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California thumps Michigan Blue early and finishes off a 37-26 victory in Junior Women’s National Duals finals

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

California, the 2022 Junior Women’s National Duals champion. Pete Isais photo.

TULSA, Okla. Two of the top favorites, California and Michigan Blue, powered their way into the finals of the Gold/Silver pool at the Junior Women’s National Duals on Thursday.

California, which has won this event many times, including most recently in 2021, has a history of wrestling well at because of its amazing team depth. Michigan brought a star-studded lineup to Tulsa, looking to show off its rise on the national scene. California was strong in the light weights, with Michigan powerful up top.

California established itself right off the bat, with an upset win over a ranked wrestler. Mikayla Garcia was aggressive on her feet early for a big early lead, then hold off No. 6 Gigi Bragg for a 12-7 victory at 106. Bragg scored first on a stepout. Garcia took a lead on a counter tilt and a takedown, 4-1. Garcia came out the back on a scramble for a 6-1 lead. Garcia got two more tilts, with Bragg getting a two point reversal, to lead 10-3 at the break. In the second period, Bragg scored a pair of early takedowns, but Garcia answered with one of her own and held position the rest of the way.

A pair of nationally ranked wrestlers for California dispatched their next two opponents with technical falls in less than a minute each.

No. 2 ranked Kiely Tabaldo of California needed just 53 seconds at 11-0 technical fall over Savannah Winkleblack, scoring a takedown, multiple ankle laces and a high gut wrench at 112 pounds. No. 5 ranked Arieana Arias needed less time, just 20 seconds, for a 10-0 win over Hannah Arledge-Teran at 117 pounds. Arias got a quick takedown then added four fast tilts to finish it off.

The next ranked Californian, No. 7 Isabella Marie Gonzales, lasted more than a minute, but not much more, at 122 pounds. Gonzales scored two takedowns and three turns in just 1:58 for her 10-0 technical fall over Margaret Buurma. That gave the Golden Staters a fast 15-1 lead.

In a battle of a pair of rising talents at 127 pounds, California kept the foot on the pedal when Alejandra Valdiviezo edged Belicia Manuel, 8-7 at 127. Valdiviezo scored the first six points in the first period, but Manuel scored a reversal and hip toss takedown to make it 6-4 at the break. Most of the second period was scoreless, but a back-and-forth exchange late put Valdiviezo up 8-7 as time ran out. Manuel challenged but it was denied. That extended California’s lead to 18-2.

Michigan had hopes to end the California streak at 127 when Caylynn Chandler jumped to a 7-2 lead over Hannah Ripper. However, Ripper started to open up her offense, and the points started going up like a pinball machine. Pretty quickly Ripper tied the match at 12-12, then scored a gut wrench for a 14-12 lead. Add in a late throw and turns by Ripper, and she just missed a technical fall, winning 22-13.

To add injury to insult, California’s Chloe Overgaag, leading by eight points, put away Terra Booe for a pin in 2:03 at 138 pounds. That was seven straight wins, with California leading by 24 points.

Michigan got on the board with a win finally at 144 pounds, but it was not easy. Danni Swihart led 6-2 at the break and extended her lead to 10-2, but Phylicia Sudario came back with a second period rally to make it close at 12-8.

In the first battle between ranked stars, California’s No. 13 Johanna Forman tossed No. 25 Brynn Green and finished off the pin in just 47 seconds. This pin was game over, because Michigan could pin their way through the next five matches and still could not catch up.

So Michigan actually tried to pin their way out, as their four nationally stars in the upper weights all stepped up and took care of business.

At 164 pounds, No. 9 Amarisa Manuel nailed a hip toss and pinned Delise Villa in just 58 seconds.

The 180 pound battle was a showdown between Sabrina Nauss of Michigan (ranked No. 1 at 180) and Sam Calkins of California (ranked No. 1 at 200). Although Calkins looked bigger, it was Nauss who controlled the action. Nauss scored a pair of takedowns, then turned Calkins to secure a pin in 1:47.

Next up was No. 11 Kailyn Garrett, who faced talented Californian Maliya Castillo at 200 pounds. The match was tied three times, at 2-2, 4-4 and 6-6. But it was Garrett that turned Castillo over and scored a pin in 4:58.

No. 1 ranked Eliana Bommarito continued to dominate her 225-pound weight class. She scored two takedowns then pinned Alysse Phillips in 57 seconds.

Four straight pins and 20 unanswered points. But the team score was 32-26 for California, a six point lead, and all Michigan could do is score five points in the final match. But, what a run!!!

