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Sun Mar 06 2022 Cornell leads Penn by eight points after day one of EIWA Championships, as both have eight semifinalists

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Photo of Yianni Diakomihalis and Coach Mike Grey of Cornell courtesy of Cornell Athletics.

ITHACA, N.Y. – The team race at the EIWA is coming down to Ivy League powers Cornell and Penn. Both teams pushed eight wrestlers into Sunday’s semifinals, and Cornell holds an eight point lead in the standings after the first day. Cornell has 94.5 points, while Penn has 86.5 points.

Cornell’s eight semifinalists are (with seeds): No. 2 Vitali Arujau (125), No. 4 Dom Lajoie (133), No. 1 Yianni Diakomihalis (149), No. 1 Julian Ramirez (165), No. 2 Chris Foca (174), No. 1 Jonathan Loew (184), No. 2 Jacob Cardenas (197) and No. 2 Lewis Fernandes (285).

Penn’s eight semifinalists are No. 3 Ryan Miller (125), No. 2 Michael Colaiocco (133), No. 2 Cj Composto (141), No. 2 Anthony Artalona (149), No. 3 Doug Zapf (157), No. 3 Nick Incontrera (174), No. 4 Neil Antrassian (184) and No. 4 Ben Goldin (285).

The semifinals will make a difference in the team race, as Cornell and Penn will face each other three times (125, 174 and 184). Cornell is favored in two of the three matchups.

Neither Cornell or Penn, or any of the other Ivy League schools in the conference, competed in the 2020-21 season, as the Ivy League cancelled their season. Lehigh won the 2021 EIWA Championships.

Another Ivy League program, Princeton, is in third place with 69 points, and Lehigh has 62.5 points for fourth place. Both have four in the Sunday morning semifinals.

Lehigh had a setback in the team race at 133 pounds as No. 3 seed and 2021 EIWA champion Malyke Hines took a 0:01 injury default in the round of 16 and took a forfeit in the first consolation round.

2021 EIWA champions who reached this year’s semifinals are P.J. Ogansaya of Army (149), Zach Hartman of Bucknell (165), Lou DePrez of Binghamton (184, now at 197) and Jordan Wood of Lehigh (285).

The EIWA has 42 Pre-Allocation Spots for the 2022 NCAA Championships in Detroit.


at Ithaca, N.Y

Semifinal pairings (with seeds)


No. 1 Patrick Glory (Princeton) vs. No. 4 Joe Manchio (Columbia)

No. 3 Ryan Miller (Penn) vs. No. 2 Vitali Arujau (Cornell)


No. 1 Josh Koderhandt (Navy) vs. No. 4 Dom Lajoie (Cornell)

No. 11 Richard Treanor (Army) vs. No. 2 Michael Colaiocco (Penn)


No. 1 Matt Kazimir (Columbia) vs. No. 4 Darren Miller (Bucknell)

No. 3 Ryan Anderson (Binghamton) vs. No. 2 Cj Composto (Penn)


No. 1 Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell) vs. No. 4 Pj Ogunsanya (Army)

No. 3 Max Brignola (Lehigh) vs. No. 2 Anthony Artalona (Penn)


No. 1 Josh Humphreys (Lehigh) vs. No. 4 Andrew Cerniglia (Navy)

No. 3 Doug Zapf (Penn) vs. No. 2 Quincy Monday (Princeton)


No. 1 Julian Ramirez (Cornell) vs. No. 4 Joshua Ogunsanya (Columbia)

No. 3 Philip Conigliaro (Harvard) vs. No. 2 Zach Hartman (Bucknell)


No. 1 Mickey O'malley (Drexel) vs. No. 5 Jake Logan (Lehigh)

No. 3 Nick Incontrera (Penn) vs. No. 2 Chris Foca (Cornell)


No. 1 Jonathan Loew (Cornell) vs. No. 4 Neil Antrassian (Penn)

No. 3 Charles Small (Hofstra) vs. No. 2 Travis Stefanik (Princeton)


No. 1 Lou Deprez (Binghamton) vs. No. 4 Jacob Koser (Navy)

No. 3 Luke Stout (Princeton) vs. No. 2 Jacob Cardenas (Cornell)


