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Turner wins OW, seven repeat as champions in youth divisions at 2022 USMC Women’s Nationals

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

A beautiful back arch throw from the youth competition at the 2022 USMC Women’s Nationals in Fort Worth, Texas. Photo by AJ Grieves

FORT WORTH, Texas - Morgan Turner of Toss Em Up Wrestling Academy (IL) was named the Outstanding Wrestler in the youth divisions at the 2022 USMC Women’s National Championships, which concluded Sunday afternoon.

Turner was the 85 pound champion in the 14U division, winning her finals bout by technical fall over Angelica Serratos of Laguna Hills Hawkeye WC, 10-0. Turner scored three straight technical falls in the bracket, and outscored the opponents 3-0.

Turner was among four talented athletes who won both the 14U National title on Sunday and the U15 National title on Saturday. Turner won her 15U Nationals title at 39 kg/86 lbs.

Brynn Engel of the Ringers WC won the 14U division at 72 pounds, winning a best-of-three series. She also was the U15 champion at 33 kg/72.5 lbs.

Bianca Eide of Pinnacle WC won the 92 pound 14U title, stopping Camryn Gresham of Team Miron, 2-0. She also won the U15 title at 42 kg/92.5 lbs.

Tiana Fernandez of HeadHunters WC won the 127-pound crown at 14U Nationals, with a 10-0 technical fall over Maddie Marsh of Northeastern WC in the finals. Fernandez won the U15 title at 58 kg/127.5 lbs.

Turner repeated as 14U champion, the only repeat champion at the division. Fernandez was a 12U National champion last year at 120 pounds, and moved up in age to win again

In total, including Turner and Fernandez, there were seven repeat champions from last year’s youth national events.

Haley Delgado of NXT Level Wrestling Academy, who won the 14U title at 79 pounds this year, was a 12U Nationals champion at 75 pounds last year.

Kaili Manuel of Michigan Revolution WC, the 119 pound champion at 14U this year, was a 12U Nationals champion in 2021 at 100 pounds.

Ava Guilmette of Connecticut, the 12U champion at 110 pounds this year, won the 12U title last year at 95 pounds.

Kaydence Golding of Curby 3 Style WC was the 95 pound champion at 12U this year. Last season, she was the 70 pound champion at 10U.

Paitlyn McCann of Lady Outlaws won the 10U title at 60 pounds this season. She was an 8U champion last year at 55 pounds.

At Fort Worth, Texas, May 8


1 Brynn Engel (Ringers Wrestling Club)
2 Kadence Fogg (Maine Trappers Wrestling Club)

79 LBS
1st Hailey Delgado (NXT Level Wrestling Academy) VPO Libertie Nigh (Ohio), 8-0
3rd Ryleigh Sturgill (Tennessee Outlaws Wrestling Club) VPO1 Morgan Hyland (The Hunt Wrestling Club), 10-4
5th Marcia Nunez (California) VIN Jane Rodrigues (Misfits Girls Wrestling), 0-0 0:00
7th Selena Batres (South Side Wrestling Club) VPO1 Sophia Bennett (Lady Outlaws), 6-2

85 LBS
1st Morgan Turner (Toss Em Up Wrestling Academy) VSU Angelica Serratos (Laguna Hills Hawkeye WC), 10-0 2:52
3rd Payton Gines (Syracuse Wrestling Club) VFA Dilynn Albrecht (Ringers Wrestling Club), 4-0 0:26
5th Katie Biscoglia (Ubasa Wrestling Academy) VSU1 Noah kate Kovach (High Ground Wrestling), 12-2 0:37

92 LBS
1st Bianca Eide (Pinnacle Wrestling Club) VPO Camryn Gresham (Team Miron), 2-0
3rd Khyla Lipumano (Arizona Girls Wrestling) VSU Abigail Gindele (Twin Cities Regional Training Center), 11-0 2:17
5th Hannah Perro (Die-Hard Wrestling) VFA Raylynn Woods (Virgin Valley Bulldogs Wrestling Club), 2-0 0:19
7th Matti Givens (Texas Takedown Academy) VSU Reagan Mathers (Thorobred Wrestling Club), 10-0 1:52

97 LBS
1st Lauren Elsmore (Twin Cities Regional Training Center) VPO1 Isabel Kaplan (Indiana), 8-8
3rd Aniz Ramirez (512 Outlaw Wrestling) VPO1 Anabelle Serratos (Laguna Hills Hawkeye WC), 6-2
5th Kezra Mckenzie (Gold Rush Wrestling) VSU Jordynn Colby (North Pole Wrestling Club), 10-0 0:58
7th Ameerah Colon (Arizona Girls Wrestling) VFO Maya Alvarado (Florida), 0-0

101 LBS
1st Charlie Wylie (New York) VPO1 Keanna Conrad (East Idaho Elite Wrestling Club), 10-6
3rd Lilly Quintanilla (Thermopolis Wrestling Club) VFA Malia Ottow (Ascend Wrestling Academy), 14-9 3:56
5th Elizabeth Valenzuela smith (Arizona Girls Wrestling) VFA Mara Vanderpool (Nebraska Wrestling Academy), 10-6 2:57
7th Pagan Lester (Alaska) VFA Lily Lane (Oklahoma), 6-0 1:42

