California Blue, 2024 Air Force Special Warfare Junior Nationals Duals Women’s Greco-Roman Champions.
Richard Immel, USA Wrestling

California Blue, 2024 Air Force Special Warfare Junior Nationals Duals Women’s Greco-Roman Champions.


California Blue overpowers field to win women’s Greco-Roman title at AFSW Junior National Duals

by Richard Immel, USA Wrestling

TULSA, Okla. – Top seed California Blue took 11-of-15 matches from Missouri in the championship match of the 2024 Air Force Special Warfare Junior National Duals to secure the women’s Greco-Roman national title.

Picking up pivotal pins for the Cali women in a 47-19 victory were Mia Navarro at 100 pounds, Eduarda Rodrigues at 155 pounds, Katianna Martinez at 190 pounds and Lorelei Hartman at 235 pounds.

Four Californians secured technical falls—Kailey Salazar at 105 pounds, Abbi Cooper at 110 pounds, Eden Hernandez at 115 pounds and Samantha Sachs at 130 pounds—bumping its bonus-point win total to eight.

Navarro, Salazar, Cooper and Hernandez punctuated the national title in style with a pin and three shutout technical falls in the final four bouts for California.


Janie Houser and Delarie Juarez earned decisions, while Maci Stemmons picked up a forfeit, to round out the list of California victories against Missouri.

Missouri jumped out to a 10-0 lead to start the dual with a pair of pins courtesy of Sydney Stifter at 120 pounds and Angelina Vargas at 125 pounds. Alana Thelin and Mya Hairston were the only other Missourians to get on the board, each scoring a shutout technical fall.

California Blue finished with a, 8-0 record on its way to first place. It had six wrestlers in its championship lineup go undefeated throughout the event—Cooper (8-0), Hernandez (8-0), Houser (5-0), Juarez (8-0), Rodrigues (8-0) and Martinez (5-0).

Finishing in third place was Texas Blue, who defeated Red River rival Oklahoma Blue in a two-point contest. Anna Vogt and Jacey Kuntz led the Lone Star State charge with pinning efforts in the placement dual.

Colorado topped Ohio Red in the fifth place dual with a 45-24 victory. Six Coloradans secured pins to push the dual out of reach—Katey Valdez at 100 pounds, Rylee Balcazar at 110 pounds, Lindsey Lopez at 115 pounds, Jaydin Cuevas at 120 pounds, Lexie Lopez at 125 pounds and Ciara Monger at 235 pounds.

Rounding out the Gold/Silver bracket results are Kansas and Michigan, who finished in seventh and eighth place overall. Kansas took the match by a 20-point margin with five pins on the books.

12 more teams battled it out for bragging rights in the Bronze/Copper and Red brackets on Saturday at the Cox Business Convention Center. Final placements for every color pool are listed below.

Archived matches from the Air Force Special Warfare Junior National Duals are available on-demand at Multiple subscription options are available to watch. Updated brackets and match-by-match results are available at

USA Wrestling will announce the Women’s Greco-Roman All-Tournament Team, athletes who went undefeated with a minimum of four wins, at the conclusion of the event.    

Air Force Special Warfare Junior National Duals | June 19-22, Tulsa, Okla.

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Women’s Greco-Roman Gold/Silver Results

1st Place – California Blue

2nd Place – Missouri

3rd Place – Texas Blue

4th Place – Oklahoma Blue

5th Place – Colorado

6th Place – Ohio Red

7th Place – Kansas

8th Place – Michigan

1st Place Match – California Blue defeated Missouri, 47-19

120 – Sydney Stifter (Missouri) fall Mikayla Garcia (California Blue), 1:29

125 – Angelina Vargas (Missouri) fall Devin Silva (California Blue), 3:55

130 – Samantha Sachs (California Blue) tech. fall EmmaLyn Burnett (Missouri), 10-1

135 – Janie Houser (California Blue) dec. Jasmine Wolfe (Missouri), 6-0

140 – Maci Stemmons (California Blue) forfeit

145 – Delarie Juarez (California Blue) dec. Payton Weese (Missouri), 5-0

155 – Eduarda Rodrigues (California Blue) fall Jayci Shelton (Missouri), 2:42

170 – Alana Thelin (Missouri) tech. fall Chrystina Ballejos (California Blue), 10-0

