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Wyoming Seminary girls to compete in Tallinn Open and dual meet in Estonia; many other USA entries entered this weekend

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

The Wyoming Seminary (SEM) girls wrestling team will be travelling to Tallinn, Estonia for the annual Tallinn Open, with 22 athletes competing in the women’s freestyle competition., March 25-27.

The Tallinn Open is one of the largest international competitions in Europe, featuring numerous age divisions. SEM girls will compete at three age levels – U15, Cadet and Junior. There are 15 girls on the SEM roster who were included in the most recent National Girls High School rankings. The women’s competition at the Tallinn Open is on Sunday, March 27

In addition to the tournament, the SEM team will take on an all-star team from many nations, Team Europe, in a women’s freestyle dual meet on Saturday, March 26. There will be 12 matches in this friendly dual meet.

In addition to the SEM girls, there are 75 other boys and girls wrestlers from the USA currently entered in the Tallinn Open. These athletes participate separately from the SEM team and organized their tour separately. will report on the results of all USA athletes in the competition. We list the other 75 U.S. athletes who are currently registered in the tournament below. Among the additional girls registered, there are 15 more nationally ranked athletes from the USA. An international training camp will be held following the tournament.

There is one style competed each day, with men’s freestyle on Friday, March 25, Greco-Roman on Saturday, March 25 and women’s freestyle on Sunday, March 26. Tallin is six hours ahead of U.S. Eastern time zone


At Tallinn, Estonia

Wyoming Seminary Women’s Roster
(with weight class and current national ranking)

46 kg - Amelia Murphy
50 kg - Savannah Arroyo
50 kg - Lisa Pastoriza

43 kg – No. 14 Erica Pastoriza
46 kg - Tiffany Stoshak
49 kg – No. 3 Rianne Murphy
57 kg - Arianna Hernandez
57 kg - Madison Wellen
61 kg – No. 5 Carina Giangeruso
61 kg – No. 21 Kryssceah Ravenelle
61 kg - Sofia Holodick
65 kg – No. 20 Charlotte Gilfoil
65 kg – No. 6 Faith Bartoszek
65 kg – HM Cloe Charlesworth

Junior `
50 kg – No. 14 Virginia Foard
50 kg – No. 20 Avery Kibelbek
59 kg – HM Veronica Whitacre
62 kg – No. 1 Reese Larramendy
62 kg – No. 8 Piper Staniford
65 kg – No. 3 Kendall Bostelman
76 kg – No. 6 Lily El-Masri
76 kg – HM Sam Simonette
HM – Honorable Mention

Wyoming Seminary (USA) vs Team Europe Women's Friendly Dual
In Tallinn, Estonia, March 25, 2022

U15 bouts
46kg - Amelia Murphy (USA/SEM/IN) vs. Aida Lachinova (NOR)
50kg - Lisa Pastoriza (USA/SEM/AZ) vs. Ritter Sophie (HUN)
50kg - Savannah Arroyo (USA/SEM/NJ) vs. Darja Jeremejeva (EST)
Cadet bouts
46kg - Tiffany Stoshak (USA/SEM/PA) vs. Daniella Beky (NOR)
49kg - Rianne Murphy (USA/SEM/IN) vs. Fabiana Rinella (ITA)
57kg - Arianna Hernandez (USA/SEM/IL) vs. Mirijam Hansen (NOR)
57kg - Madison Wellen (USA/SEM/PA) vs. Inna Alimova (UKR)
61kg - Carina Giangeruso (USA/SEM/NJ) vs. Melina Samsonsen (NOR)
65kg - Charlotte Gilfoil (USA/SEM/PA) vs. Iveta Cesnauskaite (LTU)
65kg - Faith Bartoszek (USA/SEM/WI) vs. Tea Baglo Holten (NOR)
Junior bouts
50kg - Virginia Foard (USA/SEM/VA) vs. Kamile Sernauskaite (LTU)
50kg - Avery Kibelbek (USA/SEM/TN) vs. Vestina Daniseviciute (LTU)
62kg - Piper Staniford (USA/SEM/PA) vs. Viktoria Overby (NOR)

Additional USA athletes registered to compete
(with national girls ranking noted)

