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Five repeat champions crowned at 2022 Masters Greco-Roman Nationals in Las Vegas

by Koral Sugiyama, Special to

Kevin Pine turns an opponent at the 2022 Masters Nationals in Greco-Roman. Photo by Robbert Wijtman.

SOUTH POINT ARENA, Nev. – The Greco-Roman Masters division wrapped up the first day for the compacted wrestling week in Las Vegas. Five athletes repeated as champions.

Steve Horton of NB Elite WC repeated his championship from last year. In the D division at 70 kg, Horton went unscored on in his matches while earning three tech-falls in only the first period. He was also the freestyle and beach Masters National champion last year while being a ten-time Masters World medalist.

Andrei Stashonak of New York dominated his 78 kg bracket in the B division. All of his points went unanswered leading up to his finals match where Rashaad Saunders of Brave Tough WC scored the first point against him. Stashonak won his finals bout, 1-1, where he won by criteria after exchanging passivity calls with Saunders.

Gelu Bors of Las Vegas WC also repeated his Greco-Roman championship. Similar to Horton, Bors left unscored on with two techs and two falls. In 2017, Bors claimed silver at the Veterans World championship.

In the E division, Kevin Kares of Las Vegas WC, was crowned the 88 kg champion for his round robin with a, 8-0 tech-fall over past World champion Petros Petrosyan (Los Alamitos WC) and fall over Louis Orr of Minnesota.

There was an early drop-out at 78 kg for Division F which left reigning champion Peter Haag (Chicago WC) versus Gordon Plowman of Washington. Haag teched Plowman, 8-0 with only 30 seconds left in the first period.

Kevin Pine of Las Vegas Wrestling Club championed his round robin in the D division at 88 kg. Pine earned a fall, tech, fall, fall, and tech for the title. Pine defeated last year’s champion, Morgan Robertson of MWC Wrestling Academy, in his second match of the night. In 2018, Pine won the Veterans World championships. He is also the women’s head coach at Grays Harbor College.

1992 NCAA champion Charles Jones of Purdue returns to the mat after decades to claim the E division title at 130 kg. Jones, who now lives in Nevada, did not give up a single point in either of his matches while also claiming first-period pins.

The Masters division will continue tomorrow morning at 9 am for freestyle alongside Senior Women’s freestyle, U17 Greco, the High School Girls Showcase, and Futures freestyle. All the action can be streamed on FloWrestling.


At Las Vegas, Nev. April 27, 2022

Division A

58 kg

1st - Randy Jones (Las Vegas WC)

62 kg

1st - Taylor Ticknor (Stars WC)

70 kg

1st - Jared Ragan (Carbondale WC)

2nd - Ryan Haney (Deschutes Mat Club)

3rd - Matthew Mecum (Georgia)

78 kg

1st - Charles McLaughlin (Valhalla Wrestling Club)

2nd - Ramone Wilson (Las Vegas Wrestling Club)

88 kg

1st - Michael Lopez (Elite Panthers Wrestling Club)

2nd - Anthony Brown-Garcia (505 Wrestling Club)

100 kg

1st - Kyle Deberry (Arizona)

2nd - Logan Barrett (Minnesota)

3rd - Joshua Davis (California)

130 kg

1st - Ryan Bascue (Spartan Mat Club)

Division B

58 kg

1st - Daniel Coyne (Indiana)

62 kg

1st - Ben VomBaur (Bear Cave Wrestling Club)

2nd - Grant Nakamura (Maui Sports Foundation)

3rd - Daniel Coyne (Indiana)

70 kg

1st - Jordin Humphrey CA (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) fall Mark Dickman NV (American Wrestling Club), 10-2 1:51

3rd - Orlando Jimenez CA (Mad Cow Wrestling Club) VFA Mukesh Khatri CO (Colorado), 4-3 3:00

5th - Radames Garcia CA (Swamp Monsters Wrestling Club) VFA James White ii VA (Virginia), 4-2 0:30

