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No. 8 Tiffin repeats as NCWWC Northeast Regional champion, with No. 9 Adrian in second and No. 12 Gannon in third

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Image of NCWWC Northeast champion Olivia Shore of Tiffin courtesy of Tiffin Athletics.

ERIE, Pa. – Led by two individual champions and 10 national qualifiers, No. 8 Tiffin defended its NCWWC Northeast Regional title, held at Gannon University on Sunday.

The top five place winners in each weight class qualified to compete at the NCWWC National Championships held at Adrian College on March 4-5. This event is for varsity women’s programs from the NCAA.

Individual champions for Tiffin were a pair of freshmen, Olivia Shore (101) and Solana Mottola (130). All 10 of Tiffin’s qualifiers placed in the top four of their weight class.

Tiffin finished with 165.5 points, ahead of runner-up No. 9 Adrian with 128 points. Placing third was No. 12 Gannon with 115 points, just one point ahead of fourth-place East Stroudsburg with 114 points. Five different teams had at least one individual champion.

Runner-up Adrian had the most individual champion with three: Angela Lorusso (116) Adrian College), Zoe Nowicki (136) and Aspen Dodge (170). Nowicki was the repeat Northeast Regional champion, as six other 2021 Regional champions did not win a title this year.

East Stroudsburg also finished with two champion, Emily Klein (123) and Avia Bibeau (143). The other individual champions were Julianne Moccia of Gannon (109), Skylah Chakouian of Elmira (155) and Ashley Reed of Sacred Heart (191).

All 11 teams in this Regional qualified at least one wrestler for the NCWWC Nationals. Tiffin had the most qualifiers with then, followed by Gannon (8), Adrian (6), East Stroudsburg (6), Lock Haven (5), Sacred Heart (4), New Jersey City (3), Elmira (3), Albion (2), Delaware Valley (1) and Hiram (1).


At Gannon, Pa., February 20


1st Olivia Shore (Tiffin University) pin Kat Pendergrass (Gannon University), 2:33

3rd Shanna Morris (Tiffin University) tech. fall Ekta Arora (Gannon University), 10-0 4:36


1st Julianne Moccia (Gannon University) pin Izabella Frezzo (NJ City University), 2:22

3rd Trinity Oredina (Tiffin University) pin Kylee Bentley (Hiram College), 5:20

5th Madison Packer (Lock Haven University) tech. fall Janieliz Cotto (E.Stroudsburg University), 12-2 4:29


1st Angela Lorusso (Adrian College) tech. fall Nikoly Dossantos (Gannon University), 12-1 1:56

3rd Natalie Dunn (E.Stroudsburg University) pin Jayla Oberst (Albion College), 1:17

5th Carly Gross (Lock Haven University) pin Alanna Barberio (E.Stroudsburg University), 4:55


1st Emily Klein (E.Stroudsburg University) dec. Grace Jones (Tiffin University), 11-6

3rd Samantha Parcell (Albion College) tech. fall Merci Jessop (Elmira College), 12-0 1:09

5th Bridgette Schoultz (Delaware Valley University) pin Jaryn Strong (Adrian College), 3:57

7th Carmela Cancelmo (E.Stroudsburg University) pin Ashley Cravo (Delaware Valley University), 5:58


1st Solana Mottola (Tiffin University) dec. Anya Knappenberger (Gannon University), 8-4

3rd Mia Macaluso (E.Stroudsburg University) pin Naomi Henry (NJ City University), 2:02

5th Lily Sherer (Lock Haven University) tech. fall Mackenzie Tayerle (Adrian College), 15-4 4:17

7th Renee Richter (Adrian College) pin Ayeska Zanetti (Sacred Heart University), 0:11


1st Zoe Nowicki (Adrian College) pin Lana Perez (Gannon University), 1:37

3rd Madison Matta (Lock Haven University) dec. Arianna Carrasquillo (Tiffin University), 10-7

5th Mikayla Dockweiler (Gannon University) dec. Shawna Oesterling (Adrian College), 6-0

7th Michal Buska (Tiffin University) forfeit Tays Pascual (Sacred Heart University)


1st Avia Bibeau (E.Stroudsburg University) pin Madison Sandquist (Sacred Heart University), 0:42

3rd Nia Miranda (Tiffin University) pin Stephanie Floor (Gannon University), 5:00

5th Temiatyo Sanusi (Sacred Heart University) dec. Sidney Ramos (Tiffin University), 4-1

7th Jasmine Hale (Adrian College) tech. fall Leslie Monterrosa (Elmira College), 10-0 1:32


1st Skylah Chakouian (Elmira College) pin Jessica Johnson (Lock Haven University), 2:38

