U15 Pan American Champion at 44 kg Chase Karenbauer pictured at the 2024 U.S. Open in Las Vegas.
Richard Immel, USA Wrestling

U15 Pan American Champion at 44 kg Chase Karenbauer pictured at the 2024 U.S. Open in Las Vegas.


Bassett, Karenbauer repeat, U.S. wins nine Greco-Roman golds, one silver at U15 Pan American Championships

by Richard Immel, USA Wrestling

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – Team USA dominated the opening day of the U15 Pan American Championship at Cuna del Mágico González in San Salvador, claiming nine-of-10 possible gold medals with two athletes repeating as champions.

The one-two-punch of Keegan Bassett and Chase Karenbauer earned repeat bids with fantastic outings in El Salvador. Both men won every contested match by either pin or technical fall. Each held a forfeit win as well.

Bassett stood atop the 41 kg podium for the second-straight year by going 4-0 in a five-man round robin bracket. He defeated silver medalist Hector Aguilar Rodriguez of Mexico by 9-0 technical fall in the second round of the pool. He didn’t surrender a single match point during Thursday’s competition.

Karenbauer put up 31 match points to his opponents four in three contested bouts at 44 kg. He capped his run with a 10-2 technical fall over Peru’s Francesko Canayo Ipushima in the gold medal match.

Two more U.S. athletes won every match with bonus points—48 kg champion Mateo Gallegos and 75 kg champion Mario Hutcherson. Gallegos picked up two technical falls and a pin without giving up a point to the opposition. Hutcherson won all four of his bouts by technical fall, outscoring his opponents by a combined 33-1 tally.

Also claiming gold medals for the U.S. men were Evan Restivo at 38 kg, Reece Movahead at 52 kg, Thomas Banas at 57 kg, Camryn Howard at 68 kg and Carson Langford at 85 kg.

Minnesota native Justus Heeg finished with the silver medal at 62 kg. He won three matches, two by shutout technical fall, before dropping the gold medal match to Raul Castillo Molina of Mexico, 3-1.

The tournament continues tomorrow with the women’s freestyle competition. The crew of 10 men who competed today return on Saturday for the men’s freestyle event. Action begins at 10 a.m. local time each day, with the finals set for 5 p.m. San Salvador is located two hours behind U.S. Eastern Time.

Brackets for each style and match-by-match results are available on UWW Arena. A live stream of the event can be found on the United World Wrestling Americas YouTube Channel.

2024 U15 Pan American Championships | June 13-15, San Salvador, El Salvador

Greco-Roman Results

Team Standings

1. United States, 245

2. Mexico, 144

3. Puerto Rico, 124

4. Peru, 81

5. Ecuador, 67

6. El Salvador, 44

7. Panama, 44

8. Brazil, 37

9. Guatemala, 34

10. Argentina, 23

38 kg

Gold – Evan Restivo (United States)

Silver – Ronald Morales Garcia (Ecuador)

Bronze – William Coh Cauich (Mexico)

Bronze – Chase Millan (Puerto Rico)

5th – Francisco Alvarado Santos (Mexico)

5th – Duglas Urrutia Ramos (Guatemala)

7th – Adalberto Rosario Kuilan (Puerto Rico)

8th – Dyron Belmo Romana (Panama)

9th – Mario Alfaro Alfonso (El Salvador)

10th – Adrian Gonzalez Jimenez (Panama)

Gold – Evan Restivo (United States) dec. Ronald Morales Garcia (Ecuador), 6-3

Bronze – William Coh Cauich (Mexico) dec. Francisco Alvarado Santos (Mexico), 14-8

Bronze – Chase Millan (Puerto Rico) fall Duglas Urrutia Ramos (Guatemala), 1:36

41 kg

Gold – Keegan Bassett (United States)

Silver – Hector Aguilar Rodriguez (Mexico)

Bronze – Maddox Millan (Puerto Rico)

4th – Carlos Belmo Cortez (Panama)

5th – Melbin Hernandez Cruz (El Salvador)

Five-man round robin bracket records: Bassett (4-0), Aguilar Rodriguez (3-1), Millan (2-2), Belmo Cortez (1-3), Hernandez Cruz (0-4)

44 kg

Gold – Chase Karenbauer (United States)

Silver – Francesko Canayo Ipushima (Peru)

Bronze – Jiug Alvarez Arballo (Mexico)

Bronze – Axe Granados Maldonado (Mexico)

5th – Dylan Narvaez Camacho (Ecuador)

5th – Josue Saenz Corea (Guatemala)

7th – Wilson Pinargote Barragan (Ecuador)

8th – Javier Mendoza Solis (Panama)

9th – Jorge Borges Da Silva (Brazil)

Gold – Chase Karenbauer (United States) tech. fall Francesko Canayo Ipushima (Peru), 10-2

