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2022 Veteran Worlds Coverage

by Taylor Gregorio, USA Wrestling

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Photo: Jordin Humphrey (left) and Ronald Dombkowski

Oct. 9 recap – Humphrey and Dombkowski win medals in final day, Team USA claims 37 medals overall at 2022 Veteran Worlds

The USA added two more medals to its tally in the final day of action at the 2022 Veteran World Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Only Division A Greco-Roman was contested today, which is for athletes 35-40 years old.

Jordin Humphrey competed at 70 kg, where he advanced to the finals with a pin and a decision. For the title, Humphrey fell to Argo Mitt of Estonia, 11-9, to finish with silver. Earlier this week, he collected bronze in freestyle.

Wrestling at 130 kg, Ronald Dombkowski earned bronze in a four-man round-robin. His day included a 3-1 decision to give him a medal.

Overall, Team USA brings home 37 medals from the Veteran World Championships. In freestyle, it was 22 medals with seven gold, seven silvers and eight bronzes, while in Greco-Roman it was 15 medals with four golds, four silvers and seven bronzes.

Oct. 9 - U.S. Greco-Roman results
Division A
70 kg: Jordin Humphrey – SILVER
WIN Zhomart Karibayev (Kazakhstan), fall 2:58
WIN Aibek Berdaliev (Kyrgyzstan), 9-6
LOSS Argo Mitt (Estonia), 11-9

78 kg: Rashaad Saunders – SEVENTH
LOSS Dumitru Popov (Moldova), forfeit
LOSS Serkan Kara (Turkey), forfeit

88 kg: Michael Morgan – NINTH
LOSS Plamen Palev (Bulgaria), 8-0

100 kg: Marko Bojkovic – NINTH
LOSS Guglielmo Cecca (Italy), 8-0

130 kg: Ronald Dombkowski – BRONZE
LOSS Saleh Omara (Egypt), 9-0
WIN Manfred Huesch (Germany), 3-1
LOSS Hristo Georgiev (Bulgaria), 3-0


Photo (L to R): George Porter, Gabe Beauperthuy, Octavius Bellamy, David Yi, Rudy James, Dominico Lemme, Alvin Riggs

Oct. 8 recap – Yi wins second gold of the week, Bellamy also tops podium in Greco-Roman

The USA scored two golds, two silvers and four bronzes in Greco-Roman on Saturday at the 2022 Veteran World Championships in Plvodiv, Bulgaria.

Two age groups were contested today, including Division C (46-50 years old) and Division D (51-55 years old).

Wrestling at 62 kg in Division C, David Yi secured his second World title of the week with five decisive wins, including a pin and a tech fall. Also winning gold was Octavius Bellamy (88 kg, Division C), who collected a first-period pin in the finals. It marks his second-straight Veteran World Greco-Roman title. Bellamy won silver earlier this week in freestyle. 

Others who bagged their second medals of the week included Greco-Roman silver medalists Gabe Beauperthy (130 kg, Division C) and George Porter (130 kg, Division D) and bronze medalists Rudy James (78 kg, Division C) and Kevin Pine (88 kg, Division D). Porter and Pine were freestyle champions earlier this week, while James won silver and Beauperthy took bronze in freestyle.

Also picking up Greco-Roman medals today were Alvin Riggs (88 kg, Division C) and Domenico Lemme (100 kg, Division D), who both won bronze.

The 2022 Veteran World Championships conclude on Sunday with Division A Greco-Roman action live on

Oct. 8 U.S. Greco-Roman results
Division C
62 kg: David Yi – GOLD
WIN Michele Maggiale (Italy), fall 0:22
WIN Andrea Corsiglia (Italy), injury default
WIN Zhanbolat Abitov (Kazakhstan), 4-2
WIN Boris Dov Srulevich (Israel), 9-0
WIN Nuno Marques Berlinda (Sweden), injury default

78 kg: Rudy James – BRONZE
WIN Mohammad Ahmadi Afshar (Spain), 5-0
LOSS Jimmy Samuelsson (Sweden), 9-0
WIN Marko Lalic (Croatia), 7-0

