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Seeds released for 2022 National Girls High School Recruiting Showcase

by USA Wrestling

Audrey Jimenez of Arizona, shown at the Cadet World Championships, is the No. 1 seed at 106 pounds.

The deadline for registration for athletes wishing to be considered for seeds at the 2022 National Girls High School Recruiting Showcase was Sunday, April 24 at 5:00 p.m. PT

Today, a seeding committee reviewed the athletes who had registered by the deadline, and has published the seeds for the competition, which will be held at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. There are 14 weight classes in the National Girls High School Recruiting Showcase.

Note: Athletes who have registered after the deadline for seeds will be drawn into the bracket at their weight class, along with those athletes who did not receive a seed during the seeding meeting.

100 pounds

1. Gigi Bragg, Pinnacle Wrestling Club

2. Mary Manis, Central Florida Wrestling Academy @LHP (Lake Highland Prep)

3. Makenize Smith, Patriots Wrestling Club

4. Gabriella Gomez, Illinois

5. Madison Avila, California

6. Aspen Blasko, Minnesota Storm

7. Isabella Bocanegra, Lions Wrestling Club

8. Libby Roberts, Inland Northwest Wrestling Training Center

9. Jadyn Roller, Oklahoma

10. Karina Torres, United States Women's Wrestling Travel Team

11. Sofia, Abramson, Legends of Gold Las Vegas

12. Abbeygael Cabuag, California

106 pounds

1. Audrey Jimenez, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club

2. Anaya Falcon, Walnut High School Wrestling

3. Sterling Dias, Aniciete Training Club

4. Ava Ward, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club

5. Molly Allen, The Best Wrestler

6. Lita Cruz, Team Idaho Wrestling Club

7. Clare Booe, Palm Harbor University High School Wrestling

8. Jenna Gerhardt, Shooting Starz Wrestling Club

9. Mia Zuniga, Ascend Wrestling Academy

10. Megan Spencer, Interior Grappling Academy

11. Noelani Lutz, Legends of Gold Las Vegas

12. Diana Olivarez, Red Wave Wrestling

112 pounds

1. Jenavi Alejandro, Aniciete Training Club

2. Kaelani Shufeldt, Swamp Monsters Wrestling Club

3. Karlee Brooks, Thorobred Wrestling Club

4. Bayley Trang, All American Wrestling Club

5. Brissa Bernal, Lady Outlaws

6. Bella Williams, Husky Wrestling Club

7. Reanah Utterback, Sebolt Wrestling Academy

8. Kiely Tabaldo, Legends of Gold Las Vegas

9. Skyla Zimmerman, Team Idaho Wrestling Club

10. Ashley Naranjo, Ascend Wrestling Academy

11. Koressa Allgeyer, X-Factor Elite Wrestling

12. Autumn Poland, Interior Grappling Academy

117 pounds

1. Zao Estrada, ET Wrestling

2. Haley Vann, Empire Wrestling Club

3. Isabella Ngo, Swamp Monsters Wrestling Club

4. Anna DiCugno, White River Hornets Wrestling Club

5. Emma Albanese, Legends of Gold Las Vegas

6. Peyton Hand, Tough N Technical Wrestling Club (TNTWC)

7. Paige Chafin, Sweet Home High School Wrestling

8. Brooklyn Pace, Legends of Gold Las Vegas

9. Chloe Herrick, Kobra Kai Training

10. Ivy Partin, Appalachian Mountain Wrestling

11. Alexis Pehrson, The Best Wrestler

12. Alyssa Ruiz, All American Wrestling Club

122 pounds

1. Bianca Johnson, Ascend Wrestling Academy

2. Alexia Woods, Utah

3. Taylor Colangelo, Arizona Girls Wrestling

4. Alejandra Valdiviezo, Poway High School Wrestling

5. Angelina Doral, Legends of Gold Las Vegas

6. Leilani Lepe, California

127 pounds

1. Shelby Moore, White River Hornets Wrestling Club

2. Alyssa Randles, Inland Northwest Wrestling Training Center

3. Janida Garcia, Swamp Monsters Wrestling Club

4. Kierstyn Bockert, Interior Grappling Academy

5. Celeste Detoles, Westlake Wrestling Club

6. Morgan Edwards, Blairstown Wrestling Club

7. Frankie Graham, Team Idaho Wrestling Club

8. Brinlee Gines, Fremont Wrestling Club

9. Emma Gruenhagen, Victory School of Wrestling

10. Kaydence Boyd, California

132 pounds

1. Esther Han, Bruin Wrestling Club

2. Lauren Walton, Carr Wrestling Academy

3. Alanna Haney, Ascend Wrestling Academy

4. Alice Rickett, Empire Wrestling Club

5. Gianna DiBenedetto, Swamp Monsters Wrestling Club

6. Taylor Miess, Chatfield Wrestling Club

7. Kennedy Hsu, Legends of Gold Las Vegas

8. Piper Cadden, Thorobred Wrestling Club

9. Aevri Ciha, Team Nazar Training Center

138 pounds

1. Paige Wehrmeister, BullTrained Wrestling

2. Caitlyn Davis, South Carolina

3. Savannah Gomez, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)

4. Aileen Lester, Alaska

5. Alondra Morales, Ascend Wrestling Academy

6. Liv Wieber, The Factory Wrestling Club

7. Caroline Gilstrap, ET Wrestling

8. Celina Cooke, Silver State Wrestling Academy

9. Mia Furman, Suples Wrestling Club

10. Michelle Fierro, Chino High School Wrestling

144 pounds

1. Maddie Kubicki, Victory Wrestling

2. Isabella Mir, Gold Rush Wrestling

3. Isabella Amaro, Empire Wrestling Club

4. Elleni Johnson, Legends of Gold Las Vegas

5. Mishell Rebisch, Michigan Revolution Wrestling Club

6. Lizzie Shunn, Champions Wrestling Club

7. Desza Munson, Pomona Elite (PWCC)

8. Jahlia Miguel, Legends of Gold Las Vegas

9. Clare Waite, Suples Wrestling Club

10. Reyna Montenegro, California

11. Aspen Barber, Betterman Elite

152 pounds

1. Destiny Rodriguez, All-Phase Wrestling Club

2. Piper Fowler, Higher Calling Wrestling Club

3. Alexandra Hofrichter, Antigo Wrestling Club

4. Stella Steigler, Virginia Assassins Wrestling Club

5. Anya Hatch, Legends of Gold Las Vegas

6. Kendal Tucker, Montana

164 pounds

1. Haley Ward, MO West Championship Wrestling Club

2. Shannon Workinger, Ascend Wrestling Academy

3. Amarisa Manuel, Michigan Revolution Wrestling Club

4. Sidney Milligan, Hurricane Wrestling Academy

5. Nevaeh Garcia, Colorado

6. Jannell Avila, Big Game Wrestling Club

180 pounds

1. Alivia White, Washington

2. Henlee Haynes, Florida

3. Alyssa Favara, Garage Boyz Wrestling

4. Billie Bonwell, Legends of Gold Las Vegas

5. Kassidee Savaria, Montana

6. Tirza Twoteeth, Kalispell Wrestling Club

7. Katelyn Lewis, Fox Valley Wrestling Club

8. Maliya Castillo, NexGen Regional Training Center

9. Sophie Pollack, New York

10. Maggie Smith, Top Of The Rock Wrestling Club

200 pounds

1. Catherine Dutton, Missouri

2. Wyvonnie Fletcher, Palo Verde High School Wrestling

225 pounds

1. Karla Padilla Zepeda, Excalibur Wrestling Club

2. Arrey Mbutambe, Maryland