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U.S. Open Senior Women’s Preview: World champions Gray, Winchester headline strong field

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Jacarra Winchester and Adeline Gray with their arms raised in victory.
Jacarra Winchester and Adeline Gray images by Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors

The U.S. Senior Women’s Open is one of the major events within the 2023 Pritchard Company U.S. Open, presented by FloWrestling. The winner in each weight class qualifies for Final X in Newark, N.J., June 10, and guarantees themselves at least the No. 2 position on the 2023-24 Women’s Senior National Team.

With so much at stake, the field is large and strong this year, led by six-time World champion Adeline Gray at 76 kg, 2019 World champion Jacarra Winchester at 55 kg, two-time World medalist Alyssa Lampe at 50 kg and 2021 World medalist Forrest Molinari at 68 kg.

The U.S. Senior Women’s Open will be held Friday, April 28 and Saturday, April 29. Below is a weight-by-weight preview and the current entry lists.

50 kg
Current National Team members entered:
No. 2 Alyssa Lampe, No. 3 Erin Golston
2022 U.S. Open All-Americans: 1st – Erin Golston; 2nd – Nina Pham; 3rd – Charlotte Fowler; 4th – Sage Mortimer; 5th – Arelys Valles; 6th – Caitlyn Walker; 7th – Mariah Anderson; 8th – Victoria Nunez

This is clearly one of the largest and deepest of the weight classes in Las Vegas, jammed with a ton of young talent. The two current National Team members entered, No. 2 and two-time World medalist Alyssa Lampe and No. 3 and Erin Golston have won the U.S. Open and have a huge experience edge on everybody else. Past NAIA champion and 2022 U.S. Open runner-up Nina Pham returns, now with Army WCAP. Most of the nation’s top college wrestlers are entered. Four-time NCWWC champion and multiple age-group World champion Emily Shilson is entered, but was injured in the U23 National finals. NCWWC runner-up and U23 runner-up Sage Mortimer will wrestle. The nation’s top high school star, U20 World medalist Audrey Jimenez will challenge. 2022 U23 Nationals champion Nyla Valencia is capable of a deep run. Veteran wrestlers and now college coaches Charlotte Fowler and Arelys Valles are in the mix. Former college star and now Army WCAP wrestler Aleeah Gould will contend. Iowa’s young Sterling Dias and Emilie Gonzalez look to break through. U17 World champion Erica Pastoriza is jumping up to test herself. Most of the other stars from the Women’s Nationals in Spokane are also entered here. There should be some great quarterfinal and semifinal matchups on tap here.

50 kg Entries (as of April 19)
Mariah Anderson TX Air Force Regional Training Center
Karla Baeza Ortega NV Legends of Gold Las Vegas
Ava Bayless PA Hawkeye Women's Wrestling Club
Lexus Bertagnolli UT Roy Wrestling Club
Sterling Dias NV Hawkeye Women's Wrestling Club
Malarie Dominguez TX Texas RTC
Anaya Falcon CA Walnut High School Wrestling
Charlotte Fowler TX Boilermaker RTC
Erin Golston IL New York Athletic Club
Emilie Gonzalez CA Hawkeye Women's Wrestling Club
Aleeah Gould CA Army (WCAP)
Lucy Guadarrama CA Arreola Wrestling Club (AWC)
Emma Heslin CT KT Kidz Wrestling Club
Dianna Holmes GA Georgia
Jasmine Howard TX High Ground Wrestling
Audrey Jimenez AZ Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Alyssa Lampe OR Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Cassandra Lopez MD Blue Chip Wrestling Club
Eliana Martinez TX Texas
Jennesis Martinez NM Colorado Mesa Wrestling Club
Emily Mendez WA Victory Wrestling-Central WA
Sage Mortimer UT Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)
Kaili Oshiro CA Storm Wrestling Club
Erica Pastoriza AZ Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Nina Pham CA Army (WCAP)
Natalie Reyna-Rodriguez CA California
Aliyah Rollins CA California
Emily Shilson MN Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)
Janessa Sitowski OR Oregon
Tehani Soares NV Warrior Elite Wrestling
Kylie Titus CA 7 Virtues Wrestling Club
Esthela Trevino OR Southern Oregon Regional Training Center
Nyla Valencia CA Hawkeye Women's Wrestling Club
Arelys Valles FL Grand View Wrestling Club
Dinayah Vazquez NJ New Jersey