105 LBS
1st Stevie joyce Martin (California) VFO Lillian Rumsey (Team Pennsylvania)
3rd Kayla Batres (South Side Wrestling Club) VSU Sara Mclaughlin (Riptide Wrestling Club), 11-0 1:30
5th Cadence Butts (Michigan) VSU Sydney Cannon (Mt. Zion Kids Wrestling Club), 10-0 0:54
7th Deziree Azar (Naperville Wrestling Club) VFA Brooklynn Webber (Maine Trappers Wrestling Club), 8-4 3:04

110 LBS
1st Danica Torres (Arizona) VPO1 Nevada Daniels (Katy Area Wrestling Club), 16-15
3rd Amaya Hinojosa (The Community Wrestling Club) VSU1 Kailin Sebert (Best Trained Wrestling), 12-2 3:20
5th Rylee Dearwester (Ohio) VFA Analia Urias (NB Elite Wrestling Club), 10-0 1:33
7th Elliotte Strange (Cypress Wrestling Club) VSU1 Jaida Butler (Rockwall High School Wrestling), 11-1 1:58

119 LBS
1st Kaili Manuel (Michigan Revolution Wrestling Club) VPO1 Victoria Carbonaro (New Jersey), 12-3
3rd Timberly Martinez (MJ Mustangs) VPO1 Kaylyn Harrill (The Best Wrestler), 9-4
5th Madilyn Peach (Team Nazar Training Center) VFO Devlynn Albrecht (Team Nazar Training Center), 0-0
7th Samiyah Rahming (Team Pennsylvania) VSU Taimane Benemerito (Assassins Wrestling), 11-0 0:51

127 LBS
1st Taina Fernandez (HeadHunters Wrestling Club) VSU Maddie Marsh (Northeastern Wrestling Club), 10-0 2:58
3rd Paisley Denault (Michigan Revolution Wrestling Club) VPO1 Sarai Cortez (California), 11-6
5th Bailey Chafin (Sweet Home Mat Club) VSU Juliet Salazar (California Grapplers), 11-0 1:27
7th Eloise Woolsey (Hawaii Wrestling Academy) VFA Landri Vongonten (Legacy Wrestling Club), 8-4 3:55

136 LBS
1st Matilda Hruby (Brighton Wrestling Club) VFA Addeline Graser (Nebraska Wrestling Academy), 2-0 0:50
3rd Aubrey Brown (Oklahoma) VPO1 Lilliana Banks (Aviators Wrestling), 12-9
5th Carli Vargas (Greater Heights Wrestling) VFO Payton Temple (Doom Wrestling), 0-0
7th Nora Garbuzovas (706 Wrestling) VSU1 Presley King (Prosper Wrestling Academy), 13-2 1:16

145 LBS
1st Greta Garbuzovas (706 Wrestling) VSU Paislee Chambers (Spartans Wrestling Club), 11-0 2:44
3rd Nayeli Nunez (Top Dog Wrestling Club) VSU Lillian Jukes (Prosper Talons Wrestling), 10-0 2:55
5th Olyvia Besco (Kansas) VFA Genesis Matias flores (Legends of Gold Las Vegas), 6-4 2:36

1 Millie Azlin (Team Tulsa Wrestling Club)
2 Eva Garcia (California)
3 Bella Moreno (NXT Level Wrestling Academy)
4 Jorie Kuntz (Cypress Wrestling Club)
5 Kenna Boyd (Prosper Wrestling Academy)


1 Vanessa Torres (Victory Wrestling-Central WA)
2 Jasmine Buck (Arizona Girls Wrestling)
3 Suri Yoffee (Legends of Gold Las Vegas)
4 Hailey Robinson (Thermopolis Wrestling Club)
5 Sophia Valdez (Betterman Elite Wrestling)

1 Madyn Overman (Nebraska Wrestling Academy)
2 Sophia Lazaro (California Grapplers)
3 Remy Whitney (Standfast Wrestling Club)
4 Vivienne Yarbrough (Gracie Barra Westchase Wrestling Club)
5 Peytton Mack (Rise Wrestling)

75 LBS
1st Emma Grimes (Wyoming Seminary Wrestling Club) VSU Carleigh Clark (Lady Outlaws), 10-0 0:43
3rd Bella Manno (Tri State Training Center) VPO1 Alexa Thomas (Ringers Wrestling Club), 10-2
5th Emma Martinez (Madera Wrestling Club) VFA Arianna Manuel (Michigan Revolution Wrestling Club), 6-0 1:07
7th Marina Wince (Black Fox Wrestling Academy) VFA Katelyn Gallegos (Maine Eagles WC), 8-0 1:33

1 Addison Hunt (Texas Takedown Academy)
2 Maquelle Pace (Champions Wrestling Club)
3 Krislynn Martinez (Ratliff) (Maize Wrestling Club)
4 Calliope Willman (Illinois)
5 Katy Simpson (Victory School of Wrestling)

