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New Jersey sweeps 14U National Duals, winning the freestyle title with a 49-29 win over Iowa on Sunday

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - It was a great week for the Jersey Boys, who came to Indianapolis with a loaded lineup, and finished the weekend with a pair of 14U National Duals championship trophies.

New Jersey finished it off on Sunday with four dual meet victories, including a lopsided 49-29 victory in the Gold/Silver freestyle finals over Iowa. The key to the finals triumph were nine bonus point wins in their 12 victories. Iowa, which mustered six wins, including four bonus point victories, could not keep up with the Jersey onslaught.

Iowa got off to a 5-0 lead with a forfeit win by Gavin Landers at 92 pounds. New Jersey bounced back with two straight wins for its first lead of the day.

Killian Colluccio of New Jersey won a very competitive 8-6 match at 97 pounds over Hendrix Schwab, getting three takedowns and a two-point reversal along the way. Paul Kenny of New Jersey kept up the momentum with an 11-0 technical fall over Matthew Tran, with five takedowns and a step out to give his team time a 7-6 edge.

Iowa answered quickly at 106, when Dawson Youngblut cradled up and pinned Nicholas DiFrancescantonio for five big team points.

New Jersey rebounded as Ryan DeGeorge opened up his offense at 110, with a 14-4 technical fall over Dylan Colleran, scoring takedowns and tilts in both periods. New Jersey reclaimed a 14-13 lead at 114 pounds, when Gideon Gonzalez edged Justis Jesuroga, 4-2, leading early and scoring a takedown and two step outs.

Iowa got a huge pin at 119, when Maximus Dhabolt put away Nate Keller in 3:39. Trailing 6-1 late in the second period, Dhabolt nailed a hip toss to put Keller on his back, and he pressed for the fall.

New Jersey regained control with a pair of bonus points wins. Leading 6-0, Morgan Schwartz secured a spladle from the feet and pinned Jax Shekleton in just 1:05 at 125. Joseph Schinder added a first-period 10-0 technical fall at 130 over Noah Howk-Erwin, scoring takedowns and multiple turns.

An Iowa win at 136 tightened it up, as Aiden Kirk scored a pair of four-point takedowns on the way to 10-1 victory over Ryan Gavrish.

New Jersey blew it open with three straight wins in the higher weight classes. AJ Di Giovanni used four head pinch turns to secure an 11-0 first period technical fall over Nolan Kriegel at 149. Joseph Monticello jumped to an 8-0 lead before finishing off an 8-4 win over Brayden Koester at 165. Nevin Mattessich locked up a cradle from the feet and secured a pin at 1:10 to give the Garden State a healthy nine-point lead in the standings.

Iowa’s hopes for a late comeback did not materialize, as they won only two of the final five matches of the dual meet. Rather than Iowa getting closer, all three of the New Jersey wins at the end of the dual meet were technical falls, which actually extended the margin of their victory.

Iowa’s John Kelso won the battle of big men at 250, with a 7-5 win over Mateo Vinciguerra, including a big four-point move in the second period.

New Jersey got three technical falls in the final four bouts, with Anthony Curlo (71), Jojo Burke (83) and Cameron Sontz (87) putting away opponents. All three won their bouts 10-0, with multiple takedowns and turns in each of their victories.

The final winner for Iowa was Ethan Humphrey, who kept on the pressure with four takedowns for a 10-0 technical fall over Cade Collins at 77 pounds.

Over the course of the four days, Team New Jersey’s Greco-Roman and freestyle teams won 14 dual meets without a loss. They had defeated Indiana Gold 50-32 to win the 14U National Duals title in Greco-Roman on Friday. There were 17 New Jersey wrestlers who competed in both the Greco-Roman and the freestyle finals matches.

Iowa reached the finals with a stunning 39-38 victory in round three of Pool B in the Gold/Silver Pool. Iowa won the last two matches to take the dual, a decision by Ethan Humphrey at 77 pounds and a pin by Hayden Schwab at 83 pounds.

Indiana Gold won 10 matches in the third-place bout to defeat Illinois, 45-32. It was a good weekend for the hosts from Indiana, which were also the runners-up in the Greco-Roman tournament.

Fifth place went to Ohio, which won eight of the last nine matches in the dual meet for a 48-26 win over Pennsylvania Blue. Bringing home seventh place was the Minnesota Storm, which had nine bonus point victories on the way to their 43-38 win over Oklahoma Red.

California won the Bronze/Copper pool (for places 9-16) with a 45-37 win over Michigan Blue. The Red/Blue pool went to Utah, a 48-35 winner of Georgia. Claiming the Green/Yellow Pool was Florida, which stopped Maryland, 43-27.

