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Eight nationally ranked U.S. stars win girls freestyle titles at Journeymen World Classic; New Jersey wins boys duals

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

2021 Cadet World champion Katie Gomez, shown at the 2021 Cadet Worlds, was one of eight U.S. girls to win titles at the Journeymen World Classic. Photo by Martin Gabor, United World Wrestling.

TROY, N.Y. – The United States won eight of the 11 weight classes contested in the historic first girls freestyle division at the Journeymen World Classic, which completed on Sunday.

All eight of the U.S. champions are ranked in the top nine of their weight class in the National Girls High School rankings. Two of the champions have won age-group World medals for the United States in the past.

The No. 1 ranked American high school wrestlers who won titles at the Journeymen World Classic are Audrey Jimenez of Sunnyside in Arizona at 106A, and Hanna Errthum of Combat WC of Wisconsin at 135A.

Jimenez, a 2021 Cadet World bronze medalist for Team USA, won Pool 4 then captured the championship bracket, finishing with a victory over Ava Guilmette of Team Tugman in the finals by technical fall, 13-2.

Errthum won Pool 1, then finished off the championship bracket with a pin in 4:47 over No. 7 Lauren Walton of Carr Wrestling Academy in Kentucky in the finals. Errthum’s weight class had the most ranked Americans in the field with six, and the largest number of entries with

Katie Gomez of ISU of California, a 2021 Cadet World champion for the USA with a No. 3 national ranking, won the 122A weight class. Gomez defeated Aruuke Kadyrbek Kyzy of Kyrgystan in the finals. Kadyrbek Kyzy was 10th in the Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix in 2022. Gomez dropped to her international weight class, after competing at 127 pounds during the California high school season.

The other U.S. champions with strong national rankings who won the event were No. 9 Chloe Dearwester of the Athena Wrestling Club of Ohio (100A), No. 5 Jenavi Alejandro of Aniciete Training Club of Nevada (112A), No. 6 Carley Ceshker of Ringers of Wisconsin (117A), No. 7 Ella Nichols of Team Tugman of Connecticut (155A) and No. 8 Lily El-Masri of Wyoming Seminary of Pennsylvania (180A)

Three international champions in the girls division this year were Othelie Hoeie of Norway (127A), Eniko Elekes of Hungary (143A) and Verini Nyikos of Hungary (167A).

Elekes was a 2021 Cadet World champion. Nyikos was fifth in the 2021 Cadet World Championships. Hoeie placed fifth in the 2021 U23 World Championships, and was a European Cadet bronze medalist.

There were 23 nationally ranked U.S. girls entered in the tournament this year, along with competitors from Canada, Hungary, Norway, Kyrgyzstan, Switzerland, Austria and New Zealand.

The boys competition completed on Sunday with dual meets, as eight teams clashed, including a teams from Central Asia and from Europe. New Jersey won the championship finals, defeating Pinnacle from Minnesota, 39-20. New Jersey won six bouts on the mat, with Pinnacle taking five, but New Jersey also collected two forfeits. All six of the New Jersey wins were either by pin or technical falls. Pins were from Connor Collins (132) and Jimmy Mullen (285), and technical falls from Jayden James (106), Patrick O’Keefe (115), Leo Deluca (120) and Richie Grungo (152). Four of the five wins for Pinnacle were technical falls.

Cody Chittum of the USA wrestled in a pair of all-star exhibition matches. He opened with a 15-8 decision over Oozhas Olshakanov of Kazakhstan, who was seventh in the 2019 Cadet World Championships. In the other match, 2019 Cadet World champion and 2018 Youth Olympic Games champion Umidjon Jalolov of Uzbekistan defeated Chittum in a 13-3 technical fall.

At Troy, N.Y., April 10

Girls individual champions
(U.S. wrestlers with individual national ranking)

100A – No. 9 Chloe Dearwester (Athena Wrestling Club)
106A – No. 1 Audrey Jimenez (Sunnyside)
112A – No. 5 Jenavi Alejandro (Aniciete Training Club)
117A – No. 6 Carley Ceshker (Ringers)
122A – No. 3 Katie Gomez (Isu)
127A - Othelie Hoeie (Norway)
135A – No. 1 Hanna Errthum (Combat Wc)
143A - Eniko Elekes (Hungary)
155A – No. 7 Ella Nichols (Teamtugman)
167A - Verini Nyikos (Hungary)
180 A – No. 8 Lily El-masri (Usa/sem)

Girls Weight class results
(U.S. wrestlers with individual national ranking)

1st – No. 9 Chloe Dearwester (Athena Wrestling Club), 3-0 record
2nd – No. 11 Erica Pastoriza (Usa/sem), 2-1 record
3rd - Amelia Murphy (Usa/sem), 1-2 record
4th - Samantha Yap (Team Tugman), 0-3 record