85 LBS
1st Elle Changaris (Iron Horse Wrestling Club) VSU Gail Sullivan (New York), 10-0 1:14
3rd Nayeli Ortiz (NXT Level Wrestling Academy) VSU Olivia Kearns (Team Pennsylvania), 10-0 1:10
5th Vivienne Arellano (Betterman Elite Wrestling) VSU Sasha Williams (Husky Wrestling Club), 11-0 3:18

90 LBS
1st Reana Spangler (Maize Wrestling Club) VSU Hanna Givens (Texas Takedown Academy), 10-0 2:00
3rd Peggy susan Dean (Chicks Wrestling) VPO1 Bella Yamamoto (Grapplers HI), 6-2
5th Alexandra Sedwick (Prosper Talons Wrestling) VFA Kaydn Hansen (Maine Trappers Wrestling Club), 4-0 0:53

95 LBS
1st Kaydence Golding (Curby 3 Style Wrestling Club) VFA Kara-Lynn Dover (Roundtree Wrestling Academy), 3-0 1:16
3rd Vivienne Popadiuc (505 Wrestling Club) VSU Hailey Worden (Gold Rush Wrestling), 10-0 1:42
5th Addison Bunch (Lady Outlaws) VFA Camila Alvarez (All American Wrestling Club), 4-0 0:31
7th Eleina Cortez (Team Selma Wrestling Club) VSU1 Skylin Darnell (South Carolina), 11-1 2:16

1 Mercedes Carrasco (Caravan Kids Wrestling Club)
2 Aubrie Doyle (Driller Wrestling Club)
3 Nova Estrada (ET Wrestling)
4 Zoe Greer (Betterman Elite Wrestling)

110 LBS
1st Ava Guilmette (Connecticut) VFA Noemi Cordero (Poway Wrestling), 10-0 1:46
3rd Tabitha montez Montez (Central Catholic Wrestling Club) VFA Kasia Wong (Legends of Gold Las Vegas), 4-3 3:14
5th Emma Antoni (Minnesota) VSU Rachel Garcia (Best Trained Wrestling), 10-0 1:38
7th Alexandra Zimmerer (Black Fox Wrestling Academy) VSU1 Sage Mosier (High Ground Wrestling), 16-5 3:36

1 Lyla Hensen (Michigan)
2 Remington LaFlamme (Cypress Wrestling Club)
3 Demi Barnes (King Select Wrestling)
4 Darlene Rosales (Silverback Wrestling


1 Annabel Choo (Gracie Barra Westchase Wrestling Club)
2 Nora Rauen (Force Elite Wrestling Club)
3 Hais Thao (North Carolina)
4 Jessica Dean (Chicks Wrestling)
5 Audio Estrada (ET Wrestling)

60 LBS
1st Paityn Mccann (Lady Outlaws) VPO1 Karina Batres (South Side Wrestling Club), 9-4
3rd Gwen Briggs (California Grapplers) VFA Regan Kinneman (Thorobred Wrestling Club), 6-4 3:17
5th Kaimonie Gordon (Nebraska) VSU Hayden Robinson (Thermopolis Wrestling Club), 10-0 2:14

1 Piper Weaver (Lady Outlaws)
2 Azyah Rice (Inland Elite Wrestling Club)
3 Samantha Jordan (Nevada Elite Wrestling)
4 Karter Eusterwiemann (The Best Wrestler)
5 Anaya Prater (A-Train Performance Womens Wrestling Club)

1 Bella Reyes (Top Dog Wrestling Club)
2 BlakeLee Smith (Hinton Youth Wrestling)
3 Brooklyn Rauen (Force Elite Wrestling Club)
4 Charlotte Zimmerer (Black Fox Wrestling Academy)
5 Hailey Stephenson (NXT Level Wrestling Academy)
6 Michaela Brown Ton (Best Trained Wrestling)

1 Yamilette Hernandez (Top Dog Wrestling Club)
2 Kamryn Brumley (Betterman Elite Wrestling)
3 Preslee Richter (Gold Rush Wrestling)
4 Sophia Rosales (Silverback Wrestling)

1 Melissa Gallo (Gladiator Wrestling)
2 Emelina Anes (Team Selma Wrestling Club)

1 Sarah Barajas (North Valley Predator Wrestling Club)
2 Aubrianna Holman (Will County Warriors)


1 Hanna Hensen (Michigan)
2 Julianna Escobar (Gracie Barra Westchase Wrestling Club)
3 Khloe Peak (505 Wrestling Club)
4 Sadie Stephenson (NXT Level Wrestling Academy)
5 Sharon Dickson (Brazoria County Wrestling)

1 Rosalie Wood (Pace Rockwall Training Center)
2 Rion Nelson (Arizona)
3 Adelina Anes (Team Selma Wrestling Club)

1 Emma Yamamoto (Grapplers HI)
2 Daisy Rosales (Silverback Wrestling Forth Worth)

1 Whitney Hensen (Michigan)
2 Cooper Snow (North Carolina)
3 Naomi Marie-Bailey Foster (Best Trained)

1 Hannah Hocker (Legends of Gold Las Vegas)
2 Amayah Barragan (North Valley Predator Wrestling Club

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