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UPDATE: Seven repeat as Masters freestyle national champions, with 13 winning double titles at this year’s event

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Peter Haag, a repeat freestyle champion and double champion this year, tosses an opponent. Robbert Wijtman photo.

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – The 2022 USA Wrestling Masters Nationals concluded on Thursday with the freestyle competition. One of the largest fields in Masters Nationals history competed on the mats in South Point Arena.

Seven 2021 Masters freestyle champions repeated with victories again this year.

Repeating as a Div. B champion was James Medieros of California (100 kg). Repeating as champions in Div. C were Carson Gainey of MDCW (58 kg), David Yi (62 kg), Gerald Harris of Hurricane WA (88 kg) and Gabe Beauperthuy of CMNT (130 kg). Jon Banko of All-American WC (78 kg) was a repeat champion in Div. D. Repeating as a Div. E champion was Peter Haag of the Chicago WC (78 kg).

Of the repeat champions, Medieros, Yi and Haag were also double champions this year, winning both the freestyle and Greco-Roman tournaments here in Las Vegas this year.

Other double champions this year were Daniel Coyne of Indiana (58 kg, Div. B), Ben VomBaur of BCWC (62 kg, Div. B), Glenn Garrison of the Western Colorado WC (70 kg, Div. C), Jeff Bartokwiak of Arizona (62 kg, Div. D), Kevin Pine of Grays Harbor WC (88 kg, Div. D), Tyrone Abercrombie of Arizona (130 kg, Div. D), Mark LeVasseur of the Minnesota Storm (62 kg, Div. E), Bruce Moe of Bison WC (70 kg, Div. E), Charles Jones of Nevada (130 kg, Div. E) and Steve Contarino of Florida (88 kg, Div. F).

The most well-watched of the finals match came in Div. C at 70 kg, when UFC legend and former Cal Davis wrestler Urijah Faber of the Mad Cow WC battled past National Greco-Roman Team member Glenn Garrison of the Western Colorado WC. Garrison got the early lead in the match, and Faber battled back. A four-point takedown by Garrison after stopping an inside-trip attempt by Faber opened it up, and Garrison won 11-0.

Jones, an NCAA champion for Purdue who had not wrestled competitively for two decades, was among the double champions.

In the 70 kg finals in Div. B, Mark Dickman of the American Wrestling Club pinned 2022 Greco-Roman champion and World silver medalist Jordin Humphrey of the Titan Mercury WC in 1:20.

At Las Vegas, Nev., April 28, 2022

Freestyle results

Div. A

58 kg
1st - Foster Griffin (Texas)
2nd - Randy Jones (Greenville Wrestling Club)

62 kg
1st -Tyler Thompson (Kobra Kai Training)
2nd - Peter Hammer (Texas)
3rd - Max Oldenburg (CA)
4th - Ernesto Garcia (NV)

70 kg
1st Daniel Gaylor AZ (Manu Wrestling Club) dec. Jared Ragan IL (Carbondale Wrestling Club), 12-12
3rd Mitchel Hrnyak MI (Michigan) tech. fall Dallas Evans FL (Florida), 15-4 3:25
5th Ryan Haney OR (Deschutes Mat Club) pin Devon Range OH (Beat the Streets Cleveland), 3:11

78 kg
1st Cedric Gibson WI (Sarbacker Wrestling Academy) tech. fall Charles Mclaughlin SC (Valhalla Wrestling Club), 10-0 2:31
3rd James Gomez CA (Chicago Wrestling Club) dec. Connar Loderhose MO (Bulldogs Wrestling Club), 4-2
5th Justin Head IA (Iowa) inj. dft. Ramone Wilson NV (Las Vegas Wrestling Club)

88 kg
1st - Cory Graham (LOG)
2nd - Michael Lopez (EPWC)
3rd - Anthony Brown-Garcia (505)
4th - Ryan A. Law (HRCN)

100 kg
1st Logan Barrett MN (Minnesota) tech. fall Brent Holtrop TX (Frisco Texas Jacks Wrestling), 12-1 3:04
3rd Juan Durazo CA (California) pin Austin Hagh-panah CA (California), 0:44
5th Joshua Davis CA (California) inj. dft. Michael Grijalba CA (California)

130 kg
1Nigel Burnett (CHI)
2Juwan Bolden (Solid Tech Wrestling Club)
3Ryan Bascue (SMC)

Div. B

58 kg
1st - Daniel Coyne (IN)
2nd - Matt Groepel (Kobra Kai Training)