88 kg: Octavius Bellamy – GOLD
WIN Jani Lauttanen (Finland), 4-1
WIN Alvin Riggs (USA), 4-0
WIN Kairat Borumbayev (Kazakhstan), injury default
WIN Vasileios Batalas (Greece), fall 0:52

88 kg: Alvin Riggs – BRONZE
WIN Jani Lauttenen (Finland), 12-1
LOSS Octavius Bellamy (USA), 4-0
LOSS Vasileios Batalas (Greece), fall 0:20
WIN Kairat Borumbayev (Kazakhstan), injury default

88 kg: Dave Hart – SEVENTH
LOSS Slobodan Ilic (Serbia), 8-0
LOSS Kairat Borumbayev (Kazakhstan), injury default
LOSS Vasileios Batalas (Greece), injury default

100 kg: Alsandro Turner – FIFTH
LOSS Nabil Hawsawi (Saudi Arabia), 8-0
LOSS Zsolt Boda (Hungary), 3-1

100 kg: William Carr – SEVENTH
LOSS Frederic Calixte (France), 10-6

130 kg: Gabe Beauperthy – SILVER
WIN Gyula Papp (Hungary), 3-1
WIN Radoslaw Hora (Poland), 5-1
WIN Andon Andonov (Bulgaria), fall 1:16
WIN Tsanlig Munkhbayar (Mongolia), 5-1
LOSS Rafal Koszowski (Poland), 8-0

Division D
70 kg: Ernesto Alarcon – EIGHTH
WIN Gunnar Sprunk (Germany), 9-0
LOSS Frédéric Paul (France), 6-2

78 kg: Jon Banko – 11TH
vs. Krasimir Ganev (Bulgaria), 7-0

88 kg: Kevin Pine – BRONZE
WIN Alessandro Zappala (Italy), fall 0:23
WIN Dimitrios Chalkias (Greece), 9-0
LOSS Jerzy Sekura (Poland), 6-1
WIN Karim Hammiche (France), forfeit

100 kg: Domenico Lemme – BRONZE
WIN Erik Hinkley (USA), injury default
LOSS Ivo Smrke (Croatia), fall 0:57
LOSS Ferenc Nedbalek (Hungary), forfeit

100 kg: Erik Hinckley – SIXTH
LOSS Domenico Lemme (USA), injury default

100 kg: Todd Moss – SEVENTH
LOSS Hristo Gabrovski (Bulgaria), 5-0
LOSS Laszlo Kertesz (Hungary), injury default

130 kg: George Porter – SILVER
WIN Zoltan Pozsonyi (Hungary), fall 1:32
WIN Kuanysh Myrza (Kazakhstan), forfeit
LOSS Saleh Al Zriqat (Jordan), 4-2
WIN Muhammad Khan (Pakistan), fall 0:58

Photo (L-R): Kevin Kares, Jeff Anderson, Brian Jones, Andrei Stashonak, Gerald Harris II

Oct. 7 recap – Anderson and Jones earn titles in first day of Greco-Roman action

Team USA collected two golds, a silver and two bronzes in the first day of Greco-Roman action at the 2022 Veteran World Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Only two age divisions were contested today: Division B, which is for athletes 41-45 years old, and Division E, which is for athletes 56-60 years old.

Winning titles today for the U.S. were E division wrestlers Jeffery Anderson (88 kg) and Brian Jones (130 kg). Fresh off a silver-medal performance in men’s freestyle earlier this week, Anderson was dominant throughout the day, including a 9-0 tech fall win over U.S. teammate Kevin Kares, who finished with silver. Jones was awarded two wins for his title.

Both of USA’s bronze medals came in the B division from Andrei Stashonak (78 kg) and Gerald Harris (88 kg).