At Indianapolis, Ind., June 12, 2022

Freestyle Results

Gold/Silver Pool (Places 1-8)

Championship Match – New Jersey defeats Iowa, 49-29
92 Gavin Landers (Iowa) by forfeit
97 Killian Coluccio (New Jersey) over Hendrix Schwab (Iowa) Dec 8-6
102 Paul Kenny (New Jersey) over Matthew Tran (Iowa) TF 11-0
106 Dawson Youngblut (Iowa) over Nicholas DiFrancescantonio (New Jersey) Fall 1:17
110 Ryan DeGeorge (New Jersey) over Dylan Colleran (Iowa) TF 14-4
114 Gideon Gonzalez (New Jersey) over Justis Jesuroga (Iowa) Dec 4-2
119 Maximus Dhabolt (Iowa) over Nate Keller (New Jersey) Fall 3:39
125 Morgan Schwarz (New Jersey) over Jax Shekleton (Iowa) Fall 1:05
130 Joseph Schinder (New Jersey) over Noah Howk-Erwin (Iowa) TF 10-0
136 Aiden Kirk (Iowa) over Ryan Gavrish (New Jersey) Dec 10-1
149 AJ Di Giovanni (New Jersey) over Nolan Kriegel (Iowa) TF 11-0
165 Joseph Monticello (New Jersey) over Brayden Koester (Iowa) Dec 8-4
187 Nevin Mattessich (New Jersey) over Andy Franke (Iowa) Fall 1:10
250 John Kelso (Iowa) over Mateo Vinciguerra (New Jersey) Dec 7-5
71 Anthony Curlo (New Jersey) over Chase Watkinson (Iowa) TF 10-0
77 Ethan Humphrey (Iowa) over Cade Collins (New Jersey) TF 11-0
83 Jojo Burke (New Jersey) over Zander Manz (Iowa) TF 10-0
87 Cameron Sontz (New Jersey) over Weston Porter (Iowa) TF 10-0

3rd Place - Indiana Gold defeated Illinois 45-32.
92 Jensen Boyd (Indiana Gold) over Michael Miranda (Illinois) TF 10-0
97 Caleb Schaefer (Indiana Gold) over Demetrios Carrera (Illinois) Dec 6-3
102 Rocco Cassioppi (Illinois) over Bradyn Volz (Indiana Gold) TF 12-1
106 Bruno Cassioppi (Illinois) over Isaac Campbell (Indiana Gold) TF 14-3
110 Braylon Reynolds (Indiana Gold) over Zev Koransky (Illinois) TF 10-0
114 Isaac Mayora (Illinois) over Carter Fielden (Indiana Gold) Dec 15-8
119 Hunter Shike (Illinois) over Lincoln Cooper (Indiana Gold) TF 10-0
125 Thomas Gibbs (Indiana Gold) over Brandon Green (Illinois) Fall 0:26
130 Peyton Hornsby (Indiana Gold) over Leonardo Rosas (Illinois) Dec 7-4
136 Lucas Boe (Indiana Gold) over Brody Sendele (Illinois) Dec 8-5
149 Aaron Stewart (Illinois) over Wyatt Hoppes (Indiana Gold) TF 10-0
165 Blake Livdahl (Illinois) over Kellen Fellure (Indiana Gold) TF 16-6
187 Ceasar Salas (Indiana Gold) over Landynn Balla (Illinois) Fall 0:36
250 Hayden Smith (Indiana Gold) over Jeremy Marshall (Illinois) Dec 4-2
71 Michael Rundell (Illinois) over Karson Kahalekomo (Indiana Gold) Dec 17-12
77 Traevon Ducking (Indiana Gold) over Vincent DeMarco (Illinois) Fall 1:16
83 Kaleb Pratt (Illinois) over Alden Walker (Indiana Gold) Dec 13-4
87 Case Bell (Indiana Gold) over Jamiel Castleberry (Illinois) TF 10-0
Illinois lost on team point for unsportsmanlike conduct

5th Place - Ohio defeated Pennsylvania Blue 48-26.
92 Kavin Muyleart (Pennsylvania Blue) over Liston Seibert (Ohio) Dec 5-0
97 Grey Burnett (Ohio) over Austin Carfley (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 10-0
102 Will Detar (Pennsylvania Blue) over Austin Bickerton (Ohio) Dec 5-1
106 Cameron Baker (Pennsylvania Blue) over Gabe Cole (Ohio) TF 11-0
110 Gavin Green (Pennsylvania Blue) over Joel Brink (Ohio) Dec 6-3
114 Kyle Jardine (Ohio) over Kai Vielma (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 10-0
119 Alexander Denkins (Ohio) over Alek Palko (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 12-0
125 Blake Hostetter (Pennsylvania Blue) over Brennan Kicker (Ohio) Dec 6-6
130 Max Firestine (Pennsylvania Blue) over Brody Zoul (Ohio) TF 12-1
136 Jake Hughes (Ohio) over CJ Pensiero (Pennsylvania Blue) Dec 9-2
149 Eli Esguerra (Ohio) over Brady Brown (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 12-0
165 Danny Zmorowski (Ohio) over Franco Latorre (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 0:31
187 Daniel Hoke (Ohio) by forfeit
250 Alex Taylor (Ohio) over Caleb Tyler (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 10-0
71 Loc Webber (Ohio) over Jay McQuiston (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 10-0
77 William Schork (Ohio) over Chase Karenbauer (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 10-0
83 Brandon Bickerton (Ohio) over Eli Herring (Pennsylvania Blue) Dec 6-4
87 Keegan Bassett (Pennsylvania Blue) over Conner Whitely (Ohio) TF 10-0