1st – No. 1 Audrey Jimenez (Sunnyside)
2nd - Ava Guilmette (Team Tugman)
3rd – No. 16 Avery Kibelbek (Usa/sem)
4th - Tiffany Stoshak (Usa/sem)
5th – No. 17 Juliana Alejandro (Aniciete Training Club)
6th - Leeana Mercado (Scorpions Nj)
7th - Kumushai Zhoodanbekova (Kyrgystan)
8th - Elmira Karabalaeva (Kyrgystan)
9th - Akeelah Moore (Lofton Style Wrestling)
10th - Grace Roberts (Tech Squad/loudoun County High School)
11th - Ava Zucker (Razor)
Pool 1
1Ava Guilmette (Team Tugman)
2Kumushai Zhoodanbekova (Kyrgystan)
3Grace Roberts (Tech Squad/loudoun County)
Pool 2
1Avery Kibelbek (Usa/sem)
2Juliana Alejandro (Aniciete Training Club)
Pool 3
1Tiffany Stoshak (Usa/sem)
2Elmira Karabalaeva (Kyrgystan)
3Ava Zucker (Razor)
Pool 4
1Audrey Jimenez (Sunnyside)
2Leeana Mercado (Scorpions Nj)
3Akeelah Moore (Lofton Style Wrestling)

1st – No. 5 Jenavi Alejandro (Aniciete Training Club)
2nd – No. 23 Aubre Krazer (Easton)
3rd - Laura Fat (Hungary)
4th – No. 2 Rianne Murphy (Usa/sem)
5th - Angie Bianchi (Askren Wrestling Academy)
6th - Annika Fines (Team Alberta)
7th - Elizabeth Donovan (Doughgirls)
8th - Kanykei Kubatbekova (Kyrgystan)
9th - Mora Peterson (Alpha)
10th - Savanah Arroyo (Usa/sem)
11th - Destiny Gibson (Bts)
Pool 1
1Rianne Murphy (Usa/sem)
2Angie Bianchi (Askren Wrestling Academy)
3Mora Peterson (Alpha)
Pool 2
1Aubre Krazer (Easton)
2Elizabeth Donovan (Doughgirls)
Pool 3
1Laura Fat (Hungary)
2Annika Fines (Team Alberta)
3Savanah Arroyo (Usa/sem)
Pool 4
1Jenavi Alejandro (Aniciete Training Club)
2Kanykei Kubatbekova (Kyrgystan)
3Destiny Gibson (Bts)

1st – No. 6 Carley Ceshker (Ringers)
2nd - Svenja Jungo (Switzerland)
3rd – No. 14 Virginia Foard (Usa/sem)
4th - Sarah Lins (Austria)
5th - Sophie Ritter (Hungary)
6th - Ashley Diaz (Vhw)
7th – No. 24 Calli Gilchist (Team Tugman)
8th - Jaityn Labelle (Team Alberta)
9th - Joan Vince (Iron Horse)
10th - Kate Robinson (New Zealand)
11th - Cailan Drake (Bison Training Center)
12th - Grace York (Supra)
Pool 1
1Svenja Jungo (Switzerland)
2Ashley Diaz (Vhw)
3Joan Vince (Iron Horse)
Pool 2
1Sarah Lins (Austria)
2Jaityn Labelle (Team Alberta)
3Grace York (Supra)
Pool 3
1Virginia Foard (Usa/sem)
2Sophie Ritter (Hungary)
3Kate Robinson (New Zealand)
Pool 4
1Carley Ceshker (Ringers)
2Calli Gilchist (Team Tugman)
3Cailan Drake (Bison Training Center)

1st – No. 3 Katie Gomez (Isu)
2nd - Aruuke Kadyrbek Kyzy (Kyrgystan)
3rd - Emily Frost (Curby Training Center)
4th - Anne Svarstad (Norway)
5th - Esther Ribeiro (Team Tugman Wrestling)
6th - Reese Ferguson (Team Alberta)
7th - Abigail Pazgan (Krazy Monkey Wrestling Club)
Pool 1
1Katie Gomez (Isu)
2Emily Frost (Curby Training Center)
3Esther Ribeiro (Team Tugman Wrestling)
Pool 2
1Aruuke Kadyrbek Kyzy (Kyrgystan)
2Anne Svarstad (Norway)
3Reese Ferguson (Team Alberta)
4Abigail Pazgan (Krazy Monkey Wrestling)