The tournament continues tomorrow with Divisions C and D live on

Oct. 7 U.S. Greco-Roman results
Division B
70 kg: Eric Caballero – FIFTH
LOSS Milan Maric (Serbia), 9-0
LOSS Karl Granbom (Sweden), 8-0

78 kg: Andrei Stashonak – BRONZE
WIN Jani Syrjaenen (Finland), 5-1
LOSS Eduard Durmanov (Kazakhstan), 4-1
WIN Azamat Kadyraliev (Kyrgyzstan), 3-1

88 kg: Gerald Harris – BRONZE
LOSS Dragos Ivanov (France), 5-0
WIN Lars Wahlsroem (Sweden), 1-1
WIN Wojciech Wolowicz (Poland), 6-5

88 kg: Jeremy Black – EIGHTH
WIN Ben McCrillis (USA), fall 1:34
LOSS Nurlan Moldabekov (Kazakhstan), 5-2

88 kg: James Medeiros – 10TH
WIN Attila Benko (Hungary), 5-2
LOSS Wojciech Wolowicz (Poland), 8-5

88 kg: Ben McCrillis – 13TH
LOSS Jeremy Black (USA), fall 1:34

100 kg: Karl Junitz – 15TH
LOSS Bengt Stradner (Sweden), 9-0

Division E
70 kg: Stephen Horton – FIFTH
WIN Jerry Valencia (USA), fall 0:36
LOSS Lars Dahl (Sweden), fall 1:06
LOSS Lars Jakobsson (Sweden), forfeit

70 kg: Jerry Valencia – FIFTH
WIN Murat Tussupbekov (Kazakhstan), forfeit
LOSS Stephen Horton (USA), 0:36

70 kg: Michael Madry – SIXTH
LOSS Lars Dahl (Sweden), 8-0
LOSS Lars Jakobsson (Sweden), 9-0

78 kg: Louis Orr – 14TH
LOSS Stig Eriksson (Sweden), 9-0
LOSS Philippee Grasland (France), fall 0:36

88 kg: Jeffery Anderson – GOLD
WIN Daniel Kapsazov (Bulgaria), 6-2
WIN Gyozo Lakatos (Hungary), fall 1:52
WIN Kevin Kares (USA), 9-0

88 kg: Kevin Kares – SILVER
WIN Igor Karimov (Hungary), forfeit
WIN Karoly Szeitl (Hungary), fall 1:24
LOSS Jeffery Anderson (USA), 9-0

100 kg: Charles Jones – SEVENTH
LOSS Anton Mayr (Germany), 4-2

130 kg: Brian Jones – GOLD
WIN Ardeshir Poorhekmat (Iran), forfeit
WIN Anuar Uxumbayev (Kazakhstan), forfeit


Photo L-R: Nate Hansen, Reece Humphrey, Rashaad Saunders, Dan Erekson, Jordin Humphrey

Thursday, Oct. 6 recap – Erekson claims gold, Hansen, Humphrey and Saunders earn silver medals in final day of freestyle action

The U.S. team scored five medals on Thursday in the final day of freestyle action at the Veteran World Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The medal count included one gold, three silvers and one bronze.

Daniel Erekson picked up the lone World title of the day with four wins in the 130 kg round-robin bracket. He was joined on the podium by silver medalists Nathan Hansen (62 kg), Reece Humphrey (70 kg) and Rashaad Saunders (78 kg) and bronze winner Jordin Humphrey (70 kg).

Returning World champion Reece Humphrey made his second-consecutive World finals appearance after a semifinal win over his brother, Jordin Humphrey. In the finals, Reece lost a 6-2 bout to finish with silver. Humphrey went on to win bronze with an 8-5 score, marking his fourth-straight Veteran World medal.

At 62 kg, Nathan Hansen used a 2-1 record to help him to a runner-up finish, while Rashaad Saunders went 3-1 at 78 kg. Saunders wins included a tech fall and a pin.

Overall, the U.S. men’s freestyle team collected 22 medals with seven gold, seven silvers and eight bronzes.