7th Place - Minnesota Storm defeated Oklahoma Red 43-38
92 Anthony Heim (Minnesota Storm) over Cooper Jackson (Oklahoma Red) TF 10-0
97 Owen LaRose (Minnesota Storm) over Tohmi Carney (Oklahoma Red) TF 12-2
102 Madden Skidmore (Oklahoma Red) over Jack Bridenstine (Minnesota Storm) Fall 1:05
106 Legend Ellis (Oklahoma Red) over Kaleb Mead (Minnesota Storm) Dec 6-0
110 Justus Heeg (Oklahoma Red) over Zane Engels (Minnesota Storm) Fall 0:15
114 Parker Zutter (Minnesota Storm) over Dimitri Kizer (Oklahoma Red) Fall 1:53
119 Alex Reed (Oklahoma Red) over Jake Kos (Minnesota Storm) Dec 7-4
125 Kasen McAffrey (Oklahoma Red) over Caden Grenier (Minnesota Storm) Fall 1:49
130 Judah Heeg (Oklahoma Red) by forfeit
136 Brody Mills (Oklahoma Red) over Mark Svoboda (Minnesota Storm) Dec 8-6
149 Cooper Rowe (Minnesota Storm) over Theron Davis (Oklahoma Red) TF 10-0
165 Evan Bartholomaus (Minnesota Storm) over Coleman Iker (Oklahoma Red) TF 10-0
187 Mason Adams (Minnesota Storm) over Dwight Eslinger (Oklahoma Red) TF 10-0
250 Gavin Rich (Oklahoma Red) over Matthew Veroeven (Minnesota Storm) Fall 0:56
71 Owen Parish (Minnesota Storm) over Bo Courtney (Oklahoma Red) Fall 0:28
77 Landon Thoennes (Minnesota Storm) over Cash Bratt (Oklahoma Red) TF 12-2
83 Liam Collins (Minnesota Storm) over Maxwell Bradley (Oklahoma Red) TF 14-3
87 Boston Kuschel (Minnesota Storm) over Van Smith (Oklahoma Red) Dec 19-16

Gold/Silver Pool A
Indiana Gold defeated Pennsylvania Blue 47-32
New Jersey defeated Minnesota Storm, 44-35
Pennsylvania Blue defeated Minnesota Storm, 54-22
New Jersey defeated Indiana Gold, 47-32
New Jersey defeated Pennsylvania Blue, 48-24
Indiana Gold defeated Minnesota Storm, 50-25

Gold/Silver Pool B
Illinois dec. Ohio, 44-32
Iowa dec. Oklahoma Red, 56-19
Illinois dec. Oklahoma Red, 53-22
Iowa dec. Ohio, 39-35
Ohio defeated Oklahoma Red, 55-21
Iowa defeated Illinois, 39-38

Bronze/Copper Pool Results
1st Place - California
2nd Place - Michigan Blue
3rd Place - Wisconsin
4th Place - Tennessee
5th Place - Washington
6th Place - West Virginia
7th Place - Pennsylvania Red
8th Place - Indiana Blue
1st Place Match
California defeated Michigan Blue 45-37.
3rd Place Match
Wisconsin defeated Tennessee 49-31.
5th Place Match
Washington defeated West Virginia 38-34.
7th Place Match
Pennsylvania Red defeated Indiana Blue 54-26.

Red/Blue Pool Results
1st Place - Utah
2nd Place - Georgia
3rd Place - Texas
4th Place - Minnesota Thunder
5th Place - Missouri Red
6th Place - Virginia
7th Place - Arkansas
8th Place - Missouri Blue
1st Place Match - Utah defeated Georgia 48-35.
3rd Place Match - Texas defeated Minnesota Thunder 47-35.
5th Place Match - Missouri Red defeated Virginia 42-26.
7th Place Match - Arkansas defeated Missouri Blue 39-35.

Green/Yellow Pool Results
1st Place - Florida
2nd Place - Maryland
3rd Place - New York
4th Place - Kansas Red
5th Place - Oklahoma Blue
6th Place - Alabama
7th Place - CO Blue
8th Place - Kansas Blue
1st Place Match - Florida defeated Maryland 43-27.
3rd Place Match - New York defeated Kansas Red 51-31.
5th Place Match - Oklahoma Blue defeated Alabama 50-30.
7th Place Match - CO Blue defeated Kansas Blue 33-32.
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