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Bill Farrell Memorial: Pan-American Greco-Roman Team set, World Team Trials qualifiers added in Greco-Roman and women’s freestyle

by Koral Sugiyama, Special to

Xochitl Mota-Pettis locks up a trap-arm in the finals of the 2022 Bill Farrell final. Photo by Andy Hamilton, FloWrestling

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa – The Greco-Roman and women’s tournaments concluded today for the 2022 Bill Farrell tournament at the McLeod Arena at Northern Iowa University.

More U.S. wrestlers added their names to the World Team Trials qualifiers along with nine Greco-Roman athletes earning their spot on this year’s Pan-American Championship team.

In Greco-Roman, Max Nowry (WCAP) won his round robin at 55 kg over fellow WCAP athletes.

Richard Carlson (Minnesota Storm) championed his weight through three tech-falls and one pin at 86 kg. His pin came over 2021 World Team member Alan Vera (NYAC).

Tanner Farmer (NYAC) also dominated his weight at 130 kg with four tech-falls and one victory by forfeit.

WCAP singlets were worn by both finalists at 60 kg. Past World Team member Dalton Roberts defeated 2020 Olympian Ildar Hafizov, in a tight bout, 6-5.

Roberts commented, “It’s a dog fight with him, and that’s why I love it.”

The 67 kg finals featured a first-period win for 2020 Olympian Alejandro Sancho (WCAP) over Hayden Tuma (Suples WC) after Tuma was penalized for two leg fouls while Sancho was going for a lift. The match ended 5-0.

Sancho said he is very proud to represent the Army and WCAP on the mat. “The Army has given me and my family so many opportunities…so I’m just happy to be part of this team,” he said

At 77 kg. past World Team member RaVaughn Perkins shut down 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials champion Jesse Porter. Perkins defeated Porter with two passivity calls against Porter and a four-point exposure. Although Perkins got knocked on his head, he secured the win, 6-0.

Other Greco-Roman champions included Sam Jones (NYAC) at 63 kg, Pat Smith (Minnesota Storm) at 72 kg, Ben Provisor (NYAC) at 82 kg, and Nicholas Boykin (SKWC) at 97 kg. Provisor is a two-time Olympian, while Jones and Smith are past Senior World Team members.

Three of the weights for the Greco-Roman tournament were formatted as round robins. All the champions earned a spot on the Pan-Am Championship team except for the 97 kg weight class which has already been filled by G'Angelo Hancock for his World Bronze medal performance last year.

For the women, all the brackets that had more than two people were round robins.

Only two of the women’s champions had already qualified for World Team Trials: Three-time age-group World champion and four-time NCWWC National Emily Shilson (TMWC/TCRTC) and 2021 Senior World Team Trials third-place winner Xochitl Mota-Pettis (Rise RTC). Shilson only gave up two points in her run through her 50 kg bracket.

Mota-Pettis teched her way through the 59 kg bracket, save for one pin, and made no adjustments for her final match against last year's Olympic Trials runner-up, Ronna Heaton (SKWC). Mota-Pettis locked-up a trap-arm and gutted her way into a win after only 42 seconds.

With both Mota-Pettis and Heaton already qualified for World Team Trials, third place winner Ngao Shoua Whitehorn earns her spot at the trials.

Grand View junior Andrea Schlabach came out on top at 62 kg with a technical fall over SaVannah Cosme (SKWC) and a pin against Sierra Brown Ton (TCRTC).

The remaining champions who toed the line to qualify for trials include 62 kg champion Andrea Schlabach who defeated past age-group world team member and National team member Rachel Watters (TMWC/HWC) in the first round of the tournament and Alisha Howk at 55 kg (SKWC) and Precious Bell at 76 kg (TMWC) who both won their brackets with a decision and fall over their respective opponent.

Three wrestlers who weighed in ready to compete were met with empty brackets. However, their presence allowed them to qualify for trials: high school star and now King University freshman, Sage Mortimer at 53 kg; Augsburg sophomore Tateum Park at 57 kg; and Cumberland University Alumni Aury Naylor at 72 kg.

Men’s freestyle continues the action tomorrow at 10 a.m. CT at the McLeod Center. You can follow along and watch it live on FloArena.