190 – Katianna Martinez (California Blue) fall Isabella Renfro (Missouri), 2:53

235 – Lorelei Hartman (California Blue) fall Alexis Stinson (Missouri), 0:41

95 – Mya Hairston (Missouri) tech. fall Eliana Caro (California Blue), 9-0

100 – Mia Navarro (California Blue) fall Kinley Harker (Missouri), 0:45

105 – Kailey Salazar (California Blue) tech. fall Baillee Cash (Missouri), 8-0

110 – Abbi Cooper (California Blue) tech. fall Jayden Keller (Missouri), 11-0

115 – Eden Hernandez (California Blue) tech. fall Jessa Joiner (Missouri), 10-0

3rd Place Match – Texas Blue defeated Oklahoma Blue, 38-36

120 – Kristen De La Rosa (Oklahoma Blue) fall Mariah Dillard (Texas Blue), 1:33

125 – Emily Beckley (Oklahoma Blue) fall Madison Pena (Texas Blue), 1:45

130 – Anna Vogt (Texas Blue) fall Trinity Rakestraw (Oklahoma Blue), 0:59

135 – Lynn Horn (Oklahoma Blue) fall Gwen Musser (Texas Blue), 4:08

140 – Alicen Dillard (Texas Blue) fall Jayla Ford (Oklahoma Blue), 1:03

145 – Brijatte Garcia (Texas Blue) forfeit

155 – Jacey Kuntz (Texas Blue) fall Makenna Howell (Oklahoma Blue), 0:28

170 – Kali Hayden (Oklahoma Blue) fall Samaria Barnett (Texas Blue), 0:36

190 – Tracy linklater (Texas Blue) forfeit

235 – Ariana Chavez (Texas Blue) dec. Kinslee Collier (Oklahoma Blue), 7-2

95 – Rilee Harrison (Texas Blue) forfeit

100 – Alexa Rodriguez Lopez (Texas Blue) tech. fall Destiny Jones (Oklahoma Blue), 11-2

105 – Addie Morse (Oklahoma Blue) fall Cate Norden (Texas Blue), 3:31

110 – Hannah Lopez (Oklahoma Blue) tech. fall Grace Romans (Texas Blue), 12-1

115 – Coty Sessions (Oklahoma Blue) fall Arianna Beltran (Texas Blue), 2:02

5th Place Match – Colorado defeated Ohio Red, 45-24

120 – Jaydin Cuevas (Colorado) fall Emma Rinehart (Ohio Red), 0:42

125 – Lexie Lopez (Colorado) fall Gabrielle Gartin (Ohio Red), 2:02

130 – Abigail Mozden (Ohio Red) fall Faith Vondy (Colorado), 0:20

135 – Timberly Martinez (Colorado) tech. fall Emma Hanrahan (Ohio Red), 8-0

140 – Rejan Alhashash (Ohio Red) fall Vivienne Gitke (Colorado), 5:26

145 – Mollie Dare (Colorado) dec. Addison Lyon (Ohio Red), 10-6

155 – Desza Munson (Colorado) tech. fall Lauren Carver (Ohio Red), 8-0

170 – Alexandria Alli (Ohio Red) tech. fall Alison Evans (Colorado), 8-0

190 – Laney Oliver (Ohio Red) fall Claris McCoy (Colorado), 0:12

235 – Ciara Monger (Colorado) fall Gabriella Oregon (Ohio Red), 0:52

95 – Justice Gutierrez (Colorado) dec. Vita Rose Savage (Ohio Red), 9-3

100 – Katey Valdez (Colorado) fall Mia Skinner (Ohio Red), 0:38

105 – Brianne Graves (Ohio Red) dec. Eyvori Jacquez (Colorado), 8-7

110 – Rylee Balcazar (Colorado) fall Caroline Kearns (Ohio Red), 2:16

115 – Lindsey Lopez (Colorado) fall Leah Willen (Ohio Red), 2:28

7th Place Match – Kansas defeated Michigan, 46-26

120 – Cheyenne Frank (Michigan) fall Kylee Hodges (Kansas), 0:41

125 – Jill High (Kansas) fall Jamie Cook (Michigan), 1:49

130 – Tyler Swanigan (Michigan) inj. def. Amanda Jaeger (Kansas), 4:04

135 – Margaret Buurma (Michigan) tech. fall Alexis Means (Kansas), 8-0

140 – Sydney Thompson (Michigan) fall Kaylan Hitchcock (Kansas), 4:05

145 – Avari Johnson (Kansas) fall Emily Medford (Michigan), 1:54

155 – Olivia Randle (Kansas) tech. fall Emma Pendell (Michigan), 8-0

170 – Kiley Dillow (Kansas) forfeit

190 – Gabriella Allen (Michigan) dec. Hayleen Martinez (Kansas), 9-2

235 – Hailey Conley (Kansas) fall Payton Burmeister (Michigan), 1:25

95 – Phoenix West (Kansas) forfeit

100 – Jaidyn Alvarado (Kansas) forfeit

105 – Anna Buurma (Michigan) tech. fall Molly Spader (Kansas), 11-3

110 – Avery Hinojos (Kansas) fall Kennedy Perez (Michigan), 2:40

115 – Leiannah Landreth (Kansas) fall Gigi Bragg (Michigan), 1:43

Women’s Greco-Roman Bronze/Copper Results

1st Place – Utah

2nd Place – California Red

3rd Place – Idaho

4th Place – Florida

5th Place – Virginia

6th Place – Pennsylvania

7th Place – Indiana

8th Place – Texas Red

1st Place Match – Utah defeated California Red, 41-27

3rd Place Match – Idaho defeated Florida, 38-24

5th Place Match – Virginia defeated Pennsylvania, 39-33

7th Place Match – Indiana defeated Texas Red, 39-34

Women’s Greco-Roman Red Results

1st Place – Georgia

2nd Place – Minnesota

3rd Place – South Carolina

4th Place – North Carolina