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Pennsylvania Blue, Illinois, Iowa and New Jersey win preliminary pools at 14U National Freestyle Duals

by Ellen Paddock, USA Wrestling

Action from 14U National Duals. Photo by Rachel Lopez.

INDIANAPOLIS — Pennsylvania Blue, Illinois, Iowa and New Jersey won their respective pools on Saturday to advance to Sunday’s Gold/Silver Pool. Gold/Silver and color pools will be wrestled tomorrow from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. with finals beginning at 2:30 p.m.

In Pool A, Pennsylvania Blue defeated Michigan Blue in the first place match, 52-26. Michigan Blue then lost to Ohio for true-second, 49-28. Illinois had a successful run in Pool B, taking out Indiana Gold 39-34 for the first place match. Indiana Gold went on to defeat Wisconsin for second best in Pool B, 51-28,
Iowa finished first in Pool C after defeating Minnesota Storm 40-38. Minnesota Storm beat Carolina 40-36 for second in Pool C. New Jersey was the dominant team in Pool D, defeating Tennessee 60-18 in the first place match. Tennessee then fell to Oklahoma Red, 48-34, for second.

The second-place teams in each pool join the winners in the Gold/Silver Pool.
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At Loves Park, Illinois, June 11, 2022

Freestyle results

Pool A Results

1st Place - Pennsylvania Blue
2nd Place - Ohio
3rd Place - Michigan Blue
4th Place - West Virginia
5th Place - Minnesota Thunder
6th Place - Missouri Blue
7th Place - Florida
8th Place - Nebraska

1st Place Match – Pennsylvania Blue defeated Michigan Blue 52-26.
2nd Place Wrestleback – Ohio defeated Michigan Blue 49-28.
3rd Place Match – Ohio defeated West Virginia 50-31.
5th Place Match – Minnesota Thunder defeated Missouri Blue 49-32.
7th Place Match – Florida defeated Nebraska 54-17.
Pool B Results

1st Place - Illinois

2nd Place - Indiana Gold

3rd Place - Wisconsin

4th Place - Washington

5th Place - Utah

6th Place - Texas

7th Place - New York

8th Place - Oklahoma Blue

1st Place Match – Illinois defeated Indiana Gold 39-34.
2nd Place Wrestleback – Indiana Gold defeated Wisconsin 51-28.
3rd Place Match – Wisconsin defeated Washington 44-37.
5th Place Match – Utah defeated Texas 61-18.
7th Place Match – New York defeated Oklahoma Blue 39-38. 

Pool C Results

1st Place - Iowa
2nd Place - Minnesota Storm
3rd Place - California
4th Place - Pennsylvania Red
5th Place - Missouri Red
6th Place - Georgia
7th Place - Maryland
8th Place - Kansas Blue

1st Place Match – Iowa defeated Minnesota Storm 40-38.
2nd Place Wrestleback – Minnesota Storm defeated California 40-36.
3rd Place Match – California defeated Pennsylvania Red 56-25.
5th Place Match – Missouri Red defeated Georgia 45-34.
7th Place Match – Maryland defeated Kansas Blue 65-9.

Pool D Results

1st Place - New Jersey
2nd Place - Oklahoma Red
3rd Place - Tennessee
4th Place - Indiana Blue
5th Place - Arkansas
6th Place - Michigan Red
7th Place - Alabama
8th Place - CO Blue

1st Place Match – New Jersey defeated Tennessee 60-18.
2nd Place Wrestleback – Oklahoma Red defeated Tennessee 48-34.
3rd Place Match – Oklahoma Red defeated Indiana Blue 55-21.
5th Place Match – Arkansas defeated Michigan Red 38-35.
7th Place Match – Alabama defeated CO Blue 33-31.