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15 USA boys win high school freestyle brackets in loaded Journeymen World Classic, with eight foreign champions

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Journeymen World Classic action image by Van Brill Media.

The competition was outstanding at the Journeymen World Classic on Saturday, as wrestlers from around the world came together to compete in freestyle wrestling.

This unique event, organized by Frank Popolizio and his Journeymen WC, paired wrestlers based upon achievement and abilities, competing in round robin pools and medal matches.

Individual champions from the USA in the high school division included FloWrestling’s No. 9 Pound-For-Pound High School wrestler Jimmy Mullen, the champion at 285 A. Mullen was a Cadet World silver medalist for the USA.

Other top U.S. stars who won World Classic titles were Luke Lilledahl of XCaliber Athletics, a Cadet World silver medalist (120A), Jore Volk of Pinnacle, a Fargo champion (126A), Kannon Webster of Illinois, a Junior Freestyle National champion (132A) and Meyer Shapiro of Wyoming Seminary, a Cadet World champion (152A).

The other U.S. champions were Tyler Dekraker of Integrity Wrestling (106 A), Carter Nogle of Headhunters Wc (113 A), James Tildsley of Doughboy (126B), PJ Duke of KD Training Center (138A), Amir Avazov of Vhw/kwrestling (138B), Anthony Evanitsky of Mat Assassins (145B), Mitchell Mesenbrink of Arrowhead High School (160A), Tyler Reed of Cornwall High School (160B), Kamdyn Munro of Boom Ranch (170 A) and Max Ramberg of Pinnacle (220 A).

Eight titles went to international wrestlers, representing five nations: Sardorbek Usmonov of Uzbekistan (103 A), Liuzzi Pasquale of Italy (120B), Manuel Wagin of Germany (132B), Umidjon Jalolov of Uzbekistan (145A), Mukhammad Inshapiev of Austria (152B), Jeremy Weinhold of Germany (170B), Muhammad Abdullaev of Kyrgyzstan (182A) and Azizbek Fayzullaev of Uzbekistan (195 A).

A Middle School boys division was also hosted on Saturday.

This event is a fantastic opportunity for USA athletes to face international competition, and prepare for the freestyle season ahead.

The competition concludes on Sunday with a boys dual meet tournament and the first girls individual tournament in event history. The event is broadcast live on FloWrestling, with brackets on FloArena.

At Troy, N.Y.,

High School individual champions

103 A - Sardorbek Usmonov (Uzbekistan)
106 A - Tyler Dekraker (Integrity Wrestling)
113 A - Carter Nogle (Headhunters Wc)
120 A -Luke Lilledahl (X-calibur Athletics)
120 B- Liuzzi Pasquale (Italy)
126 A - Jore Volk (Pinnacle)
126 B - James Tildsley (Doughboy)
132 A -- Kannon Webster (Illinois)
132 B - Manuel Wagin (Germany)
138 A - PJ Duke (Kd Training Center)
138 B- Amir Avazov (Vhw/kwrestling)
145 A - Umidjon Jalolov (Uzbekistan)
145 B- Anthony Evanitsky (Mat Assassins)
152 A - Meyer Shapiro (Wyoming Seminary)
152B - Mukhammad Inshapiev (Austria)
160 A - Mitchell Mesenbrink (Arrowhead High School)
160 B - Tyler Reed (Cornwall High School)
170 A - Kamdyn Munro (Boom Ranch)
170 B - Jeremy Weinhold (Germany)
182 A - Muhammad Abdullaev (Kyrgystan)
195 A - Azizbek Fayzullaev (Uzbekistan)
220 A - Max Ramberg (Pinnacle)
285 A - Jimmy Mullen (Team Nj)

