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#WrestleBelgrade Preview: women’s freestyle upper weights

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Tamyra Mensah Stock scores a takedown at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.
Tamyra Mensah Stock scores a takedown at the 2020 Olympic Games.

The 2022 Senior World Championships are just around the corner, set for Sept. 10-18 in Belgrade, Serbia.


USA Wrestling will be posting weight class previews for the 2022 Senior World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia in six segments. There will be two previews in each style, light weights (first five weights) and heavy weights (final five weights). Included will be a story on each weight class, with seeds plus World/Olympic results going back to 2017.

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Today, we feature the final five women’s freestyle weight classes, the upper weights: 62 kg, 65 kg, 68 kg, 72 kg, 76 kg.

62 kg preview
Competition dates: September 12-13
U.S. representative: Kayla Miracle

This weight has plenty of firepower, led by 2019 and 2021 World champion Aisuluu Tunybekova of Kyrgyzstan, a three-time Olympian who won the Olympic silver medal in 2020. She also boasts a 2017 World bronze medal. If the seeds hold up, she will face No. 4 Nonoka Ozaki of Japan, who was third in the 2021 Worlds. Since then, Ozaki has won the Senior Asian title and added a U20 World title. The other half-bracket has a pair of Pan American stars, No. 2 Lais Nunes of Brazil and No. 3 Kayla Miracle of the United States. Nunes placed fifth in the 2018 and 2021 World Championships. Miracle, a 2021 World silver medalist, has won four age-group World medals. Miracle extended her Final X Series due to injury and aims to be 100% for Worlds.

There are a pair of unseeded past World champions looking to wreck the bracket. Bilyana Dudova of Bulgaria was the 2021 World champion at 59 kg, and a 2018 World silver medalist at that weight. She has also won a pair of European titles. Mongolia’s Tserenchimed Sukhee was a 2014 World champion and 2015 World silver medalist, and also boasts a Junior World title.

The most accomplished of the other seeds is No. 6 Marwa Amri, a bronze medalist at the 2016 Olympics and the first African woman to win an Olympic wrestling medal. Amri also won a 2017 World silver medal. The other seeds include No. 5 Ilona Prokopeuniuk of Ukraine, who was fifth in the 2021 Worlds and is a two-time U23 World medalist. No. 7 Ana Godinez Gonzalez of Canada is wrestling well, with a 2021 U23 World title, a 2022 Pan American Championships gold and a 2022 Commonwealth Games gold. 2022 European silver medalist Luisa Niemesch of Germany, who has won World medals at the U17, U20 and U23 levels, gets the No. 8 seed.

Other talents include 2015 and 2019 Asian champion Xiaojuan Luo of China, 2022 U23 World silver medalist and 2017 U17 World champion Sonam Malik of India and 2020 Asian runner-up Ayaulym Kassymova of Kazakhstan. Sara Lindborg of Sweden was fifth in the 2021 Worlds at 59 kg and Tetiana Omelchenko of Azerbaijan was third in the 2019 and 2020 European Championships.

62 kg seeds:
No. 1 Aisuluu Tynybekova (Kyrgyzstan)
No. 2 Lais Nunes (Brazil)
No. 3 Kayla Miracle (USA)
No. 4 Nonoka Ozaki (Japan)
No. 5 Ilona Prokopevniuk (Ukraine)
No. 6 Marwa Amri (Tunisia)
No. 7 Ana Paula Godinez Gonzalez (Canada)
No. 8 Luisa Niemesch (Germany)


2021 World Championships’
62 kg/136.5 lbs. - Gold – Aisuluu Tynybekova (Kyrgyzstan); Silver – Kayla Miracle (USA); Bronze – Nonoka Ozaki (Japan); Bronze – Gantuya Enkhbat (Mongolia); 5th – Ilona Prokopevniuk (Ukraine); 5th – Lais Nunes de Oliveira (Brazil); 7th – Alina Kasabieva (RWF); 8th – Ana Godinez Gonzalez (Canada); 9th – Veranika Ivanova (Belarus); 10th – Sangeeta Sangeeta (India)