Junior W 50 kg – Karina Torres (WW Team)
Junior W 53 kg – Mateah Roehl (WW Team)
Junior W 55 kg – Ngoa Shoua Whitethorn (WW Team)
Junior W 55 kg – No. 14 Josie Davis (WW Team)
Junior W 59 kg – Emma Gruenhagen (WW Team)
Junior W 62 kg – Madison Sandquist (WW Team)
Junior W 62 kg – No. 6 Paige Wehrmeister (WW Team)
Junior W 65 kg – Leah Brown (WW Team)
Junior W 65 kg – No. 16 Marisa Roth (WW Team)
Junior W 68 kg – No. 7 Haley Ward (WW Team)
Cadet W 43 kg – Emma Bacon (Hammer Chicks)
Cadet W 46 kg – No. 8 Gabby Gomez (WW Team)
Cadet W 46 kg – No. 13 Clare Booe (WW Team)
Cadet W 49 kg – No. 12 Chloe Dearwester (WW Team)
Cadet W 49 kg – HM Jillian Worthen (WW Team)
Cadet W 49 kg – No. 1 Audrey Jimenez (WW Team)
Cadet W 57 kg – No. 11 Skylar Little Soldier (WW Team)
Cadet W 61 kg – No. 20 Mishell Rebisch (WW Team)
Cadet W 65 kg – No. 17 Cassia Zammitt (WW Team)
Cadet W 65 kg – No. 6 Maggie Graham (WW Team)
Cadet W 69 kg – Kaylee McFadden (WW Team)
Cadet W 69 kg – No. 5 Amirisa Manuel (WW Team)
Cadet W 69 kg – No. 23 Trinity Gottler (WW Team)
U15 W 39 kg – Camryn Gresham (WW Team)
U15 W 46 kg – No. 7 Carley Ceshker (WW Team)
U15 W 50 kg – Angie Bianci (WW Team)
Junior FS/GR 57 kg – Ray Ray Harris (USA)
Junior FS/GR 70 kg – Caleb Meunier (USA)
Junior FS/GR 74 kg – Jadon Skellenger (USA)
Cadet FS/GR 45 kg – Nikos Filipos (USA)
Cadet FS/GR 45 kg – Neal Krysty (USA)
Cadet FS/GR 45 kg – Revin Dickman (USA)
Cadet FS/GR 51 kg – Mason Jacob (USA)
Cadet FS/GR 51 kg – Cooper Hilton (USA)
Cadet FS/GR 51 kg – Trey Wagner (USA)
Cadet FS 55 kg/GR 60 kg – Luke Lilledahl (USA)
Cadet GR 55 kg – Christopher Anderson (USA)
Cadet FS/GR 55 kg – Dillon Cooper (USA)
Cadet FS/GR 55 kg – Hoyt Hvass (USA)
Cadet FS/GR 55 kg – Davin Douglas (USA)
Cadet FS/GR 60 kg – Lucas Peters (USA)
Cadet FS/GR 60 kg – Kolby McClain (USA)
Cadet FS/GR 60 kg – Bryan Winans (USA)
Cadet FS 60 kg – Keaton Mayernik (USA)
Cadet FS 60 kg/GR 71 kg – Karsen Otis (USA)
Cadet GR 60 kg – Jayce Paridon (USA)
Cadet GR 60 kg – Jack Duncan (USA)
Cadet FS 80 kg – Brent Slade, Jr. (USA)
Cadet FS/GR 80 kg – Peyton Westpfahl (USA)
Cadet FS/GR 92 kg – King David Rhodes (USA)
Cadet FS/GR 92 kg – Rylan Kuhn (USA)
U15 FS/GR 38 kg – Shamus Regan (USA)
U15 FS/GR 38 kg – Hudson Chittum (USA)
U15 FS/GR 41 kg – Daniel Goodwin (USA)
U15 FS/GR 44 kg – Eric Casula (USA)
U15 FS/GR 44 kg – Rider Seguine (USA)
U15 FS/GR 44 kg – Hayden Haber (USA)
U15 FS/GR 48 kg – Jacob Morris (USA)
U15 FS/GR 48 kg – Zayn Navarette (USA)
U15 FS 52 kg – Declan Koch (USA)
U15 FS/GR 52 kg – Jacob Herm (USA)
U15 FS/GR 52 kg – Jayden Yauck (USA)
U15 FS/GR 57 kg – Gabriel Logan (USA)
U15 FS 62/GR kg – Trevor Jones (USA)
Youth FS/GR 32 kg – Shawn Coffel (USA)
Youth FS/GR 32 kg – Will Webb (USA)
Youth FS/GR 32 kg – Carter Smith (USA)
Youth FS/GR 35 kg – Sam Jones (USA)
Youth FS/GR 35 kg – Jaxsen Bailey (USA)
Youth FS/GR 38 kg – Camm Colgate (USA)
Youth FS/GR 38 kg – Jaxton Bowler (USA)
Youth FS/GR 38 kg – Xavier Flores (USA)
Youth GR 38 kg – Collin Frey (USA)
Youth FS/GR 42 kg – Sawyer Riese (USA)
Youth FS/GR 42 kg – Walker Woodward (USA)
Youth FS/GR 53 kg – Asher Bacon (USA)

Event Schedule (6 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern time zone)

Friday, March 25
Men’s Freestyle competition
9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. – Preliminaries through conclusion

Saturday March 26
Greco-Roman competition
9:00 a.m. – Opening Ceremonies
9:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. – Preliminaries through conclusion

Sunday, March 27
Women’s Freestyle competition
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. – Preliminaries through conclusion

Wyoming Seminary Girls fundraiser for Ukrainian wrestlers
by SEM Girls Wrestling

At this time, the SEM girls team is also doing a special fundraising effort on behalf of Ukrainian wrestlers who will be attending the competition. Information on the fundraiser follows, as provided by SEM coaches

Sport builds community worldwide. The international wrestling community fights on the mat for every point, but when the matches end, brothers and sisters of the wrestling family engage in a respectful and sincere friendship that lasts a lifetime.

The organizers of the 2022 Tallinn Open, Europe's largest wrestling tournament, have committed to providing free accommodation, meals, and entry fees for Ukrainian athletes who have escaped the conflict and are arriving from other countries. The tournament will take place March 25-27 in Tallinn, Estonia.

The Wyoming Seminary Girls Wrestling team (Kingston, PA, USA) will be collecting funds to give DIRECTLY to Ukrainian wrestlers to provide funding for whatever they need most during this difficult time.

The SEM girls wrestling team will be attending the tournament and will personally deliver the funds and any items purchased with these funds directly to the athletes.

All funds and items purchased will be divided amongst the Ukrainian wrestlers and given directly to these youth athletes that attend the tournament. No funds will be given to any organization, the Ukrainian government, tournament directors, or any other entity.

The SEM girls wrestling team does not support war of any kind, and makes no political statements regarding the conflict in Ukraine. The goal of this campaign is purely to provide direct support to these displaced youth athletes in the form of monetary aid and gifts of personal items such as food, clothing, etc.

Thank you for giving and sharing . God bless
- Chad and Erin Vandiver

SEM Girls Fundraiser for Ukraine wrestlers donation link.

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