7th - Charles Beeson ID (Idaho) VPO1 Ben Collins MT (Headwaters Wrestling Academy), 6-3

78 kg

1st - Andrei Stashonak NY (New York) dec Rashaad Saunders NC (Brave Tough Wrestling Club), 1-1

3rd - Russell Brunson ID (Idaho) tech Lex Case ID (Patriot Wrestling Club), 12-4 2:56

5th - Samuel Reading ID (Idaho) dec Ashton Buswell CA (Las Vegas Wrestling Club), 7-5

7th - Michael Morgan IN (Legends of Gold) dec Jaime Garcia TX (Texas Style Wrestling Club), 8-8

88 kg

1st - Michael Burke (Yorktown Wrestling Club)

2nd - Andre Blake (Bronco Wrestling Club)

3rd - Jason Blakeman (California)

4th - Nathaniel Augustson (505 Wrestling Club)

5th - Joel Sherer (All American Wrestling Club)

100 kg

1st - James Medeiros CA (California) tech Kevin Chilton CA (California), 10-1 4:00

3rd - U'kwon Leggett FL (Florida) tech James Verderico NV (Las Vegas Wrestling Club), 11-1 1:46

5th - Christopher Myers IN (Carroll Wrestling Club) forfeit Marko Bojkovic IL (Chicago Wrestling Club), 0-0

130 kg

1st - James Baker (Minnesota)

2nd - Chris Foster (Mat Creatures Wrestling Club)

3rd - Jorge Guerrero (Las Vegas Wrestling Club)

4th - Esteban Mendoza (California)

Division C

58 kg

1st - Jesse West (Mat Pack Wrestling Club)

2nd - Carson Gainey (Mad Cow Wrestling Club)

3rd - Brett Lord-Castillo (Missouri)

4th - Carlos Montano (California)

62 kg

1st - David Yi (Mad Cow Wrestling Club)

2nd - Blake Tompkins (Idaho)

3rd - Alesio Velasquez (Nevada)

4th - Marcus Collins (Oklahoma)

70 kg

1st - Glenn Garrison CO (Western Colorado Wrestling Club) tech Nick Rodriguez CO (Chatfield Wrestling Club), 9-0 1:24

3rd - Furkat Isaev FL (Florida) tech Dennis Wymer tech (Mad Cow Wrestling Club), 8-0 1:23

5th - James Ferguson NE (Nebraska) injury default Eric Caballero TX (Rise RTC), 0-0 0:00

78 kg

1st - Joseph Uccellini NY (Curby 3 Style Wrestling Club) fall Michael Kelly IL (Chicago Wrestling Club), 9-0 1:47

3rd - Matthew Shirk PA (Pennsylvania) dec Jose Trevino MN (Minnesota), 4-3

5th - Tom Beal FL (Florida) forfeit Joe Voisin NV (Las Vegas Wrestling Club), 0-0

7th - Eric Goodman (Victory School of Wrestling) over Bye

88 kg

1st - Gerald Harris OK (Hurricane Wrestling Academy) dec Rudy James MN (Gopher Wrestling Club - RTC), 5-2

3rd - Alvin Riggs OR (Lowell Wrestling) fall Ryan Henry MT (Headwaters Wrestling Academy), 2-2 1:37

5th - Nickolaus Knight CA (Mad Cow Wrestling Club) dec Tod Wever NV (Las Vegas Wrestling Club), 9-5

7th - Michael Levanti IL (Illinois) tech Zachary Hendrickson WI (Team Nazar Training Center), 8-0 1:47

100 kg

1st - William Carr MN (Minnesota Storm) tech Daren Phillipy NV (Las Vegas Wrestling Club), 8-0 1:06

3rd - Dave Hart CO (Colorado) tech Karl Junitz IL (Chicago Wrestling Club), 9-0 2:51