The tournament continues Friday with the start of Greco-Roman in Divisions B and E live on

Oct. 6 U.S. men’s freestyle results
Division A
62 kg: Nathan Hansen – SILVER
WIN Nazar Osadsta (Ukraine), forfeit
WIN Baasanjav Khasdorj (Mongolia), technical fall
LOSS Mostafa Mohamed (Egypt), decision

70 kg: Reece Humphrey – SILVER
WIN Dennis Langner (Germany), 9-3
WIN Timur Shanbayev (Kazakhstan), 10-0
WIN Jordin Humphrey (USA), 6-2
LOSS Nurlan Bekzhanov (Kazakhstan), 6-2

70 kg: Jordin Humphrey – BRONZE
WIN Steve Brylla (Germany), 10-0
LOSS Reece Humphrey (USA), 6-2
WIN Dennis Langner (Germany), 8-5

78 kg: Rashaad Saunders – SILVER
WIN Maksym Kadygrib (Ukraine), 10-0
WIN Otar Khamashuridze (Georgia), fall 0:40
WIN Jagmander Jagmander (India), 12-6
LOSS Abdulhamit Altun (Turkey), 10-0

78 kg: Michael Morgan – 13TH
LOSS Mohamed Dawa (Egypt), 13-2

100 kg: Marko Bojkovic – 12TH
LOSS Frederick Oulevey (Switzerland), 4-0

130 kg: Daniel Erekson – GOLD
WIN Dmitrijs Mihailovs (Latvia), 10-0
WIN Purevdavga Rentsenbyamba (Mongolia), forfeit
WIN Faruk Akkoyun (Turkey), 5-0
WIN Saleh Omara (Egypt), fall 1:17


Photo (back L to R) Rudy James, Octavius Bellamy, George Porter, Kevin Pine, Will Anderson, Gabe Beauperthuy, Rob Prebish; front (L to R) David Yi, Tom Donahue

Wednesday, Oct. 5 recap – Yi, Donahue, Pine and Porter top podium, five others score medals

Team USA added to its freestyle medal haul on Wednesday with four golds, two silvers and three bronzes in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Two age groups were contested today, including Division C (46-50 years old) and Division D (51-55 years old).

David Yi and Tom Donahue won gold medals in C, while Kevin Pine and George Porter earned titles in D.

David Yi defeated returning World champion and USA teammate Robinson Prebish with a 10-0 tech fall in the 62 kg semifinals. He also collected two other shutout tech falls. At 70 kg, Tom Donahue shutout his last four opponents, including an 11-0 win over American and 2019 bronze medalist Will Anderson. Prebish and Anderson went on to earn bronzes in dominant fashion.

Other U.S. representatives winning medals in the C division were silver medalists Rudy James (78 kg) and Octavius Bellamy (88 kg) and bronze winner Gabe Beauperthy (130 kg). It marked James’ third overall Veteran Worlds silver and Bellamy’s second-consecutive silver.

Kevin Pine and George Porter added Veteran World gold medals at 88 kg and 130 kg, respectively. Both athletes collected four wins. For Porter, it was in the form of two tech falls and a pin for his third World championship. Pine’s title-winning performance earned him his second-career gold medal.

Freestyle action wraps up tomorrow with Division A competition live on

Oct. 5 U.S. men’s freestyle results
Division C
62 kg: David Yi – GOLD
WIN Feyzullah Zengin (Turkey), forfeit
WIN Cedric Fromageot (France), 10-0
WIN Robinson Prebish (USA), 10-0
WIN Khurts Janchiv (Mongolia), 10-0

62 kg: Robinson Prebish – BRONZE
LOSS Khurts Janchiv (Mongolia), 9-4
WIN Zhanbolat Abitov (Kazakhstan), forfeit
LOSS David Yi (USA), 10-0
WIN Cedric Fromageot (France), 10-0

70 kg: Tom Donahue – GOLD
WIN Pavel Siniavski (Israel), 13-10
WIN Ridvan Eryilmaz (Turkey), fall 2:35
WIN Andrew Patrick (South Africa), 6-0
WIN Will Anderson (USA), 11-0
WIN Michele Rauhut (Germany), 5-0

70 kg: Will Anderson – BRONZE
WIN Bolat Turginbayev (Kazakhstan), 10-0
WIN Jerome Lescure (France), 6-4
LOSS Tom Donahue (USA), 11-0
WIN Andrew Patrick (South Africa), 5-0

