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Arizona State, with six champions, edges Oregon State for Pac-12 Conference title

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Kordell Norfleet (Arizona State) has his arm raised in victory after claiming his fourth career Pac-12 title. Photo by Larry Slater.

TEMPE, Ariz. – Led by six individual champions, Arizona State edged Oregon State by one half-point

Arizona State champions were Brandon Courtney (125) ,Michael McGee (125) , Kyle Parco (149), Jacori Teemer (157) , Kordell Norfleet (197) and Cohlton Schultz (285).

The final standings had Arizona State with 115 points and Oregon State with 114.5 points. Stanford was third with 97 points and Cal Poly was fourth with 88.5 points.

Arizona State wrestlers beat Oregon State opponents in four of the gold-medal matches, which ultimately gave the edge to the Sun Devils. Oregon State had a lead during the finals session, but Arizona State beat them head-to-head in the final two weight classes for the win.

Norfleet won his fourth career Pac-12 title, defeating Ryan Reyes of Oregon State in a 14-6 major decision in the finals. In the final match of the tournament, Schultz repeated as Pac-12 champion with a 2-1 decision over Gary Traub of Oregon State.

Also repeating as Pac-12 champions for Arizona State were Courtney and Teemer.

Oregon State had one individual champion Trey Munoz at 184, and four runners-up. Nine of the 10 Beavers placed in the top three of their weight class.

Stanford had a pair of individual champions, Tyler Eischens at 174 and Real Woods at 141.

The other individual champion was Cal Poly’s Evan Wick, a transfer from Wisconsin, who defeated 2021 NCAA champion Shane Griffith of Stanford in the finals, 8-7.

The Pac-12 Conference had 23 Pre-Allocation spots in the 2022 NCAA Championships.


At Tempe, Ariz.

125 (3 NCAA qualifiers)

1st Place Match - Brandon Courtney (Arizona State University) RS Fr. over Brandon Kaylor (Oregon State) RS Jr. (Dec 5-3)

3rd Place Match - Logan Ashton (Stanford) RS So. over Jayden Carson (Little Rock) Jr. (Dec 3-1)

5th Place Match - Antonio Lorenzo (Cal Poly) RS Fr. over Eddie Flores (CSU Bakersfield) RS Jr. (Dec 8-2)

133 (3 NCAA qualifiers)

1st Place Match - Michael Mcgee (Arizona State University) RS Sr. over Chance Rich (CSU Bakersfield) RS Jr. (Dec 7-2)

3rd Place Match - Devan Turner (Oregon State) over Jackson Disario (Stanford) (Dec 6-1)

5th Place Match - Jaylen Carson (Little Rock) RS So. over Abe Hinrichsen (Cal Poly) Fr. (Dec 7-1)

141 (2 NCAA qualifiers)

1st Place Match - Real Woods (Stanford) RS Jr. over Grant Willits (Oregon State) RS Sr. (MD 8-0)

3rd Place Match - Ramon Ramos (Arizona State University) Fr. over Angelo Martinoni (CSU Bakersfield) RS Jr. (Dec 5-4)

5th Place Match - Lawrence Saenz (Cal Poly) RS So. over Conner Ward (Little Rock) RS Jr. (Inj. 5:12)

149 (3 NCAA qualifiers)

1st Place Match - Kyle Parco (Arizona State University) Fr. over Legend Lamer (Cal Poly) RS Fr. (Dec 11-5)

3rd Place Match - Cory Crooks (Oregon State) RS Sr. over Jaden Abas (Stanford) RS So. (Fall 6:23)

5th Place Match - Joseph Bianchi (Little Rock) RS So. over Josh Brown (CSU Bakersfield) RS Sr. (Inj. 0:00)

157 (2 NCAA qualifiers)

1st Place Match - Jacori Teemer (Arizona State University) Sr. over Hunter Willits (Oregon State) RS Fr. (SV-1 3-1)

3rd Place Match - Charlie Darracott (Stanford) So. over Brock Rogers (CSU Bakersfield) 2-2, RS So. (Dec 6-2)

5th Place Match - Brawley Lamer (Cal Poly) RS Jr. over Chase Tebbets (Little Rock), Jr. (Dec 7-2)

165 (3 NCAA qualifiers)

1st Place Match - Evan Wick (Cal Poly) RS Sr. over Shane Griffith (Stanford) RS Jr. (Dec 8-7)

3rd Place Match - Matthew Olguin (Oregon State) RS So. over Anthony Valencia (Arizona State University) RS Jr. (SV-1 6-4)

5th Place Match - Tyler Brennan (Little Rock) Jr. over Augustine Garcia (CSU Bakersfield) Sr. (Fall 2:29)

174 (2 NCAA qualifiers)

1st Place Match - Tyler Eischens (Stanford) RS Jr. over Adam Kemp (Cal Poly) RS So. (Dec 4-3)

3rd Place Match - Triston Wills (Little Rock) RS So. over Albert Urias (CSU Bakersfield) RS Jr. (Dec 8-1)

5th Place Match - Aaron Olmos (Oregon State) RS Sr. over Ryan Rochford (Arizona State University) So. (Dec 13-7)

184 (2 NCAA qualifiers)

1st Place Match - Trey Munoz (Oregon State) RS Fr. over Bernie Truax (Cal Poly) RS So. (Fall 1:14)

3rd Place Match - Jacob Hansen (CSU Bakersfield) So. over Josh Nummer (Arizona State University) Jr. (MD 13-4)

5th Place Match - Tanner Mendoza (Little Rock) RS So. over Nick Addison (Stanford) Jr. (Dec 5-4)

197 (1 NCAA qualifier)

1st Place Match - Kordell Norfleet (Arizona State University) 13-3, RS Fr. over Ryan Reyes (Oregon State) 2-1, Jr. (MD 14-6)

3rd Place Match - Josh Loomer (CSU Bakersfield) 3-1, RS Sr. over Nick Stemmet (Stanford) 1-2, So. (Fall 2:12)

5th Place Match - Trent Tracy (Cal Poly) 12-12, So. over Brooks Sacharczyk (Little Rock) 3-21, So. (TF-1.5 2:01 (16-0))

285 (2 NCAA qualifiers)

1st Place Match - Cohlton Schultz (Arizona State University) 17-0, Jr. over Gary Traub (Oregon State) 1-1, RS Sr. (Dec 2-1)

3rd Place Match - Jacob Sieder (CSU Bakersfield) 3-1, RS Sr. over Josiah Hill (Little Rock) 14-13, So. (MD 12-2)

5th Place Match - Peter Ming (Stanford) 1-2, So. over Sam Aguilar (Cal Poly) 7-11, RS Jr. (For.)

Team Standings

1 Arizona State University 115.0

2 Oregon State 114.5

3 Stanford 97.0

4 Cal Poly 88.5

5 CSU Bakersfield 83.0

6 Little Rock 71.0