53 kg
Current National Team members entered
: No. 2 Felicity Taylor, No. 3 (at 55 kg) Lauren Mason
Past National Team members entered: Amy Fearnside
2022 U.S. Open All-Americans – 1. Felicity Taylor; 2nd – Alyssa Lampe; 3rd – Danielle Garcia; 4th – Haley Franich; 5th – Estrella Dorado Marin; 6th – Hannah Hall; 7th – Angela Ruth Dela Cruz; 8th – Arena Villaescusa

Current National Team No. 2 and returning U.S. Open champion Felicity Taylor leads the pack, and is fresh off a U23 Nationals title as a tune-up. The other current National Team member registered is Lauren Mason, who was No. 3 last year at 55 kg and makes the drop down. Amy Fearnside, who was a 2021 Senior World Team member and on the National Team multiple times, is a top title contender. Danielle Garcia from King, who was third last year, and Armed Forces champion Haley Franich, who was fourth in 2022, are back along with fifth-place finisher Estrella Dorado Marin. 2023 NCWWC national champion Jaslynn Gallegos is among the college stars. Katie Gomez, who just qualified for her second straight U20 World Team and was a U20 World medalist in 2022, will test herself at the Senior level. College wrestler Hannah Hall, who was sixth at the Open last year, is entered. NCWWC runner-up Samara Chavez could make waves. High school stars Virginia Foard and Kiely Tabaldo hope to make a strong showing.

53 kg entries (as of April 19)
Avery Ashley TX Firebrand Wrestling Club
Lianny Barrena UT Utah
Josie Bartishofski WI Wisconsin
Kadence Beck ID Team Idaho Wrestling Club
Ileah Brown TX All American Wrestling Club
Alesandra Burgos FL Florida
Jade Cabrera CA California
Samara Chavez TX Team Tornado Wrestling Club
Estrella Dorado Marin CO Army (WCAP)
Carisa Epling UT Utah
Amy Fearnside CO Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)
Virginia Foard VA Wyoming Seminary Wrestling Club
Haley Franich WA Air Force Regional Training Center
Danielle Garcia CA Team Tornado Wrestling Club
Jaslynn Gallegos CO Cardinal Wrestling Club
Katie Gomez CA Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Hannah Hall CO Colorado
Katherine Heath TX Wildcat Wrestling Club
Madison Kalamau HI Hawaii
Angela LoRusso FL Bulldog Wrestling Club
Lauren Mason CA California
Melanie Mendoza CA Team Tornado Wrestling Club
Sydney Petzinger NJ Cardinal Wrestling Club
Joanalicia Ramirez VA Virginia
Vanessa Ramirez CO Army (WCAP)
Anna Rusth CA Tiger Wrestling Club
Kiely Tabaldo CA Royalty Wrestling Club
Felicity Taylor IA Hawkeye Women's Wrestling Club
Samantha Weeks ND North Dakota

55 kg
Current National Team member entered
: No. 1 Jacarra Winchester
Past National Team members entered: Alisha Howk, Areana Villaescusa
2022 U.S. Open All-Americans: 1st – Jacarra Winchester; 2nd – Ronna Heaton; 3rd – Lauren Mason; 4th – Marissa Gallegos; 5th – Alisha Howk; 6th – Cara Romeike; 7th – Victoria Smith; 8th – Payton Stroud

2019 World champion and 2020 Olympian Jacarra Winchester, who is No. 1 on the National Team, is the top star in this weight class, and one of the premier wrestlers in the U.S. Open, regardless of discipline. Winchester will be a heavy favorite to win this weight and advance again to Final X. The other two current National Team members are not entered yet, but past National Team members Arena Villaescusa and Alisha Howk are seeking a spot in the finals. Howk was a U23 World medalist last year and won her second straight U23 Nationals this past weekend. 2023 NCWWC national champion Marissa Gallegos, who was fourth in the 2023 U.S. Open, is another title contender. 2023 U20 Nationals champion and NCWWC runner-up Amani Jones is now confirmed. College coach Cara Romeike, who was sixth in the 2023 U.S. Open, is a strong challenger, as are 2022 U.S. Open placewinner Payton Stroud and past age-group World medalist Vayle Baker.

