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Ohio wins 16U National Duals freestyle championship over Wisconsin Red, 35-35, on criteria

by Adam Engel, USA Wrestling

Ohio poses together after winning the 16U National Duals freestyle title. Photo courtesy of Pete Isais.

LOVES PARK, Ill. — In a dual meet rich with momentum shifts, the heavyweights decided a national champion team. Win probability fluctuated on opposite sides of the spectrum Saturday afternoon. The outcome remained in question until the final buzzer.

Ohio defeated Wisconsin Red 35-35 on criteria to win a freestyle national championship in the 16U National Duals in Loves Park, Illinois. With the win, Ohio repeated as 16U freestyle champions.

Ohio heavyweight Aaron Reis squashed a deep deficit against Wisconsin Red’s Evan Gratz to win 11-8 and give his team enough points to secure a national title.

But minutes earlier, Gratz led 8-0. Ries lifted Gratz to the mat from a low single for a takedown and back points to cut into Gratz’s lead at the break. Much like the flow of the dual, a lead vanished. An eight-point lead dropped to just four. Ries pushed Gratz out of bounds for a step out. Near the edge, Ries sent his opponent to the mat for a four-point throw. Wisconsin tossed a challenge brick, but the result remained unchanged. It only added to Ries’s final margin of victory.

Wisconsin began the dual with a pair of wins from Caleb Noble (88) and Haakon Peterson (94), but a pattern emerged. At 106 pounds, Ohio Mason’s Rohr tied the dual with a 10-0 tech fall over Wisconsin Red’s Liam Neitzel. Rohr attacked from the whistle and circled around Neitzel for a takedown less than 10 seconds into the bout. Rohr continued to move forward and added two more takedowns before the break. Rohr logged another go-behind takedown early in the second and secured the win nearly a minute later in the same fashion.

A bout later, Ohio’s Cole Evans scored a pair of late takedowns to defeat Wisconsin Red’s Declan Koch. Evans trailed 5-4 with less than 30 seconds in the bout but worked out of a chest wrap for a takedown. He put Koch away with a gut wrench seconds before the buzzer sounded.

Wisconsin Red, however, added three technical falls and regained the lead.

At 120 pounds, Lucas Peters crushed Ohio’s Adam Butler, 11-0. Peters lifted Butler and tossed him for a five-point throw. Peters added four more takedowns to end it with seven seconds left in the first period. Wisconsin Red’s Dawson Johnson and Daniel Heiser collected two 10-0 tech falls at the next two weights to add to Wisconsin’s surge.

At 145 pounds, Ohio’s Ty Wilson regained momentum for his team with a 7-6 win over Wisconsin Red’s Caleb Cady. Ohio refused to lose. Ohio’s Brodie Dominque punished Wisconsin Red’s Tanner Halopka with a flurry of leg laces to collect a 10-0 tech fall.

A bout later, at 160 pounds, Tyrel Miller did the same, putting away Wisconsin Red’s Owen Wasley, 10-0. At 170 pounds, Jarrel Miller put Ohio ahead for the first time in eight bouts. He added to the technical fall parade over Wisconsin Red’s Toren Vandenbush, 13-2.

But the drama continued. Ohio’s one-point lead vanished.

Wisconsin’s Aeoden Sinclair regained the lead with a technical fall at 182, and decision by Chase Matthias at 195 added to it. But Ohio didn’t go away. At 220 pounds, Ohio’s William Adkins teched Wisconsin Red’s Henry Vander Heiden, 12-2, in 56 seconds. That determined performance put Ohio in a position to win, capped off by the dramatic win by Aaron Ries at heavyweight.

Pennsylvania Blue placed third with a 46-29 victory over California, with 11 victories, including an amazing 10 wins with bonus points. Illinois outlasted Iowa 42-31 for fifth place. Seventh place went to Florida, a 49-28 winner over Oklahoma Blue.

New Jersey controlled Minnesota Blue 45-29 to secure the Bronze/Copper Pool. Indiana Gold claimed the Red/Blue Pool with a 43-32 victory over Idaho. Virginia escaped Oklahoma Red 38-37 to win the Green/Yellow Pool. Oklahoma won its last match by forfeit but remained a point short. In the only round robin pool on Saturday, Ohio Scarlet blasted the Purple/Grey Pool with a 5-0 record. Ohio Scarlet held its last three opponents to a combined 13 pounds.


