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Champions crowned in men’s division at Intermat Freestyle Open in New Jersey; Team Ontario wins girls high school duals

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Vito Arujau in his wrestling stance. Photo by Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors.

MANALAPAN TOWNSHIP, N.J. - The InterMat National Freestyle Men’s Open, which featured numerous Div. I college wrestlers, completed on Saturday at Sportika.

Student-athletes from American, Appalachian State, Buffalo, The Citadel, Clarion, Hofstra, Cornell, Navy and Rutgers were broken into pools, then wrestled placement matches.

Among the stars who competed were three-time NCAA champion and 2021 Senior World Team member Yianni Diakomihalis and two-time NCAA All-American and Junior World silver medalist Vito Arujau, both who compete for Cornell.

Diakomihalis scored four technical falls in his pool competition, competing up a weight class at 70 kg.

Arujau easily won his pool in 57 kg with two technical falls, added a technical fall in the semifinals of his bracket,, but did not compete in the finals against his Brett Ungar, in a no-contest.

There were 20 brackets contested in the tournament, with the results below.

The men’s event was organized to provide a number of quality freestyle matches for these student-athletes, before they compete in the U.S. Open, U20 Nationals, U23 Nationals and other major events later this spring.

This was in conjunction with nationally-respected dual meet tournaments for high school boys, high school girls and middle school boys.

Winning the high school girls division was Team Ontario, which came down from Canada and finished with a 3-0 dual meet record to take the team title. The other divisions will complete on Sunday.

At Manalapan Twp., N.J. April 23

57 kg A
1st Vito Arujau (Unattached) NC Brett Ungar (Unattached)
3rd Dylan Shawver (Rutgers-una) VPO1 Maximilian Leete (American-una), 13-10
5th - Patrick Adams (Buffalo-una) VSU1 Jacob Moon (Hofstra-una), 12-2 1:02
Pool A1
1Vito Arujau (Unattached)
2Maximilian Leete (American-una)
3Jacob Moon (Hofstra-una)
Pool A2
1Brett Ungar (Unattached)
2Dylan Shawver (Rutgers-una)
3Patrick Adams (Buffalo-una)

57 kg B
1st- Dean Peterson (Rutgers-una) VPO1 Caleb Smith (App State-una), 6-3
3rd - Joey Fischer (Clarion-una) VPO1 Greg Diakomihalis (Unattached), 8-3
5th - Chad Bellis (App State-una) VFA Logan Mazzeo (Clarion-una), 8-3 3:55
7th - Mason Bush (Buffalo-una) VSU Dylan Acevedo (Hofstra-una), 11-0 1:31
Pool B1
1Caleb Smith (App State-una)
2Greg Diakomihalis (Unattached)
3Logan Mazzeo (Clarion-una)
4Dylan Acevedo (Hofstra-una)
Pool B2
1Dean Peterson (Rutgers-una)
2Joey Fischer (Clarion-una)
3Chad Bellis (App State-una)
4Mason Bush (Buffalo-una)

61 kg A
1st Lachlan McNeil (UNC-una) VSU Luke Lucerne (USN-USMC-una), 10-0 2:02
3rd Sean Carter (App State-una) VSU1 Nico Messina (Rutgers-una), 12-2 3:55
5th Jack Maida (American-una) VSU Tommy Maddox (Buffalo-una), 10-0 1:13
7th Shamill Kalmatov (American-una) VSU Cole Minnick (Buffalo-una), 10-0 3:40
Pool A1
1Lachlan McNeil (UNC-una)
2Sean Carter (App State-una)
3Tommy Maddox (Buffalo-una)
4Shamill Kalmatov (American-una)
Pool A2
1Luke Lucerne (USN-USMC-una)
2Nico Messina (Rutgers-una)
3Jack Maida (American-una)
4Cole Minnick (Buffalo-una)

61 kg B
1st Tyler Hunt (USN-USMC-una) VPO1 Ethan Fernandez (Unattached), 9-6
3rd Ethan Oakley (App State-una) VSU Hunter Verge (Clarion-una), 10-0 0:55
5th Phil Moomey (Unattached) VFO Caleb Svingala (Buffalo-una), 0-0
Pool B1
1Tyler Hunt (USN-USMC-una)
2Ethan Oakley (App State-una)
3Phil Moomey (Unattached)
Pool B2
1Ethan Fernandez (Unattached)
2Hunter Verge (Clarion-una)
3Caleb Svingala (Buffalo-una)