62 kg
1st - Ben VomBaur (BCWC)
2nd - Grant Nakamura (MSF)

70 kg
1st Mark Dickman NV (American Wrestling Club) pin Jordin Humphrey CA (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)), 1:20
3rd Charles Beeson ID (Idaho) tech. fall Eracleo Vallejo IN (Indiana), 16-5 1:37
5th Ben Collins MT (Headwaters Wrestling Academy) forfeit Brandon Hardy VA (Virginia), 0-0
7th James White ii VA (Bruin Brawlers Wrestling Club) inj dft.Orlando Jimenez CA (Thorobred Wrestling Club)

78 kg
1st Matthew Reinke NE (MWC Wrestling Academy) dec. Lex Case ID (Patriot Wrestling Club), 12-8
3rd Donald Lockett CA (Mad Cow Wrestling Club) vs. Samuel Reading ID (Idaho)
5th Ashton Buswell CA (California) vs. Dustin Howa UT (Las Vegas Wrestling Club)
7th Rashaad Saunders NC (Brave Tough Wrestling Club) inj. Michael Morgan IN (Legends of Gold)

88 kg
1st Donovan Mcmahill CO (Western Colorado Wrestling Club) pin Sion King TX (Prosper Wrestling Academy), 0:38
3rd Quantal Langford CA (California) pin Michael Burke IN (Yorktown Wrestling Club), 0:51
5th Andre Blake AZ (Bronco Wrestling Club) inj. dft. Jason Blakeman CA (California)

100 kg
1st James Medeiros CA (California) pin Kevin Chilton CA (California), 10-1 3:23
3rd U'kwon Leggett FL (Florida) dec. James Verderico NV (Las Vegas Wrestling Club), 5-0
5th Christopher Myers IN (Carroll Wrestling Club) dec. Moshe Klyman NJ (New York Athletic Club), 6-4

130 kg
1st - Daniel Erekson (AAWC)
2nd - Chris Foster (MCWC)
3rd - James Baker (MN)
4th - Michael Harbison (CHI)

Div. C

58 kg
1st - Carson Gainey (MDCW)
2nd - Jesse West (MPWC)
3rd - Dan Verr (CHI)
4th - Carlos Montano (CA)

62 kg
1st David Yi CA (Mad Cow Wrestling Club) tech. fall Blake Tompkins ID (Idaho), 10-0 0:24
3rd Ian Chlebove PA (Pennsylvania) pin Alesio Velasquez NV (Nevada), 0:41
5th Rustin Marchello OR (Oregon) NC Marcus Collins OK (Oklahoma)

70 kg
1st Glenn Garrison CO (Western Colorado Wrestling Club) tech. fall Urijah Faber CA (Mad Cow Wrestling Club), 11-0 3:51
3rd James Ferguson NE (Nebraska) pin Leevy Mears FL (Olympic Heights High School Wrestling), 3:33
5th Matthew Becker MI (Michigan) tech. fall Nick Rodriguez CO (Chatfield Wrestling Club), 14-3 2:40
7th Stephen Balderas AZ (Bear Wrestling Club) forfeit James Smithson CA (Mad Cow Wrestling Club), 0-0

78 kg
1st Adrian Garcia CA (Mad Cow Wrestling Club) tech fall Michael Kelly IL (Chicago Wrestling Club), 10-0 0:42
3rd Jose Moreno AZ (Somerton Wrestling Club) dec. Timothy Lawson UT (Utah), 14-6
5th Joshua Laird-wilson CA (Chicago Wrestling Club) forfeit Joe Voisin NV (Nevada)
7th Alex Coriano CA (California) tech fall Eric Goodman WI (Victory School of Wrestling), 10-0 0:40

88 kg
1st Gerald Harris OK (Hurricane Wrestling Academy) dec. Rudy James MN (Gopher Wrestling Club - RTC), 4-1
3rd Alvin Riggs OR (Lowell Wrestling) tech. fall Tod Wever NV (Gold Rush Wrestling), 11-0 3:40
5th Arthur Weidler NY (New York) pin Patrick Flynn NC (West Virginia Regional Training Center), 6-0 1:01
7th Michael Levanti IL (Illinois) tech fall Zachary Hendrickson WI (Team Nazar Training Center), 10-0 0:51