California closed out the match with a ranked win at 100 pounds, as No. 16 Madison Avila secured a first-period pin over No. 23 Emaline Hicks in 1:48.


To reach the finals, California won three matches in Gold/Silver Pool A, stopping Missouri 1, 43-23, Texas Blue, 36-25 and Colorado, 37-28. Michigan Blue also swept its Gold/Silver Pool B bouts, beating Indiana, 36-29, Illinois 39-24 and Washington, 35-32.

In the third place match, Texas Blue won the last seven matches of the dual meet, including some wins over ranked opponents, to defeat Illinois, 43-23. In the fifth-place bout, Missouri 1 won the first three bouts, and the last three bouts, and three more in the middle, to defeat Washington, 40-27. In the seventh place bout, Colorado dominated Indiana, 51-13, piling up 11 wins all by bonus point.

The 14U Girls Duals continue on Friday and Saturday, live on FloWrestling.


At Tulsa, Okla., June 16

Gold/Silver Results (Places 1-8)

1st Place - California

2nd Place - Michigan Blue

3rd Place - Texas Blue

4th Place - Illinois

5th Place - Missouri 1

6th Place - Washington

7th Place - Colorado

8th Place - Indiana

1st Place Match - California defeated Michigan Blue 37-26.

106 Mikayla Garcia (California) over Gigi Bragg (Michigan Blue) Dec 12-7

112 Kiely Tabaldo (California) over Savannah Winkleblack (Michigan Blue) TF 11-0

117 Arieana Arias (California) over Hannah Arledge-Teran (Michigan Blue) TF 10-0

122 Isabella Marie Gonzales (California) over Margaret Buurma (Michigan Blue) TF 10-0

127 Alejandra Valdiviezo (California) over Belicia Manuel (Michigan Blue) Dec 9-7

132 Hannah Ripper (California) over Caylynn Chandler (Michigan Blue) Dec 22-13

138 Chloe Overgaag (California) over Terra Booe (Michigan Blue) Fall 2:03

144 Danni Swihart (Michigan Blue) over Phylicia Sudario (California) Dec 12-8

152 Johanna Forman (California) over Brynn Green (Michigan Blue) Fall 0:47

164 Amarisa Manuel (Michigan Blue) over Delise E Villa (California) Fall 0:58

180 Sabrina Nauss (Michigan Blue) over Sam Calkins (California) Fall 1:47

200 Kailyn Garrett (Michigan Blue) over Maliya Castillo (California) Fall 4:58

225 Eliana Bommarito (Michigan Blue) over Alysse Phillips (California) Fall 0:57

100 Madison Avila (California) over Emaline Hicks (Michigan Blue) Fall 1:48

3rd Place Match - Texas Blue defeated Illinois 43-23.

106 Harlee Hiller (Illinois) over Akeelah Moore (Texas Blue) Fall 1:57

112 Mariah Dillard (Texas Blue) over Shea Reisel (Illinois) Inj 0:18

117 Maya Davis (Illinois) over Avery Ashley (Texas Blue) Fall 5:10

122 Olivia Moreno (Texas Blue) over Olivia Heft (Illinois) TF 12-0

127 Alexis Janiak (Illinois) over Neelie Parker (Texas Blue) TF 10-0

132 Taylor Dawson (Illinois) over Emily Pedro (Texas Blue) Fall 4:17

138 Netavia Wickson (Illinois) over Alicen Dillard (Texas Blue) TF 10-0

144 Anna Vogt (Texas Blue) over Keira Dafnis (Illinois) Fall 5:16

152 Avery Beckman (Texas Blue) over Alexis Ritchie (Illinois) Fall 0:59

164 Selena Sifuentes Shaffer (Texas Blue) over Wendy Riley-Washington (Illinois) Fall 1:25

180 Shenita Lawson (Texas Blue) over Ella Rejman (Illinois) Fall 2:44

200 Madeline Welch (Texas Blue) over Chloe Hoselton (Illinois) TF 11-0

225 Rewa Chababo (Texas Blue) over Kiara Ganey (Illinois) Fall 2:29

100 Zurri Zamora (Texas Blue) by forfeit

5th Place Match - Missouri 1 defeated Washington 40-27.