1st - Othelie Hoeie (Norway)
2nd - Gerda Terek (Hungary)
3rd - Annatina Lippuner (Switzerland)
4th - Kybalbekova Tancholpon (Kyrgystan)
5th – No. 11 Julianna Morris (Team Tugman)
6th - Corynne Mcnulty (Doughboy)
7th - Kira Pipkins (Scorpions)
8th - Rylee Donohue (Tugman Wrestling)
9th - Brooke Tarshis (Deep Roots Wrestling Club)
10th - Nur Djamilya Sharipova (Kyrgystan)
11th - Katherine Louie (Bts)
12th - Lillian Pratt (Team Alberta)
13th - Jannicke Stroemnes (Norway)
14th - Destiny Bennett (Bts)
Pool 1
1Annatina Lippuner (Switzerland)
2Corynne Mcnulty (Doughboy)
3Nur Djamilya Sharipova (Kyrgystan)
Pool 2
1Othelie Hoeie (Norway)
2Kira Pipkins (Scorpions)
3Katherine Louie (Bts)
4Destiny Bennett (Bts)
Pool 3
1Gerda Terek (Hungary)
2Rylee Donohue (Tugman Wrestling)
3Lillian Pratt (Team Alberta)
4Jannicke Stroemnes (Norway)
Pool 4
Kybalbekova Tancholpon (Kyrgystan)
2Julianna Morris (Team Tugman)
3Brooke Tarshis (Deep Roots Wrestling Club)

1st – No. 1 Hanna Errthum (Combat Wc)
2nd – No. 7 Lauren Walton (Carr Wrestling Academy)
3rd - Hedda Kvaale (Norway)
4th – No. 4 Carina Giangeruso (Usa/sem)
5th – HM Kryssceah Ravenelle (Usa/sem)
6th – No. 25 Veronica Whitacre (Usa/sem)
7th - Mia Collins (Journeymen)
8th – No. 14 Camryn Brown (Team Tugman Wc)
9th - Zoe Griffith (Gouverneur Wrestling Club)
10th - Baatyrbekova Guldana (Kyrgystan)
11th - Diana Azamatova (Kyrgystan)
12th - Ellanora Bode (Rochester Rumble)
13th - Jillian Dugenio (Scorpions Nj)
14th - Maya Lemieux (Team Alberta)
15th - Payton Shields (Team Alberta)
16th - Gabriela Cross (Team Alberta)
17th - Megan Walters (Team Alberta)
18th - Talia Robles (Mepham High School)
19th - Lyla Kiani (Bts)
Pool 1
1Hanna Errthum (Combat Wc)
2Zoe Griffith (Gouverneur Wrestling Club)
3Megan Walters (Team Alberta)
Pool 2
1Kryssceah Ravenelle (Usa/sem)
2Jillian Dugenio (Scorpions Nj)
Pool 3
1Camryn Brown (Team Tugman Wc)
2Gabriela Cross (Team Alberta)
Pool 4
1Hedda Kvaale (Norway)
2Diana Azamatova (Kyrgystan)
Pool 5
1Lauren Walton (Carr Wrestling Academy)
2Maya Lemieux (Team Alberta)
3Lyla Kiani (Bts)
Pool 6
1Veronica Whitacre (Usa/sem)
2Ellanora Bode (Rochester Rumble)
Pool 7
1Mia Collins (Journeymen)
2Payton Shields (Team Alberta)
Pool 8
1Carina Giangeruso (Usa/sem)
2Baatyrbekova Guldana (Kyrgystan)
3Talia Robles (Mepham High School)

1st - Eniko Elekes (Hungary)
2nd – No. 15 Sarah Henckel (Team Tugman)
3rd - Charlotte Gilfoil (Usa/sem)
4th - Isabella Wazny (Buckeye Girls National Team)
5th - May Cuyler (Virginia Patriot Wrestling)
6th - Angelina Ellis-toddington (Team Alberta)
7th – HM Chloe Charlesworth (Usa/sem)
8th - Sofia Holodick (Usa/sem)
9th - Danyka Labelle (Team Alberta)
10th - Lilly Kinsel (Athena Wrestling Club)
11th - Dariia Tiubeeva (Kyrgystan)
12th - Gibson Mariah (Buckeye Girls National Team)
Pool 1
1Eniko Elekes (Hungary)
2May Cuyler (Virginia Patriot Wrestling)
3Danyka Labelle (Team Alberta)
Pool 2
1Isabella Wazny (Buckeye Girls National Team)
2Sofia Holodick (Usa/sem)
3Dariia Tiubeeva (Kyrgystan)
Pool 3
1Sarah Henckel (Team Tugman)
2Chloe Charlesworth (Usa/sem)
3Gibson Mariah (Buckeye Girls National Team)
Pool 4
1Charlotte Gilfoil (Usa/sem)
2Angelina Ellis-toddington (Team Alberta)
3Lilly Kinsel (Athena Wrestling Club)

