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Iowa trumps Ohio 44-14 to become repeat freestyle Junior National Duals champions

by Ellen Paddock, USA Wrestling

Action from the 2022 Junior National Duals freestyle final. Photo by Austin Bernard. 

TULSA, Okla. An unstoppable Iowa team with several top college commits dominated the 2022 freestyle National Duals for the second year in a row after defeating Ohio 44-14 in the finals. In the 13 matches wrestled, Iowa won 10 with five technical falls, one pin, and four decisions.
Ryder Block (Iowa) got things started for Iowa with a swift technical fall over Ismael Ayoub (Ohio) at 138 pounds. Block scored on two takedowns, a duck, a turn and ended the match with a back exposure for a perfect 10-0 score.
After a forfeit at 145 pounds, Iowa led 9-0 and won the next two matches by technical fall. Hunter Garvin, who will compete at the 2022 U20 World Championships in both styles, wrapped the match up quickly, scoring on a go-behind and another takedown to three turns for the 10-0 technical fall. Aiden Riggins (Iowa) kept the momentum going at 160 pounds with another dominant win over Antwuan Burns (Ohio), 10-0. He had two takedowns, a four-point move and two turns.
Tyler Lillard (Ohio) broke the streak for Iowa with a 12-7 decision over Nicholas Fox (Iowa) at 170 pounds. Lillard scored one off a reversal and two on a turn to widen his lead in the second period.
Future Iowa State Cyclone, Tate Naaktgeboren (Iowa), got the ball rolling again for Iowa with a 9-0 decision over Brody Conley (Ohio) at 182 pounds. Naaktgeboren scored off passivity and four takedowns. Iowa’s Wyatt Voelker (195) followed up with another decision over Ohio State commit Seth Shumate (Ohio). The score was even at the break (1-1), Shumate scoring on passivity and Voelker on the edge from the Whizzer position. Shumate added another takedown during a scramble, but Voelker eventually came out on top with the 5-2 win.
Kolby Franklin (Iowa) widened the Iowa lead with a 10-0 technical fall over Fargo All-American Carter Neves (Ohio). Franklin had a four-point move and a go-behind takedown to finish out the match. The team score rose to 28-4. Iowa commit for both football and wrestling and 2022 U20 World Team member, Ben Kueter (Iowa), added another bonus point win. He pinned Logan Shephard (Ohio) with a cradle in the first period.
Double Fargo All-American, Javaan Yarbrough (Ohio), added bonus points for Ohio with a pin over Jayden Rinken (Iowa) at 100 pounds. Yarbrough led 9-2 at the break before securing the fall. At 106 pounds, Dru Ayala (Iowa) was dominant with a technical fall over Colyn Limbert (Ohio). Ayla scored on two pushouts, one takedown, back exposure, and a four-point move on the edge with six seconds left in the first period, putting Iowa up 37-9.
A high-scoring match at 113 pounds ended with a 22-17 win by decision for Kade Blume (Iowa) over Kaiyon McKinney (Ohio). McKinney took Blume down to make the score 18-17, Blume. Blume finished with a turn and another takedown for the win.
Iowa commit and 2021 Cadet World Champion, Nathanael Jesuroga (Iowa), defeated Marcus Blaze (Ohio) 5-0 at 120 pounds. Jesuroga scored two on the edge with a single leg and one on passivity, making it 3-0 at the break. In the second period, he scored another point on passivity and on a pushout. The final match of the night featured Carter Freeman (Iowa) and Jaxson Joy (Ohio) at 126 pounds. Joy won by decision, 9-6.
To get to the finals, Iowa defeated Oklahoma Blue 49-15, and Ohio defeated Wisconsin 49-17. In the third-place match, Oklahoma Blue beat Wisconsin 43-27 with two pins and six technical falls. For fifth, Illinois topped California Gold 40-20 and Minnesota Gold took 7th after winning 35-21 over Ohio Scarlet.


At Tulsa, Okla. June 18, 2022

Gold/Silver Results (Places 1-8)