65 kg A

Pool A1
1Sammy Alverez (Rutgers-una)
2Josh Saunders (Unattached)
3Elijah White (American-una)
4Riley Edwards (App State-una)
5Devon Capato (American-una)

Pool A2
1Vince Cornella (Unattached)
2Kyle Schickel (Clarion-una)
3Ike Byers (App State-una)
4Chase Caprella (USN-USMC-una)
5Michael Glynos (American-una)

65 kg B
1st Seth Koleno (Clarion-una) VSU Heath Gonyer (App State-una), 10-0 2:42
3rd Nate Wade (Unattached) VFO Jack Marlow (Buffalo-una)
5th Justin Hoyle (Hofstra-una) VSU David Kreidler (USN-USMC-una), 10-0 2:56
7th Devon Britton (Rutgers-una) VPO1 Alex Blake (Clarion-una), 11-6
Pool B1
1Seth Koleno (Clarion-una)
2Nate Wade (Unattached)
3Justin Hoyle (Hofstra-una)
4Devon Britton (Rutgers-una)
Pool B2
1Heath Gonyer (App State-una)
2Jack Marlow (Buffalo-una)
3David Kreidler (USN-USMC-una)
4Alex Blake (Clarion-una)

70 kg A

Pool A1
1Yianni Diakomihalis (Unattached)
2Anthony White (Rutgers-una)
3Antonio Segura (American-una)
4Chandler Ho (Clarion-una)
5Christian Hodges (USN-USMC-una)

Pool A2
Andrew Clark (Rutgers-una)
2Kaleb Burgess (Buffalo-una)
3John Altieri (Clarion-una)
4Eric Shindel (Hofstra-una)

70 kg B

Pool B1
1Gage McClenahan (Unattached)
2Tommy Askey (App State-una)
3Matt Ryan (Buffalo-una)
4Al DeSantis (Rutgers-una)
5Lavinsky Collins (Buffalo-una)

74 kg A
1st Erik Gibson (Unattached) VFA Robert Kanniard (Rutgers-una), 2-2 1:11
3rd Brody Oleksak (Unattached) VPO1 Joe Mcginty (Hofstra-una), 10-10
5th Christian Hansen (Unattached) VSU Breon Phifer (American-una), 10-0 1:09
Pool A1
1Robert Kanniard (Rutgers-una)
2Erik Gibson (Unattached)
3Christian Hansen (Unattached)
Pool A2
1Brody Oleksak (Unattached)
2Joe Mcginty (Hofstra-una)
3Breon Phifer (American-una)

74 kg B
1st Benny Baker (Unattached) VPO1 Will Miller (App State-una), 13-8
3rd Ty Raines (Buffalo-una) VSU Justin Mayes (Unattached), 10-0 0:37
5th Eli Brinsky (Clarion-una) VSU Ryan Zimmerman (American-una), 10-0 0:40
7th Oren Bost (App State-una) VFA Ayden Miller (Clarion-una), 4-3 1:32
Pool B1
1Benny Baker (Unattached)
2Ty Raines (Buffalo-una)
3Eli Brinsky (Clarion-una)
4Oren Bost (App State-una)
Pool B2
1Will Miller (App State-una)
2Justin Mayes (Unattached)
3Ryan Zimmerman (American-una)
4Ayden Miller (Clarion-una)

79 kg A
1st Andrew Berreyesa (Unattached) VPO Evan Canoyer (Unattached), 4-0
3rd Ross Mcfarland (Hofstra-una) VSU Ethan Wiant (Clarion-una), 10-0 0:56
Pool A1
1Evan Canoyer (Unattached)
2Ross Mcfarland (Hofstra-una)
3Lucas White (American-una)
Pool A2
1Andrew Berreyesa (Unattached)
2Ethan Wiant (Clarion-una)
3Luke Ariz (USN-USMC-una)

79 kg B
1st Luke Uliano (App State-una) VFA Marcus Petite (Buffalo-una), 14-6 4:43
3rd Colt Barley (Unattached) VSU Kaeden Berger (Clarion-una), 10-0 1:36
Pool B1
1Luke Uliano (App State-una)
2Colt Barley (Unattached)
3Casper Hinklie (Clarion-una)
Pool B2
1Marcus Petite (Buffalo-una)
2Kaeden Berger (Clarion-una)
3Dalton Battle (App State-una)

79 kgAB
1st Lucas White (American-una) VSU1 Casper Hinklie (Clarion-una), 12-1 2:28
3rd Dalton Battle (App State-una) VPO1 Luke Ariz (USN-USMC-una), 16-15

