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Grand View, King repeat; St. Cloud State, Augsburg regain title, Southern Oregon and Bellarmine win for first time at USMC/NWCA Multi-Division National Duals

by Jason Bryant, NWCA

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Louisville, Kentucky — What started as 95 teams battling for dual meet supremacy ended with six divisional champions at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday.

St. Cloud State, Wartburg, Grand View, Bellarmine, King and Southern Oregon took home top honors in each of the six collegiate divisions that came to a close at the 2023 U.S. Marine Corps NWCA Multi-Division National Dual Meet Championships.

A full recap will be posted on Monday.


St. Cloud State avenged last year’s loss to Central Oklahoma in the finals and claimed its seventh National Duals championship, topping the Bronchos 19-16 to claim the Division II men title.


1st place - St. Cloud State 19, Central Oklahoma 16
125 Paxton Creese (St. Cloud State) over Studd Morris (Central Oklahoma) Fall 7:29
133 Dylan Lucas (Central Oklahoma) over Caleb Meekins (St. Cloud State) Maj 12-3
141 Nate Keim (Central Oklahoma) over Alyeus Craig (St. Cloud State) Dec 9-4
149 Joey Bianchini (St. Cloud State) over Brik Filippo (Central Oklahoma) Dec 9-8
157 Nick Novak (St. Cloud State) over Gabe Johnson (Central Oklahoma) Dec 6-5
165 Ty Lucas (Central Oklahoma) over Anthony Herrera (St. Cloud State) Dec 3-2
174 Abner Romero (St. Cloud State) over Anthony Des Vigne (Central Oklahoma) Dec 7-3
184 Alex Kauffman (Central Oklahoma) over Bryce Fitzpatrick (St. Cloud State) Dec 8-5
197 Dominic Murphy (St. Cloud State) over Dalton Abney (Central Oklahoma) Maj 9-0
285 Shawn Streck (Central Oklahoma) over Elijah Novak (St. Cloud State) Dec 10-3

3rd place - Mary 37, West Liberty 3
125 Chase Milligan (Mary) over Alexander Crane (West Liberty) Dec 9-2
133 Reece Barnhardt (Mary) over Matt Englehardt (West Liberty) Maj 12-0
141 Khyvon Grace (West Liberty) over Laken Boese (Mary) SV-1 10-8
149 Leo Mushinsky (Mary) over Jacob Simpson (West Liberty) Dec 6-3
157 Braydon Huber (Mary) over Blake Miller (West Liberty) TF 17-2
165 Riley Noble (Mary) over Alec Cook (West Liberty) SV-1 6-4
174 Max Bruss (Mary) over Caden Kenworthy (West Liberty) Maj 12-0
184 Wyatt Lidberg (Mary) over Chance Morgan (West Liberty) Maj 14-2
197 Matt Kaylor (Mary) over Parker Bentley (West Liberty) TF 16-0
285 Luke Tweeton (Mary) by forfeit

King University repeated as NCAA women’s champions with a tight victory over North Central. The championship was King’s sixth overall and second straight in the NCAA division.


1st Place - King 23, North Central 21
101 Jessica Corredor (King) over Madison Avila (North Central) Dec 6-4
109 Sage Mortimer (King) over Sydney Petzinger (North Central) Dec 15-14
116 Jaslynn Gallegos (North Central) over Samara Chavez (King) Fall 0:55
123 Amani Jones (North Central) over Vayle-rae Baker (King) Fall 2:56
130 Montana Delawder (King) over Sara Sterner (North Central) Dec 4-0
136 Viktorya Torres (King) over Yele Aycock (North Central) Fall 5:26
143 Ana Luciano (King) over Kendall Bostelman (North Central) Fall 3:39
155 Tiera Jimerson (North Central) over Tiffani Baublitz (King) Dec 3-1
170 Yelena Makoyed (North Central) by forfeit
191 Cheyenne Bowman (King) over Traeh Haynes (North Central) Dec 5-1

3rd place - McKendree 41, Colorado Mesa 3
101 Lizette Rodriguez (McKendree) over Isabella Morales (Colorado Mesa) Dec 4-2
109 Pauline Granados (McKendree) over Isabella Richards (Colorado Mesa) Fall 0:24
116 Payton Stroud (McKendree) over Carisa Epling (Colorado Mesa) TF 10-0
123 Alisha Narvaez (McKendree) over Hania Halverson (Colorado Mesa) Fall 0:42
130 Cameron Guerin (McKendree) over Elizabeth Miller (Colorado Mesa) TF 10-0
136 Jennifer Soto (McKendree) over Hailey Chapman (Colorado Mesa) Dec 8-6
143 Alara Boyd (McKendree) over Celina Cooke (Colorado Mesa) TF 10-0
155 Abigail Varady (McKendree) over Erica Schroeder (Colorado Mesa) Fall 5:57
170 Alexandra Castillo (McKendree) over Melena Jones (Colorado Mesa) Fall 1:07
191 Sydnee Kimber (McKendree) over Jayleen Sekona (Colorado Mesa) Dec 11-2

Augsburg returned to the top of the Division III men's team podium as the Auggies knocked off fourth-seeded Johnson & Wales to win the school’s eighth National Duals championship.


