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The U23 Men's Freestyle World Team is set after the best-of-three finals at U23 Nationals

by Mike Willis, USA Wrestling

Feature team photo courtesy of Mark Lundy/Lutte Lens.

Lincoln, Neb. – The U23 Nationals wrapped up this afternoon, closing the tournament out with the best-of-three men’s freestyle finals. The ten champions will have the opportunity to represent the Red White and Blue at the U23 World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia this November.

2019 Princeton All-American Pat Glory took home the tournament’s outstanding wrestler award after an impressive showing in the 57 kg finals. Glory downed Taylor LaMont in two-straight matches, 8-0 and 10-0. On Friday, LaMont made the U23 Greco-Roman World Team at 55 kg.

At 61 kg, Northwestern All-American Chris Cannon defeated stud high school junior Jesse Mendez in three matches. Cannon dominated Mendez in match one with a 13-2 technical fall. Mendez clawed his way back into the series with a tight 9-8 victory in match 2. Match 3 ended unceremoniously, with Mendez going down with a leg injury 32 seconds into the first period. Mendez, a 2021 Junior World Team member, was unable to continue.

Oklahoma’s Dom Demas dominated his way onto his second age-group World Team in freestyle and his fifth overall. In the 65 kg finals, Demas handled Lawrence Saenz, who had a monster tournament in his own right, in two-straight 10-0 technical fall victories.

Arizona State’s Jacori Teemer emerged victorious from one of the tournament’s deepest brackets at 70 kg. To make the finals, Teemer gritted out a 7-7 criteria win over 2019 Junior World Team member Brayton Lee. In the best-of-three series, he defeated returning U23 Nationals champion Brock Mauller, a two-time NCAA All-American for Missouri, 4-2 and 9-8. This is Teemer’s second age-group World Team appearance after taking bronze at the 2017 Cadet World Championships.

At 74 kg, Nebraska’s Peyton Robb made his first World Team on home turf, defeating Princeton’s 2020 NWCA First-Team All-American Quincy Monday in back-to-back matches, 12-3 and 7-5.

Following his teammate’s performance at 74 kg, Nebraska’s two-time NCAA All-American Michael Labriola claimed the World Team spot at 79 kg. In the finals, he downed Drexel’s Michael O’Malley, 2-2 and 5-2.

Myles Wilson is one of two Iowa Hawkeyes to earn a spot on the World Team. Wilson defeated the Spartan Combat RTC’s Chris Foca in a three-match series at 86 kg. Wilson won a controlled bout in match 1, 6-1, before Foca rallied back with a 19-8 technical fall in match 2. Match 3 was a tight affair, with Wilson eventually claiming the victory, 5-4.

At 92 kg, Pittsburgh’s NCAA finalist Nino Bonaccorsi made his first World Team, defeating Missouri’s freshman All-American Rocky Elam in two-straight matches. The first match in the series was close, resulting in a 2-2 criteria victory for Bonaccorsi. In match 2, he was able to open up his offense, earning an 8-1 victory.

Virginia’s Jay Aiello ran through the 97 kg bracket, outscoring his opponents 48-1 across five matches. In the best-of-three series he earned back-to-back 11-0 technical falls over Buffalo’s Sam Mitchell.

Iowa’s Anthony Cassioppi closed out the tournament, claiming the World Team spot at 125 kg. To reach the finals, Cassioppi defeated Lehigh’s Jordan Wood, a 2014 Cadet World silver medalist and 2016 Junior World Team member, by technical fall, 11-0. In the finals, he was faced with 2019 Junior World silver medalist Lucas Davison of Northwestern. Cassioppi took match 1 by fall, stacking Davison on his back while in on a shot. Match 2 went in Davison’s favor, as he regrouped with a 14-4 technical fall win. Match 3 was all Cassioppi, as he claimed the World Team spot with a 13-5 victory.

Finals Results
57 kg: Pat Glory (NJRTC) over Taylor LaMont (Sunkist Kids), 2 matches to 0
Match 1 – Glory DEC LaMont, 8-0
Match 2 – Glory TF LaMont, 10-0

61 kg: Chris Cannon (New Jersey) Jesse Mendez (Bulldog Premier WC), 2 matches to 1
Match 1 – Cannon TF Mendez, 13-2
Match 2 – Mendez DEC Cannon, 9-8
Match 3 – Cannon DEF Mendez, INJ :32

65 kg: Dom Demas (Oklahoma RTC) over Lawrence Saenz (Central Coast RTC), 2 matches to 0
Match 1 – Demas TF Saenz, 10-0
Match 2 – Demas TF Saenz, 10-0

70 kg: Jacori Teemer (Sunkist Kids) over Brock Mauller (Tiger Style WC), 2 matches to 0
Match 1 – Teemer DEC Mauller, 4-2
Match 2 – Teemer DEC Mauller, 9-8

74 kg: Peyton Robb (Nebraska WTC) over Quincy Monday (NJRTC), 2 matches to 0
Match 1 – Robb DEC Monday, 12-3
Match 2 – Robb DEC Monday, 7-5

79 kg: Michael Labriola (Nebraska WTC) over Michael O’Malley (Pennsylvania RTC), 2 matches to 0
Match 1 – Labriola DEC O’Malley, 2-2
Match 2 – Labriola DEC O’Malley, 5-2

