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U.S. Army to face U.S. Navy in Armed Forces Greco-Roman finals after both beat the U.S. Air Force in duals

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Timothy Worthen (U.S. Navy) battles Alex Saylor (U.S. Air Force) at 77 kg.
Timothy Worthen (U.S. Navy) battles Alex Saylor (U.S. Air Force) at 77 kg. Photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Ian Carver.

BREMERTON, Wash. – The championship dual meet has been determined in the Armed Forces Greco-Roman Championships, as the U.S. Army will battle the U.S. Navy in the finals.

The first two rounds of Greco-Roman competition was held this morning, with the U.S. Navy defeating the U.S. Air Force, 21-17, and the U.S. Army defeating the U.S. Air Force, 42-1.

The dual meet between the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force went down to the last match. The Air Force jumped to a big early lead, winning three of the first four matches with technical falls from Mitch Brown (60 kg), Sidney Flores (63 kg) and Brenner Vogan (72 kg).

The Navy finished the dual meet strong winning the last three matches. Austin Craig (92 kg) scored a technical fall, then Shaun Heist (97kg) secured a pin to tie the dual meet at 17-17. In the deciding match at 130 kg, Courtney Freeman scored an 8-0 technical fall over Donald Degarmo.

The U.S. Army won every match of their dual meet against the U.S. Air Force, winning by forfeit at 55 kg, then winning eight straight bouts by technical fall, with a number of big throws. Among the winners by technical fall were 2016 Olympian Jesse Thielke (67 kg) and 2020 Olympian Alejandro Sancho (72 kg), In the final match of the dual, James Hustoles of the U.S. Army pinned Donald Degarmo in 10 seconds in the first period at 130 kg.

There were three weight classes of women’s freestyle started this morning, with four women’s bouts held during the two sessions.

Haley Franich of the U.S. Air Force won two bouts at 55 kg, clinching the title in this three-athlete round robin. Other women with victories were Aleeah Gould of the U.S. Army at 53 kg and Brenda Reyna of the U.S. Army at 63 kg. Gould and Reyna are competing in best-of-three series and will face their opponent again this afternoon.

The U.S. Army vs. U.S. Navy dual meet is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Armed Forces Sports is streaming the dual meet on its YouTube Channel


As Naval Base Kitsap, Bremerton, Wash. Saturday, Feb. 25


U.S. Navy 21, U.S. Air Force 17

60kg/132.2 lbs. –AIC Mitch Brown (U.S. Air Force) tech. fall PO3 Colton Davis (U.S. Navy), 10-0

63kg/138.8 lbs. – 2LT Sidney Flores (U.S. Air Force) tech. fall PO3 Sheldon Ealy (U.S. Navy), 9-0

67kg/147.7 lbs. – PO3 Leandro Rodriguez-Rodriguez (U.S. Navy) tech. fall TSgt Evan Rudisill (U.S. Air Force), 8-4

72kg/158.7 lbs. – A1C Brenner Vogan (U.S. Air Force) tech. fall Capt. Colton Rasche (U.S. Navy team/USMC), 8-0

77kg/169.7 lbs. – PO2 Timothy Worthen (U.S. Navy team/USCG) dec. 2Lt Alex Saylor (U.S. Air Force), 5-5

82kg/180.7 lbs. – A1C Sam Adams (U.S. Air Force) tech fall PO3 Anthony Edson (U.S. Navy), 13-5

87kg/191.8 lbs. – PO2 Austin Craig (U.S. Navy) tech. fall SrA Angel Romo (Mountain Home AFB), 9-0

97kg/213.8 lbs. – PO1 Shaun Heist (U.S. Navy) pin SrA Eric Santos (U.S. Air Force), 1:17

130kg/286.6 lbs. – 1stLt Courtney Freeman (U.S. Navy team/USMC) tech. fall MSgt Donald Degarmo (U.S. Air Force), 8-0.

Session One Women’s wrestling bouts

53 kg/110 lbs. – SPC Aleeah Gould (U.S. Army) tech. fall SRA Mariah Anderson (U.S. Air Force), 10-0

55 kg/121 lbs. – SRA Haley Franich (U.S. Air Force) tech. fall PO3 Joanalicia Ramirez (U.S. Navy/USCG), 10-0

62 kg/136.5 lbs – SPC Brenda Reyna (U.S. Army) tech. fall PO2 Genisis Ramirez (U.S. Navy), 10-0


U.S. Army 42, U.S Air Force 1

55kg/121.2 lbs. – SPC Jacob Coachran (U.S. Army)

60kg/132.2 lbs. – SGT Leslie Fuenffinger (U.S. Army) tech. fall AIC Mitch Brown (U.S. Air Force), 9-0

63kg/138.8 lbs. – SPC Dalton Roberts (U.S. Army) tech. fall 2LT Sidney Flores (U.S. Air Force),10-1

67kg/147.7 lbs. – SPC Jesse Thielke (U.S. Army) tech. fall TSgt Evan Rudisill (U.S. Air Force), 9-0

72kg/158.7 lbs. – SPC Alejandro Sancho (U.S. Army) tech. fall A1C Brenner Vogan (U.S. Air Force), 10-0

77kg/169.7 lbs. – CPT Michael Hooker (U.S. Army) tech. fall 2Lt Alex Saylor (U.S. Air Force),10-0

82kg/180.7 lbs. – SPC Britton Holmes (U.S. Army) tech. fall A1C Sam Adams (U.S. Air Force), 9-0

87kg/191.8 lbs. – SPC Spencer Woods (U.S. Army) tech fall SrA Angel Romo (Mountain Home AFB), 10-0

97kg/213.8 lbs. – CPT Samson Imonode (U.S. Army) tech. fall SrA Eric Santos (U.S. Air Force), 11-0

130kg/286.6 lbs. – PFC James Hustoles (U.S. Army) pin MSgt Donald Degarmo (U.S. Air Force)

Session Two Women’s bout

55 kg/121 lbs. – SRA Haley Franich (U.S. Air Force) pin SPC Estrella Dorado Marin (U.S. Army)