Bronze – Jiug Alvarez Arballo (Mexico) tech. fall Dylan Narvaez Camacho (Ecuador), 10-1

Bronze – Axe Granados Maldonado (Mexico) fall Josue Saenz Corea (Guatemala), 0:12

48 kg

Gold – Mateo Gallegos (United States)

Silver – William Soto (Puerto Rico)

Bronze – Isaac Gomez Iglesias (Mexico)

Bronze – Manuel Garcia Reasco (Ecuador)

5th – Mikael Ramos Otero (Peru)

5th – William Mundo Garcia (Mexico)

7th – Alvaro Miranda (Argentina)

8th – Jan Franco Acho (Peru)

9th – Erick Ruano Caseros (Guatemala)

10th – Jeremy Lopez Garcia (Honduras)

Gold – Mateo Gallegos (United States) tech. fall William Soto (Puerto Rico), 8-0

Bronze – Isaac Gomez Iglesias (Mexico) tech. fall Mikael Ramos Otero (Peru), 13-4

Bronze – Manuel Garcia Reasco (Ecuador) dec. William Mundo Garcia (Mexico), 3-3

52 kg

Gold – Reece Movahead (United States)

Silver – Daniel Jacobo Garcia (Mexico)

Bronze – Alexis Campillo Lopez (Mexico)

Bronze – Adrian Canales Perez (El Salvador)

5th – Guillermo Chavarria Rosales (Guatemala)

5th – Jeriel Ramos Torres (Puerto Rico)

7th – Franco Taboada Avalos (Peru)

8th – Dante Barra Retamales (Chile)

9th – Emanuel Pineda Cruz (Guatemala)

10th – Juan Luna Lopez (Nicaragua)

Gold – Reece Movahead (United States) fall Daniel Jacobo Garcia (Mexico), 3:26

Bronze – Alexis Campillo Lopez (Mexico) tech. fall Guillermo Chavarria Rosales (Guatemala), 12-1

Bronze – Adrian Canales Perez (El Salvador) tech. fall Jeriel Ramos Torres (Puerto Rico), 12-1

57 kg

Gold – Thomas Banas (United States)

Silver – Bruno Casas Ochoa (Peru)

Bronze – Lavozier Wadik Maruso (Brazil)

Bronze – Victor Rojas Quispe (Peru)

5th – David Torrero Sanchez (Panama)

5th – Kelvin Escorcia Bonilla (Nicaragua)

7th – Clemente Hernandez Arevalo (Mexico)

8th – Gerald Flores Campbell (Panama)

Gold – Thomas Banas (United States) tech. fall Bruno Casas Ochoa (Peru), 9-0

Bronze – Lavozier Wadik Maruso (Brazil) tech. fall David Torrero Sanchez (Panama), 8-0

Bronze – Victor Rojas Quispe (Peru) dec. Kelvin Escorcia Bonilla (Nicaragua), 9-6

62 kg

Gold – Raul Castillo Molina (Mexico)

Silver – Justus Heeg (United States)

Bronze – David Maldonado Melendez (Puerto Rico)

Bronze – Jovani Solis (Puerto Rico)

5th – Diego Ramos Lopez (Mexico)

5th – Cristofer Yanza Matute (Ecuador)

7th – Guillermo Davila Cabello (Peru)

8th – Aaron Miranda Agurto (Peru)

9th – Chase Mina Moreira (Ecuador)

Gold – Raul Castillo Molina (Mexico) dec. Justus Heeg (United States), 3-1

Bronze – David Maldonado Melendez (Puerto Rico) dec. Diego Ramos Lopez (Mexico), 3-2

Bronze – Jovani Solis (Puerto Rico) tech. fall Cristofer Yanza Matute (Ecuador), 9-0

68 kg

Gold – Camryn Howard (United States)

Silver – Joab Carrillo Rodriguez (Puerto Rico)

Bronze – Antonio Arguello Belcolore (El Salvador)

Bronze – Adrian Riques Morales (Peru)

5th – Jenier Soto Pastrana (Puerto Rico)

5th – Eikiel Saldana Guerra (Panama)

7th – Arthur Da Cunha Estevao (Brazil)

8th – Darian Tanori Mendoza (Mexico)

9th – Cristobal Aliaga Candia (Chile)

10th – Jorge Hernandez Ramirez (Mexico)

Gold – Camryn Howard (United States) dec. Joab Carrillo Rodriguez (Puerto Rico), 9-2

Bronze – Antonio Arguello Belcolore (El Salvador) dec. Jenier Soto Pastrana (Puerto Rico), 13-11

Bronze – Adrian Riques Morales (Peru) tech. fall Eikiel Saldana Guerra (Panama), 9-0

75 kg

Gold – Mario Hutcherson (United States)