3rd Taylor Hites (Tiffin University) pin Nyla Burgess (Adrian College), 3:38

5th Taylor Cutler (Adrian College) pin Gabby Malinowski (Gannon University), 2:49

7th Aliya Martin (Tiffin University) pin Jackie Sandquist (Gannon University), 0:59


1st Aspen Dodge (Adrian College) dec. Jacklyn Smith (Sacred Heart University), 11-4

3rd Taryn Martin (Tiffin University) dec. Kayley Rada (Adrian College), 6-2

5th Brianna Simsic (E.Stroudsburg University) pin Paige Lenhardt (Tiffin University), 0:51

7th Georgianna Ustaszewski (Elmira College) dec. Kinora Hayes (Hiram College), 10-4


1st Ashley Reed (Sacred Heart University) dec. Sandra Guerrero (NJ City University), 4-3

3rd Tayana Labady (Elmira College) tech. fall Hollie Espinoza (Tiffin University), 12-2 1:53

5th Shola Cascen (E.Stroudsburg University) dec. Yamilex Perez (Adrian College), 8-3

7th Sienna Lejeune (Adrian College) pin Nyere Grant (Tiffin University), 7-0 1:44

Team Standings

1. Tiffin University, 165.5

2. Adrian College, 128

3. Gannon University, 115

4. E.Stroudsburg University, 114

5. Elmira College, 79

6. Sacred Heart University, 73.5

7. Lock Haven University, 71.5

8. NJ City University, 57.5

9. Albion College, 29

10. Delaware Valley University, 20

10. Hiram College, 20

NCWWC Nationals qualifiers, by team

Tiffin University, 10 qualifiers

Olivia Shore (1st at 101, NE Regional)

Shanna Morris (3rd at 101, NE Regional)

Trinity Oredina (3rd at 109, NE Regional)

Grace Jones (2nd at 123, NE Regional)

Solana Mottola (1st at 130, NE Regional)

Arianna Carrasquillo (4th at 136, NE Regional)

Nia Miranda (3rd at 143, NE Regional)

Taylor Hites (3rd at 155, NE Regional)

Taryn Martin (3rd at 170, NE Regional)

Hollie Espinoza (4th at 191, NE Regional)

Gannon University, 8 qualifiers

Kat Pendergrass (2nd at 101, NE Regional)

Ekta Arora (4th at 101, NE Regional)

Julianne Moccia (1st at 109, NE Regional)

Nikoly Dossantos (2nd at 116, NE Regional)

Anya Knappenberger (2nd at 130, NE Regional)

Lana Perez (2nd at 136, NE Regional)

Mikayla Dockweiler (5th at 136, NE Regional)

Stephanie Floor (4th at 143, NE Regional)

Adrian College, 6 qualifiers

Angela Lorusso (1st at 116, NE Regional)

Zoe Nowicki (1st at 135, NE Regional)

Nyla Burgess (4th at 155, NE Regional)

Taylor Cutler (5th at 155, NE Regional)

Aspen Dodge (1st at 170, NE Regional)

Kayley Rada (4th at 170, NE Regional)

East Stroudsburg University, 6 qualifiers

Natalie Dunn (3rd at 116, NE Regional)

Emily Klein (1st at 123, NE Regional)

Mia Macaluso (3rd at 130, NE Regional)

Avia Bibeau (1st at 143, NE Regional)

Brianna Simsic (5th at 170, NE Regional)

Shola Cascen (5th at 191, NE Regional)

Lock Haven University, 5 qualifiers

Madison Packer (5th at 109, NE Regional)

Carly Gross (5th at 116, NE Regional)

Lily Sherer (5th at 130, NE Regional)

Madison Matta (3rd at 136, NE Regional)

Jessica Johnson (2nd at 155, NE Regional)

Sacred Heart University, 4 qualifiers

Madison Sandquist (2nd at 143, NE Regional)

Temiatyo Sanusi (5th at 143, NE Regional)

Jacklyn Smith (2nd at 170, NE Regional)

Ashley Reed (1st at 191, NE Regional)

New Jersey City University, 3 qualifiers

Izabella Frezzo (2nd at 109, NE Regional)

Naomi Henry (4th at 130, NE Regional)

Sandra Guerrero (2nd at 191, NE Regional)

Elmira College, 3 qualifiers

Merci Jessop (4th at 123, NE Regional)

Skylah Chakouian (1st at 155, NE Regional)

Tayana Labady (3rd at 191, NE Regional)

Albion College, 2 qualifiers

Jayla Oberst (4th at 116, NE Regional)

Samantha Parcell (3rd at 123, NE Regional)

Delaware Valley University, 1 qualifier

Bridgette Schoultz (5th at 123, NE Regional)

Hiram College, 1 qualifier

Kylee Bentley (4th at 109, NE Regional)
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