2020 Olympic Games
62 kg/136.5 lbs. - - Gold – Yukako Kawai (Japan); Silver - Aisullu Tybybekova (Kyrgyzstan); Bronze – Iryna Koliadenko (Ukraine); Bronze – Taybe Mustafa Yusein (Bulgaria) ; 5th - Anastasija Grigorjeva (Latvia); 5th - Liubov Ovcharova (ROC); 7th – Henna Johansson (Sweden); 8th – Kriszta Incze (Romania); 9th – Jia Long (China); 10th – Bolortuya Khurlekhuu (Mongolia)

2019 World Championships
62 kg/136.5 lbs. Gold - Aisuluu Tynbekova (Kyrgyzstan) ; Silver - Taybe Mustafa Yusein (Bulgaria) ; Bronze - Yukako Kawai (Japan) ; Bronze - Henna Johansson (Sweden); 5th - Marianna Sastin (Hungary) ; 5th - Jong Sim Rim (North Korea) ; 7th - Yuliia Tkach Ostapchuk (Ukraine) ; 8th - Kayla Miracle (USA); 9th - Kriszta Tunde Incze (Romania); 10th - Mariana Cherdivara Esanu (Moldova)

2018 World Championships
62 kg/136.75 lbs. - Gold - Taybe Yusein (Bulgaria); Silver - Yukako Kawai (Japan); Bronze - Yuliia Tkach Ostapchuk (Ukraine); Bronze - Mallory Velte (USA); 5th - Marianna Sastin (Hungary); 5th - Lais Nunes de Oliveira (Brazil); 7th - Gantuya Enkhbat (Mongolia); 8th - Lingling Bao (China); 9th - Jackeline Renteria Castillo (Colombia); 10th - Malin Johanna Mattsson (Sweden)

2017 World Championships
63 kg/138.75 lbs. - Gold - Orkhon Purevdorj (Mongolia); Silver - Yuliia Tkach Ostapchuk (Ukraine); Bronze –Valeria Lazinskaya (Russia) ; Bronze – Jackeline Renteria Castillo (Colombia); 5th - Hafize Sahin (Turkey); 5th - Blessing Oborududu (Nigeria); 7th - Henna Johansson (Sweden); 8th - Yukako Kawai (Japan); 9th - Veranika Ivanova (Belarus); 10th - Lais Nunes de Oliveira (Brazil)

65 kg preview
Competition dates: September 13-14
U.S. representative: Mallory Velte

For a non-Olympic weight class with a small field, this weight class has its share of top talent. The No. 1 seed went to 2021 World silver medalist Miwa Morikowa of Japan, who won the Asian Championships this year. Morikowa was also a 2019 Junior World champion. The No. 2 seed is 2019 World bronze medalist Elis Manolova of Azerbaijan, who was 10th in the 2020 Olympics and has won World medals at the U23 and U20 levels. No. 3 seed is Kriszta Incze of Romania, a three-time European bronze medalist who was eighth at the 2020 Olympics. Two-time Olympian Mimi Hristova, who was fifth in the 2021 Worlds and won the 2020 European Championships, gets the No. 4 seed.

There are two Olympic medalists among the unseeded wrestlers, 2016 Olympic bronze medalist Sakshi Malik of India and 2008 Olympic bronze medalist Yelena Shalygina of Kazakhstan. Malik won the 2022 Commonwealth Games at 62 kg and boasts three Asian silver medals. Another unseeded wrestler to watch is 2020 Olympian Jia Long of China.

Of the other seeds, there a few other veteran stars. No. 6 seed Koumba Larroque of France was a 2018 World silver medalist and 2017 World bronze medalist. She dominated age-group competition, winning five World titles (two at U20, two at U23 and one at U17). 2018 World bronze medalist Mallory Velte of the United States, the No. 8 seed, has moved up in weight and claimed a spot on her third World Team. She beat 2021 World bronze medalist Forrest Molinari in Final X. No. 5 seed Tetiana Rizhko of Ukraine was a 2022 European champion and second in the 2021 European Championships. No. 7 seed Asli Demir of Turkey was eighth in the 2021 Worlds, and won a bronze at the 2021 U23 World Championships.