106 Jayden Keller (Missouri 1) over Mia Zuniga (Washington) Dec 10-4

112 Angelina Vargas (Missouri 1) over Zeta Lee (Washington) TF 14-2

117 Jessa Joiner (Missouri 1) over Malia Welch (Washington) Fall 5:57

122 Bianca Johnson (Washington) over Chloe Herrick (Missouri 1) TF 11-0

127 Karianne Baldwin (Washington) over Brenya Crahan (Missouri 1) Fall 2:50

132 Alanna Haney (Washington) over Lauren Mills (Missouri 1) Fall 0:45

138 Amitria McNack (Missouri 1) over Julianna Kilroy (Washington) Fall 0:32

144 Maddie Kubicki (Missouri 1) over Ruby Clark (Washington) Fall 0:27

152 Maria Slaughter (Missouri 1) over Aynslee Hester (Washington) Fall 0:58

164 Shannon Workinger (Washington) over Hannah Eberhardt (Missouri 1) Fall 0:45

180 Alivia White (Washington) over Mariyah Brumley (Missouri 1) Fall 1:51

200 Catherine Dutton (Missouri 1) over Erin Kremer (Washington) TF 12-2

225 Kennedy Eggering (Missouri 1) over isabella phillips (Washington) Fall 0:56

100 Zoey Haney (Missouri 1) over Jhaile De Guzman (Washington) TF 10-0

7th Place Match - Colorado defeated Indiana 51-13.

106 Alexsys Jacquez (Colorado) over Makenize Smith (Indiana) TF 10-0

112 Janessa George (Colorado) over AnnaMae Mosconi (Indiana) TF 10-0

117 Rianne Murphy (Indiana) over Mia Hargrove (Colorado) TF 10-0

122 Breaunnah Robles (Colorado) over Rose Kaplan (Indiana) TF 10-0

127 Catharine Campbell (Indiana) over Alexis Segura (Colorado) TF 10-0

132 Sarah Savidge (Colorado) over Cailin Campbell (Indiana) Fall 2:01

138 Taylor Miess (Colorado) by forfeit

144 Desza Munson (Colorado) over Elly Janovsky (Indiana) Fall 1:43

152 Aspen Barber (Colorado) over Kaylie Petersen (Indiana) TF 10-0

164 Jenna Joseph (Colorado) over Lainey Wooley (Indiana) Fall 1:01

180 Taylor Knox (Colorado) over Avalyn Mosconi (Indiana) Fall 5:35

200 Blythe Cayko (Colorado) over Leila Thomas (Indiana) Fall 2:00

225 Ciara Monger (Colorado) over Haley Thompson (Indiana) Fall 0:43

100 Amelia Murphy (Indiana) by forfeit

Bronze/Copper Results (Places 9-16)

1st Place - Ohio Blue

2nd Place - Missouri 2

3rd Place - Pennsylvania Blue

4th Place - Wisconsin

5th Place - Oklahoma

6th Place - Texas Red

7th Place - Florida

8th Place - Kansas

1st Place Match – Ohio Blue defeated Missouri 2 41-26

3rd Place Match - Pennsylvania Blue defeated Wisconsin 32-27.

5th Place Match - Oklahoma defeated Texas Red 35-27.

7th Place Match - Florida defeated Kansas 42-26.

Red/Blue Results

1st Place - Minnesota Storm

2nd Place - Virginia

3rd Place - Georgia Blue

4th Place - Arkansas

5th Place - South Carolina

6th Place - Georgia Red

7th Place - Iowa

8th Place - Ohio Scarlet

1st Place Match - Minnesota Storm defeated Virginia 31-30.

3rd Place Match - Georgia Blue defeated Arkansas 35-27.

5th Place Match - South Carolina defeated Georgia Red 42-26.

7th Place Match - Iowa defeated Ohio Scarlet 40-22.

Yellow/Green Results

1st Place - Idaho

2nd Place - North Dakota

3rd Place - Pennsylvania Red

4th Place - Tennessee

5th Place - Michigan Red

6th Place - North Carolina

Michigan Red defeated North Carolina 50-15.

Idaho defeated North Dakota 47-20.

Pennsylvania Red defeated Tennessee 55-9.

Tennessee defeated North Carolina 30-17.

Idaho defeated Pennsylvania Red 42-24.

North Dakota defeated Michigan Red 37-26.

Pennsylvania Red defeated North Carolina 58-0.

Idaho defeated Michigan Red 44-24.

North Dakota defeated Tennessee 48-15.

North Dakota defeated North Carolina 44-20.

Idaho defeated Tennessee 53-10.

Pennsylvania Red defeated Michigan Red 39-23.

Idaho defeated North Carolina 64-0.

North Dakota defeated Pennsylvania Red 36-31.

Tennessee defeated Michigan Red 40-0.