86 kg: Myles Wilson (Hawkeye WC) DEC over Chris Foca (Spartan Combat RTC), 2 matches to 1
Match 1 – Wilson DEC Foca, 6-1
Match 2 – Foca TF Wilson, 19-8
Match 3 – Wilson DEC Foca, 5-4

92 kg: Nino Bonacorrsi (Pittsburgh WC) Rocky Elam (Tiger Style WC), 2 matches to 0
Match 1 – Bonaccorsi DEC ELam, 2-2
Match 2 – Bonaccorsi DEC Elam, 8-1

97 kg: Jay Aiello (Cavalier WC) over Samuel Mitchell (Bulls WC), 2 matches to 0
Match 1 – Aiello TF Mitchell, 11-0
Match 2 – Aiello TF Mitchell, 11-0

125 kg
Anthony Cassioppi (Hawkeye WC) over Lucas Davison (Wildcat WC), 2 matches to 1
Match 1 – Cassioppi FALL Davison, 1:28
Match 2 – Davison TF Cassioppi, 14-4
Match 3 – Cassioppi DEC Davison, 13-5

Other medal match results
57 kg
3rd – Nico Provo CT (South Side Wrestling Club) TF Joseph Manchio NJ (New York City RTC), 12-2 3:49
5th – Jace Koelzer CO (Northern Colorado Wrestling Club) VFO Nick Kayal NJ (New Jersey RTC)
7th – Matthew Ramos IL (Gopher Wrestling Club - RTC) TF Justin Cardani IL (Illinois), 10-0 0:56

61 kg
3rd – Dylan Ragusin IL (Cliff Keen Wrestling Club) TF Cullan Schriever IA (Hawkeye Wrestling Club), 11-1 4:12
5th – Angelo Rini OH (New York City RTC) TF Dominic La joie MI (Spartan Combat RTC), 16-1 2:10
7th – Alex Thomsen IA (Nebraska Wrestling Training Center) TF Malyke Hines FL (Florida), 15-5 3:53

65 kg
3rd – Joshua Saunders MO (Spartan Combat RTC) TF Clay Carlson MN (Jackrabbit Wrestling Club), 10-0 2:59
5th – Sammy Alvarez NJ (Scarlet Knights Wrestling Club) DEC Justin Benjamin IL (Illinois), 12-9
7th – Michael Burnett OH (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club) DEC Nick James NE (Nebraska Golden Eagles Wrestling Club), 6-2

70 kg
3rd – Brayton Lee IN (Gopher Wrestling Club - RTC) DEC Anthony Artalona FL (Pennsylvania RTC), 8-1
5th – Yahya Thomas IL (Wildcat Wrestling Club) TF Ridge Lovett ID (Nebraska Wrestling Training Center), 12-1 3:54
7th – Doug Zapf PA (Pennsylvania RTC) TF Connor Kievman PA (New York City RTC), 12-2 3:24

74 kg
3rd – Philip Conigliaro MA (New England Regional Training Center) TF Jalin Harper KS (Cowboy RTC), 10-0 1:36
5th – Jarrett Jacques MO (Tiger Style Wrestling Club) TF Derek Gilcher MI (Michigan), 10-0 1:18
7th – Joshua Ogunsanya IL (New York City RTC) DEC Robert Kanniard NJ (Scarlet Knights Wrestling Club), 17-11

79 kg
3rd – Patrick Kennedy MN (Hawkeye Wrestling Club) TF Donnell Washington IN (Indiana RTC), 11-0 3:23
5th – Connor Herceg PA (Pennsylvania) DEC Troy Fisher IL (Illinois), 4-3
7th – Jackson Hemauer CO (Northern Colorado Wrestling Club) TF Jacob Marsh OH (New Jersey RTC), 12-2 2:26

86 kg
3rd – Michael Battista VA (Cavalier Wrestling Club) DEC Jack Jessen IL (Wildcat Wrestling Club), 5-0
5th – Maximus Hale PA (Pennsylvania RTC) VFO John Poznanski NJ (Scarlet Knights Wrestling Club), 0-0
7th – Travis Stefanik PA (New Jersey RTC) VIN Max Lyon IA (Boilermaker RTC)

92 kg
3rd – Luke Surber OK (Cowboy RTC) TF Thomas Penola IN (Boilermaker RTC), 10-0 1:38
5th – Cameron Caffey IL (Michigan Wrestling Club) VFO Jakob Woodley OK (Oklahoma Regional Training Center), 0-0
7th – Luke Stout PA (New Jersey RTC) TF Cole Urbas PA (Pennsylvania RTC), 16-5 5:30

97 kg
3rd – Gavin Hoffman PA (Ohio Regional Training Center) TF Jack Flynn MO (Tiger Style Wrestling Club), 10-0 4:21
5th – Cale Davidson NE (Nebraska Wrestling Training Center) FALL Peter Ming CA (Stanford -CA RTC), 14-10 3:28
7th – Austin Stith MD (Patriot Elite Wrestling Club) VFO Austin Cooley PA (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club), 0-0

130 kg
3rd – Jordan Wood PA (Lehigh Valley Wrestling Club) TF Luke Luffman IL (Illinois Regional Training Center/Illini WC), 11-1 3:53
5th – Brandon Metz ND (Bison Wrestling Club) DEC Aaron Costello IA (Hawkeye Wrestling Club), 4-0
7th – Zachary Knighton-Ward NY (Blue & Gold Wrestling Club) TF Matthew Cover OH (New Jersey RTC), 11-1 5:52

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