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New Jersey wins 14U National Duals Greco-Roman title over Indiana Gold, 50-32

by Adam Engel, USA Wrestling

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind — In a span of minutes, multiple bodies flipped, and hands slapped the mat. One fall after another.

New Jersey used multiple falls in a row to crush Indiana Gold 49-29 to win a Greco-Roman national championship in the 14U National Duals in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Each team traded technical falls before the falls piled up. At 136 pounds, Indiana Gold’s Lucas Boe drove New Jersey’s Ryan Gavrish into a cement mixer for a fall. But the next four belonged to New Jersey.

AJ Di Giovanni of New Jersey needed 14 seconds to flatten Jonah Strain at 149 pounds. Strain attacked toward Di Giovani and couldn’t get a good grip. Di Giovanni used higher leverage and punished his opponent.

Di Giovanni’s next three teammates spent a combined 76 seconds on the mat. Joseph Monticello flattened Indiana Gold’s Kellen Fellure in 29 seconds. At 187 pounds, Nevin Mattessich finished off Indiana Gold’s Kaidin Cooper in 25 seconds with a front headlock. Mateo Vinciguerra continued the pin fest in 22 seconds against Hayden Smith of Indiana Gold at 250 pounds.

Indiana Gold collected two consecutive wins after New Jersey’s streak, but the damage already had occurred.

In the dual’s last match, Indiana Gold’s Braylon Reynolds won via decision, but he didn’t have much to celebrate. That was reserved for New Jersey.

In the Gold/Silver Pool third place match, Illinois used 10 bonus point wins to demolish Utah, 48-30. Iowa stopped Washington 50-35 to win the pool’s fifth place match. Pennsylvania Blue secured the seventh-place match with a 50-30 win over California. Pennsylvania Blue won five of its last six bouts.

Winning the Bronze/Copper Pool was the Minnesota Storm, Pennsylvania Red was the Red/Blue Pool champion and the Green/Yellow Pool winner was Texas.

With Greco-Roman finished, the focus shifts to freestyle. The tournament resumes Saturday at 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. MT with the freestyle preliminary pools.

Every bout is streamed live on FloWrestling.


At Indianapolis, Ind., June 9, 2022

Greco-Roman results

Gold/Silver Pool results (Places 1-8):

1st place — New Jersey

2nd place — Indiana Gold

3rd place — Illinois

4th place — Team Utah

5th place — Iowa

6th place — Washington

7th place — Pennsylvania Blue

8th place — California

1st place match — New Jersey dec. Indiana Gold, 50-32

114 pounds: Carter Fielden (Team Indiana Gold) dec. Gideon Gonzalez, 8-6

119 pounds: Nate Keller (New Jersey) TF Lincoln Cooper (Team Indiana Gold), 9-0

125 pounds: Thomas Gibbs (Indiana Gold) TF Morgan Schwarz (New Jersey), 10-2

130 pounds: Joseph Schinder (New Jersey) TF Peyton Hornsby (Indiana Gold), 10-0

136 pounds: Lucas Boe (Indiana Gold) Fall 1:51 Ryan Gavrish (New Jersey)

149 pounds: AJ Di Giovanni (New Jersey) Fall 0:14 Jonah Strain (Indiana Gold)

165 pounds: Joseph Monticello (New Jersey) Fall 0:29 Kellen Fellure (Indiana Gold)

187 pounds: Nevin Mattessich (New Jersey) Fall 0:25 Kaidin Cooper (Indiana Gold)

250 pounds: Mateo Vinciguerra (New Jersey) Fall 0:22 Hayden Smith (Indiana Gold)

71 pounds: Karson Kahalekomo (Indiana Gold) dec. Anthony Curlo (New Jersey), 8-4

77 pounds: Traevon Ducking (Indiana Gold) TF Cade Collins (New Jersey), 10-1

83 pounds: Sean Kenny (New Jersey) TF Alden Walker (Indiana Gold), 10-2

87 pounds: Cameron Sontz (New Jersey) dec. Case Bell (Indiana Gold), 5-4

92 pounds: Jensen Boyd (Indiana Gold) Fall Michael Bastista (New Jersey)