86 kg A
1st Will Feldkamp (Clarion-una) VFA Jon Loew (Unattached), 7-2 1:23
3rd Colin Shannon (American-una) VPO1 Wyatt Miller (App State-una), 12-6
5th Nik Miller (Hofstra-una) VSU1 Joe Zovistoski (App State-una), 12-2 4:09
Pool A1
1Jon Loew (Unattached)
2Colin Shannon (American-una)
3Joe Zovistoski (App State-una)
Pool A2
1Will Feldkamp (Clarion-una)
2Wyatt Miller (App State-una)
3Nik Miller (Hofstra-una)

86 kg B
1st Chris Foca (Unattached) VFA Kyle Epperly (Rutgers-una), 11-6 2:01
3rd Hunter Johns (USN-USMC-una) NC Trevor Swier (USN-USMC-una)
5th Gueseppi Hoose (Buffalo-una) VFA Fabio Preka (Buffalo-una), 6-2 1:02
Pool B1
1Chris Foca (Unattached)
2Kyle Epperly (Rutgers-una)
3Gueseppi Hoose (Buffalo-una)
Pool B2
1Trevor Swier (USN-USMC-una)
2Hunter Johns (USN-USMC-una)
3Fabio Preka (Buffalo-una)

92-97 kg
1st Jacob Cardenas (Unattached) VSU Trey Rogers (Hofstra-una), 10-0 3:26
3rd Nico Colucci (Rutgers-una) VPO1 Tyler Bagoly (Clarion-una), 8-5
5th Eli Sheeren (Buffalo-una) VPO1 Brett Wittmann (Clarion-una), 4-4
Pool A1
Jacob Cardenas (Unattached)
2Nico Colucci (Rutgers-una)
3Brett Wittmann (Clarion-una)
Pool A2
1Trey Rogers (Hofstra-una)
2Tyler Bagoly (Clarion-una)
3Eli Sheeren (Buffalo-una)
4Carsten Rawls (American-una)

125 kg A
1st Lewis Fernandes (Unattached) VSU1 Zach Knighton ward (Hofstra-una), 18-8 4:58
3rd Ryan Calka (USN-USMC-una) VFO Johnny O donnell (Rutgers-una)
5th Robbie Unruhue (Buffalo-una) VFO Greg Hodulick (Buffalo-una)
Pool A1
1Zach Knighton Ward (Hofstra-una)
2Ryan Calka (USN-USMC-una)
3Robbie Unruhue (Buffalo-una)
Pool A2
1Lewis Fernandes (Unattached)
2Johnny O Donnell (Rutgers-una)
3Greg Hodulick (Buffalo-una)

125 kg B
1st Gracy Griess (USN-USMC-una) VSU1 Isaac Righter (American-una), 12-1 1:45
3rd Brendan Furman (Unattached) VSU Jacob Sartorio (App State-una), 10-0 0:38
5th Buzzy Maines (Clarion-una) VSU1 Triston Norris (App State-una), 12-2 5:07
Pool B1
1Isaac Righter (American-una)
2Gracy Griess (USN-USMC-una)
3Triston Norris (App State-una)
Pool B2
1Brendan Furman (Unattached)
2Jacob Sartorio (App State-una)
3Buzzy Maines (Clarion-una)

High School Girls Duals
1Team Ontario 3-0 record
2Crash 2-1 record
3Centurion Pride 1-2 record
4Team NJ 0-3 record

Championship Bout
Team Ontario 39, Crash 9

100 - Laila Seed-Desai (ONT) tech. Gabi Severin, 10-0
112 – Francesca Lo Greco (ONT) pin Shahreen Gulacha, 3:39
117 – Serena Di Benedetto (ONT) tech fall Yianna Fousfas, 10-0
122 - Olivia Lichti (ONT) tech fall Talia Robles, 11-0
127 – Crisia Bonilla (Crash) tech fall Kate Thorne, 10-0
132 – Gabby Baker (Crash) by forfeit
138 – Attina Khanlari (ONT) by forfeit
144 – Alyna Eastmond (ONT) tech. fall Nyla Phillips, 10-0
152 – Natalie Vecchio (ONT) tech fall Alecsandra Vlasd, 10-0
164 – Lilah Fraser (ONT) by forfeit.

Other dual scores
Team Ontario 34, Centurian Pride 21
Crash 34, Team NJ 19
Centurian Pride 32, Team NJ 16
Crash 24, Centurian Pride 19
Team Ontario 30, Team NJ 15
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