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New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana Gold and Pennsylvania Blue win preliminary pools at 14U National Greco-Roman Duals

by Adam Engel, USA Wrestling

Great Greco-Roman action at the 14U National Duals. Photo by Rachel Lopez.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind — The contenders are clear after the Greco-Roman preliminary pool competitions at the 14U National Duals in Indianapolis, Indiana.

New Jersey ran through the A Pool with a 44-33 win against Illinois. New Jersey became one of four teams to win its pool, and advance to Friday’s Gold/Silver Pool, which determines the top eight teams.

In Pool B, Iowa stopped Utah, 43-35. Indiana Gold will represent the top spot from the C Pool thanks to a 46-33 win over Washington. In the D Pool, Pennsylvania blasted its competition and beat Tennessee, 47-33.

Only one pool held a true second place dual to decide the other spots in the eight-team Gold/Silver Pool. In the D Pool true second place dual, California’s upperweights overwhelmed Tennessee to win 46-34.

California’s 16U Greco squad won a national championship on Thursday afternoon. On Friday, the younger boys can do the same.

Illinois, Utah and Washington advanced to the Gold/Silver Pool as pool runners-up without true second place duals.

The start of the color pool competitions are happening during the Thursday night session. The tournament continues Friday at 8 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. MT. The morning session features the color pool rounds. The finals are scheduled for the afternoon. The next story on this event will be posted after the finals on Friday.

Every bout is streamed live on FloWrestling.


At Indianapolis, Ind., June 9, 2022

Greco-Roman results

A Pool Results

1st place — New Jersey

2nd place — Illinois

3rd place — Wisconsin

4th place — Oklahoma Outlaws Red

5th place — Team Indiana Blue

6th place — Team Michigan Red

7th place — Alabama

8th Place - Colorado Blue

1st place match — New Jersey dec. Illinois, 44-33

3rd place match — Wisconsin dec. Oklahoma Outlaws Red, 39-37

5th place match — Team Indiana Blue dec. Team Michigan Red, 37-29

7th place match — Alabama dec. Colorado Blue, 37-28

Semifinals: Illinois dec. Team Michigan Red, 55-25; New Jersey dec. Oklahoma Outlaws Red, 49-25

Quarterfinals: Illinois dec. Team Indiana Blue, 66-10; Team Michigan Red dec. Colorado Blue, 56-16; Oklahoma Outlaws Red dec. Alabama, 80-5; New Jersey dec. Texas, 60-16

B Pool Results

1st place — Iowa

2nd place — Team Utah

3rd place — Ohio Gray

4th place — Minnesota Thunder

5th place — Pennsylvania Red

6th place — Georgia

7th place — Kansas Blue

8th Place - Team NC

1st place match — Iowa dec. Team Utah, 43-35

3rd place match — Ohio Gray dec. Minnesota Thunder, 56-23

5th place — Pennsylvania Red dec. Georgia, 41-39

7th place match — Kansas Blue dec. North Carolina, 45-23

Semifinals — Iowa dec. Minnesota Thunder, 61-20; Team Utah dec. Ohio Gray, 43-36

Quarterfinals: Iowa dec. Georgia, 57-21; Minnesota Thunder defeat Team North Carolina, 72-9; Ohio Gray dec. Kansas Blue, 71-12; Team Utah dec. Pennsylvania Red, 60-24

C Pool Results

1st place — Team Indiana Gold

2nd place —Washington

3rd place — Team Michigan Blue

4th place — Maryland

5th place — Florida

6th place — Oklahoma Outlaws Blue

7th place — Team Missouri

8th Place - Nebraska

1st place match — Team Indiana Gold dec. Washington, 46-33

3rd place match — Team Michigan Blue dec. Maryland, 42-39

5th place match — Florida dec. Oklahoma Outlaws Blue, 49-29

7th place match: Team Missouri dec. Nebraska, 52-29

Semifinals: Washington dec. Team Michigan Blue, 44-36; Team Indiana Gold dec. Maryland, 45-34

Quarterfinals: Team Michigan Blue dec. Team Florida, 57-24; Washington dec. Nebraska, 70-13; Team Indiana Gold dec. Oklahoma Outlaws Blue, 44-35; Maryland dec. Team Missouri, 48-29

D Pool Results

1st place — Pennsylvania Blue

2nd place — California

3rd place — Tennessee

4th place — Minnesota Storm

5th place — New York

6th place — Virginia

7th place — Colorado Red

8th Place - Kansas Red

1st place match — Pennsylvania Blue dec. Tennessee, 47-33

2nd place wrestleback — California dec. Tennessee, 46-34

3rd place match — California dec. Minnesota Storm, 42-39

5th place match — Team New York dec. Virginia, 39-34

7th place match — Colorado Red dec. Kansas Red, 49-31

Semifinals: Tennessee dec. Minnesota Storm, 37-35; Pennsylvania Blue dec. California, 49-31

Quarterfinals: Tennessee dec. Team Virginia, 62-22; Minnesota Storm dec. Kansas Red, 68-15; California dec. Team New York, 44-37; Pennsylvania Blue dec. Colorado Red, 68-12