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Illinois wins Junior Freestyle National Duals, defeats Ohio Scarlet 39-29

by Savannah Asmann, USA Wrestling

Illinois wins the Junior Freestyle National Duals in Tulsa, Oklahoma

TULSA, Okla.—Illinois defeated Ohio Scarlet in the finals of the Gold/Silver pool to claim the championship at the Junior Freestyle National Duals, on Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Eight teams advanced to the Gold/Silver pool following the first day of the Junior Freestyle National Duals, including the four pool winners: Wisconsin (Pool A), Iowa (Pool B), Illinois (Pool C) and Minnesota Blue (Pool D).

Coming in second place was Ohio Scarlet, who defeated Minnesota Blue 38-29 and Wisconsin 34-29 to reach the finals of the Gold/Silver pool.

In the final dual, Illinois came out on top in eight of the 15 weight classes, including seven bonus point victories. Ohio Scarlet saw victories in seven weight classes that included five bonus point wins.

Ohio Scarlet got off to a promising start, winning the first three matches of the dual all by technical fall, totaling 12 team points. Ohio Scarlet totaled 47 points while holding Illinois to just six points across three matches in the 182, 195 and 220 pound weight classes.

The next two matches, at 285 pounds and 100 pounds, went to Illinois. Dillan Johnson of Illinois blanked Mustafa Woodi of Ohio Scarlet by 10-0 technical fall at 285 pounds and Caden Correll of Illinois defeated Marius Garcia of Ohio Scarlet by 19-8 technical fall at 100 pounds.

The next match, at 106 pounds, went to Ayden Dodd of Ohio Scarlet after he defeated Rocco Hayes of Illinois in a tight 8-7 decision. Illinois fired back with a 9-8 decision from Domenic Munaretto at 113 pounds for three team points. The next match also went to Illinois as Seth Mendoza pinned Joseph Curry for five points.

Ohio Scarlet nabbed victories in the next three matches. At 126 pounds, Marcus Blaze of Ohio Scarlet won by technical fall over Gauge Shipp of Illinois, Nicholas Blackburn of Ohio Scarlet won by technical fall over Massey Odiotti of Illinois and Omar Ayoub of Ohio Scarlet won by 6-3 decision over William Baysingar of Illinois.

Illinois cemented the victory in the last three matches of the dual, as they were able to total 13 deciding team points with two technical falls while the last match at 160 pounds resulted in a forfeit.

Complete brackets and match-by-match results for the Junior Freestyle National Duals are available on Every match is available to watch on-demand at

Gold/Silver Results
1st Place - Illinois
2nd Place - Ohio Scarlet
3rd Place - Wisconsin
4th Place - Iowa
5th Place - Oklahoma Red
6th Place - Oklahoma Blue
7th Place - Minnesota Blue
8th Place – Idaho

1st Place Dual – Illinois over Ohio Scarlet, 39-29
100 Caden Correll (Illinois) over Marius Garcia (Ohio Scarlet) Dec 9-8
106 Ayden Dodd (Ohio Scarlet) over Rocco Hayes (Illinois) Dec 8-7
113 Domenic Munaretto (Illinois) over Javaan Yarbrough (Ohio Scarlet) Dec 9-8
120 Seth Mendoza (Illinois) over Joseph Curry (Ohio Scarlet) Fall 1:47
126 Marcus Blaze (Ohio Scarlet) over Gauge Shipp (Illinois) TF 11-0
132 Nicholas Blackburn (Ohio Scarlet) over Massey Odiotti (Illinois) TF 14-3
138 Omar Ayoub (Ohio Scarlet) over William Baysingar (Illinois) Dec 6-3
145 Kannon Webster (Illinois) over Jaxon Joy (Ohio Scarlet) TF 12-1
152 Noah Manuel Tapia (Illinois) over Ty Wilson (Ohio Scarlet) TF 10-0
160 Logan Swaw (Illinois) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit
170 Chris Moore (Illinois) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit
182 Jarrel Miller Jr (Ohio Scarlet) over Aaron Cramer (Illinois) TF 14-4
195 Wyatt Ferguson (Ohio Scarlet) over Justin Hoffer (Illinois) TF 10-0
220 Max Shulaw (Ohio Scarlet) over Alihan Bereket (Illinois) TF 17-6
285 Dillan Johnson (Illinois) over Mustafa Woodi (Ohio Scarlet) TF 10-0

3rd Place Dual – Wisconsin over Iowa, 39-28
100 Teghan Moore (Wisconsin) over Elijah Hyet (Iowa) TF 12-2
106 Tyler Harper (Iowa) over Aidan Gruenenfelder (Wisconsin) Fall 1:27
113 Jake Knight (Iowa) over Haakon Peterson (Wisconsin) Dec 8-4
120 Dru Ayala (Iowa) over Liam Neitzel (Wisconsin) TF 13-2
126 Koufax Christensen (Iowa) over Easton Cooper (Wisconsin) TF 10-0
132 Kale Petersen (Iowa) over Dawson Johnson (Wisconsin) TF 12-1
138 Carter Freeman (Iowa) over Rhett Koenig (Wisconsin) Dec 8-7
145 Greyson Clark (Wisconsin) over Ryder Block (Iowa) Inj 1:45
152 Zane Licht (Wisconsin) over Kane Naaktgeboren (Iowa) TF 10-0
160 Braeden Scoles (Wisconsin) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit
170 Noah Mulvaney (Wisconsin) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit
182 Tate Naaktgeboren (Iowa) over Ethan Riddle (Wisconsin) TF 10-0
195 Connor Mirasola (Wisconsin) over Evan Franke (Iowa) TF 10-0
220 Cole Mirasola (Wisconsin) over Jared Thiry (Iowa) TF 10-0
285 Koy Hopke (Wisconsin) over Mac Muller (Iowa) TF 10-0

