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Second-annual Make a Weight Challenge continues to yield great results for the Greg Strobel Leadership Academy

by Greg Strobel Leadership Academy

This year’s Greg Strobel “Make A Weight” Challenge was a great success! The 30-day event continues to provide an opportunity to participate in a cause that honors the messages and teachings Greg valued and stood for throughout his life, which provides the foundation for the Greg Strobel Leadership Academy (GSLA).

The support and participation of those involved this year included more than two dozen new donors, just over forty year-over-year Challenge contributors, an engaged group of Challenge participants, and generous supporters. As a result of everyone’s effort, this year’s Challenge raised over $11,000.

This event continues to be a tremendous experience for everyone involved, including Greg’s family, friends, colleagues, Challenge participants and supporters, and countless others in the wrestling community.

Below are a few comments about the Challenge and supporting the Greg Strobel Leadership Academy:

Greg was so much to so many, including myself. His legacy will go on forever through the countless lives he touched. The GSLA is such an incredible way to honor his legacy and extend his influence to a new group of individuals who, whether they knew him or not, can experience the wonderful lessons and virtues he lived by and help inspire others the way he did.”

~ Kerry McCoy, 2000 & 2004 Olympian

“My Dad had an endless supply of ‘words of wisdom’. He knew how to support, motivate, and teach life lessons through wrestling. Whether he was teaching technique on the mat or counseling on healthy living for his athletes, he was ultimately helping prepare them for their future by building a foundation of principles that would last a lifetime. The GSLA provides the opportunity to keep his impact and influence alive by supporting our athletes and ‘paying it forward’. The year’s Challenge gave me another opportunity to support the GSLA and revisit Dad’s philosophies on healthy living with food and exercise to make positive changes in my lifestyle.”

~ Christine Napoli, Greg’s Daughter

“Supporting the Strobel Legacy Project is an ‘easy call’ for me. There are very few days I’m not thinking about and thanking God for the influence of Greg Strobel on my life. Greg’s signature exhortation, ‘don’t you just love it?’, revealed his attitude about life no matter the circumstances. Greg lived life to the fullest EVERY day. Greg’s life spurs me on to do the same EVERY day!”

~ Tim Johnson, Mid-West Regional Vice President, FCA

“Making this year was tough! After lifting a lot last summer I was up at 230 lbs. in November. As I approached the last 8 pounds on the way to 197, I had to remind myself of the things I learned from Coach Strobel about going harder when things get tough, and getting comfortable being uncomfortable. That mindset carried me through the last 8 pounds when the sponge was dry and I had to squeeze more out of it.”

~ Jon Trenge, 3x All-American, Lehigh University ‘05

Funds raised during this campaign directly support and contribute to the Greg Strobel Leadership Academy. The GSLA is a training and development program focused on supporting our Senior-level USA Wrestling Athletes by learning, discussing, and sharing experiences around the core values of family, accountability, discipline, and creating a lifetime of good habits. The curriculum for this program is focused on continuing Greg’s legacy of teaching others and unleashing human potential in all areas of life for current and future National Team athletes.

On behalf of Greg’s family and the entire USA Wrestling community, we appreciate your contributions to this effort. #StrobelStrong

Mark your calendars! Next year’s Challenge is set to take place Feb. 8-Mar. 9, 2023. It will be focused on the four pillars of the GSLA - family, accountability, discipline and a lifetime of good habits. More information to follow.

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To learn more about the GSLA, contact Mike Clayton, USA Wrestling’s National Coaches Education Program (NCEP) Manager at