100 kg
1st Joshua Nacey WY (Mustang Wrestling Club) tech. fall Daren Phillipy NV (Las Vegas Wrestling Club), 11-0 2:55
3rd Jeremy Black CA (Mad Cow Wrestling Club) pin James Self AZ (Arizona), 6-2 2:52
5th Karl Junitz IL (Chicago Wrestling Club) inj. William Carr MN (Minnesota Storm

130 kg
1st - Gabe Beauperthuy (CMNT)
2nd - Timothy Duggan (CHI)
3rd - Joseph T Bellavia (MDCW)

Div. D

58 kg
1st - Bryan Spielvogel (Stamford Jr. Wrestling Club, Inc.)
2nd - Dan Verr (CHI)

62 kg
1st - Jeff Bartkowiak (AZ)
2nd - Melvin Pettis (Spring Klein Wrestling Club)
3rd - Anthony Blanco (SALM)
4th - Flint Yale (AZ)

70 kg
1st Chad Otterness MN (Mat Rats Wrestling Club) dec. Peter Bonilla NJ (New Jersey), 16-14
3rd Timothy Mcauliffe AZ (Arizona) forfeit Kraig Peterson AZ (Grindhouse Wrestling Club), 0-0
5th Boyd Fowler CA (Sunnyvale Wrestling Club) forfeit Steve Horton TX (NB Elite Wrestling Club), 0-0
7th Doug Baum IL (Chicago Wrestling Club) dec. Adam Beeson CO (Colorado), 7-5

78 kg
1st Jon Banko PA (All-American Wrestling Club) dec. Alan Barthold OR (Oregon), 7-6
3rd William Splete (Ohio) dec. Thomas Frederick CA (California), 8-0
5th Timothy Alger CO (Air Force Regional Training Center) pin Mark Drake FL (Alpha Pack Wrestling), 0:12
7th Jim Casey TN (Tennessee) inj. Jon Daniels MI (Michigan), 4-0 0:07

88 kg
1st Kevin Pine WA (Grays Harbor Wrestling Club) dec. Jason Mitchler CO (Colorado), 7-6
3rd Morgan Robertson NE (MWC Wrestling Academy) dec. Dan Bienvenue CA (Mad Cow Wrestling Club), 6-0
5th Jon Dodge TX (Texas Style Wrestling Club) pin Paul Meyering MN (Minnesota), 1:51

100 kg
1st Jeff Anderson MI (Chicago Wrestling Club) dec. Frank Lopez UST (US Territory), 5-0
3rd Domenico Lemme WA (Eastside Wrestling Club) dec. Joseph Cattan KY (Derby City Legends, LLC), 4-0
5th Frank Galvan MN (Rochester Wrestling Club) pin Adam Ruiz CA (California), 5-4 1:50

130 kg
1st - Tyrone Abercrombie (AZ)
2nd - Robert Mancha (AZ)
3rd - Stoney Godet (CA)
4th - Aaron Fleming (UNA)

Div. E

58 kg
1st - Zhora Hovhannisyan (CA)
2nd - Daniel Cota (NRCL)
3rd - Clinton Yale (IL)

62 kg
1st - Mark LeVasseur (STRM)

70 kg
1st - Bruce Moe (BISN)
2nd - Don Jones (Team Jones)
3rd - Ashot Heboyan (CA)

78 kg
1st - Brad Swartz (Fitness Quest Wrestling Club)
2nd - William Newton (CA)
3rd - Michael Tritto (MD)
4th - Michael Ross (UT)

88 kg
1st Petros Petrosyan CA (Los Alamitos WC) pin James Miller TX (Texas), 0:26
3rd Kevin Kares NV (Las Vegas Wrestling Club) pin Louis Orr MN (Minnesota), 1:18
5th Bradley Unsicker UT (Roy Wrestling Club) forfeit Howard Lawson CA (California), 0-0

130 kg
1st - Charles Jones (NV)
2nd - Brian Jones (SMB)
3rd - James Gerstbrein (IL)

Div. F

62 kg
1st - Shirzad Ahmadi (CT)

70 kg
1st - Gaetano DiZebba (MD)
2nd - Steve Ferguson (NE)

78 kg
1st - Peter Haag (CHI)
2nd - Gordon Plowman (WA)
3rd - Peter Wirs (PWCI)
4th - Ronald Grenda (CHI)

88 kg
1st - Steve Contarino (FL)
2nd - Dennis Stanley (Texas)
3rd - Jeff Davis (CA)

1st - Martin Rowley (OR)
2nd - Jack Schwartz (CA)
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