65 kg seeds:
No. 1 Miwa Morikawa (Japan)
No. 2 Elis Manolova (Azerbaijan)
No. 3 Kriszta Incze (Romania)
No. 4 Mimi Hristova (Bulgaria)
No. 5 Tetiana Rizhko (Ukraine)
No. 6 Koumba Larroque (France)
No. 7 Asli Demir (Turkey)
No. 8 Mallory Velte (USA)


2021 World Championships
65 kg - Gold – Irina Ringaci (Moldova); Silver – Miwa Morikawa (Japan); Bronze – Forrest Molinari (USA); Bronze – Malin Mattsson (Sweden); 5th – Maryia Mamashuk (Belarus); 5th – Mimi Hristova (Bulgaria); 7th – Koumba Larroque (France); 8th – Asli Demir (Turkey); 9th – Aina Temirtassova (Kazakhstan); 10th – Dinara Kudaeva Salikhova (RWF)

2019 World Championships
65 kg/143 lbs. - Gold - Inna Trazhukova (Russia); Silver - Iryna Koliadenko (Ukraine); Bronze - Elis Manolova (Azerbaijan); Bronze - Xiaoqian Wang (China); 5th - Forrest Molinari (USA); 5th - Yuliana Yaneva (Bulgaria); 7th - Aina Temirtassova (Kazakhstan); 8th - Kadriye Aksoy (Turkey); 9th - Malin Johanna Mattsson (Sweden); 10th - Bolortuya Khurelkhuu (Mongolia)

2018 World Championships
65 kg/143 lbs. - Gold - Petra Olli (Finland); Silver - Danielle Lappage (Canada); Bronze - Ayana Gempei (Japan) ; Bronze - Irina Netreba (Azerbaijan); 5th - Ritu (Japan); 5th - Forrest Molinari (USA); 7th - Chuying Tang (China); 8th - Bolortuya Khurelkhuu (Mongolia); 9th - Adela Hanzlickova (Czechia); 10th - Mariia Kuznetsova (Russia)

This was a new weight class starting in 2018

68 kg preview
Competition dates: September 15-16
U.S. representative: Tamyra Mensah Stock

The biggest star at 68 kg is No. 2 seed Tamyra Mensah Stock of the United States, the 2020 Olympic champion, 2019 World champion and two-time World bronze medalist. Mensah Stock placed third in the 2021 Worlds, which was won by the No. 1 seed Meerim Zhumanazarova of Kyrgyzstan. They did not wrestle each other in Oslo last year. Zhumanazarova was second in the 2022 Asian Championships, while Mensah Stock won the Sghaier Ranking Tournament in Tunisia this year. There could be an Olympic finals rematch in the semifinals if the seeds hold up, as 2020 Olympic silver medalist Blessing Oborududu of Nigeria secured the No. 3 seed. Since Oslo, where she was eighth, Oborodudu won her 11th African title and added a Commonwealth Games gold medal.

Joining Mensah Stock as past World champions in the field are No. 6 seed Irina Ringaci of Moldova and unseeded Linda Morais of Canada. Ringaci won the 65 kg Senior and U20 World titles in 2021, and has won the last two Senior European Championships. Morais was a 2017 World champion at 59 kg and also a 2016 World bronze medalist. No. 7 seed Zhou Feng of China has won a pair of Senior World medals, a silver in 2015 and a bronze in 2018.

Other seeds include No. 4 Adela Hanzlickova of Czechia, fifth in the 2021 Worlds and a 2019 European runner-up. No. 5 Natalia Strzalka of Poland was third at the 2022 European Championships and was a 2019 U23 World bronze medalist. No. 8 Pauline LeCarpentier of France was the 2022 European runner-up.

Japan brings a young star, 2022 U20 World champion Ami Ishii. Others who could challenge are 2020 European bronze medalist Alla Belinski of Ukraine, 2020 European silver medalist Dalma Caneva of Italy, two-time Junior World bronze medalist Nesrin Bas of Turkey plus 2021 Asian silver medalist and 2018 Junior World silver medalist Delgermaa Enkhsaikhan of Mongolia.