55 kg entries (as of April 19)
Vayle Baker PA Team Tornado Wrestling Club
Jenna Beddow WA Fitness Quest Wrestling Club
Paige Chafin OR La Grande Mat Club
Betty Cherry GA Georgia
Jewelysa Funakoshi CA California
Marissa Gallegos CO Colorado Mesa Wrestling Club
Julie Garcia CA California
Alisha Howk WI Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Ella Jauregui CA California
Amani Jones GA Cardinal Wrestling Club
Laila Oribello OH Bulldog Wrestling Club
Cara Romeike NE Bronco Womens Wrestling Club
Payton Stroud WA Bearcat Wrestling Club
Kyara Tagami HI Southern Oregon Regional Training Center
Anja Tschohl CO Colorado Mesa Wrestling Club
Areana Villaescusa CO Army (WCAP)
Jacarra Winchester CO Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)

57 kg
Current National Team members entered:
No. 2 Alexandra Hedrick, No. 3 Amanda Martinez
Past National Team members entered: Cameron Guerin
2022 U.S. Open All-Americans: 1st – Adriana Dorado Marin, 2nd – Cameron Guerin; 3rd – Alexandra Hedrick, 4th – Amanda Martinez, 5th – Jerzie Estrada; 6th – Elvie Villa; 7th – Tateum Park; 8th – Ngao Shoua Whitethorn

Two current National Team members are seeking a national title, No. 2 Alex Hedrick and No. 3 Amanda Martinez. Hedrick is a two-time U.S. Open champion, and won a 2022 U23 World medal for the USA. Martinez, an NCWWC runner-up in college, has established herself as a top Senior wrestler as well. Cameron Guerin, a three-time NCWWC national champion and a 2022 U.S. Open runner-up is a past National Team member. Xochitl Mota-Pettis, a past U.S. Open runner-up and a 2023 U23 Nationals champion, will battle for a spot in the finals again. NAIA national champion Carolina Moreno will test herself at the Senior level this year. Montana DeLawder, a two-time NCWWC All-American, is fresh off her win at U23 Nationals in Spokane. College wrestler Ngao Shoua Whitethorn, who was seventh in the 2022 U.S. Open, is also a threat to win a medal. High school star Shelby Moore, a 2022 U17 World Team member and 2023 U20 Nationals runner-up, could have an impact here.

57 kg entries (as April 19)
Mya Crespo CA California
Montana DeLawder PA Team Tornado Wrestling Club
Cameron Guerin IL Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)
Alexandra Hedrick CA Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)
Jasmine Hernandez TX Texas
Katrina Kling NJ New York City RTC
Amanda Martinez IL Cardinal Wrestling Club
Shelby Moore WA White River Hornets Wrestling Club
Carolina Moreno AZ Arizona
Xochitl Mota-Pettis TX Rise RTC
Samantha Shepherd MI Michigan
Sophia Smith WI Wisconsin
Emma Truex OR Northwest Wrestling Club
Maya Vazquez OR Oregon
Ngao Shoua Whitethorn WI Victory School of Wrestling

59 kg
Current National Team members entered:
No. 1 Abigail Nette, No. 2 Lexie Basham, No. 3 Michaela Beck
Past National Team members entered: Lauren Louive, Maya Nelson
2022 U.S. Open All-Americans: 1st – Nanea Estrella, 2nd – Xochitl Mota-Pettis; 3rd – Claire Dicugno; 4th – Bridgette Duty; 5th – Hailey Corona; 6th – Sophia Mirabella; 7th – Esther Han; 8th – Isabell Nunez

With all three current Senior National Team members entered, as well as two past National Teamers, this weight has a lot of fire power among its top stars. 2022 World Team member Abigail Nette, who was a 2019 U.S. Open champion, won two college national titles before joining Army WCAP. Lexie Basham, a two-time NAIA national champion, was second last year in Final X. Veteran Michaela Beck is No. 3 on the Senior National ladder. Maya Nelson, a 2021 Senior World Team member and past Junior World champion is entered here, as well as a multiple National Team member in Lauren Louive. Two-time NAIA National champion and 2022 U20 World medalist Adaugo Nwachukwu is registered here, but may go up to 62 kg, where she won U20 and U23 National titles in Spokane. 2021 U20 World medalist Korina Blades is on the entry list, but was injured at the U20 Nationals this week. Brenda Reyna, a 2021 NCWWC national champion before joining Army WCAP, will seek to make a deep run. Sarah Savidge, an NAIA runner-up who was second in the U20 Nationals this past week, is among the best of the college entries. Gracie Figueroa, a past age-group World medalist, brings experience and talent.