78 kg: Rudy James – SILVER
WIN Mohammad Ahmadi Afshar (Spain), 13-2
WIN Battulga Choijamts (Mongolia), 3-1
LOSS Attila Raisz (Slovakia), 4-2

88 kg: Octavius Bellamy – SILVER
WIN Alvin Riggs (USA), fall 3:53
WIN Galizhan Katayev (Kazakhstan), fall 2:56
WIN Ion Dascalescu (Romania), 14-3
LOSS Adrian Recorean (Romania), 9-0

88 kg: Alvin Riggs – FIFTH
LOSS Octavius Bellamy (USA), fall 3:53
WIN Galizhan Katayev (Kazakhstan), 12-1
LOSS Ion Dascalescu (Romania), fall 3:35

100 kg: Alsandro Turner – EIGHTH
LOSS Nabil Hawsawi (Saudi Arabia), 14-4

100 kg: William Carr – NINTH
LOSS Mehmed Kodakov (Bulgaria), 7-1

130 kg: Gabe Beauperthy – BRONZE
LOSS Mustafa Bayram (Turkey), 4-2
WIN Mendikhan Kosdauletov (Kazakhstan), 2-0
LOSS Aydin Halimoglu (Turkey), 4-1
WIN Mustafa Basdemir (Turkey), 3-0

Division D
78 kg: Jon Banko – SEVENTH
LOSS Kadyr Keneshov (Kyrgyzstan), 8-3

88 kg: Kevin Pine – GOLD
WIN Ganbaatar Nasan (Mongolia), forfeit
WIN Dimitrios Chalkias (Greece), forfeit
WIN Munkhchuluun Lochin (Mongolia), 10-0
WIN Karim Hammiche (France), forfeit

100 kg: Erik Hinckley – FIFTH
LOSS Ankhbayar Tsendee (Mongolia), 7-2
LOSS Sergey Welisseyev (Kazakhstan), fall 1:58

130 kg: George Porter – GOLD
WIN Muhammad Khan (Pakistan), fall 1:37
WIN Marcho Markov (Bulgaria), 11-0
WIN Kuanysh Myrza (Kazakhstan), forfeit
WIN Saleh Al Zriqat (Jordan), 10-0

Photo (L to R): Jeffery Anderson, Charles Jones, Stephen Horton, Petros Petrosyan, James Medeiros, Michael Harbison, Leevy Mears and James Miller. Photo by Chris Brown.

Tuesday, Oct. 4 recap - Horton and Petrosyan win gold, six others collect medals in opening day

The USA opened the 2022 Veteran World Championships winning eight medals, including two golds, two silvers and four bronzes, on Tuesday in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Only two age divisions were contested today: Division B, which is for athletes 41-45 years old, and Division E, which is for athletes 56-60 years old.

Competing in the E division, Stephen Horton and Petros Petrosyan turned in championships performances at 70 kg and 88 kg, respectively.

Horton went 3-0 on the day, giving up only 3 points in his tournament. His gold adds to his 2018 and 2021 Veteran World titles, which he won in the D division. He also owns a silver from the 2019 tournament.

Petrosyan also had three wins, which included a 46-second pin in the semifinals. For gold, Petrosyan defeated USA teammate Jeffrey Anderson with a pin in the first period. Anderson adds to USA’s medal count with a silver.

Others who medaled in the E division were silver medalist Charles Jones, who went 3-1 in a round robin at 100 kg, and bronze medalist James Miller at 88 kg, who bounced back from a first-round loss to Anderson.

Three athletes in the B division secured bronze medals, including Leevy Mears at 70 kg, James Medeiros at 88 kg and Michael Harbison at 130 kg.

Medeiros’ bronze marks his third-consecutive freestyle medal at the tournament. He won bronze in 2021 and silver in 2019, both in Division A.