1st Place - Augsburg 35, Johnson & Wales 8
125 Joziah Fry (Johnson & Wales (RI)) over Derek Steele (Augsburg) TF 22-5
133 Cade Willis (Augsburg) over Christian Rivas (Johnson & Wales (RI)) Dec 7-2
141 Sam Stuhl (Augsburg) over Gabriel Leo-Esparolini (Johnson & Wales (RI)) TF 18-2
149 Charlie Stuhl (Augsburg) over Gabriel McDaniel (Johnson & Wales (RI)) Dec 7-1
157 Hayden Brown (Johnson & Wales (RI)) over Tyler Shilson (Augsburg) Dec 5-4
165 Cooper Willis (Augsburg) over Patrick Wisniewski (Johnson & Wales (RI)) Dec 5-2
174 Seth Goetzinger (Augsburg) over Michael Ross (Johnson & Wales (RI)) Fall 5:34
184 Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann (Augsburg) over Ryan DeVivo (Johnson & Wales (RI)) Dec 8-2
197 Parker Venz (Augsburg) over Dylan Harr (Johnson & Wales (RI)) Fall 0:46
285 Tyler Kim (Augsburg) over Adolfo Betancur (Johnson & Wales (RI)) Fall 1:45

3rd place - Wartburg 27, Wisconsin-La Crosse, 9
125 James Levy (Wartburg) over Brandon Murphy (Wisconsin-La Crosse) Dec 7-1
133 Joe Pins (Wartburg) over Cael Weinzweig (Wisconsin-La Crosse) TF 18-3
141 Zayren Terukina (Wartburg) over Tyler Shackle (Wisconsin-La Crosse) Maj 17-6
149 Parker Kratochvill (Wisconsin-La Crosse) over Kristian Rumph (Wartburg) Fall 6:49
157 David Hollingsworth (Wartburg) over Nolan Hertel (Wisconsin-La Crosse) Dec 4-3
165 Nathan Fuller (Wartburg) over Kaleb O`Reilly (Wisconsin-La Crosse) Dec 5-3
174 Zane Mulder (Wartburg) over Seth Brossard (Wisconsin-La Crosse) Dec 6-3
184 Jordan Bushey (Wartburg) over Kalyn Jahn (Wisconsin-La Crosse) Dec 6-2
197 Ben Kawczynski (Wisconsin-La Crosse) over Massoma Endene (Wartburg) Dec 2-1
285 Damari Dancy (Wartburg) over Michael Douglas (Wisconsin-La Crosse) Dec 4-2

Southern Oregon claimed top honors in the NAIA women’s division with a close win over Grand View. It’s Southern Oregon’s first title on the women’s side and the school’s second-ever. The men won the NAIA men’s division back in 2009.


1st place -Southern Oregon 22, Grand View 18
101 Esthela Trevino (Southern Oregon) over Jalen Bets (Grand View) TF 10-0
109 Natalie Reyna-Rodriguez (Southern Oregon) over Lita Cruz (Grand View) Dec 4-2
116 Cailin Campbell (Grand View) over Glory Konecny (Southern Oregon) Dec 10-1
123 Carolina Moreno (Southern Oregon) over Catharine Campbell (Grand View) TF 10-0
130 Isabella Gonzalez (Grand View) over Jordynn Robson (Southern Oregon) TF 11-0
136 Andrea Schlabach (Grand View) over Bella Amaro (Southern Oregon) Dec 5-1
143 Alexis Gomez (Grand View) over Emily Se (Southern Oregon) Dec 9-6
155 Madison Diaz (Grand View) over Desinee Lopez (Southern Oregon) Dec 6-3
170 Joye Levendusky (Southern Oregon) over Abby McIntyre (Grand View) TF 10-0
191 Grace Kristoff (Southern Oregon) over Olivia Brown (Grand View) Dec 3-1

3rd place - Life 30, Menlo 13
101 Devyn Gomez (Life) over Tianna Fernandez (Menlo) Fall 1:01
109 Jasmine Godinez (Life) over Barbara Greenberg (Menlo) Dec 6-3
116 Ajayzee Zaballos (Menlo) over Kory Phillips (Life) TF 10-0
123 Haley Narahara (Menlo) over Anna Krejsa (Life) TF 16-6
130 Alana Vivas (Menlo) over Zaynah McBryde (Life) Dec 9-6
136 Sarah Savidge (Life) over Louisa Schwab (Menlo) TF 10-0
143 Jamilah McBryde (Life) over Desiree Jones (Menlo) TF 10-0
155 Latifah McBryde (Life) over Shannon Workinger (Menlo) TF 11-0
170 Jessie Lee (Life) over Nikita Dhaliwal (Menlo) Fall 0:56
191 Madeline Welch (Life) over Neila Fritts (Menlo) Dec 7-1

Grand View ran its National Duals win streak in the NAIA men's Division to 11 in a row as the Vikings defeated Life University for the fourth straight year in the finals. With the win, Grand View extended its NAIA dual meet win streak to 149 in a row.