59 kg entries (as of April 19)
Lexie Basham TX Spartan Mat Club
Alexandra Baudhuin ND North Dakota
Michaela Beck NY Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Korina Blades IL Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Piper Cadden AZ Thorobred Wrestling Club
Hailey Chapman CA California
Gracie Figueroa CA Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)
Abigail Geairn MI Michigan Womens Wrestling
Charlotte Kouyoumtjian MN Victory School of Wrestling
Samantha Larios CA California
Lauren Louive OH New York Athletic Club
Jaylene Martinez CA California
Alioz Mason OR The Factory Wrestling Club
Maya Nelson CO Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Abigail Nette LA Army (WCAP)
Adaugo Nwachukwu CA California
Genesis Ramirez VA All Navy Wrestling
Brenda Reyna WA (WCAP)
Marissa Riojas WA Victory Wrestling-Central WA
Kylie Rule WI Team Nazar Training Center
Sarah Savidge CO Army (WCAP)
River Todd CA California

62 kg
Current National Team members
: No. 2 Jennifer Page
Past National Team member: Amanda Hendey
2022 U.S. Open All-Americans: 1st – Kayla Miracle, 2nd – Jennifer Page; 3rd – Adaugo Nwachukwu, 4th – Andrea Schlabach; 5th – Emmily Patneaud; 6th – Nina Makem; 7th – Cierra Foster; 8th – Alexandria Liles

Jennifer Page, No. 2 on the National Team and a three-time U.S. Open champion, is the top name in this weight class. Page took two-time World silver medalist Kayla Miracle to three full bouts in last year’s Final X Special Wrestle-off, and is a past U20 World medalist. The other veteran with the best resume is past National Team member Amanda Hendey, was a 2015 U.S. Open champion. This weight should include a ton of young stars. Two-time NAIA champion Adaugo Nwachukwu, a 2022 U20 World medalist, won U20 and U23 National title at 62 kg this past week. Bridgette Duty, a 2021 NAIA national champion, is moving up on the Senior level with Army WCAP. Duty and college star Claire DiCugno were U.S. Open All-Americans at 59 kg last year. Cierra Foster was seventh in the 2022 U.S. Open at this weight. Ashlynn Ortega, a 2022 NCWWC national champion and 2023 runner-up, won the U23 Nationals in 2022. Skylar Hattendorf is a past U17 World medalist. Maya Letona was second in the 2023 U23 Nationals and third at the 2022 U.S. Open. Paige Wehrmeister was third in the 2023 NCWWC Nationals as a freshman. High school star Janida Garcia is also registered.

62 kg entries (as of April 19)
Gianna Anaya GA Georgia
YeLe Aycock NM Cardinal Wrestling Club
SaVannah Cosme AZ Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Claire DiCugno WA White River Hornets Wrestling Club
Bridgette Duty TX Army (WCAP)
Cierra Foster ID Idaho
Janida Garcia CO Colorado
Delaney Graves WA White River Hornets Wrestling Club
Emma Gruenhagen WI United States Women's Wrestling Travel Team
Sofia Hammana CA California
Skylar Hattendorf NH New Hampshire
Amanda Hendey TN Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)
Ellisa Jimenez CA Team Puma Wrestling Club
Ellyana Kuzma MI Warrior Regional Training Center
Maya Letona CA New York City RTC
Zoe Nowicki MI Bulldog Wrestling Club
Ashlynn Ortega CO New York Athletic Club
Jennifer Page PA Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)
Leidaly Rivera FL Florida
Danielle Rond CA Swamp Monsters Wrestling Club
Katherina Sotomayor AZ Arizona
Paige Wehrmeister MO Blue Chip Wrestling Club