97 pounds: Caleb Schaefer (Indiana Gold) dec. Killian Coluccio (New Jersey), 6-1

102 pounds: Paul Kenny (New Jersey) TF Bradyn Volz (Indiana Gold), 8-0

106 pounds: Nicholas DiFrancescantonio (New Jersey) Fall 3:09 Jett McGuire (Indiana Gold)

110 pounds: Braylon Reynolds (Indiana Gold) dec. Ryan DeGeorge (New Jersey), 7-4

3rd place match — Illinois dec. Team Utah, 48-30

114 pounds: Zev Koransky (Illinois) dec. Ladd Holman (Utah), 8-7

119 pounds: Noah Bull (Team Utah) TF Isaac Mayora (Illinois), 8-0

125 pounds: Hunter Shike (Illinois) TF Taisyn Johnson (Team Utah), 12-2

130 pounds: Gage Brady (Team Utah) won via forfeit

136 pounds: Brody Sendele (Illinois) TF Wyatt Hanssen (Team Utah), 8-0

149 pounds: Aaron Stewart (Illinois) TF Kaizen Detoles (Team Utah), 9-0

165 pounds: Sergio Calleros (Illinois) TF Wyatt Connelly (Team Utah) 9-0

187 pounds: Moroni Mahe (Team Utah) dec. Roman Villalobos (Illinois), 7-2

250 pounds: Caden Young (Team Utah) Fall 1:38 Jeremy Marshall (Illinois)

71 pounds: Michael Rundell (Illinois) Fall 1:31 Kaden Oldroyd (Team Utah)

77 pounds: Vincent DeMarco (Illinois) TF Tanner Telford (Team Utah), 8-0

83 pounds: Kaleb Pratt (Illinois) TF Samuel Moody (Team Utah), 8-0

87 pounds: Jamiel Castleberry (Illinois) TF Asher Millward (Team Utah), 8-0

92 pounds: Connor Simons (Team Utah) dec. Michael Miranda (Illinois), 11-6

97 pounds: Kaleb Blackner (Team Utah) dec. Demetrios Carrera (Illinois), 11-7

102 pounds: Rocco Cassioppi (Illinois) TF Riker Ohearon (Team Utah), 8-0

106 pounds: Bruno Cassioppi (Illinois) Fall 1:04 Joseph Whitford Jr. (Team Utah)

110 pounds: Mason Carlson (Team Utah) Fall 1:33 Jason Hampton (Illinois)

5th place match — Iowa dec. Washington, 50-35

114 pounds: Justis Jesuroga (Iowa) TF Cael Orth (Washington), 8-0

119 pounds: Maximus Dhabolt (Iowa) over Beau Gudde (Washington) TF 17-9

125 pounds: Gavin Wells (Washington) over Jax Shekleton (Iowa) TF 11-2

130 pounds: William Lowery (Washington) over Noah Howk-Erwin (Iowa) Fall 2:34

136 pounds: Dayton Fitzgibbon (Washington) over Aiden Kirk (Iowa) TF 10-2

149 pounds: Cohen Malasig (Washington) over Nolan Kriegel (Iowa) Fall 0:48

165 pounds: Brayden Koester (Iowa) over Dorien Cano (Washington) Fall 0:46

187 pounds: Andy Franke (Iowa) over Corban Patchett (Washington) TF 13-4

250 pounds: John Kelso (Iowa) over Angel Huizar (Washington) Fall 1:02

71 pounds: Chase Watkinson (Iowa) over Nery Rivas (Washington) Fall 0:22

77 pounds: Brycen Dawley (Washington) over Ethan Humphrey (Iowa) TF 12-4

83 pounds: Hayden Schwab (Iowa) over Lazarus McEwen (Washington) TF 10-0

87 pounds: Weston Porter (Iowa) over Hoyt Harshman (Washington) TF 10-2

92 pounds: Gavin Landers (Iowa) over Jonathan Robles (Washington) TF 9-0

97 pounds: Jonas DesRochers (Washington) over Hendrix Schwab (Iowa) Fall 2:46

102 pounds: Mason DesRochers (Washington) TF Matthew Tran (Iowa), 8-0

106 pounds: Dawson Youngblut (Iowa) TF Owen Marshall (Washington), 9-0

110 pounds: Dylan Colleran (Iowa) TF Cooper Williams (Washington), 10-2

7th place match — Pennsylvania Blue dec. California, 50-30

114 pounds: Kai Vielma (Pennsylvania Blue) over Andrew Wallace (California) Dec 9-4