1st place - Grand View 22, Life 8
125 Esco Walker (Grand View (Iowa)) over Brandon Orum (Life) SV-1 4-2 3.0 0
133 Carson Taylor (Grand View (Iowa)) over Jacob Ruiz (Life) Dec 6-1 3.0 0
141 Shea Ruffridge (Grand View (Iowa)) over Jody McAlister (Life) Dec 13-8 3.0 0
149 Blake Gonzalez (Grand View (Iowa)) over Brevin Balmeceda (Life) Dec 9-5 3.0 0
157 Giovanni Bonilla (Grand View (Iowa)) over Steven Villalobos (Life) Maj 8-0 4.0 0
165 Jack Bass (Life) over Marty Margolis (Grand View (Iowa)) Dec 6-4 0 3.0
174 Isaiah Luellen (Grand View (Iowa)) over Tre Morrisette (Life) Dec 9-4 3.0 0
184 Ben Lee (Grand View (Iowa)) over Myles Starke (Life) SV-1 7-5 3.0 0
197 Zane Lanham (Life) over Owen Braungardt (Grand View (Iowa)) Dec 9-8 0 3.0
285 Austin Harris (Life) over Tommy Mommer (Grand View (Iowa)) Dec 7-1 0 3.0
one point deducted from Life - unsportsmanlike

3rd place - Doane 24, Southeastern 11
125 Daniel Vargas (Doane) over Esau Bazilme (Southeastern) Dec 9-2
133 Devin Avedissian (Doane) over Tanner Kuketz (Southeastern) TF 18-3
141 Baterdene Boldmaa (Doane) over Parker Dobrocky (Southeastern) Dec 9-7
149 Nathan Lendt (Doane) over Chris Kelly (Southeastern) Maj 10-2
157 Trace Braun (Southeastern) over Tristan Zamilpa (Doane) Dec 6-2
165 Benjamin Dobler (Doane) over Salvador Silva (Southeastern) Dec 6-3
174 Chinges Tsermaa (Doane) over Stephen Kelle (Southeastern) SV-1 8-6
184 Michael Scarponi (Doane) over Christian Just (Southeastern) Dec 8-3
197 Trillyon Fils-Aime (Southeastern) over Garrett Cornwell (Doane) Dec 4-1
285 Gage Braun (Southeastern) over Brandon Antesberger (Doane) TF 26-10

Bellarmine, competing with the NCWA men during its transitional phase from NCAA Division II to NCAA Division I, claimed the NCWA title with a victory over Liberty. It’s the first time since 2008 the NCWA has competed at the Multi-Division National Dual Meet Championships.


1st place - Bellarmine 29, Liberty 21
125 Jack Parker (Bellarmine) over Dante Minnino (Liberty) Dec 11-6
133 Michael Schiffhauer (Bellarmine) over Blake Schmitt (Liberty) Maj 15-4
141 Grant Brammer (Liberty) by forfeit
149 Zac Cowan (Bellarmine) over Charles Hudson (Liberty) TF 25-10
157 Grant Odell (Bellarmine) over Ian McIlhenny (Liberty) Maj 12-4
165 Cole Nance (Bellarmine) over Syler Weber (Liberty) Fall 1:10
174 Devan Hendricks (Bellarmine) over Zachary Kaminski (Liberty) Dec 8-1
184 Kennedy Wyatt (Bellarmine) over Jackson Wakeland (Liberty) Maj 9-1
197 Josiah Murphy (Liberty) by forfeit
235 Jefferey Allen (Liberty) over Thadd Huff (Bellarmine) Dec 3-2
285 Rick Weaver (Liberty) over William Muckler (Bellarmine) Fall 2:20

3rd place - Queens 23, Apprentice School 22
125 Caleb Olgers (Apprentice School) over Griffen Gonzalez (Queens) Dec 8-2
133 Dillon Messick (Apprentice School) over Ananth Manibushan (Queens) Fall 2:02
141 Melvin Rubio (Queens) over Drew Porter (Apprentice School) Fall 1:03
149 Zachary Ortega (Apprentice School) over David Makupson (Queens) Maj 18-8
157 Toure Moore (Queens) over David Norris (Apprentice School) Dec 6-2
165 Vladimir Sukhikh (Queens) over Ethan Baker (Apprentice School) Dec 12-6
174 Jay Skalecki (Queens) over Landon Kissell (Apprentice School) Dec 5-4
184 D`Andree Hunt (Queens) over Rhys Carlson (Apprentice School) Maj 11-2
197 Riley Kuhn (Queens) over Matthew Henson (Apprentice School) Maj 11-3 0
235 Russ Pierce (Apprentice School) over Darius Ward (Queens) Dec 2-1
285 Peter Cortapasso (Apprentice School) over Joshua Voelkel (Queens) Fall 6:33

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