68 kg seeds:
No. 1 Meerim Zhumanazarova (Kyrgyzstan)
No. 2 Tamyra Mensah Stock (USA)
No. 3 Blessing Oborududu (Nigeria)
No. 4 Adela Hanzlickova (Czechia)
No. 5 Natalia Strzalka (Poland)
No. 6 Irina Ringaci (Moldova)
No. 7 Zhou Feng (China)
No. 8 Pauline LeCarpentier (France)


2021 World Championships
68 kg/149.75 lbs - - Gold – Meerim Zhumanazarova (Kyrgyzstan); Silver – Rin Miyaji (Japan); Bronze – Tamyra Mensah Stock (USA); Bronze – Khanum Velieva (RWF); 5th – Adela Hanzlickova (Czech Republic); 5th – Olivia Di Bacco (Canada); 7th – Anastasiia Lavrenchuk (Ukraine); 8th – Blessing Oborududu (Nigeria); 9th – Danute Domikaityte (Lithuania); 10th – Ambar Garnica Flores (Mexico)

2020 Olympic Games
68 kg/149.75 lbs. - Gold - Tamyra Mensah Stock (USA); Silver - Blessing Oborududu (Nigeria); Bronze - Meerin Zhumanazarova (Kyrgyzstan); Bronze - Alla Cherkasova (Ukraine); 5th - Sara Dosho (Japan); 5th - Battsetseg Soronzonbold (Mongolia); 7th - Zhou Feng (China); 8th - Khanum Velieva (ROC); 9th - Anna Carmen Schell (Germany); 10th - Elis Manolova (Azerbaijan)

2019 World Championships
68 kg/149.75 lbs. – Gold - Tamyra Mensah-Stock (USA); Silver - Anna Jenny Fransson (Sweden); Bronze - Battsetseg Soronzonbold (Mongolia); Bronze - Anna Carmen Schell (Germany); 5th - Alla Cherkasova (Ukraine); 5th - Sara Dosho (Japan); 7th - Blessing Oborududu (Nigeria) ; 8th - Agnieszka Wieszcek (Poland); 9th - Danielle Lappage (Canada); 10th - Koumba Larroque (France)

2018 World Championships
68 kg/149.75 lbs. - Gold - Alla Cherkasova (Ukraine); Silver - Koumba Larroque (France); Bronze - Feng Zhou (China); Bronze - Tamyra Mensah-Stock (USA); 5th - Maria Mamashuk (Belarus); 5th - Olivia Di Bacco (Canada); 7th - Battsetseg Soronzonbold (Mongolia); 8th - Kaur Navjot (India); 9th - Dalma Caneva (Italy); 10th - Viktoria Bobeva (Bulgaria)

2017 World Championships
69 kg/152 lbs. - Gold - Sara Dosho (Japan); Silver - Aline Focken (Germany); Bronze – Koumba Larroque (France) ; Bronze – Yue Han (China) ; 5th - Martina Kuenz (Austria); 5th - Elmira Syzdykova (Kazakhstan); 7th - Nasanburmaa Ochirbat (Mongolia); 8th - Maryia Mamashuk (Belarus); 9th - Tamyra Mensah (USA); 10th - Anastasia Bratchikova (Russia)

72 kg preview
Competition dates: September 14-15
U.S. representative: Amit Elor

The top three seeds were all medalists at this weight class at the 2021 World Championships. The No. 3 seed is 2021 World champion Masako Furuichi of Japan, who was also a 2019 World bronze medalist. Furuichi won three U17 World titles, three U20 World titles and a U23 World title. 2022 World silver medalist Zhamila Bakbergenova of Kazakhstan claimed the No. 1 seed. Bakbergenova added an Asian title this year, as well as Ranking Tournament wins in Turkey and Kazakhstan. 2018 and 2021 World bronze medalist Buse Cavusoglu Tosun of Turkey claimed the No. 3 seed. Cavusoglu was second in the 2022 European Championships and won the Shgaier Ranking Tournament in Tunisia.

The rest of the field is either young or without many Senior-level achievements. No. 4 seed Davaanasan Enkh Amar of Mongolia was fifth in the 2021 World Championships and was a 2022 Asian bronze medalist. No. 5 Alexandra Anghel of Romania, a 2018 U23 World silver medalist, was fifth in the 2022 European Championships and placed third in Ranking Tournaments in Italy and Turkey. 2021 U20 World silver medalist Bipasha of India gets the No. 6 seed, with runner-up finishes in Ranking Tournaments in Tunisia and Kazakhstan. No. 7 Kendra Dacher of France was a 2022 European bronze medalist and a 2021 U23 World silver medalist. No. 8 Anastasiya Alpyeyeva of Ukraine claimed a 2021 U23 World title and was also a 2019 Junior World bronze medalist.