At Loves Park, Ill. June 11, 2022

Freestyle results

Gold/Silver Pool (Places 1-8):

1st place — Ohio

2nd place — Wisconsin Red

3rd place — Pennsylvania Blue

4th place — California

5th place — Illinois

6th place — Iowa

7th place — Florida

8th place — Oklahoma Blue

1st place match — Ohio vs Wisconsin Red

88 pounds: Caleb Noble (Wisconsin Red) over Justin Winter (Ohio) Fall 1:36

94 pounds: Haakon Peterson (Wisconsin Red) over Lincoln Rohr (Ohio) Dec 5-2

100 pounds: Emeric McBurney (Ohio) over Aidan Gruenenfelder (Wisconsin Red) Dec 7-0

106 pounds: Mason Rohr (Ohio) over Liam Neitzel (Wisconsin Red) TF 10-0

113 pounds: Cole Evans (Ohio) over Declan Koch (Wisconsin Red) Dec 8-5

120 pounds: Lucas Peters (Wisconsin Red) over Adam Butler (Ohio) TF 11-0

126 pounds: Dawson Johnson (Wisconsin Red) over Phoenix Contos (Ohio) TF 10-0

132 pounds: Daniel Heiser (Wisconsin Red) over Joseph Sanderfer Jr. (Ohio) TF 10-0

138 pounds: Owen Seffrood (Wisconsin Red) over Grayson Woodcock (Ohio) Dec 5-2

145 pounds: Ty Wilson (Ohio) over Caleb Cady (Wisconsin Red) Dec 7-6

152 pounds: Brodie Dominique (Ohio) over Tanner Halopka (Wisconsin Red) TF 10-0

160 pounds: Tyrel Miller (Ohio) over Owen Wasley (Wisconsin Red) TF 10-0

170 pounds: Jarrel Miller Jr (Ohio) over Toren Vandenbush (Wisconsin Red) TF 13-2

182 pounds: Aeoden Sinclair (Wisconsin Red) over Matthew Kowalski (Ohio) TF 10-0

195 pounds: Chase Matthias (Wisconsin Red) over Aidan Weimer (Ohio) Dec 6-4

220 pounds: William Adkins (Ohio) over Henry Vander Heiden (Wisconsin Red) TF 12-2

285 pounds: Aaron Ries (Ohio) over Evan Gratz (Wisconsin Red) Dec 11-8

3rd place match — Pennsylvania Blue dec. California, 46-29

88 pounds: Alexander Diaz (Pennsylvania Blue) over Gavin Pongsai (California) Fall 1:27

94 pounds: Kole Davidheiser (Pennsylvania Blue) over Dominic Bozanic (California) TF 12-2

100 pounds: Slater Hicks (California) over T. Thunder Sollenberger (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall

106 pounds: Aaron Seidel (Pennsylvania Blue) over Devin Bobzien (California) TF 14-2

113 pounds: Edwin Sierra (California) over Landon Sidun (Pennsylvania Blue) Dec 6-5 1

120 pounds: Sam Herring (Pennsylvania Blue) over Billy Townson (California) TF 11-0

126 pounds: Gauge Botero (Pennsylvania Blue) over Elias Navida (California) TF 10-0 4.0

132 pounds: Maddox Shaw (Pennsylvania Blue) over Jayson Suetos (California) TF 10-0

138 pounds: Vince Bouzakis (Pennsylvania Blue) over Sonny Lora-torres (California) Fall 1:11

145 pounds: Bode Marlow (Pennsylvania Blue) over Christian Diaz (California) TF 10-0

152 pounds: Owen McMullen (Pennsylvania Blue) over Mikel David Uyemura (California) Dec 12-10

160 pounds: Angelo Posada (California) over Tommy Cohenour (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 10-0

170 pounds: Logan Bruce (California) won via forfeit

182 pounds: Adam Waters (Pennsylvania Blue) over Khale McDonnell (California) TF 10-0

195 pounds: Jason Singer (Pennsylvania Blue) over Kayden Cartee (California) TF 10-0

220 pounds: Nicholas Sahakian (California) over Ean Winchester (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 10-0

285 pounds: Adam Farha (California) over Logan Corner (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 1:36

