points
2 - Hungary, 113 points
3 - Iran, 98 points
4 - Georgia, 95 points
5 - Kazakhstan, 74 points
6 - USA, 64 points
7 - Korea, 56 points
8 - Finland and Sweden, 48 points
10 - Turkey, 44 points
11 - China, 39 points
12 - Romania, 36 points
13 - Moldova, 35 points
14 - Austria, 31 points
15 - Bulgaria, 30 points

Gold: Hasrat Jafarov (Azerbaijan)
Silver: Joni Khetsuriani (Georgia)
Bronze: Lei Li (China)
Bronze: Hansu Ryu (Korea)
5th: Alejandro Sancho (USA)
5th: Mihai Mihut (Romania)
7th: Minseong Kwon (Korea)
8th: Din Koshkar (Kazakhstan)
9th: Niklas Oehlen (Sweden)
10th: Murat Firat (Turkey)

Gold — Hasrat Jafarov (Azerbaijan) dec. Joni Khetsuriani (Georgia), 6-1
Bronze — Hansu Ryu (Korea) dec. Mihai Mihut (Romania), 4-1
Bronze — Lei Li (China) dec. Alejandro Sancho (USA), 1-1

72 kg
Gold: Seyed Shamsollah Sohrabi (Iran)
Silver: Ulvi Ganizade (Azerbaijan)
Bronze: Selcuk Can (Turkey)
Bronze: Otar Abuladze (Georgia)
5th: Daniyar Kalenov (Kazakhstan)
5th: Levente Levai (Hungary)
7th: Elmer Mattila (Finland)
8th: Robert Fritsch (Hungary)
9th: Erik Persson (Sweden)
10th: Zaur Kabaloev (Italy)

Gold — Seyed Shamsollah Sohrabi (Iran) over Ulvi Ganizade (Azerbaijan), injury
Bronze — Selcuk Can (Turkey) dec. Daniyar Kalenov (Kazakhstan), 5-1
Bronze — Otar Abuladze (Georgia) dec. Levente Levai (Hungary), 8-3

77 kg
Gold: Sunan Suleymanov (Azerbaijan)
Silver: Kamal Bey (USA)
Bronze: Iuri Lomadze (Georgia)
Bronze: Mohammad Aziz Naghousi (Iran)
5th: Jonni Sarkkinen (Finland)
5th: Levai Zoltan (Hungary)
7th: Halishan Bahejiang (China)
8th: Azat Sadykov (Kazakhstan)
9th: Sachino Davitaia (Georgia)
10th: Oldrich Varga (CZE)

Gold — Sunan Suleymanov (Azerbaijan) dec. Kamal Bey (USA), 4-1
Bronze — Mohammad Aziz Naghousi (Iran) dec. Levai Zoltan (Hungary), 1-1
Bronze — Iuri Lomadze (Georgia) dec. Jonni Sarkkinen (Finland), 7-0

82 kg
Gold: Erik Szilvassy (Hungary)
Silver: Mihail Bradu (Moldova)
Bronze: Kristoffer Berg (Sweden)
Bronze: Gela Bolkvadze (Georgia)
5th: Peter Doemoek (Hungary)
5th: Spencer Woods (USA)
7th: Dias Kalen (Kazakhstan)
8th: Michael Wagner (Austria)
9th: Shamil Batyrov (Kazakhstan)

Gold — Erik Szilvassy (Hungary) dec. Mihail Bradu (Moldova), 3-1
Bronze — Kristoffer Berg (Sweden) dec. Peter Doemoek (Hungary), 7-1
Bronze — Gela Bolkvadze (Georgia) fall Spencer Woods (USA), 1:07

87 kg
Gold: David Losonczi (Hungary)
Silver: Semen Novikov (Bulgaria)
Bronze: Gurami Khetsuriani (Georgia)
Bronze: Alex Kessidis (Sweden)
5th: Islam Abbasov (Azerbaijan)
5th: Bachir Sid Azara (Algeria)
7th: Fei Peng (China)
8th: Istvan Takacs (Hungary)
9th: Nursultan Tursynov (Kazakhstan)
10th: Marcel Sterkenburg (Netherlands)