The tournament continues Wednesday with freestyle Divisions C and D live on

Oct. 4 - U.S. men’s freestyle results
Division B
70 kg: Leevy Mears – BRONZE
WIN Ahmad Hazime (Germany), 3-0
WIN Dennis Wymer (USA), 13-2
LOSS Vadim Guigolaev (France), 12-1
WIN Arpad Szep (Romania), 2-1

70 kg: Dennis Wymer – SEVENTH
LOSS Leevy Mears (USA), 13-2

88 kg: James Medeiros – BRONZE
LOSS Yessentay Khapar (Kazakhstan), 11-0
WIN Jeremy Black (USA), 8-1
WIN Gerald Harris (USA), 2-1

88 kg: Gerald Harris – FIFTH
WIN Urmat Mamytov (Kyrgyzstan), 11-0
WIN Atanas Atanasov (Bulgaria), fall 1:58
LOSS Yessentay Khapar (Kazakhstan), 8-0
LOSS James Medeiros (USA), 2-1

88 kg: Sion King – EIGHTH
LOSS Victor Ferrandiz Lagares (Spain), 4-2

88 kg: Jeremy Black – 11TH
LOSS Yessentay Khapar (Kazakhstan), 10-0
LOSS James Medeiros (USA), 8-1

88 kg: Brian McGinnis – 14TH
LOSS Mohamed Ahmed (Egypt), 10-0
LOSS Himanshu Chaudhary (India), fall 0:52

100 kg: Joshua Nacey – NINTH
WIN Damir Orazaly (Kazakhstan), 6-4
LOSS Serik Amanshiyev (Kazakhstan), 9-4

100 kg: Karl Junitz – 11TH
LOSS Daniel Bernatek (Slovakia), 9-0

100 kg: Ben McCrillis – 14TH
LOSS Pawel Wolinski (Poland), fall 0:18

130 kg: Michael Harbison – BRONZE
WIN Paskal Karanikov (Bulgaria), fall 2:48
WIN Narender Singh (India), forfeit
LOSS Leif Bengtsson (Sweden), fall 1:28
WIN Ahmet Dere (Turkey), fall 1:48

Division E
70 kg: Stephen Horton – GOLD
WIN Michael Madry (USA), 10-0
WIN Antanas Merkevicius (Lithuania), 6-1
WIN Talant Begaliev (Kyrgyzstan), 12-2

70 kg: Michael Madry – FIFTH
WIN Stephen Horton (USA), 10-0
LOSS Antanas Merkevicius (Lithuania), 11-0

70 kg: Jerry Valencia – 9TH
LOSS Sandor Pali (Hungary), 6-5

78 kg: Louis Orr – EIGHTH
WIN Warner Bouzek (USA), 14-4
LOSS Osman Onder (Turkey), fall 0:26
LOSS Rashid Mussin (Kazakhstan), fall 1:05

78 kg: Warner Bouzek – 10TH
LOSS Louis Orr (USA), 14-4

88 kg: Petros Petrosyan – GOLD
WIN Gyozo Lakatos (Hungary), 3-1
WIN Stoyan Stoyanov (Bulgaria), fall 0:46
WIN Jeffery Anderson (USA), fall 1:08

88 kg: Jeffery Anderson – SILVER
WIN James Miller (USA), fall 3:38
WIN Tsandeleg Jadamba (Mongolia), fall 0:30
LOSS Petros Petrosyan (USA), fall 1:08

88 kg: James Miller – BRONZE
LOSS Jeffery Anderson (USA), fall 3:38
WIN Tsandeleg Jadamba (Mongolia), 6-5

88 kg: Kevin Kares
LOSS Stonyan Stoyanov (Bulgaria), 15-9

100 kg: Charles Jones – SILVER
WIN Marian Cwiertnia (Poland), forfeit
WIN Ivan Chavov (Bulgaria), 13-3
WIN Cetin Boga (Turkey), fall 0:29
LOSS Detlef John (Germany), 4-1

130 kg: Brian Jones – FOURTH
LOSS Ardeshir Poorhekmat (Iran), 10-0
LOSS Saadanbek Niiazov (Kyrgyzstan), fall 0:39
LOSS Anuar Uxumbayev (Kazakhstan), 10-0


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