At Cedar Falls, Iowa, April 1

Greco-Roman final results

55 kg/121 lbs
Gold – Max Nowry (WCAP)
Silver – Dalton Duffield (WCAP)
Bronze – Cole Smith (WCAP)

Round Robin Matches
Max Nowry (WCAP) dec Dalton Duffield (WCAP), 8-1
Max Nowry (WCAP) tech Cole Smith (WCAP), 8-0
Dalton Duffield (WCAP) tech Cole Smith (WCAP), 8-0

60 kg/132 lbs
Gold – Dalton Roberts (WCAP) dec Ildar Hafizov (WCAP), 6-5
Bronze – Randon Miranda (Rise RTC) dec Max Black (Black Fox Wrestling Academy), 12-5

63 kg/138.6 lbs
Gold – Sam Jones (NYAC) tech Jesse Thielke (WCAP), 9-0
Bronze – Mason Carzino-Hartshorn (Community Youth Center - Concord Campus) dec Aidan Nutter (NMU-National Training Center), 5-1

67 kg/147.4 lbs
Gold – Alejandro Sancho (WCAP) forfeit Hayden Tuma (Suples Wrestling Club), 5-0
Bronze – Lenny Merkin (NYAC) dec Calvin Germinaro (Minnesota Storm), 17-9

72 kg/158.4 lbs
Gold – Patrick Smith (Minnesota Storm) dec Orlando Ponce (Minnesota Storm), 8-0
Bronze – Robert Perez III (SKWC) dec Garrett Johnson (MWC Wrestling Academy), 9-0 2:46

77 kg/169.4 lbs
Gold – Ravaughn Perkins (NYAC) dec Jesse Porter NY (New York Athletic Club), 6-0
Bronze – Britton Holmes (WCAP) over Kamal Bey (WCAP)

82 kg/180.4
Gold – Ben Provisor dec Spencer Woods (WCAP), 2-1
Bronze – Tyler Cunningham (MWC Wrestling Academy) dec Ryan Epps (Minnesota Storm), 10-5

87 kg/191.4 lbs
Gold – Richard Carlson (Minnesota Storm)
Silver – Alan Vera (NYAC)
Bronze – Christian DuLaney (Minnesota Storm)

Round Robin Matches
Richard Carlson (Minnesota Storm) tech Kodiak Stephens CA (Ebbetts Pass Wrestling), 13-0
Christian Dulaney (Minnesota Storm) tech Miguel Baray TX (Texas), 10-0
Alan Vera (NYAC) tech Kodiak Stephens CA (Ebbetts Pass Wrestling), 8-0
Richard Carlson (Minnesota Storm) tech Christian Dulaney (Minnesota Storm), 9-1
Alan Vera (NYAC) dec Christian Dulaney (Minnesota Storm), 9-4
Richard Carlson (Minnesota Storm) tech Miguel Baray (Texas), 9-0
Christian Dulaney (Minnesota Storm) tech Kodiak Stephens (Ebbetts Pass Wrestling), 10-1
Alan Vera (New York Athletic Club) tech Miguel Baray (Texas), 10-0 1:38
Kodiak Stephens (Ebbetts Pass Wrestling) fall Miguel Baray (Texas), 1:00
Richard Carlson (Minnesota Storm) fall Alan Vera (NYAC), 5:07

97 kg/213.4 lbs
Gold – Nicholas Boykin (SKWC) tech Christian Rouleau (Minnesota Storm), 10-1
Bronze – Guy Patron (Dubuque WC) dec Tyler Thurston (Iowa), 8-0 1:15

130 kg/286 lbs
Gold – Tanner Farmer (NYAC)
Silver – Courtney Freeman (Marines)
Bronze – Kaleb Reeves (Eastern Iowa WC)

Round Robin Matches
Tom Foote (Massachusetts) dec Thomas Helton (Southern Illinois RTC), 3-2
Tanner Farmer (NYAC) tech Kaleb Reeves (Eastern Iowa WC), 8-0
Kaleb Reeves (Eastern Iowa WC) fall Tom Foote (Massachusetts), 1:22
Courtney Freeman (Marines) dec. Thomas Helton (Southern Illinois RTC), 11-5
Courtney Freeman (Marines) fall Kaleb Reeves (Eastern Iowa WC), 2:07
Tanner Farmer (NYAC) tech Tom Foote (Massachusetts), 8-0
Tanner Farmer (NYAC) tech Courtney Freeman (Marines), 9-1
Kaleb Reeves (Eastern Iowa WC) fall Thomas Helton (Southern Illinois RTC), 1:12
Courtney Freeman (Marines) tech Tom Foote (Massachusetts), 8-0
Tanner Farmer (NYAC) fall Thomas Helton (Southern Illinois RTC)

Note: All champions except Boykin qualified for the 2022 U.S. Pan American Championships team.

Women’s freestyle results

50 kg/110 lbs.
Gold – Emily Shilson (TMWC/TCRTC)
Silver – Katie Dutchak (Canada)
Bronze – Natalie Reyna-Rodriguez (MBWC)

Round Robin Matches
Emily Shilson (TMWC/TCRTC) tech. Natalie Reyna-rodriguez (MBWC), 10-0
Katie Dutchak (Canada) tech Arelys Valles (GVWC), 10-0
Emily Shilson (TMWC/TCRCT) dec. Arelys Valles (GVWC), 9-0
Katie Dutchak (Canada) tech Natalie Reyna-Rodriguez (MBWC), 10-0
Emily Shilson (TMWC/TCRTC) tech Katie Dutchak (Canada), 12-2
Natalie Reyna-Rodriguez (MBWC) fall Arelys Valles (GVWC), 5:06