1st – No. 7 Ella Nichols (Teamtugman)
2nd - Nyla Burgess (Team Impact Wrestling Club)
3rd – No. 3 Kendall Bostelman (Usa/sem)
4th - Lene Mccrackin (Team Alberta)
5th – No. 6 Piper Staniford (Usa/sem)
6th - Ella Yanuzzelli (Edge Wrestling)
7th - Lacey Hinman (Athens/troy)
8th - Sky Lewit (Burr And Burton Academy)
9th - Angelina Cabon (Bts)
10th - Lesly Acero (Crash Wc)
Pool 1
1Ella Nichols (Teamtugman)
2Lene Mccrackin (Team Alberta)
3Piper Staniford (Usa/sem)
4Lacey Hinman (Athens/troy)
5Angelina Cabon (Bts)
Pool 2
1Nyla Burgess (Team Impact Wrestling Club)
2Kendall Bostelman (Usa/sem)
3Ella Yanuzzelli (Edge Wrestling)
4Sky Lewit (Burr And Burton Academy)
5Lesly Acero (Crash Wc)

1st - Verini Nyikos (Hungary)
2nd - Sam Simonette (Usa/sem)
3rd - Lindsay Laws (Doughgirl)
4th - Isabell Carrington (Buckeye Girls National Team)
5th - Raven Mccarthy-gardner (Athens Pa)
6th - Katherine Perez (Bts)
Pool 1
1Verini Nyikos (Hungary)
2Lindsay Laws (Doughgirl)
3Raven Mccarthy-gardner (Athens Pa)
Pool 2
1Sam Simonette (Usa/sem)
2Isabell Carrington (Buckeye Girls National Team)
3Katherine Perez (Bts)

180 A
1st – No. 8 Lily El-masri (Usa/sem)
2nd - Jasleen Mann (Team Alberta)
3rd - Dimitra Russell (Team Alberta)
4th - Shamil Tavarez (Bts)
5th - Newton Brooklynn (Buckeye Girls National Team)
6th - Caitlin Hart (Iron Horse)
Pool 1
1Lily El-masri (Usa/sem)
2Dimitra Russell (Team Alberta)
3Caitlin Hart (Iron Horse)
Pool 2
1Jasleen Mann (Team Alberta)
2Shamil Tavarez (Bts)
3Newton Brooklynn (Buckeye Girls National Team)

At Troy, N.Y., April 10

1st place - New Jersey 39, Pinnacle 20

106 - Jayden James (NJ) tech. fall Liam Neitzel (Pin), 10-0, 1:31
115 - Patrick O'Keefe (NJ) tech. fall Christopher Lopez (Pin), 12-0, 1:20
120 - Leo Deluca (NJ) tech. fall Mason Mills (Pin), 13-2, 1:59
126 - Jore Volk (Pin) tech. fall Sebastian Ortega (NJ), 14-2, 4:32
132 - Connor Collins (NJ) pin Tyson Charmoli (Pin), 5:31
138 - Koy Buesgens (Pin) tech. fall Damani Almodovar (NJ), 10-0, 0:56
145 - Zach Hanson (Pin) tech. fall Alessio Perentin (NJ), 10-0, 3:43
152 - Richie Grungo (NJ) tech. fall Benjamin Smith (Pin), 10-0 , 1:54
160 - Thor Michaelson (Pin) dec. Jake Zearfoss (NJ), 15-6
170 - Jed Wester (Pin) tech. fall Robert Padilla (NJ), 11-1, 4:42
182 - Josh Palacio (NJ) by forfeit
220 - PJ Casale (NJ) by forfeit
285 - Jimmy Mullen (NJ) pin Karanveer Mahil (Pin), 2:49

3rd place - All-Stars 32, Wyoming Seminary 27
5th place - Askren 30, Integrity 27

Pool A
1Central Asia
3Wyoming Seminary
Central Asia 39, Integrity 18
Pinnacle 29, Wyoming Seminary 20
Central Asia 41, Wyoming Seminary 13
Pinnacle 35, Integrity 25
Central Asia 29, Pinnacle 17
Wyoming Seminary 34, Integrity 26

Pool B
1New Jersey
2All Stars
4Team Europe
All-Stars 45, Team Europe 6
New Jersey 37, Askren 19
New Jersey 35, Team Europe 16
All-Stars 41, Askren 13
Askren 45, Team Europe 11
New Jersey 33, All-Stars 27

Boys All-Star Exhibition Matches
Cody Chittum (USA) dec. Olzhas Olzhakanov (Central Asia/Kazakhstan), 15-8
Umidjon Jalolov (Uzbekistan) tech. fall Cody Chittum (USA), 13-3, 3:47
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