Unseeded Amit Elor of the United States is breaking into the Senior level with four World titles. She won the U20 Worlds in 2022, the U17 and U20 Worlds in 2021 and the U17 Beach Worlds in 2019. She has qualified for three World Championships this year, with a berth on the U23 World Team still ahead of her. Other unseeded athletes to consider are 2016 Asian bronze medalist Qiandegenchagan of China, 2021 U20 silver medalist Lilly Schneider of Germany and 2020 Pan American bronze medalist Shauna Kuebeck of Canada.

72 kg seeds:
No. 1 Zhamila Bakbergenova (Kazakhstan)
No. 2 Buse Cavusoglu Tosun (Turkey)
No. 3 Masako Furuichi (Japan)
No. 4 Davaanasan Enkh Amar (Mongolia)
No. 5 Alexandra Anghel (Romania)
No. 6 Bipasha (India)
No. 7 Kendra Dacher (France)
No. 8 Anastasiya Alpyeyeva (Ukraine)


2021 World Championships
72 kg/158.5 lbs. - Gold – Masako Furuichi (Japan); Silver – Zhamila Bakberhenova (Kazakhstan); Bronze – Buse Cavusoglu Tosun (Turkey); Bronze – Anna Schnell (Germany); 5th – Cynthia Vescan (France); 5th – Davaanasan Enkh Amar (Mongolia); 7th – Divya Kakran (India); 8th – Anastasiya Zimiankova (Belarus); 9th – Sofiya Georgieva (Bulgaria); 10th – Kylie Welker (USA)

2019 World Championships
72 kg/158.5 lbs. - Gold - Natalia Vorobeva (Russia); Silver - Alina Berezhna Stadnik Makhynia (Ukraine) ; Bronze – Masako Furuichi (Japan); Bronze – Paliha (China); 5th – Zhamila Bakbergenova (Kazakhstan); 5th – Victoria Francis (USA); 7th - Beste Altug (Turkey); 8th - Alexandra Nicoleta Anghel (Romania); 9th - Komal Bhagwan Gole (India); 10th - Oyunsuren Banzragch (Mongolia)

2018 World Championships
72 kg/158.5 lbs. - Gold - Justina Di Stasio (Canada); Silver - Nasanburmaa Ochirbat (Mongolia); Bronze - Martina Kuenz (Austria); Bronze - Bose Tusun (Turkey); 5th - Samar Hamza (Egypt); 5th - Juan Wang (China); 7th - Erin Clodgo (USA); 8th - Naruha Matsuyuki (Japan); 9th - Tatiana Kolesnikova Morozova (Russia); 10th - Zhamila Bakbergenova (Kazakhstan)

Note: From 2014-2017, there was no matching weight class, with 69 kg below this and 75 kg above this.

76 kg preview
Competition dates: September 12-13
U.S. representative: Dymond Guilford

With Olympic finalists Aline Focken of Germany and Adeline Gray of the USA not competing this year, this weight class is still loaded with talent and experience. There are a pair of past World champions in the field, No. 4 seed Yasemin Adar of Turkey and unseeded Justina Di Stasio of Canada. Adar won the 2017 World title, and added a 2018 World silver, 2019 World bronze and a 2020 Olympic bronze to her resume. Di Stasio also won a 2017 World bronze medal and was a 2016 University World champion.

The high seeds are talented. 2021 World bronze medalist Aiperi Medet Kyzy of Kyrgyzstan is seeded No. 1. She was third in the 2021 Worlds, fifth in the 2020 Olympics, and added the Asian title in 2022, plus wins in Ranking Tournaments in Turkey and Kazakhstan. No. 2 seed Samar Hamza of Egypt was third in the 2021 Worlds and 10th in the 2020 Olympics. No. 3 Epp Mae of Estonia was a 2021 World silver medalist, a World bronze medalist in 2015 and 2019, and also placed fifth in the World two times. No. 7 seed Martina Kuenz of Austria was a 2018 World bronze medalist.

