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U.S. athletes win seven gold and 16 overall Greco-Roman medals at the youth-level Tallinn Open in Estonia

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling, with content from Jared Lewis

Photo of U.S. youth wrestlers competing at Tallinn Open courtesy of Jared Lewis.

TALLINN, Estonia – Seven U.S. wrestlers won gold medals, and a total of 16 Americans claimed a medal during the Greco-Roman portion of the Tallinn Open on Saturday. This youth wrestling competition is one of the largest and most prestigious in Europe and around the world.

The following athletes from the United States won Greco-Roman gold medals:
• Hudson Chittum, 38 kg, U15 Greco-Roman (2007-2008)
• Rider Seguine 44 kg, U15 Greco-Roman (2007-2008)
• Jacob Herm 52 kg, U15 Greco-Roman (2007-2008)
• Will Webb, 32 kg, Youth Greco-Roman (Born 2009-2010)
• Jaxsen Bailey, 35 kg, Youth Greco-Roman (Born 2009-2010)
• Asher Bacon, 53 kg, Youth Greco-Roman (Born 2009-2010)
• Evan Restivo, 35 kg, Youth Freestyle (Born 2011 and younger)

The athletes competing this weekend are not with a USA Wrestling national team but have entered the competition through their club programs.

A majority of these U.S. athletes also competed in freestyle on Friday, with 15 wrestlers winning medals in both styles. Winning gold medals in both styles were Hudson Chittum (U15 38 kg), Will Webb (Youth 32 kg) and Evan Restivo (Youth 35 kg),

The double medalists included:
Junior Freestyle (2002-2004)
• 70 kg – Jadon Skellenger, gold medal, FS,silver medal GR
Cadet Freestyle (2005-2006)
• 51 kg – Cooper Hilton, gold medal FS, silver medal GR
• 60 kg – Keaton Mayernik, silver medal FS, silver medal GR
U15 Freestyle (2007-2008)
• 38 kg – Hudson Chittum, gold medal FS, gold medal GR
• 44 kg – Eric Casula, gold medal FS, bronze medal GR
• 44 kg – Rider Seguine,, silver medal FS, gold medal GR
• 52 kg – Declan Koch, gold medal FS, silver medal GR
• 52 kg – Jacob Herm, silver medal FS, gold medal GR
Youth Freestyle (Born 2009-2010)
• 32 kg – Will Webb, gold medal FS, gold medal GR
• 32 kg – Shawn Coffel, bronze medal FS, bronze medal GR
• 35 kg – Carter Smith, gold medal FS, silver medal GR
• 35 kg – Jaxsen Bailey, bronze medal FS, gold medal GR
• 38 kg – Jaxton Bowler, bronze medal FS, silver medal GR
• 53 kg – Asher Bacon, silver medal FS, gold medal GR
Youth Freestyle (Born 2011 and younger)
• 35 kg – Evan Restivo, gold medal FS, gold medal GR

Coach Jared Lewis captured these quotes from team members.

Cadet silver medalist Luke Lilledahl has traveled several times overseas and says trips like this one is what helped him prepare for his experience competing at the 2021 World Championship in Budapest, Hungary.

Cooper Hilton said “European wrestling is more like an art form rather than a sport. They don’t force moves and their pace is more methodical.” Hilton who took his first trip at the age of 12 several years ago and reports it has helped him improve his wrestling and confidence on the mat.

Jadon Skellenger, a Cadet world champion said “I don’t think I’d be a world champion without doing trips like this one to prepare me for the experience. It’s helped me broaden my thinking and solidified my goals. After traveling overseas I’ve realized my goals of being a world champion is possible.”

The coaches for the trip included:
• Cornell Robinson - Wyoming Seminary Coach - 2021 Cadet World Team Coach
• Hunter Lewis - NC State - Former Cadet world team member and 3x Pan Am Team Member/medalist
• Steve Horton - Veteran world champion
• Mike Moor - Mindset Wrestling
• Damion Logan - Qwner of Apex Wrestling
• Joe Warren – Greco-Roman Senior World Champion

The boys will stay in Tallinn for five additional days for an international training camp.

Women’s freestyle will be held on Sunday, March 26, and Wyoming Seminary has entered a team of 22 athletes. Tallinn is six hours ahead of U.S. Eastern time zone

At Tallinn, Estonia

U.S. boys Greco-Roman results

Junior Greco-Roman (2002-2004)

55 kg – Ray Ray Harris (USA), 4th place
65 kg – Caleb Meunier (USA), 5th place
70 kg – Jadon Skellenger (USA), silver medal

Cadet Greco-Roman (2005-2006)
48 kg – Nikos Filipos (USA), 4th place
48 kg – Revin Dickman (USA), 5th place
48 kg – Neal Krysty (USA), 5th place
51 kg – Cooper Hilton (USA), silver medal
51 kg – Mason Jacob (USA), 5th place
51 kg – Trey Wagner (USA), 4th place
51 kg – Christopher Anderson (USA), dnp/11th
55 kg– Luke Lilledahl (USA), 7th place
55 kg – Hoyt Hvass (USA), 4th place
55 kg – Dillon Cooper (USA), dnp/14th place
55 kg – Javin Douglas (USA), dnp/15th place
60 kg – Keaton Mayernik (USA), silver medal
60 kg – Lucas Peters (USA), 8th place
60 kg – Jayce Paridon (USA), dnp/11th place
65 kg – Kolby McClain (USA), dnp/19th place
65 kg – Bryan Winans (USA), dnp/25th place
65 kg – Jack Duncan (USA), dnp/21sr place
71 kg – Karsen Otis (USA), dnp/17th place
80 kg – Brent Slade, Jr. (USA), dnp/21st place
80 kg – Peyton Westpfahl (USA), dnp/18th place
92 kg – King David Rhodes (USA), dnp/13th place
92 kg – Rylan Kuhn (USA), 8th place

U15 Greco-Roman (2007-2008)

38 kg – Hudson Chittum (USA), gold medal
41 kg – Shamus Regan (USA), 5th place
41 kg – Daniel Goodwin (USA), silver medal
44 kg – Eric Casula (USA), bronze medal
44 kg – Rider Seguine (USA), gold medal
44 kg – Hayden Haber (USA), 19th place
48 kg – Zayn Navarette (USA), 4th place
48 kg – Jacob Morris (USA), 5th place
52 kg – Declan Koch (USA), silver medal
52 kg – Jacob Herm (USA), gold medal
57 kg – Gabriel Logan (USA), dnp/17th place
57 kg – Jayden Yauck (USA), dnp/21st place
62 kg - Trevor Jones (USA), 7th place

Youth Greco-Roman (Born 2009-2010)

32 kg – Will Webb (USA), gold medal
32 kg – Shawn Coffel (USA), bronze medal
35 kg – Carter Smith (USA), silver medal
35 kg – Jaxsen Bailey (USA), gold medal
35 kg – Sam Jones (USA), 9th place
38 kg – Jaxton Bowler (USA), silver medal
38 kg – Xavier Flores (USA), dnp/16th place
38 kg – Camm Colgate (USA), dnp/11th place
38 kg – Collin Frey (USA), dnp/13th place
42 kg – Walker Woodward (USA), 5th place
42 kg – Sawyer Riese (USA), dnp/14th place
53 kg – Asher Bacon (USA), gold medal

Youth Greco-Roman (Born 2011 and younger)

35 kg – Evan Restivo (USA), gold medal
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