1st Place - Iowa
2nd Place - Ohio
3rd Place - Oklahoma Blue
4th Place - Wisconsin
5th Place - Illinois
6th Place - California Gold
7th Place - Minnesota Gold
8th Place - Ohio Scarlet
1st Place Match - Iowa defeated Ohio 47-14.
138 Ryder Block (Iowa) over Ismael Ayoub (Ohio) TF 10-0
145 Joel Jesuroga (Iowa) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
152 Hunter Garvin (Iowa) over Wynton Denkins (Ohio) TF 10-0
160 Aiden Riggins (Iowa) over Antwuan Burns (Ohio) TF 10-0
170 Tyler Lillard (Ohio) over Nicholas Fox (Iowa) Dec 12-7
182 Tate Naaktgeboren (Iowa) over Brody Conley (Ohio) Dec 9-0
195 Wyatt Voelker (Iowa) over Seth Shumate (Ohio) Dec 5-3
220 Kolby Franklin (Iowa) over Carter Neves (Ohio) TF 10-0
285 Ben Kueter (Iowa) over Logan Shephard (Ohio) Fall 1:22
100 Javaan Yarbrough (Ohio) over Jayden Rinken (Iowa) Fall 3:21
106 Dru Ayala (Iowa) over Colyn Limbert (Ohio) TF 10-0
113 Kade Blume (Iowa) over Kaiyon McKinney (Ohio) Dec 22-17
120 Nathanael Jesuroga (Iowa) over Marcus Blaze (Ohio) Dec 5-0
126 Jaxon Joy (Ohio) over Carter Freeman (Iowa) Dec 9-6
132 Evan Frost (Iowa) over Omar Ayoub (Ohio) Dec 13-11
3rd Place Match - Oklahoma Blue defeated Wisconsin 43-27.
138 Caden Kelley (Oklahoma Blue) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
145 Jace Roller (Oklahoma Blue) over Gavin Drexler (Wisconsin) Fall 3:49
152 Kael Voinovich (Oklahoma Blue) over Zane Licht (Wisconsin) Dec 13-7
160 Braeden Scoles (Wisconsin) over KJ Evans (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 4:18
170 Noah Mulvaney (Wisconsin) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
182 Aeoden Sinclair (Wisconsin) over Payton Thomas (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 0:20
195 Jersey Robb (Oklahoma Blue) over Ryan Rambo (Wisconsin) TF 10-0
220 Gunner Wilson (Oklahoma Blue) over Spencer Brewton (Wisconsin) TF 14-4
285 Hayden Simpson (Oklahoma Blue) over Grant Stromberg (Wisconsin) Fall 1:52
100 Aydan Thomas (Oklahoma Blue) over Evan Gill (Wisconsin) TF 11-0
106 Christopher Kiser (Oklahoma Blue) over Liam Neitzel (Wisconsin) TF 12-2
113 Treshaun Tecson (Oklahoma Blue) over Thai Yang (Wisconsin) TF 10-0
120 Gage Walker (Oklahoma Blue) over Wyatt Skebba (Wisconsin) TF 10-0
126 Brayden Sonnentag (Wisconsin) over JJ McComas-Rogers (Oklahoma Blue) Inj 4:41
132 Greyson Clark (Wisconsin) over Jayce Caviness (Oklahoma Blue) TF 14-2
5th Place Match - Illinois defeated California Gold 40-20.
138 Nasir Bailey (Illinois) over Benjamin Hernandez (California Gold) TF 10-0
145 Noah Manuel Tapia (Illinois) over Collin Guffey (California Gold) TF 10-0
152 Laird Root (California Gold) over Brayden Peet (Illinois) TF 16-5
160 Chris Moore (Illinois) over Erik McCown (California Gold) TF 19-6
170 Bradley Gillum (Illinois) over Lucas Condon (California Gold) TF 10-0
182 Timothy McDonnell (California Gold) over Dominic Thebeau (Illinois) TF 12-0
195 Ryland Whitworth (California Gold) over Peter Marinopoulos (Illinois) Dec 8-4
220 Sonny Kling (California Gold) over Ghee Rachal (Illinois) TF 16-5
285 Dillan Johnson (Illinois) over Daniel Herrera (California Gold) Dec 7-1
100 Double Forfeit
106 Ethan Spacht (Illinois) over Ethan Ward (California Gold) Dec 6-2
113 Deion Johnson (Illinois) over Jeremy Oani (California Gold) TF 11-0
120 Massey Odiotti (Illinois) over Ray Ray Harris (California Gold) TF 16-6
126 Gylon Sims (Illinois) over Ryan Lobato (California Gold) Dec 12-8
132 Vincent Robinson (Illinois) over Paul Kelly (California Gold) TF 10-0
7th Place Match - Minnesota Gold defeated Ohio Scarlet 35-31.
138 Ryan Bennett (Ohio Scarlet) over Cash Raymond (Minnesota Gold) Dec 10-8
145 Zach Hanson (Minnesota Gold) over Samuel Cartella (Ohio Scarlet) Dec 12-6
152 Brodie Dominique (Ohio Scarlet) over Kain Sanders (Minnesota Gold) TF 10-0
160 Christopher Earnest (Ohio Scarlet) over Brendan Howes (Minnesota Gold) TF 18-8
170 Myles Takats (Ohio Scarlet) over Maximus Hanson (Minnesota Gold) Dec 12-6
182 Ian Pepple (Minnesota Gold) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
195 Joseph Novak (Minnesota Gold) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
220 Max Vanadia (Ohio Scarlet) over Max Balow (Minnesota Gold) TF 10-0
285 Nolan Neves (Ohio Scarlet) over Elijah Novak (Minnesota Gold) Dec 7-2
100 Adam Mattin (Ohio Scarlet) over Lawson Eller (Minnesota Gold) TF 15-5
106 Luke Koenen (Minnesota Gold) over Harrison Haffner (Ohio Scarlet) TF 11-0
113 Brandon Morvari (Minnesota Gold) over Brett Stanley (Ohio Scarlet) TF 10-0
120 Alan Koehler (Minnesota Gold) over Cooper Shore (Ohio Scarlet) TF 10-0
126 Vinnie D`Alessandro (Ohio Scarlet) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
132 Tyson Charmoli (Minnesota Gold) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
Bronze/Copper Results (Places 9-16)
1st Place - Florida
2nd Place - Oklahoma Red
3rd Place - New Jersey
4th Place - Utah
5th Place - Missouri
6th Place - Michigan Blue
7th Place - Nebraska
8th Place - Washington
1st Place Match – Florida defeated Oklahoma Red 35-31.
3rd Place Match - New Jersey defeated Utah 40-30.
5th Place Match - Missouri defeated Michigan Blue 40-29.
7th Place Match - Nebraska defeated Washington 37-31.
Red/Blue Results (Places 17-24)
1st Place - Minnesota Silver
2nd Place - Colorado
3rd Place - Tennessee
4th Place - Georgia Blue
5th Place - Alabama
6th Place - Virginia
7th Place - Pennsylvania
8th Place - North Dakota Red
1st Place Match - Minnesota Silver defeated Colorado 46-24.
3rd Place Match - Tennessee defeated Georgia Blue 42-25.
5th Place Match - Alabama defeated Virginia 39-30.
7th Place Match - Pennsylvania defeated North Dakota Red 45-16.