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Two Olympic champions and five World champions headline field at Final X Stillwater on June 3

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

The field has been finalized for Final X Stillwater, presented by Tezos, on Friday, June 3 at Gallagher-Iba Arena on the campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Okla.

Athletes qualified for Final X Stillwater either by winning a 2021 World medal, or based upon their placement at the World Team Trials Challenge Tournament in Coralville, Iowa, May 20-21.

The winner of each Final X Championship Series will represent the Team USA at the Senior World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia, Sept. 10-18.

The lineup in Stillwater is loaded, featuring a pair of Olympic champions, 2016 Olympic champion Kyle Snyder (97 kg men’s freestyle) and 2020 Olympic champion Tamyra Mensah Stock (68 kg women’s freestyle).

The field includes five World champions who have won a total of seven World titles Snyder (2x), Mensah Stock, two-time World champion J’den Cox (92 kg men’s freestyle), 2021 World champion Thomas Gilman (57 kg men’s freestyle) and 2019 World champion Jacarra Winchester (55 kg women’s freestyle).

It also features four Olympic medalists who have won five Olympic medals: Snyder (2016 gold, 2020 silver), Mensah Stock (2020 gold), Gilman (2020 bronze) and Cox (2016 bronze).

There will be nine World medalists who have won a combined 19 World medals: Snyder (5x), Cox (4x), Mensah Stock (3x), Gilman (2x), Winchester, 2021 World silver medalist Daton Fix (61 kg men’s freestyle), 2021 World bronze medalist Jenna Burkert (55 kg women’s freestyle), 2021 World bronze medalist Forrest Molinari (65 kg women’s freestyle) and 2018 World bronze medalist Mallory Velte (65 kg women’s freestyle)

There are six Olympians with a combined eight Olympic appearances: Snyder (2x), Winchester, Cox, Gilman, 2012 and 2016 Olympian Ben Provisor (82 kg Greco-Roman) and 2012 Olympian Jesse Thielke (63 kg Greco-Roman).

The event will include 14 World Team members who have been on a total of 38 World Championships teams: Snyder (5x), Burkert (4x), Mensah Stock (4x), Gilman (3x), Molinari (3x), Winchester (2x), Thielke (2x), Velte (2x), Provisor (2x), Fix (2x), three-time World Team member Patrick Smith (72 kg Greco-Roman), two-time World Team member Zain Retherford (70 kg men’s freestyle), two-time World Team member Max Nowry (55 kg Greco-Roman), Sammy Jones (63 kg Greco-Roman) and Cohlton Schultz (130 kg Greco-Roman).

Final X Stillwater, presented by Tezos, will be held alongside the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Honors Weekend, which is happening at the Hall of Fame facility next door, June 3-4.

Final X will have two sessions. The first match of all 15 of the best-of-three championship series in each event will be held during the first session. The second (and third match if necessary) for all 15 weight classes will be conducted in the second session. The weight class order will be the same for both sessions. Session times for Final X Stillwater are 2:00 p.m. Central Time and 7:00 p.m. Central Time.

Tickets for Final X Stillwater, presented by Tezos

FloWrestling will serve as the host broadcasting partner for both Final X Stillwater, presented by Tezos, and Final X New York, presented by Tezos.

The weight classes for Final X Stillwater (by style) are:

Men’s freestyle: 57 kg, 61 kg, 70 kg, 92 kg, 97 kg

Women’s freestyle: 55 kg, 59 kg, 65 kg, 68 kg, 76 kg

Greco-Roman: 55 kg, 63 kg, 72 kg, 82 kg, 130 kg

Final X Stillwater Lineup (listed in Bout Order)

Bout 1 – 63 kg GR - Sammy Jones (NYAC) vs. Jesse Thielke (Army WCAP)

Bout 2 –76 kg WFS - Dymond Guilford (USOPTC/TMWC) vs. Yelena Makoyed (Cardinal WC/TMWC)

Bout 3 – 130 kg GR - Cohlton Schultz (Sunkist Kids) vs. Tanner Farmer (NYAC)

Bout 4 – 70 kg MFS - Zain Retherford (NLWC/TMWC) vs. Jordan Oliver (Sunkist Kids)

Bout 5– 72 kg GR - Patrick Smith (Minnesota Storm) vs. Benjamin Peak (Sunkist Kids)

Bout 6 – 59 kg WFS - Lexie Basham (Spartan Mat Club) vs. Abigail Nette (Army WCAP)

Bout 7 – 82 kg GR – Ben Provisor (NYAC) vs. Spencer Woods (Army WCAP)

Bout 8 – 57 kg MFS – Thomas Gilman (Nittany Lion WC/TMWC) vs. Vitali Arujau (Spartan Combat RTC/TMWC)

Bout 9 – 55 kg GR - Max Nowry (Army WCAP) vs. Brady Koontz (Ohio RTC/TMWC)

Bout 10 – 61 kg MFS – Daton Fix (Cowboy RTC/TMWC) vs. Seth Gross (Sunkist Kids)

Bout 11 – 55 kg WFS – Jenna Burkert (Army WCAP) vs. Jacarra Winchester (USOPTC/TMWC)

Bout 12 – 92 kg MFS – J’den Cox (Cliff Keen WC/TMWC) vs. Nathan Jackson (New Jersey RTC/NYAC)

Bout 13 – 65 kg WFS – Forrest Molinari (Sunkist Kids) vs. Mallory Velte (Beaver Dam RTC/TMWC)

Bout 14 – 97 kg MFS – Kyle Snyder (Nittany Lion WC/TMWC) vs. Kollin Moore (Ohio RTC/TMWC)

Bout 15 – 68 kg WFS – Tamyra Mensah Stock (USOPTC/TMWC) vs. Sienna Ramirez (Southern Oregon RTC)