119 pounds:Dimetry Molina (California) over Alek Palko (Pennsylvania Blue) Dec 8-3

125 pounds:Blake Hostetter (Pennsylvania Blue) over Jayden Butikofer (California) Fall 2:00

130 pounds: Isaac Padilla (California) over Max Firestine (Pennsylvania Blue) Dec 7-1

136 pounds: CJ Pensiero (Pennsylvania Blue) over Sammy Seja (California) TF 12-4

149 pounds: Brady Brown (Pennsylvania Blue) over Angelo Adame (California) Dec 8-8

165 pounds: Isai Fernandez (California) over Franco Latorre (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 10-1

187 pounds: David Calkins (California) over Gary Kiselka (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 0:44

250 pounds: Caleb Tyler (Pennsylvania Blue) over Enrique Segura (California) Fall 0:21

71 pounds: Thales Silva (California) over Jay McQuiston (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 13-4

77 pounds: Chase Karenbauer (Pennsylvania Blue) over Thiago Silva (California) TF 9-0

83 pounds: Samuel Sanchez (California) over Eli Herring (Pennsylvania Blue) Dec 10-8

87 pounds: Keegan Bassett (Pennsylvania Blue) over Micah Garcia (California) TF 8-0

92 pounds: Kavin Muyleart (Pennsylvania Blue) over Jack Baker (California) TF 10-0

97 pounds: Gabriel Ballard (Pennsylvania Blue) over Carlo Contino (California) Dec 9-2

102 pounds: Will Detar (Pennsylvania Blue) over Matthew Centeno (California) Fall 1:58

106 pounds: Matthew Orbeta (California) over Brady Slicker (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 8-0

110 pounds: Blake McMillion (Pennsylvania Blue) won via forfeit

Bronze/Copper Pool results (Places 9-16):

1st place — Minnesota Storm

2nd place — Wisconsin

3rd place — Ohio Gray

4th place — Tennessee

5th place — Oklahoma Outlaws Red

6th place — Minnesota Thunder

7th place — Team Michigan Blue

8th place — Maryland

1st place match — Minnesota Storm dec. Wisconsin, 59-20

3rd place match — Ohio Gray dec. Tennessee, 48-33

5th place match —Oklahoma Outlaws Red dec. Minnesota Thunder, 63-19

7th place match — Team Michigan Blue dec. Maryland, 56-24

Red/Blue Pool results:

1st place — Pennsylvania Red

2nd place — Team Florida

3rd place — Georgia

4th place —Oklahoma Outlaws Blue

5th place — New York

6th place — Team Indiana Blue

7th place — Team Michigan Red

8th place — Team Virginia

1st place match — Pennsylvania Red dec. Team Florida, 44-39

3rd place match — Georgia dec. Oklahoma Outlaws Blue, 45-35

5th place match — New York dec. Team Indiana Blue, 49-29

7th place match — Team Michigan Red dec. Team Virginia, 41-28

Green/Yellow Pool results:

1st place — Texas

2nd place — Team Missouri

3rd place — Colorado Red

4th place — Nebraska

5th place — Alabama

6th place — Colorado Blue

7th place — Kansas Blue

8th place — North Carolina

1st place match — Texas dec. Colorado Red, 48-31

2nd place wrestleback — Team Missouri dec. Colorado Red, 46-36

3rd place match — Team Missouri dec. Nebraska, 41-33

5th place match — Alabama dec. Colorado Blue, 37-28

7th place match — Kansas Blue dec. North Carolina, 49-12
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