65 kg
Current National Team members
: No. 3 Emma Bruntil
Past National Team member: Macey Kilty
2023 U.S. Open All-Americans: 1st – Emma Bruntil, 2nd – Mallory Velte; 3rd – Maya Letona; 4th – Amanda Hendey; 5th – Emily Se; 6th – Destiny Lyng; 7th – Rachel Watters; 8th – Carrieann Randolph

2023 U.S. Open champion and current National Team member Emma Bruntil is looking to repeat as Senior National champion. Bruntil won two NCWWC national titles before choosing to focus entirely on Senior-level competition. Past Senior National Team member and multiple age-group World medalist Macey Kilty is also expected to battle for the national title. Healthy once again, Kilty won a U23 National title in Spokane last weekend. 2022 U.S. Open place winners Emily Se (5th) and Destiny Lyng (6th) return this year. Se won an NAIA national title in 2023. NCWWC Nationals runner-up Dalia Garibay was fourth in the 2022 U.S. Open up at 68 kg. 2023 NCWWC National champion Ana Luciano will also be a top challenger. 2022 U20 World Team member Reese Larramendy is also capable of doing well. High school star Elleni Johnson won the Senior-level Klippan Open in Sweden this winter.

65 kg entries (as of April 19)
Aspen Barber CO Army (WCAP)
Emma Bruntil WA Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)
Celina Cooke NV Silver State Wrestling Academy
Candice Corralejo CA California
Aine Drury CA Somar Wrestling Club
Dalia Garibay CA Colorado Mesa Wrestling Club
Sierra Hartfelder Colorado
Elleni Johnson UT Army (WCAP)
Macey Kilty WI Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Reese Larramendy NV Hawkeye Women's Wrestling Club
Ana Luciano FL Team Tornado Wrestling Club
Destiny Lyng CA California
Andrea Schlabach OH Grand View Wrestling Club
Ella Schmit IA Hawkeye Women's Wrestling Club
Emily Se CA Southern Oregon Regional Training Center
Samantha Snow CA Warrior Regional Training Center
Piper Staniford OR Peninsula Wrestling Club
Anna Stephens MO Missouri
Viktorya Torres WA Team Tornado Wrestling Club
Liv Wieber ID The Factory Wrestling Club

68 kg
Current National Team members
: No. 3 Solin Piearcy, No. 3 (at 65 kg) Forrest Molinari
Past National Team member Alex Glaude
2022 U.S. Open All-Americans: 1st – Sienna Ramirez; 2nd – Katerina Lange; 3rd – Nahiela Magee; 4th – Dalia Garibay; 5th – Solin Piearcy; 6th – Olivia Pizano; 7th – Kairah Cantillo; 8th – Anayka Besco

2021 World bronze medalist Forrest Molinari moves up from 65 kg. Molinari has won three U.S. Open titles, with two of the victories up at 68 kg. The other current National Team member in the draw is Solin Piearcy, who is No. 3 at 68 kg. Piearcy was a 2019 NAIA national champion. Alex Glaude, a past Senior National Team member, U23 World medalist and NCWWC national champion, is also expected to do very well at this weight class. Many of the All-American spots could be earned by college wrestlers. 2023 NAIA champion Kaylynn Albrecht won the U23 Nationals this weekend. Isabella Mir was a 2023 U20 Nationals champion. 2022 U17 World Team member Lizzie Shunn is among the top high school wrestlers in the draw.

68 kg entries (as of April 19)
Kaylynn Albrecht TX Texas
Kayani Ayala TX Texas
Josselinne Campos GA Georgia
Taylor Cutler MI Michigan
Love Daley MD Wyoming Seminary Wrestling Club
Alexandria Glaude OR Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)
London Houston WA Cardinal Wrestling Club
Isabella Mir NV Hawkeye Women's Wrestling Club
Forrest Molinari AZ Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Chloe Ogden NC North Carolina
Solin Piearcy CA Menlo Wrestling Club
Savannah Pitts FL Florida
Olivia Pizano OR Southern Oregon Regional Training Center
CarrieAnn Randolph IA Hawkeye Women's Wrestling Club
Lizzie Shunn UT Sanderson Wrestling Academy
Isabel Worthing MI Bulldog Wrestling Club

