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Schedule set for USA Wrestling Folkstyle Nationals and High School National Recruiting Showcase for boys in Cedar Falls, Iowa, April 1-3

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

The event schedule has been posted for the USA Wrestling Folkstyle National Championships, as well as the High School National Recruiting Showcase for boys, which will be held side-by-side at the UNI Dome at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa, April 1-3.

The USA Wrestling Folkstyle Nationals is the annual national tournament in folkstyle (also called scholastic wrestling) for the following age divisions: 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, Junior Open and six Masters age divisions.

The 2022 High School National Recruiting Showcase for boys has been added this year, serving as the elite division for high school boys. Participants must qualify to enter in this division.

USA Wrestling Folkstyle Nationals/High School National Recruiting Showcase schedule

The registration for all divisions of the USA Wrestling Folkstyle Nationals, as well as the High School National Recruiting Showcase for boys will open on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 1.

This event will serve as the first leg of USA Wrestling’s coveted Triple Crown. Anyone who wins the national title in folkstyle, Greco-Roman and freestyle the same year will receive this tremendous honor.

Details for those who wish to compete in the High School National Recruiting Showcase.

• All state champions and National Prep champions (any year) will automatically qualify for the High School National Recruiting Showcase for both boys and girls (They would not need to attend a qualifier). All previous state champions and National Prep champions must pre-register for the National Recruiting Showcase. State champions are defined as state association sanctioned state champions for boys in folkstye, and both state association sanctioned champions and recognized unofficial state champions for girls in folkstyle.

• NEW FOR 2022 – Any wrestler who has been a placewinner at the NHSCA High School Nationals (traditionally held in Virginia Beach) any year are eligible to compete at the High School National Recruiting Showcase.

• For high school boys, the National Recruiting Showcase competition will be in folkstyle (also known as scholastic wrestling), which is the style contested in college by men.

• High school wrestlers who have not won a state title or Prep National title can qualify to compete through five National Recruiting Showcase Qualifiers which are currently being finalized.

High School boys who do not qualify for the High School National Recruiting Showcase may enter the Junior Open division, and/or the 16U division (based upon eligibility), which will produce USA Wrestling national champions and All-Americans as in the past.

Note: Last year the High School National Recruiting Showcase for boys and girls were held together in Coralville, Iowa. This year, they are split apart, with the girls division being held alongside the U.S. Open in Las Vegas, Nev., April 28-29.


Divisions and Weight classes

Registration Deadlines and Entry fees

Official event website

106 - Aden Valencia (Greco-Roman Development)
113 - Yanni Vines (Alabama)
120 - Evan Frost (Bayou Elite Wrestling Club)
126 - Dario Lemus (Red Wave Wrestling)
132 - Kole Brower (Young Guns Wrestling Club)
138 - Tagen Jamison (Texas Pride Wrestling Club)
145 - Tommy Curran (Izzy Style Wrestling)
152 - Mitchell Mesenbrink (Askren Wrestling Academy Lake Country)
160 - Michael Caliendo (Illinois)
170 - Brayden Thompson (Izzy Style Wrestling)
182 - Jared Simma (Kansas)
195 - Evan Anderson (Ohio)
220 - Dzhabrail Khurshidov (Izzy Style Wrestling)
285 - Apollo Gothard (Izzy Style Wrestling)


Junior champions
100 - Edwin Sierra of Extreme Heat Wrestling Club
106 - Ray Ray Harris (California)
113 - Camron Phetxoumphone (Team Valley Wrestling Club)
120 - Raymond Lopez (California)
126 - Sergio Lemley (Region Wrestling Academy)
132 - Greyson Clark (Askren Wrestling Academy Lake Country)
138 - Jager Eisch (Askren Wrestling Academy Lake Country)
145 - Hunter Garvin (Big Game Wrestling Club)
152 - Luke Gayer (Church Boyz Wrestling Club)
160 - Adam Thebeau (Greenfield Wrestling Academy)
170 - Tate Naaktgeboren (Big Game Wrestling Club)
182 - Jared Simma (Kansas)
195 - Ben Kueter (Sebolt Wrestling Academy)
220 - Jack Darrah (Xtreme Training)
285 - Juan Mora (California)

16U champions
88 - Griffin Rial (Black Fox Wrestling Academy)
94 - Mack Mauger (Team Idaho)
100 - Chase Van Hoven (Legacy Wrestling)
106 - Matthew Martino (Team Idaho)
113 - Dawson Johnson (CrassTrained: Weigh In Club)
120 - Collin Guffey (Granite Wrestling Club)
126 - Jason Mara (Team Idaho)
132 - Pierson Manville (Pennsylvania)
138 - Miguel Estrada (Dethrone Wrestling Club)
145 - Zane Licht (Askren Wrestling Academy Lake Country)
152 - Brett Back (Rapids Wrestling Club)
160 - Aeoden Sinclair (Askren Wrestling Academy Lake Country)
170 - Brian Burburija (Florida)
182 - Jude Correa (Massachusetts Wrestling Association)
195- - Noah Wenzel (Izzy Style Wrestling)
220 - Koy Hopke (Wisconsin)
285 - Will Sather (Pinnacle Wrestling Club)

