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Western Wyoming leads Clackamas by a half-point going into NJCAA Nationals finals tonight

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Athletic logos for Western Wyoming and for ClackamasCOUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa – The morning session of the NJCAA Nationals on Thursday included the semifinals, consolation semifinals and the medal round matches.

Heading into tonight’s championship matches, Western Wyoming and returning champion Clackamas are separated by just one-half point, with Western Wyoming at 147 points and Clackamas at 146.5 points.

Western Wyoming has just one finalist, No. 3 seed Mason Christiansen at 174 pounds. Clackamas has a pair of finalists, No. 2 seed Cameron Enriquez at 125 and No. 1 seed Zeth Brower at 133 pounds.

Western Wyoming was able to get all 10 of its wrestlers to reach All-American status, which fueled its run in the team race. In addition to Christiansen, Western Wyoming had two third-place finishers, two fourth-place finishers, one sixth-place finisher, three seventh-place finishers and one eighth-place finisher.

Clackamas had a rough semifinal round, losing three of their five semifinal matches. In total, Clackamas finished with eight All-Americans, adding four third-place finishers and two fifth-place finishers. The team won all six of its medal matches in that final consolation placement round.

Pratt, which entered with five semifinalists, pushed four of them into the championship finals. Reaching the gold-medal match are No. 1 Michael Spangler (125), No. 3 Jason Henschel (133), No. 1 Jacob Beeson (149) and No. 3 Dayton Porsch (157). Porsch was a 2020 UWW Junior Greco-Roman champion.

Iowa Central also had a great semifinal round, winning all four of its matches with these finalists: No. 25 Bret Minor (141), No. 2 Sal Silva (149), No. 11 Keaton Geerts (165) and No. 12 Jorden Pryor (285).

Rounding out the top five teams heading into the finals round are Northeastern Oklahoma in third with 125 points, Iowa Central in fourth with 123 points and Pratt in fifth with 121 points,

The championship finals will be broadcast live by FloWrestling.

At Council Bluffs, Iowa,

Championship Finals

125 - No. 1 Michael Spangler (Pratt) vs. No. 2 Cameron Enriquez (Clackamas)
133 - No. 1 Zeth Brower (Clackamas) vs. No. 3 Jason Henschel (Pratt)
141 - No. 25 Bret Minor (Iowa Central) vs. No. 11 Chinzorig Tsermaa (Northwest Kansas Tech)
149 - No. 1 Jacob Beeson (Pratt) vs. No. 2 Sal Silva (North Idaho)
157 - No. 1 Isaiah Crosby (Iowa Western) vs. No. 3 Dayton Porsch (Pratt)
165 - No. 1 Christian Minto (NIACC) vs. No. 11 Keaton Geerts (Iowa Central)
174 - No. 1 Jose Rodriquez (Iowa Central) vs. No. 3 Mason Christiansen (Western Wyoming)
184 – No. 5 Jacari Deal (Northwest Kansas Tech) vs. No. 2 Gavin Christofferson (RCTC)
197 - No. 12 Jose Valdez (NIACC) vs. No. 3 Zach Ferris (Cloud)
285 - No. 12 Jorden Pryor (Iowa Central) vs. No. 2 Mitchell Williamson (Iowa Lakes)

Team Standings going into finals
1 Western Wyoming 147
2 Clackamas 146.5
3 Northeastern Oklahoma 125
4 Iowa Central 123
5 Pratt 121
6 North Idaho 88.5
7 Indian Hills 81
8 Rctc 79
9 Iowa Western 75
10 Northwest Kansas Tech 72

Medal Match results

125 lbs.
3rd Garrett Ricks (Western Wyoming) DEC Aidan Harris (Iowa Central), 9-3
5th Chris Busutil (Indian Hills) F Aseel Almudhala (Henry Ford), 2:41
7th Andres Russi (Joliet) F Riley Weir (Labette), 1:56

133 lbs.
3rd Parker Dobrocky (Rctc) DEC Caleb Meekins (Indian Hills), 5-3
5th James Davis (Cloud) M FOR Ryan Smith (Cowley), 10-0 3:54
7th Destin Summers (Western Wyoming) F Marquis Kemp (Otero), 6:56

141 lbs.
3rd Marckis Branford (Clackamas) F Caleb Nathan (Western Wyoming), 3:51
5th Creighton Baughman (Iowa Western) F Blake Gonzalez (Northeastern Oklahoma), 2:01
7th Victor Guzman (Indian Hills) DEC Jacob Mitchell (Pratt), 11-10