72 kg
Current National Team member
: No. 3 Marilyn Garcia
2022 U.S. Open All-Americans: 1st – Skylar Grote; 2nd – Marlynne Deede; 3rd – Michelle Montague; 4th – Aine Drury; 5th – Marilyn Garcia; 6th – Aury Naylor; 7th – Jessica Kemgne

This could be a wide open weight class, as one current National Team member, No. 3 Marilyn Garcia, and a past National Team member Nahiela Magee, bring the most Senior level experience to Vegas. Garcia was a 2019 NAIA national champion, and most recently won a silver medal at the Dan Kolov in Bulgaria. Another veteran who has placed multiple times at the U.S. Open, both in college and now in the Army WCAP, is Nahiela Magee. There will be some strong college athletes in the field. NCWWC national champion Marlynne Deede will compete. Joye Levendusky, who was a NCWWC runner-up for McKendree and an NAIA runner-up for Southern Oregon, will be there, as well as NCWWC runner-up Cheyenne Bowman. Brooklyn Hays, third at the U23 and U20 Nationals at 76 kg, is dropping to 72 kg. High school star Haley Ward, second in the 2023 U20 Nationals, is a top young challenger, as is EAP athlete Rose Cassioppi.

72 kg entries (as of April 19)
Cheyenne Bowman CA POUNDERS WC
Kimberly Carlin CO Colorado
Rose Cassioppi IL Illinois
Marlynne Deede UT Minnesota Storm
Noelle Gaffney NJ New Jersey
Marilyn Garcia CA Birmingham Community Charter High School Wrestling
Brooklyn Hays UT Minnesota Gold Wrestling Club
Nile Jernigan CA California
Joye Levendusky NY New York
Katelyn Lewis WI Wisconsin
Nahiela Magee CO Army (WCAP)
India Page GA Barons Women's Wrestling Club
Lilliann Marie Restrepo OR Oregon
Haley Ward MO MO West Championship Wrestling Club

76 kg
Current National Team members
: No. 1 Dymond Guilford, No. 2 Yelena Makoyed, No. 2 (at 72 kg) Skylar Grote, No. 3 Precious Bell
Past National Team members: Adeline Gray, Kennedy Blades, Kylie Welker
2022 U.S. Open All-Americans: 1st – Dymond Guilford, 2nd – Precious Bell, 3rd – Yelena Makoyed, 4th – Victoria Francis, 5th – Tristan Kelly, 6th – Emily Cue, 7th – Jordan Nelson, 8th – Ashley Lekas

This weight clearly has the most high-level talent in the women’s tournament, with seven current or past Senior National Team members registered. The headliner is one of the greatest wrestlers in history, six-time World champion and Olympic silver medalist Adeline Gray, who missed last season while having birth with twins. Gray returns to a weight with all three of the 2023 National Team members at the weight class competing: No. 1 Dymond Guilford, No. 2 Yelena Makoyed and No. 3 Precious Bell. Guilford won a U23 World medal last year, and is a three-time NAIA national champion. Makoyed won the 2023 USA Wrestling Women’s College Wrestler of the Year after winning her third NCWWC title. Bell is a two-time U.S. Open champion. Add in Skylar Grote, No. 2 at 72 kg last year and a Pan American champion. The other two past National Team members are 2020 Olympic Team Trials runners-ups and 2019 U20 World champions Kennedy Blades and Kylie Welker. Blades beat Welker in the finals series at the U20 Nationals last weekend in Spokane. Sydnee Kimber, a four-time NCWWC champion at 191 pounds, is dropping to the Olympic weight class. Add in 2022 U.S. Open placer and 2022 U20 World medalist Tristan Kelly, plus two-time WCWA college champion Tiaira Scott, and you have yourself a loaded weight class.

76 kg entries (as of April 19)
Alyssa Arana CA California
Precious Bell MN Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)
Kennedy Blades IL Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Alexa Garcia CA California
Adeline Gray CO New York Athletic Club
Skylar Grote NJ New Jersey
Dymond Guilford CA Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)
Tristan Kelly CO Army (WCAP)
Sydnee Kimber AK Bearcat Wrestling Club
Mackenzie Konanz IN Midwest Xtreme Wrestling
Brooke Logan AZ Grindhouse Wrestling Club
Yelena Makoyed CA California
Tiaira Scott KY Kentucky
Kylie Welker WI Hawkeye Women's Wrestling Club
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