There will be a lot of opportunity for new names to be established. 2019 European Games silver medalist Francy Raedelt of Germany, seeded fifth, has won World medals at the U17 and U23 levels. No. 6 Anastasiia Osniach Shustova of Ukraine placed fifth in the 2021 Worlds and was a 2013 U17 World champion. No. 8 seed Catalina Axente of Romania was fifth in the 2022 European Championships, and just won the 2022 Beach World Series Final.

Other top talents include two-time Yarygin Grand Prix champion Juan Wang of China, who was fifth in the 2018 Worlds. Japan’s Yuka Kagami was second in the 2022 Asian Championships, and won age-group World titles at the U20 level in 2019 and the U17 level in 2018. There are a number of past U23 World medalists in the field, including
2019 champion Milaimys Potrille of Cuba, 2021 silver medalist Tatiana Renteria of Colombia and 2018 bronze medalist Gulmaral Yerkebayeva of Kazakhstan. Dymond Guilford of the USA, a 2022 Pan American champion and 2018 Junior World Team member, has rapidly advanced on the Senior level. Also watch 2020 Asian silver medalist Pooja Sihag of India.

76 kg seeds:
No. 1 Aiperi Medet Kyzy (Kyrgyzstan)
No. 2 Samar Hamza (Egypt)
No. 3 Epp Maee (Estonia)
No. 4 Yasemin Adar (Turkey)
No. 5 Francy Raedelt (Germany)
No. 6 Anastasiia Osniach Shustova (Ukraine)
No. 7 Martina Kuenz (Austria)
No. 8 Catalina Axente (Romania)

2021 World Championships
76 kg/167.5 lbs. - Gold – Adeline Gray (USA); Silver – Epp Maee (Estonia); Bronze – Samar Hamza (Egypt); Bronze – Aiperi Medet Kyzy (Kyrgyzstan); 5th – Kiran (India); 5th – Anastasiia Osniach Shustova (Ukraine); 7th – Zagardulam Naigalsuren (Mongolia); 8th – Yasuha Matsuyuki (Japan); 9th – Marina Surovtseva (RWF); 10th – Elmira Sydykova (Kazakhstan)

2020 Olympic Games
76 kg/167.5 lbs. – Gold – Aline Rotter Focken (Germany); Silver - Adeline Gray (USA) ; Bronze - Zhou Qian (China); Bronze - Yasemin Adar (Turkey); 5th - Aiperi Medet Kyzy (Kyrgyzstan); 5th - Hiroe Minagawa (Japan); 7th – Natalia Vorobieva (ROC); 8th - Epp Maee (Estonia); 9th - Vasilisa Marzaliuk (Belarus); 10th - Samar Amer Ibrahim Hamza (Egypt)

2019 World Championships
76 kg/167.5 lbs. – Gold - Adeline Gray (USA); Silver - Hiroe Minagawa Suzuki (Japan) ; Bronze - Aline Rotter Focken (Germany); Bronze - Epp Maee (Estonia) ; 5th - Qian Zhou (China) ; 5th - Elmira Syzdykova (Kazakhstan); 7th - Hui Tsz Chang (Chinese Taipei); 8th - Alla Belinksa (Ukraine); 9th - Erica Wiebe (Canada) ; 10th - Kamile Gaucaite (Lithuania)

2018 World Championships
76 kg/167.5 lbs. - Gold - Adeline Gray (USA); Silver - Yasemin Adar (Turkey); Bronze - Hiroe Minagawa Suzuki (Japan); Bronze - Erica Wiebe (Canada); 5th - Zsanett Nemeth (Hungary); 5th - Epp Mae (Estonia); 7th - Elmira Syzdykova (Kazakhstan); 8th - Aline Focken (Germany); 9th - Naranchimeg Gelegjamts (Mongolia); 10th - Kiran (India)

2017 World Championships
75 kg/165 lbs. - Gold - Yasemin Adar (Turkey); Silver - Vasilisa Marzaliuk (Belarus); Bronze –Hiroe Suzuki (Japan); Bronze –Justina Di Stasio (Canada); 5th - Epp Mae (Estonia); 5th - Paliha (China); 7th - Andrea Olaya Gutierrez (Colombia); 8th - Pooja (India); 9th - Urtnasan Gan Ochir (Mongolia); 10th - Aiperi Medet Kyzy (Kyrgyzstan)

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