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Pennsylvania RTC's Summit 3 features strong performances from Hall, Ashnault, Zillmer and more

by Joe Wedra, USA Wrestling

PHILADELPHIA -- The 2022 Summit 3 PRTC Invitational, hosted by the Pennsylvania RTC, took place on Monday night with a full card of exciting wrestling action.
The card held roughly 30 matches and featured standouts from the U.S. as well as many other wrestlers who represent other countries. The event consisted of two rounds, giving most athletes in attendance two matches against top-level competition.

Summit 3 was created to open up competition opportunities for athletes who had international tournaments canceled in recent weeks.
At 57 kg, both Darian Cruz (Puerto Rico) and Guesseppe Rea (Ecuador) went 2-0 with a pair of technical fall wins. Both are currently wrestling for the Lehigh Valley Wrestling Club.
Daniel DeShazer of the Gopher RTC posted a pair of wins at 61 kg – he won decisions against Josh Rodriguez and Joey Silva.
Matt Kolodzik, who was Princeton University's first-ever four-time NCAA All-American, won a pair of matches at 65 kg. Kolodzik notched a tech fall victory in the first round over Brock Zacherl of the Clarion RTC.
At 70 kg, Anthony Ashnault, a 2020 NCAA champion from Rutgers, took the mat on Monday night and was dominant, posting a pair of tech fall wins over AC Headlee (Tar Heel WC) and Ty Lydic (Knights RTC). Ashnault is currently an assistant coach at Rutgers and is actively continuing his freestyle wrestling career with the Scarlet Knight Wrestling Club.
David McFadden, a three-time All-American at Virginia Tech who is now training at the Pennsylvania RTC, posted a pair of wins on the night, including a 12-2 tech fall win over Devin Skatzka (Spartan Combat RTC).
Mark Hall, the 2021 U.S. Open champion at 86 kg, won both matches he wrestled on Monday evening. Hall is also currently training at the Pennsylvania RTC and is on the coaching staff at Penn.
At 125 pounds, Hayden Zillmer of the Gopher RTC won both of his bouts, including a 7-0 decision over Zbiginiew Baranowski of Poland, who is training at the New Jersey RTC.
Full results from the card can be found below. More information on the event and the PRTC can be found on the club's Twitter page.

February 7, 2022

Round one
52kg (high school): Eric Swanson (USA) tech fall Adrian Arbelo (USA), 13-3
57 kg: Darian Cruz (Puerto Rico/Lehigh Valley WC) tech Harvey Ridings (Great Britain), 10-0
57 kg: Guesseppe Rea (Ecuador/Lehigh Valley WC) tech Thomas Fischer (Switzerland), 10-0
61 kg: Daniel DeShazer (USA/Gopher RTC) dec. Josh Rodriguez (USA/Nittany Lion WC), 4-3
61 kg: Joey Silva (USA/Sunkist Kids) tech Braden Todd (Canada), 13-0
65 kg: Kamal Begakov (Tajikistan/SKWC) dec. Valentin Damour (France), 11-1
65 kg: Matt Kolodzik (USA/NJRTC) tech Brock Zacherl (USA/Clarion RTC), 11-1
65 kg: Tagen Jamison (USA/Gopher RTC) tech Ty Lydic (USA/Knights RTC), 14-3
70 kg: Christian Monserrat (USA/NERTC) dec. Dillon Williams (Canada), 6-3
70 kg: Anthony Ashnault (USA/SKRTC) tech AC Headlee (USA/Tar Heel WC), 12-0
74 kg: Joey Lavalle (USA/Lehigh Valley WC) dec. Mitch Finesilver (Israel/NYCRTC), 8-2
79 kg: David McFadden (USA/Penn RTC) tech Nestor Taffur (Colombia/NYCRTC), 12-2
79 kg: Devin Skatzka (USA/Spartan Combat RTC) tech Leon Peralta (Chile), 11-0
86 kg: Mark Hall (USA/Penn RTC) dec. Drew Morgan (USA/Spartan Combat), 7-3
86 kg: Owen Webster (USA/Gopher RTC) dec. Jordan (USA/SKRTC), 16-12
97 kg: Zbigniew Baranowski (Poland/NJRTC) dec. Scottie Boykin (USA/Spartan Combat), 7-3
125 kg: Hayden Zillmer (USA/Gopher RTC) tech Ceron Francisco (USA/Nittany Lion WC), 10-0
74 kg: Kole Khabalashvilli (Georgia) tech Irman Kang (Canada), 10-0

Round two
57 kg: Darian Cruz (Puerto Rico/Lehigh Valley WC) tech Thomas Fischer (Switzerland), 12-1
57 kg: Guesseppe Rea (Ecuador/Lehigh Valley WC) tech Harvey Ridings (Great Britain), 17-6
61 kg: Daniel DeShazer (USA/Gopher RTC) dec. Joey Silva (USA/SKWC), 11-4
65 kg: Matt Kolodzik (USA/NJRTC) dec. Tagen Jamison (USA/Gopher RTC), 10-4
70 kg: AC Headlee (USA/Tar Heel WC) tech Christian Monserrat (USA/NERTC), 12-2
70 kg: Anthony Ashnault (USA/SKRTC) fall Ty Lydic (USA/Knights RTC)
74 kg: Joey Lavallee (USA/Lehigh Valley WC) dec. Nestor Taffur (Colombia/NYRTC), 10-2
74 kg: Mitch Finesilver (Israel/NYCRTC) tech Irman Kang (Canada), 10-0
74 kg: Kote Khanalashvilli (Georgia) tech Leon Peralta (Chile), 10-0
79 kg: David McFadden (USA/PRTC) tech Devin Skatzka (USA/Spartan Combat RTC), 12-2
86 kg: Mark Hall (USA/PRTC) dec. Owen Webster (USA/Gopher RTC), 3-2
125 kg: Hayden Zillmer (USA/Gopher RTC) dec. Zbigniew Baranowski (Poland/NJRTC), 7-0
65 kg: Brock Zacherl (USA/Clarion RTC) tech Tagen Jamison (USA/Gopher RTC), 10-0