5th place match — Illinois dec. Iowa, 42-31

88 pounds: Allen Woo (Illinois) over Elijah Hyet (Iowa) TF 10-0

94 pounds: Mac Crosson (Iowa) over Dean Wainwright (Illinois) Dec 11-4

100 pounds: Carter Pearson (Iowa) over Caden Correll (Illinois) TF 10-0

106 pounds: Jace Hedeman (Iowa) over Brayden Teunissen (Illinois) TF 10-0

113 pounds: Timothy Koester (Iowa) over Drew Davis (Illinois) Fall 1:07

120 pounds: Wyatt Medlin (Illinois) over Blake Fox (Iowa) Dec 9-8

126 pounds: Benjamin Davino (Illinois) over Benjamin Hansen (Iowa) TF 10-0

132 pounds: Peyton Cox (Illinois) over Nolan Fellers (Iowa) Dec 9-2

138 pounds: Donavon Allen (Illinois) over Tucker Stangel (Iowa) Dec 8-3

145 pounds: Dominic Serio (Illinois) over Kyler Knaack (Iowa) Fall 1:08

152 pounds: Bas Diaz (Iowa) over Cael Miller (Illinois) Dec 6-3

160 pounds: Ricky Ericksen (Illinois) over Justin Avila (Iowa) Dec 5-1

170 pounds: Brody Murray (Illinois) over Dominic Tigner (Iowa) Fall 0:41

182 pounds: Brent Slade (Iowa) over Conor Phelan (Illinois) TF 18-8

195 pounds: Jaxon Penovich (Illinois) over Thaden Abbas (Iowa) Dec 14-7

220 pounds: Henry Christensen (Iowa) over Lamar Bradley (Illinois) Dec 5-2

285 pounds: Lee Smith (Illinois) over Cooper Martinson (Iowa) Fall 1:18

7th place match — Florida dec. Oklahoma Blue, 49-28

88 pounds: Cason Craft (Oklahoma Blue FS) over Gavin Fisher (Florida) TF 10-0

94 pounds: Hunter Knox (Oklahoma Blue FS) over Malachi Ortiz (Florida) Dec 12-10

100 pounds: Lincoln Sledzianowski (Florida) over Hudson Beckley (Oklahoma Blue FS) TF 16-6

106 pounds: Zane Donley (Oklahoma Blue FS) over Liam Davis (Florida) TF 12-2

113 pounds: Sebastian Degennaro (Florida) over Devon Miller (Oklahoma Blue FS) Dec 8-1

120 pounds: Christian Fretwell (Florida) over Iziah Tusler (Oklahoma Blue FS) Fall 1:30

126 pounds: Zeno Moore (Florida) over Isaiah Jones (Oklahoma Blue FS) Dec 9-5

132 pounds: Anderson Heap (Florida) over Miles Velasquez (Oklahoma Blue FS) Inj 1:12

138 pounds: Elvis Solis (Florida) over Joseph Jeter (Oklahoma Blue FS) TF 12-1 4.0

145 pounds: Beau Hickman (Oklahoma Blue FS) over Gavin Balmeceda (Florida) Fall 3:19

152 pounds: Claudio Torres (Florida) over Jayden Fuston (Oklahoma Blue FS) TF 11-0

160 pounds: Jason Osgood (Oklahoma Blue FS) over Eric Hodge (Florida) Dec 8-3

170 pounds: Shannon L. Davie (Florida) won via forfeit

182 pounds: Colyn Donnelly (Oklahoma Blue FS) over Sawyer VanRider (Florida) Fall 0:23

195 pounds: Michael Mocco (Florida) over Trae Kibble (Oklahoma Blue FS) TF 10-0

220 pounds: Elijah Vansickle (Florida) over Garrett Henry (Oklahoma Blue FS) Fall 0:51

285 pounds: Caleb Rodriguez (Florida) over Dylan Allen (Oklahoma Blue FS) TF 10-0

Bronze/Copper Pool (Places 9-16):

1st place — New Jersey

2nd place — Minnesota Blue

3rd place — Team Missouri Red

4th place — Colorado

5th place — Team Michigan Blue

6th place — Team Missouri Blue

7th place — Tennessee

8th place — Georgia

1st place match — New Jersey dec. Minnesota Blue, 45-29

3rd place match — Team Missouri Red dec. Colorado, 44-27

5th place match — Team Michigan Blue dec. Team Missouri Blue, 51-22

7th place match — Tennessee dec. Georgia, 38-33

Red/Blue Pool:

1st place — Indiana Gold

2nd place — Idaho

3rd place — Wisconsin Blue

4th place — Pennsylvania Red

5th place — Kansas Blue

6th place — Minnesota Red

7th place — Georgia Red

8th place — Alabama

1st place match — Indiana Gold dec. Idaho, 43-32

3rd place match — Wisconsin Blue dec. Pennsylvania Red, 54-23

5th place match — Kansas Blue dec. Minnesota Red, 45-27

7th place match — Georgia Red dec. Alabama, 40-33

Green/Yellow Pool:

1st place — Virginia

2nd place — Oklahoma Red

3rd place — Team Michigan Red

4th place — Nebraska

5th place — Kansas Red

6th place — Louisiana

7th place — Texas Blue

8th place — Arkansas

1st place match — Virginia dec. Oklahoma Red, 38-37

3rd place match — Team Michigan Red dec. Nebraska, 35-30

5th place match — Kansas Red dec. Louisiana, 50-27

7th place match — Texas Blue dec. Arkansas, 26-18

Purple/Grey Pool

1st place — Ohio Scarlet

2nd place — Team Texas

3rd place — Kentucky

4th place — North Dakota

5th place — North Carolina

6th place — West Virginia

North Dakota defeated North Carolina 43-27.

Ohio Scarlet defeated Team Texas 56-24.

Kentucky defeated West Virginia 50-18.

North Dakota defeated West Virginia 38-26.

Ohio Scarlet defeated Kentucky 58-17.

Team Texas defeated North Carolina 45-8.

Kentucky defeated North Dakota 46-27.

Ohio Scarlet defeated North Carolina 76-2.

Team Texas defeated West Virginia 54-7.

Team Texas defeated North Dakota 36-23.

Ohio Scarlet defeated West Virginia 74-5.

Kentucky defeated North Carolina 58-13.

Ohio Scarlet defeated North Dakota 72-6.

Team Texas defeated Kentucky 40-26.

North Carolina defeated West Virginia 24-21.