No. 1 Jordan Wood (Lehigh) vs. No. 4 Ben Goldin (Penn)

No. 3 Zachary Knighton-ward (Hofstra) vs. No. 2 Lewis Fernandes (Cornell)

Team Standings

1 Cornell 94.5

2 Penn 86.5

3 Princeton 69

4 Lehigh 62.5

5 Columbia

6 Binghamton 45

7 Navy 40

8 Army 38

9 Hofstra 32.5

10 Drexel 30.5

10 Harvard 30.5

12 Bucknell 29

13 Brown 26.5

14 Franklin & Marshall 18

15 American 16.5

16 Sacred Heart 5

17 Long Island U. 3

Quarterfinal results


Patrick Glory (Princeton) MD Beau Bayless (Harvard), 13-4

Joe Manchio (Columbia) DEC Brandon Seidman (Bucknell), 3-1 SV

Ryan Miller (Penn) DEC Jacob Allen (Navy), 7-4

Vitali Arujau (Cornell) MD Gio Diaz (Franklin & Marshall), 12-2


Josh Koderhandt (Navy) DEC Jaxon Maroney (Drexel), 2-0

Dom Lajoie (Cornell) DEC Kurt Phipps (Bucknell), 2-1

Richard Treanor (Army) MD Nicky Cabanillas (Brown), 13-2

Michael Colaiocco (Penn) DEC Nick Kayal (Princeton), 7-2


Ryan Anderson (Binghamton) DEC Thomas Deck (Army), 4-2 SV

Matt Kazimir (Columbia) DEC Tyler Hunt (Navy), 6-0

Darren Miller (Bucknell) DEC Connor Mcgonagle (Lehigh), 4-2

Cj Composto (Penn) DEC Wil Gil (Franklin & Marshall), 6-3


Pj Ogunsanya (Army) DEC Danny Fongaro (Columbia), 5-3

Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell) MD Nick Lombard (Binghamton), 12-2

Max Brignola (Lehigh) DEC Luke Nichter (Drexel), 11-7

Anthony Artalona (Penn) MD Lukus Stricker (Harvard), 13-2


Josh Humphreys (Lehigh) TF Trevor Tarsi (Harvard), 16-0 3:45

Quincy Monday (Princeton) DEC Nick Delp (Bucknell), 9-5

Andrew Cerniglia (Navy) DEC Markus Hartman (Army), 4-2

Doug Zapf (Penn) DEC Hunter Richard (Cornell), 6-4


Philip Conigliaro (Harvard) DEC Lucas Revano (Penn), 7-4

Julian Ramirez (Cornell) DEC Brevin Cassella (Binghamton), 5-3

Joshua Ogunsanya (Columbia) DEC Brian Meyer (Lehigh), 8-4

Zach Hartman (Bucknell) DEC Evan Barczak (Drexel), 9-5


Mickey O'malley (Drexel) DEC Jacob Nolan (Binghamton), 9-2

Jake Logan (Lehigh) DEC Nick Fine (Columbia), 4-2 SV

Nick Incontrera (Penn) F Ben Pasiuk (Army), 7:32

Chris Foca (Cornell) MD Nate Dugan (Princeton), 14-6


Neil Antrassian (Penn) DEC David Key (Navy), 9-6

Jonathan Loew (Cornell) DEC Brian Bonino (Columbia), 5-0

Charles Small (Hofstra) DEC Brad Laughlin (Army), 2-1 TB2

Travis Stefanik (Princeton) MD Aj Burkhart (Lehigh), 12-3


Lou Deprez (Binghamton) DEC Cole Urbas (Penn), 7-0

Jacob Koser (Navy) DEC Jt Brown (Army), 4-2

Luke Stout (Princeton) DEC Trey Rogers (Hofstra), 10-4

Jacob Cardenas (Cornell) F Mason Mccready (Bucknell), 0:28


Jordan Wood (Lehigh) MD Cenzo Pelusi (Franklin & Marshall), 8-0

Lewis Fernandes (Cornell) F Kade Carlson (Army), 2:22

Ben Goldin (Penn) DEC Joe Doyle (Binghamton), 3-1

Zachary Knighton-ward (Hofstra) MD Isaac Righter (American), 12-4