14U champions
71 - Caleb Noble (Toss Em Up Wrestling Academy)
77 - Case Bell (Contenders Wrestling Academy)
83 - Domenic Munaretto (Toss Em Up Wrestling Academy)
87 - Bruno Cassioppi (Hononegah Wrestling Club)
92 - Rocco Cassioppi (Hononegah Wrestling Club)
97 - Austin Paris (Champions Wrestling Club)
102 - Kyler Walters (Pinnacle Wrestling Club)
106 - Evan Stanley (Region Wrestling Academy)
110 - Brody Sendele (Hononegah Wrestling Club)
114 - Aaron Stewart (Toss Em Up Wrestling Academy)
119 - Jimmy Mastny (Alber Athletics Wrestling Club)
125 - Dean Anderson (East Valley Wrestling Club) )
130 - Bradley Rodriguez-Little (Summit Wrestling Academy)
136 - Gavin Isaacs (Apple Valley Wrestling Club)
149 - Benjamin Vazquez (Toss Em Up Wrestling Academy)
165 - William Ward (Bison Wrestling Club)
187 - Garett Kawczynski (Ringers Wrestling Club)

12U champions
58 - Max Lindquist (Jr. Wolves Wrestling)
63 - Shiloh Joyce (New Jersey)
67 - Carter Smith (Michigan)
70 - Cohen Reer (Burnett trained)
74 - Trevor Christenson (Bobcat Wrestling Club)
78 - Jon Gonzalez (Sebolt Wrestling Academy)
82 - Calvin Rathjen (Sebolt Wrestling Academy)
86 - Riker Ohearon (Champions Wrestling Club)
92 - Thunder Page (South Central Punisher Wrestling)
98 - Colton Shaffer (Iowa)
108 - Easton Kammerud (Sarbacker Wrestling Academy)
117 - Dayton Fitzgibbon (Washington)
135 - Isaac Barrientos (Headlock Wrestling Academy)
160 - Grady Isaacs (Apple Valley Wrestling Club)

10U results

49 - Travis Barraclough (Kansas)
53 - Cameron Smith (Michigan)
56 - Lincoln Schulz (Apple Valley Wrestling Club)
59 - Arto Khachatryan (Dethrone Wrestling Club)
63 - Casen Becker (Black Fox Wrestling Academy)
67 - Jaden Washington (Harvey Twisters)
71 - Liam Jennett (Sebolt Wrestling Academy)
77 - Roman Cruz (Cyclones Wrestling & Fitness)
84 - Stetson Gabel (Bear Cave)
93 - Azarius Overstreet (Peacock Wrestling Club LLC)
105 - Brogan Bingham (Team Idaho)
120 - Gavin Brown (Indian Creek Wrestling Club)

8U champions
45 - Zayne Wieneke of Lawrence Elite Wrestling Club
49 - Ian Weber of Ringers Wrestling Club
53 - Easton Henderson (Big Game Wrestling Club)
56 - Brooks Blevins (Triumph Wrestling Club)
62 - Ben Howenstein (Siouxland Wrestling Academy)
70 - Rocco Dominguez (California)
85 - Carter Evans (Electric City Slammers Wrestling)

Masters A champions
127.6 - Daniel Gennaro (Arizona)
154.2 - Jared O`Riley (Iowa)
172 - Cedric Gibson (Sarbacker Wrestling Academy)
194 - Brandon Supernaw (California)
220.4 - Tyler Westlund (Gladiator Wrestling Club)
286.6 - Lance Wagner of Gladiator Wrestling Club

Masters B champions
154.2 - Sean Hamill (X-Factor Elite Wrestling)
172 - Matthew Reinke (MWC Wrestling Academy)
194 - Caleb Ayers (Nebraska)
220.4 - Andrew Reinke (Nebraska)
286.6 - James Medeiros (California)

Masters C champions
154.2 - David Yi (Mad Dawg Wrestling Club)
172 - Michael Kelly (Old School Wrestling)
194 - Rudy James (Gopher Wrestling Club - RTC)
220.4 - Adam Miller (Shelbyville Wrestling Club)
286.6 - Travis Wiuff (Minnesota)

Masters D champions
136.6 - Lim Prim (Nor Cal Take Down)
154.2 - Chad Otterness (Mat Rats Wrestling Club)
172 - Jon Banko (All-American Wrestling Club)
194 - Kevin Pine (Grays Harbor WC)
220.4 - Jeff Anderson (Chicago Wrestling Club)
286.6 - James Gerstbrein (Illinois)

Masters E champions
172.0 - David Manville (Pennsylvania)
220.4 - Frank Galvan (Rochester Wrestling Club)
286.6 - Mark Dollins (Connecticut)
286.6 - Dave Ullom (Iowa)

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