5th - James Self AZ (Arizona) forfeit Ioannis Petsas NY (New York), 0-0

7th - Jeremy Black (Mad Cow Wrestling Club) over Bye

130 kg

1st - Travis Wiuff (Minnesota)

2nd - Gabe Beauperthuy (The Community Wrestling Club)

3rd - Joseph T Bellavia (Mad Cow Wrestling Club)

4th - Greg Conn (New York)

5th - Israel De La Paz (Texas Style Wrestling Club)

Division D

58 kg

1st - Dan Verr (Chicago WC)

62 kg

1st - Jeff Bartkowiak (Arizona)

2nd - Flint Yale (Arizona)

3rd - Melvin Pettis (Rise RTC)

4th - Robert Hogue (Three Forks High School Wrestling)

70 kg

1st - Steve Horton TX (NB Elite Wrestling Club) tech Chad Otterness MN (Mat Rats Wrestling Club), 9-0 1:11

3rd - Doug Baum IL (Chicago Wrestling Club) fall Timothy Rothka VA (Reston Herndon Youth Wrestling), 6-5 3:26

5th - Kraig Peterson AZ (Grindhouse Wrestling Club) forfeit Scott Beale CA (Coastside Grapplers), 0-0

7th - Timothy Mcauliffe AZ (Arizona) fall David Sarmiento OR (Oregon), 6-0 1:46

78 kg

1st - Ernesto Alarcon (Paradigm Wrestling)

2nd - Jon Banko (All-American Wrestling Club)

3rd - Lee Watkinson (Las Vegas Wrestling Club)

4th - Silvio Quiones (Florida)

88 kg

1st - Kevin Pine (Las Vegas Wrestling Club)

2nd - Morgan Robertson (MWC Wrestling Academy)

3rd - Paul Meyering (Minnesota)

4th - Ronald Ayers (Arizona)

5th - Tom Sellers (Colorado)

100 kg

1st - Gelu Bors (Las Vegas Wrestling Club)

2nd - Domenico Lemme (Eastside Wrestling Club)

3rd - Todd Moss (Minnesota)

4th - Frank Lopez (US Territory)

5th - Adam Ruiz (Team Ruiz / Gilroy Pumas)

130 kg

1st - Tyrone Abercrombie (Arizona)

2nd - Stoney Godet (California)

3rd - Petrica Constandache (Las Vegas Wrestling Club)

4th - Eric Medina (Colorado)

Division E

58 kg

1st - Daniel Cota (Nor Cal Wrestling Academy)

2nd - Clinton Yale (Illinois)

3rd - Charles McCook (Virginia)

62 kg

1st - Mark LeVasseur (Minnesota Storm)

2nd - Shirzad Ahmadi (Connecticut)

70 kg

1st - Bruce Moe (Bison WC)

78 kg

1st - William Newton (California)

2nd - Philip Drago (The Sprig Gardner Wrestling Club)

3rd - Michael Ross (Utah)

4th - Brad Brosius (Modern Day Gladiators Wrestling Club)

88 kg

1st - Kevin Kares (Las Vegas Wrestling Club)

2nd - Petros Petrosyan (Los Alamitos WC)

3rd - Louis Orr (Minnesota)

100 kg

1st - Joseph Cattan (Derby City Legends, LLC)

2nd - Frank Galvan (Rochester Wrestling Club)

3rd - William Gunter (Las Vegas Wrestling Club)

130 kg

1st - Charles Jones (Nevada)

2nd - James Gerstbrein (Illinois)

3rd - Brian Jones (Santa Monica Bay Wrestling Club)

4th - Rex Davis (California)

Division F

70 kg

1st - Steve Ferguson (Nebraska)

78 kg

1st - Peter Haag (Chicago Wrestling Club)

2nd - Gordon Plowman (Washington)

3rd - Peter Wirs (Pennsylvania Wrestling Club, Inc)

88 kg

1st - Steve Contarino (Florida)

2nd - Ronald Grenda (Chicago Wrestling Club)

130 kg

1st - Jack Schwartz (California)