Silver – Layden Acevedo Cordero (Puerto Rico)

Bronze – Benjamin Casas Vaquel (Argentina)

4th – Jeremy Lanchimba Chavez (Ecuador)

5th – Alan Garcia Morales (Puerto Rico)

Five-man round robin bracket records: Hutcherson (4-0), Acevedo Cordero (3-1), Casas Vaquel (2-2), Lanchimba Chavez (1-3), Garcia Morales (0-4)

85 kg

Gold – Carson Langford (United States)

Silver – Jose Esparza Ordonez (Mexico)

Bronze – Santiago Gutierrez Garcia (Mexico)

4th – Angel Lagos Luengo (Chile)

5th – Allan De Sousa Beserra (Brazil)

6th – Oscar Rivera Gonzalez (Puerto Rico)

7th – Yerik Cordero Ortiz (Puerto Rico)

Gold – Carson Langford (United States) dec. Jose Esparza Ordonez (Mexico), 11-6

Bronze – Santiago Gutierrez Garcia (Mexico) tech. fall Angel Lagos Luengo (Chile), 9-0

U.S. Greco-Roman Results

38 kg – Evan Restivo (State College, Pa./M2 Training Center), gold

WIN Francisco Alvarado Santos (Mexico), 9-2

WIN William Coh Cauich (Mexico), fall, 0:34

WIN Ronald Morales Garcia (Ecuador), 6-3

41 kg – Keegan Bassett (Windber, Pa./Young Guns WC), gold

WIN Maddox Millan (Puerto Rico), tech. fall, 9-0

WIN Hector Aguilar Rodriguez (Mexico), tech. fall, 8-0

WIN Carlos Belmo Cortez (Panama), fall, 0:39

WIN Melbin Hernandez Cruz (El Salvador), forfeit

44 kg – Chase Karenbauer (Mercer, Pa./Bad Karma WC), gold

WIN Jesuan Morales Pacheco (Puerto Rico), forfeit

WIN Jiug Alvarez Arballo (Mexico), tech. fall, 12-2

WIN Dylan Narvaez Camacho (Ecuador), tech. fall, 9-0

WIN Francesko Canayo Ipushima (Peru), tech. fall, 10-2

48 kg – Mateo Gallegos (Dubois, Pa./M2 Training Center), gold

WIN Mikael Ramos Otero (Peru), tech. fall, 10-0

WIN Isaac Gomez Iglesias (Mexico), fall, 1:57

WIN William Soto (Puerto Rico), tech. fall, 8-0

52 kg – Reece Movahead (Fairfax, Va./American Dream WC), gold

WIN Emanuel Pineda Cruz (Guatemala), 7-5

WIN Alexis Campillo Lopez (Mexico), fall, 3:21

WIN Guillermo Chavarria Rosales (Guatemala), tech. fall, 10-0

WIN Daniel Jacobo Garcia (Mexico), fall, 3:26

57 kg – Thomas Banas (Channahon, Ill./Illinois), gold

WIN David Torrero Sanchez (Panama), tech. fall, 8-0

WIN Lavozier Wadik Maruso (Brazil), 5-1

WIN Bruno Casas Ochoa (Peru), tech. fall, 9-0

62 kg – Justus Heeg (Inver Grove Heights, Minn./Pinnacle WC), silver

WIN Chase Mina Moreira (Ecuador), tech. fall, 9-0

WIN Jovani Solis (Puerto Rico), 8-5

WIN Cristofer Yanza Matute (Ecuador), tech. fall, 8-0

LOSS Raul Castillo Molina (Mexico), 3-1

68 kg – Camryn Howard (Bellport, N.Y./KD Training Center), gold

WIN Antonio Arguello Belcolore (El Salvador), 6-0

WIN Jenier Soto Pastrana (Puerto Rico), tech. fall, 10-0

WIN Joab Carrillo Rodriguez (Puerto Rico), 9-2

75 kg – Mario Hutcherson (Vandergrift, Pa./Young Guns WC), gold

WIN Alan Garcia Morales (Puerto Rico), tech. fall, 8-0

WIN Benjamin Casas Vaquel (Argentina), tech. fall, 9-1

WIN Jeremy Lanchimba Chavez (Ecuador), tech. fall, 8-0

WIN Layden Acevedo Cordero (Puerto Rico), tech. fall, 8-0

85 kg – Carson Langford (Dallas, Ore./All-Phase WC), gold

WIN Yerik Cordero Ortiz (Puerto Rico), fall, 0:58

WIN Jose Esparza Ordonez (Mexico), tech. fall, 9-0

WIN Allan De Sousa Beserra (Brazil), tech. fall 8-0

WIN Angel Lagos Luengo (Chile), fall, 1:32

WIN Jose Esparza Ordonez (Mexico), 11-6