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U.S. women claim wins six golds, 10 medals and team title at U17 Pan American Championships in Argentina

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Led by six champions and 10 medalist, the United States cruised to the team title in women’s freestyle at the U17 Pan American Championships on Saturday.

The United States scored 225 team points, a full 101 points ahead of runner-up Brazil with 124 points. Mexico came in third with 115 points, among 11 nations in the field.

The United States was dominant all day, securing a 28-5 overall record in the 10 weight classes.

Claiming gold medals for Team USA were:

• Annalise Maralit (Summerville, S.C.) at 40 kg

• Katelyn Valdez (Colorado Springs, Colo.) at 43 kg

• Isabella Bocanegra (Glendale, Ariz.) at 46 kg

• Ava Ward (Centralia, Mo.) at 49 kg

• Persaeus Gomez (Denver, Colo.) at 53 kg

• Mishell Rebisch (Washington Township, Mich.) at 69 kg

Maralit, Valdez, Gomez and Rebisch won all of their matches with bonus points, either technical falls and pins. Ward, a 2021 U17 World bronze medalist, added another international medal to her collection. Bocanegra beat Giovanna Cincinato Pimento of Brazil twice, once in the pool and then again in the finals, for her title.

The other U.S. medalists in Buenos Aires today were silver medalists Skylar Little Soldier (Welch, Minn.) at 57 kg, Marissa Rumsey (Williamsport, Pa.) at 61 kg and Sydney Perry (Batavia, Ill.) at 65 kg, plus bronze medalist Kaiulani Garcia (Stockton, Calif.) at 73 kg.

The competition concludes Sunday with the men’s freestyle division. The 10 boys who competed on Friday in Greco-Roman and won the Greco-Roman team title will also wrestle in freestyle tomorrow.

The event will be broadcast live on FloWrestling.

The brackets for the competition can be found HERE.


At Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 25

Women’s freestyle medalists

40 kg

Gold - Annalise Maralit (USA)

Silver - Anayei Diaz Martinez (Mexico)

Bronze - Ana Moura Dos Santos (Brazil)

43 kg

Gold - Katelyn Valdez (USA)

Silver - Vicky Leon Gomez (Ecuador)

Bronze - Marta Herrera Marroquin (Guatemala)

46 kg

Gold - Isabella Bocanegra (USA)

Silver - Giovanna Cincinato Pimenta (Brazil)

Bronze - Yancy Lopez Davila (Guatemala)

49 kg

Gold - Ava Ward (USA)

Silver - Kaura Coles (Canada)

Bronze - Danna Martinez Ordonez (Mexico)

Bronze - Alexa Alvarez Valenzeuela (Venezuela)

53 kg

Gold - Persaeus Gomez (USA)

Silver - Sofia Ocegueda Gonzalez (Mexico)

Bronze - Vivian Alejandra Quezada Paucar (Ecuador)

Bronze - Emily Dos Santos Ferreira (Brazil)

57 kg

Gold - Leonela Gruezo Ortiz (Ecuador)

Silver - Skylar Little Soldier (USA)

Bronze - Maricielo Atiana Molina Rivasplata (Peru)

Bronze - Ella Finding (Canada)

61 kg

Gold - Neevis Rodriguez Cantu (Mexico)

Silver - Marissa Rumsey (USA)

Bronze - Stefany Dos Santos Ferreira (Brazil)

67 kg

Gold - Gleymaris Beria Diaz (Venezuela)

Silver - Sydney Perry (USA)

Bronze - Athziry Garay Chara (Mexico)

69 kg

Gold - Mishell Rebisch (USA)

Silver - Maria De Sousa Da Silva (Brazil)

73 kg

Gold - Rupinder Kaur Johal (Canada)

Silver - Edna Jimenez Villalba (Mexico)

Bronze - Kaiulani Garcia (USA)

U.S. women’s freestyle results

40 kg: Annalise Maralit (Summerville, S.C.) , gold medal

WIN Anayei Diaz Martinez (Mexico), tech. fall, 12-2

WIN Ana Moura Dos Santos (Brazil), pin 0:24

43 kg: Katelyn Valdez (Colorado Springs, Colo.), gold medal

WIN Vicky Leon Gomez (Ecuador), tech. fall 12-2, 3:14

WIN Maria Satiro Dos Santos (Brazil), pin 1:14

WIN Rosangela Sanchez Ramirez (Puerto Rico), pin 1:44

WIN Marta Herrera Marroquin (Guatemala), tech. fall 12-0, 1:28

46 kg: Isabella Bocanegra (Glendale, Ariz.), gold medal

WIN Giovanna Cincinato Pimenta (Brazil), 10-7

WIN Paola Garcia Vazquez (Puerto Rico), pin 2:00

WIN Yancy Lopez Davila (Guatemala), pin 1:48

WIN Giovanna Cincinato Pimenta (Brazil), 8-6

49 kg: Ava Ward (Centralia, Mo.), gold medal

WIN Monika Navarro Bonda (Argentina), tech. fall 10-0, 0:55

WIN Alexa Alvarez Valenzeuela (Venezuela), 9-2

WIN Kaura Coles (Canada), tech. fall 10-0, 1:21

53 kg: Persaeus Gomez (Denver, Colo.), gold medal

WIN Julia Petryna (Canada), tech. fall 10-0

WIN Emily Dos Santos Ferreira (Brazil), tech. fall, 10-0, 2:10

WIN Sofia Ocegueda Gonzalez (Mexico), 12-2, 3:30

57 kg: Skylar Little Soldier (Welch, Minn.), silver medal

WIN Fatima Figueroa Alvarez (Guatemala), tech. fall 10-0, 0:39

WIN Ella Finding (Canada), pin 3:30

LOSS Leonela Gruezo Ortiz (Ecuador), 7-1

61 kg: Marissa Rumsey (Williamsport, Pa.), silver medal

WIN Allison Valdez Obando (Guatemala), pin 1:50

WIN Tiara Batalla (Argentina), tech. fall 15-4, 2:00

WIN Stefany Dos Santos Ferreira (Brazil), 8-6

LOSS Neevis Rodriguez Cantu (Mexico), pin 2:32

65 kg: Sydney Perry (Batavia, Ill.), silver medal

WIN Paige Veloso (Canada), tech. fall 12-2, 3:50

LOSS Gleymaris Beria Diaz (Venezuela), 8-0

WIN Athziry Garay Chara (Mexico), pin 3:16

LOSS Gleymaris Beria Diaz (Venezuela), 5-2

69 kg: Mishell Rebisch (Washington Township, Mich.), gold medal

WIN Maria De Sousa Da Silva (Brazil), tech. fall 13-3, 4:00

73 kg: Kaiulani Garcia (Stockton, Calif.), bronze medal

WIN Ana Rosa Morales (Argentina), pin 1:27

WIN Karla Castillo Garcia (Venezuela), pin 2:47

WIN Aomi Riques Morales (Peru), tech. fall 10-0, 1:57

LOSS Edna Jimenez Villalba (Mexico), 4-4

WIN Karla Castillo Garcia (Venezuela), pin 3:36

Women’s freestyle team standings

1. United States 225

2. Brazil, 124

3. Mexico, 115

4. Canada, 90

5. Ecuador, 70

6. Argentina, 65

7. Guatemala, 64

8. Venezuela, 52

9. Puerto Rico, 49

10. Peru, 25

11. Chile, 6