53 kg/116.6 lbs
Gold – Sage Mortimer (Utah/TMWC) vs BYE

55 kg/121 lbs
Gold – Alisha Howk (SKWC)
Silver – Sueanne Harms (Texas)

Round Robin Matches
Alisha Howk (SKWC) dec. Sueanne Harms (Texas), 15-8

59 kg/129.8 lbs
Gold – Xochitl Mota-Pettis (Rise RTC)
Silver – Ronna Heaton (SKWC)
Bronze – Ngao Shoua Whitethorn (Victory School of Wrestling)

Round Robin Matches
Ngao shoua Whitethorn MN (Victory School of Wrestling) fall Larissa Kaz WI (Victory School of Wrestling), 2:38
Ronna Heaton (SKWC) tech Hailey Corona (Utah), 10-0
Xochitl Mota-Pettis (Rise RTC) tech Hailey Corona (Utah), 10-0
Ronna Heaton (SKWC) fall Ngao Shoua Whitethorn (Victory School of Wrestling), 4:38
Xochitl Mota-Pettis (Rise RTC) tech Ngao Shoua Whitethorn (Victory School of Wrestling), 10-0
Ronna Heaton (SKWC) tech Larissa Kaz (Victory School of Wrestling), 12-2
Xochitl Mota-pettis (Rise RTC) fall Larissa Kaz (Victory School of Wrestling), 3:13
Ngao Shoua Whitethorn (Victory School of Wrestling) tech Hailey Corona (Utah), 4:31
Xochitl Mota-Pettis (Rise RTC) tech Ronna Heaton (SKWC), 10-0
Hailey Corona (Utah) fall Larissa Kaz (Victory School of Wrestling), 0:27

62 kg/136.4 lbs
Gold – Andrea Schlabach (GVWC)
Silver – Sierra Brown Ton (TCRTC)
Bronze – Savannah Cosme (SKWC)

Round Robin Matches
Andrea Schlabach (GVWC) tech Savannah Cosme (SKWC), 12-2 4:46
Sierra Brown Ton (TCRTC) fall Savannah Cosme (SKWC), 2:33
Andrea Schlabach (GVWC) fall Sierra Brown Ton (TCRTC), 2:08

65 kg/143 lbs
Gold – Nina Makem (TCRTC)
Silver – Rachel Watters (TMWC/HWC)
Bronze – Caitlyn Davis (South Carolina)

Round Robin Matches
Nina Makem (TCRTC) dec. Rachel Watters (TMWC/HWC), 13-9
Caitlyn Davis (South Carolina) tech Alioz Mason (The Factory Wrestling Club), 11-0
Nina Makem (TCRTC) fall Caitlyn Davis (South Carolina), 5:09
Rachel Watters (TMWC/HWC) tech Alioz Mason (The Factory Wrestling Club), 10-0
Nina Makem (TCRTC) tech Alioz Mason (The Factory Wrestling Club), 11-0
Rachel Watters (TMWC/HWC) fall Caitlyn Davis (South Carolina), 3:41

72 kg/158.4
Gold – Aury Naylor (Georgia) vs BYE

76 kg/167.2 lbs
Gold – Precious Bell (TMWC)
Silver – Melissa Jacobs (TCRTC)

Round Robin Matches
Precious Bell (TMWC) fall Melissa Jacobs (TCRTC), 0:37

World Team Trials qualifiers

55 kg/121 lbs – Cole Smith (WCAP)
60 kg/132 lbs - Max Black (Black Fox Wrestling Academy)
63 kg/138.6 lbs– Mason Carzino-Hartshorn (Community Youth Center - Concord Campus)
67 kg/147.4 lbs – Lenny Merkin (NYAC)
72 kg/158.4 lbs - Orlando Ponce (Minnesota Storm)
77 kg/169.4 lbs - Kamal Bey (WCAP)
82 kg/180.4 lbs. – Tyler Cunningham (MWC Wrestling Academy)
87 kg/191.4 lbs – Christian DuLaney (Minnesota Storm)
97 kg/213.4 lbs, - Christian Rouleau (Minnesota Storm)
130 kg/286 lbs. – Courtney Freeman (Marines)

Women’s Freestyle

50 kg/110 lbs. – Natalie Reyna-Rodriguez (MBWC)
53 kg/116.6 lbs – Sage Mortimer (Utah)
55 kg/121 lbs. – Alisha Howk (SKWC)
59 kg/129.8 lbs. – Ngao Shoua Whitethorn (Victory School of Wrestling)
62 kg/136.4 lbs. – Andrea Schlabach (GVWC)
65 kg/143 lbs. – Rachel Watters (TMWC/HWC)
72 kg/158.4 lbs.– Aury Naylor (Georgia) vs BYE
76 kg/167.2 lbs – Precious Bell (TMWC)

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