5th Place Dual – Oklahoma Red over Oklahoma Blue, 36-31
100 Devin McCarty (Oklahoma Red) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit
106 Aydan Thomas (Oklahoma Blue) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit
113 Christopher Kiser (Oklahoma Blue) over Jason Goodin (Oklahoma Red) TF 12-2
120 Sam Smith (Oklahoma Blue) over Devon Miller (Oklahoma Red) Dec 12-5
126 Gage Walker (Oklahoma Blue) over Eli Kirk (Oklahoma Red) TF 10-0
132 JJ McComas-Rogers (Oklahoma Blue) over Brayden Belford (Oklahoma Red) TF 11-0
138 Jace Roller (Oklahoma Blue) over Hunter Hollingsworth (Oklahoma Red) Dec 4-1
145 Layton Schneider (Oklahoma Red) over Cole Brooks (Oklahoma Blue) TF 13-3
152 Kody Routledge (Oklahoma Red) over JD Sigman (Oklahoma Blue) TF 10-0
160 Ishmael Guerrero (Oklahoma Blue) over Jude Randall (Oklahoma Red) TF 10-0
170 Talon McCollom (Oklahoma Red) over Landyn Sommer (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 3:26
182 AJ Heeg (Oklahoma Blue) over Holden Martin (Oklahoma Red) Dec 12-6
195 Payton Thomas (Oklahoma Red) over Wura Yinusa (Oklahoma Blue) Inj 0:17
220 Oscar Williams (Oklahoma Red) over Gunner Wilson (Oklahoma Blue) TF 10-0
285 Richard Thomas (Oklahoma Red) over Mason Harris (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 4:55

7th Place Dual – Minnesota Blue over Idaho, 37-33

100 Hunter Anderson (Idaho) over Wyatt Koenen (Minnesota Blue) Fall 3:00
106 Lawson Eller (Minnesota Blue) over Daniel Rosales (Idaho) Fall 5:04
113 Titan Friederichs (Minnesota Blue) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit
120 Tucker Bowen (Idaho) over Austin Grzywinski (Minnesota Blue) Dec 8-3
126 Jake Castagneto (Idaho) over Chase Mills (Minnesota Blue) TF 10-0
132 Hoyt Hvass (Idaho) over Michael Olson (Minnesota Blue) TF 17-6
138 Tanner Frothinger (Idaho) over Jack Nelson (Minnesota Blue) Fall 2:53
145 Alex Braun (Minnesota Blue) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit
152 Jadon Skellenger (Idaho) over Cash Raymond (Minnesota Blue) Dec 8-6
160 Ryker Gibson (Idaho) over Conlan Carlson (Minnesota Blue) TF 21-10
170 Bryce Burkett (Minnesota Blue) over Xander Zollinger (Idaho) TF 12-2
182 Marco Christiansen (Minnesota Blue) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit
195 Quinlan Morgan (Minnesota Blue) over Gentry Smith (Idaho) TF 10-0
220 Carson Gooley (Idaho) over Heath Parrish (Minnesota Blue) Fall 1:48
285 Caleb Vancura (Minnesota Blue) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit

Bronze/Copper Results
1st Place - California 1
2nd Place - Ohio Gray
3rd Place - Pennsylvania
4th Place - Texas A
5th Place - Colorado
6th Place - Missouri
7th Place - Kansas Blue
8th Place - Georgia Red

1st Place Match
California 1 defeated Ohio Gray 39-28.
3rd Place Match
Pennsylvania defeated Texas A 41-27.
5th Place Match
Colorado defeated Missouri 36-33.
7th Place Match
Kansas Blue defeated Georgia Red 45-0.

Red/Blue Results
1st Place - New Jersey
2nd Place - Utah
3rd Place - Oregon
4th Place - Alabama
5th Place - Michigan
6th Place - Florida
7th Place - Virginia
8th Place - Indiana

1st Place Match
New Jersey defeated Utah 37-25.
3rd Place Match
Oregon defeated Alabama 43-26.
5th Place Match
Michigan defeated Florida 31-30.
7th Place Match
Virginia defeated Indiana 45-24.

Yellow/Green Results
1st Place - Tennessee
2nd Place - Kansas Red
3rd Place - California 2
4th Place - Arkansas
5th Place - Nebraska
6th Place - Texas B
7th Place - Georgia Blue
8th Place - North Dakota Red

1st Place Match
Tennessee defeated Kansas Red 44-27.
3rd Place Match
California 2 defeated Arkansas 50-16.
5th Place Match
Nebraska defeated Texas B 33-24.
7th Place Match
Georgia Blue defeated North Dakota Red 26-22.

Purple Results
1st Place - Minnesota Red
2nd Place - North Dakota Blue
3rd Place - Washington
4th Place - Kentucky
5th Place - South Carolina
6th Place - N Carolina
7th Place - Louisiana

1st Place Match
Minnesota Red defeated North Dakota Blue 38-30.
3rd Place Match
Washington defeated Kentucky 41-30.
5th Place Match
South Carolina defeated N Carolina 32-31.
7th Place Match
Louisiana defeated null 0-0.

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