149 lbs.
3rd Deville Dentis (Clackamas) F Alex Young (Labette), 6:45
5th Dylan Brown (Northeastern Oklahoma) M FOR Malik Johnson (Cowley), 0-0 0:00
7th Cameron Metcalf (Western Wyoming) MD Nathan Lendt (Ellsworth), 11-3

157 lbs.
3rd Anthony Herrera (Western Wyoming) DEC Chinges Tsermaa (Northwest Kansas Tech), 4-2 SV
5th Trent Silva (Clackamas) DEC Brandon Bollinger (North Idaho), 9-8
7th Josh Parks (Northeastern Oklahoma) F Jake Patterson (Cowley), 1:42

165 lbs.
3rd Seth Brossard (Rctc) DEC Austin Raby (Southwestern Oregon), 15-13 SV
5th Fabian Padilla (Iowa Western) DEC Collin Smith (Western Wyoming), 4-1
7th Weston Presser (North Idaho) TF Tyson Villalpando (Neosho), 16-1 4:05

174 lbs.
3rd Dax Bennett (Clackamas) DEC Navarro Nanpuya (North Idaho), 14-12 SV
5th Dayton Fields (Northeastern Oklahoma) DEC Jacobi Deal (Northwest Kansas Tech), 7-3
7th Massoma Endene (Iowa Lakes) DEC Wyatt Simon (Rctc), 7-0

184 lbs.
3rd Deron Pulliam (Indian Hills) DEC Jackson White (Northeastern Oklahoma), 5-2
5th Michael Gasper (Clackamas) M FOR Jaden Roberts (Rowan), 0-0 0:00
7th Andrew Nicholson (Western Wyoming) DEC Deston Miller (Pratt), 6-4

197 lbs.
3rd Tarik Sutkovic (Clackamas) DEC Tyler Scheurn (Western Wyoming), 6-3
5th Josh Mcfarland (Iowa Western) DEC Seth Sarasua (Northeastern Oklahoma), 3-2
7th Khris Walton (Indian Hills) DEC Ryan Murphy (Neosho), 4-2

285 lbs.
3rd Dan Baker (Northeastern Oklahoma) F Cohle Feliciano (North Idaho), 1:21
5th Devon Dawson (Pratt) F Curtis Ruff (Triton), 6:28
7th Jared Roehl (Mott) F Wyatt Kearn (Western Wyoming), 1:29

Semifinal results

Michael Spangler (Pratt) TF Chris Busutil (Indian Hills), 18-2 5:25
Cameron Enriquez (Clackamas) DEC Aseel Almudhala (Henry Ford), 12-11

Zeth Brower (Clackamas) F Caleb Meekins (Indian Hills), 2:35
Jason Henschel (Pratt) DEC Parker Dobrocky (Rctc), 7-3

Bret Minor (Iowa Central) DEC Creighton Baughman (Iowa Western), 3-1
Chinzorig Tsermaa (Northwest Kansas Tech) DEC Marckis Branford (Clackamas), 7-6

Jacob Beeson (Pratt) DEC Deville Dentis (Clackamas), 1-0
Sal Silva (North Idaho) M FOR Malik Johnson (Cowley), 6-1 4:50

Isaiah Crosby (Iowa Western) TF Brandon Bollinger (North Idaho), 20-5 5:51
Dayton Porsch (Pratt) DEC Anthony Herrera (Western Wyoming), 4-0

Christian Minto (NIACC) MD Collin Smith (Western Wyoming), 15-1
Keaton Geerts (Iowa Central) DEC Seth Brossard (RCTC), 10-8

Jose Rodriquez (Iowa Central) MD Navarro Nanpuya (North Idaho), 11-3
Mason Christiansen (Western Wyoming) DEC Jacobi Deal (Northwest Kansas Tech), 8-7

Jacari Deal (Northwest Kansas Tech) DEC Deron Pulliam (Indian Hills), 4-2
Gavin Christofferson (RCTC) F Jaden Roberts (Rowan), 2:51

Jose Valdez (NIACC) DEC Tarik Sutkovic (Clackamas), 3-2
Zach Ferris (Cloud) DEC Josh Mcfarland (Iowa Western), 5-4 TB2

Jorden Pryor (Iowa Central) F Curtis Ruff (Triton), 3:19
Mitchell Williamson (Iowa Lakes) DEC Devon Dawson (Pratt), 5-2
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