Gold — David Losonczi (Hungary) tech Semen Novikov (Bulgaria), 9-0
Bronze — Alex Kessidis (Sweden) dec. Bachir Sid Azara (Algeria), 3-1
Bronze — Gurami Khetsuriani (Georgia) dec. Islam Abbasov (Azerbaijan), 3-2

97 kg
Gold: Tamas Levai (Hungary)
Silver: Nikoloz Kakhelashvili (Italy)
Bronze: Arvi Savolainen (Finland)
Bronze: Daniel Gastl (Austria)
5th: Felix Baldauf (Norway)
5th: Mathias Bak (Denmark)
7th: Mindaugas Venckaitis (Lithuania)
8th: Josef Rau (USA)
9th: Vahid Ghasem Abadi (Iran)
10th: Seungjun Kim (Korea)

Gold — Tamas Levai (Hungary) dec. Nikoloz Kakhelashvili (Italy), 3-1
Bronze — Arvi Savolainen (Finland) dec. Felix Baldauf (Norway), 6-1
Bronze — Daniel Gastl (Austria) dec. Mathias Bak (Denmark), 6-1

130 kg
Gold: Amir Hohammadali Ghasemimonjazi (Iran)
Silver: Beka Kandelaki (Azerbaijan)
Bronze: Aliakbar Hossein Yousofiahmadchali (Iran)
Bronze: Elias Kuosmanen (Finland)
5th: Dariusz Vitek (Hungary)
5th: Konsta Maeenpaeae (Finland)
7th: Lingzhe Meng (China)
8th: Alin Ciurariu (Romania)
9th: Minseok Kim (Korea)
10th: Riza Kayaalp (Turkey)

Gold — Amir Hohammadali Ghasemimonjazi (Iran) dec. Beka Kandelaki (Azerbaijan), 3-1
Bronze — Aliakbar Hossein Yousofiahmadchali (Iran) dec. Dariusz Vitek (Hungary), 3-0
Bronze — Elias Kuosmanen (Finland) dec. Konsta Maeenpaeae (Finland), 2-0

U.S. Greco Roman day two results

67 kg – Alejandro Sancho (Colorado Springs, Colo./Army WCAP) — fifth place
WIN Adam Pohilec (Hungary), 5-1
WIN Husiyuetu Husiyuetu (China), 4-4
WIN Minseong Kwon (Korea), injury
LOSS Joni Khetsuriani (Georgia), 7-0
LOSS Lei Li (China), 1-1

67 kg – Robert Perez III (Colorado Springs, Colo./Sunkist Kids WC)
LOSS Mingseong Kwon (Korea), 11-2

72 kg – Patrick Smith (Minneapolis, Minn./Minnesota Storm)
LOSS Elmer Mattila (Finland), 9-1

77 kg – Kamal Bey (Colorado Springs, Colo./Army WCAP) — silver medal
WIN Mohammad Naghousi (Iran), 5-3
WIN Oldrich Varga (CZE), 7-3
WIN Sanchino Davitaia (Georgia), 8-0
WIN Zoltan Levai (Hungary), 7-3
LOSS Sunan Suleymanov (Azerbaijan), 4-1

77 kg – RaVaughn Perkins (Colorado Springs, Colo./New York AC)
LOSS Sunan Suleymanov (Azerbaijan), 3-1
LOSS Jonni Sarkkinen (Finland), 3-2

82 kg – Spencer Woods (Colorado Springs, Colo./Army WCAP) — fifth place
LOSS Erik Szilvassy (Hungary), 2-1
LOSS Gela Bolkvadze (Georgia), fall 1:08

87 kg – Zachary Braunagel (Belleville, Ill./Illinois RTC/Illini WC)
LOSS Rafig Huseynov (Azerbaijan), 2-1

97 kg – Josef Rau (Chicago, Ill./Titan Mercury WC) — eighth place
WIN Vahid Dadkhah Ghasem Abadi (Iran), 10-1
LOSS Felix Baldauf (Norway), 4-0

130 kg – Cohlton Schultz (Parker, Colo./Sunkist Kids WC)
LOSS Aliakbar Yousofiahmadachali (Iran), 3-1

130 kg – Adam Coon (Ann Arbor, Mich./Cliff Keen WC/New York AC)
LOSS Alin Alexuc (Romania), 2-1

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