High School Weight Class Final Results

103 A
1st - Sardorbek Usmonov (Uzb)
2nd - Michael Romero (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage)
3rd - Dale Corbin (Robinson Secondary)
4th - Slater Hicks (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage)
5th - Paul Kenny (Apex)
6th - Ryan Ferrara (Team Worldwide)
7th - Samuel Novod (Doughboy)
8th - Jeremy Mcgrath (Southside Wrestling Club)
9th - Tristan Carter (Virginia Team Predator)
10th - Dominik Thiel (Austria)
Pool 1
1Sardorbek Usmonov (Uzb)
2Slater Hicks (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage)
3Ryan Ferrara (Team Worldwide)
4Jeremy Mcgrath (Southside Wrestling Club)
5Tristan Carter (Virginia Team Predator)
Pool 2
1Michael Romero (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage)
2Dale Corbin (Robinson Secondary)
3Paul Kenny (Apex)
4Samuel Novod (Doughboy)
5Dominik Thiel (Austria)

106 A
1st - Tyler Dekraker (Integrity Wrestling)
2nd - Cadell Lee (Powerhouse Wrestling Academy)
3rd - Jayden James (Team Nj)
4th - Ty Kapusta (Young Guns Wrestling Clubhouse)
5th - Aziz Rakhmonov (Uzb)
6th - Evan Sanati (Integrity Wrestling Club)
7th - Seach Hibler (Jersey 74)
8th - Caiazza Carmine (Italy)
9th - Nikos Filipos (X-calibur Athletics)
10th - Liam Neitzel (Pinnacle)
11th - Niklas Steiner (Germany)
12th - Vincent Graulau (Journeymen Wc)
13th - Sean Willcox (Sunkist Kids Monster Garatge)
14th - Adam Bilby (Rose Hill High/sc Punishers)
15th - Ollie Phillips (Boom Ranch)
16th - Brock Frederick (Black Belt Wrestling)
Pool 1
1Tyler Dekraker (Integrity Wrestling)
2Caiazza Carmine (Italy)
3Nikos Filipos (X-calibur Athletics)
4Brock Frederick (Black Belt Wrestling)
Pool 2
1Jayden James (Team Nj)
2Aziz Rakhmonov (Uzb)
3Niklas Steiner (Germany)
4Adam Bilby (Rose Hill High/sc Punisher
Pool 3
1Ty Kapusta (Young Guns Wrestling Clubhouse)
2Seach Hibler (Jersey 74)
3Vincent Graulau (Journeymen Wc)
4Ollie Phillips (Boom Ranch)
Pool 4
1Cadell Lee (Powerhouse Wrestling Academy)
2Evan Sanati (Integrity Wrestling Club)
3Liam Neitzel (Pinnacle)
4Sean Willcox (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage)

113 A
1st - Carter Nogle (Headhunters Wc)
2nd - Deven Casey (Izzy Style Wrestling)
3rd - Patrick Okeefe (Team Nj)
4th - Sean Campbell (Copiague)
5th - Ryan Meier (Doughboy)
6th - Owen Kennedy (Team Alberta)
7th - Damir Shifadugov (Germany)
8th - Michaell Harris (Krazy Monkey Wrestling Club)
9th - Ralph Keeney (Journeymen)
10th - Christopher Lopez (Olympaid Rtc)
11th - Owen Sheiman (Southside)
12th - Noah Glider (Kt Kidz)
Pool 1
1Carter Nogle (Headhunters Wc)
2Damir Shifadugov (Germany)
3Christopher Lopez (Olympaid Rtc)
Pool 2
1Patrick Okeefe (Team Nj)
2Owen Kennedy (Team Alberta)
3Owen Sheiman (Southside)
Pool 3
1Sean Campbell (Copiague)
2Ryan Meier (Doughboy)
3Ralph Keeney (Journeymen)
Pool 4
1Deven Casey (Izzy Style Wrestling)
2Michaell Harris (Krazy Monkey Wrestling Club)
3Noah Glider (Kt Kidz)

120 A
1st -Luke Lilledahl (X-calibur Athletics)
2nd - Leo Deluca (Team Nj)
3rd - Marcello Milani (S A W)
4th - Draegen Orine (Seckman)
5th - Benjamin Bast (Askren Wrestling Academy)
6th - Ben Reid (Team Alberta)
7th - Cooper Hilton (Wyoming Seminary)
8th - Collin Mcdowell (Askren Wrestling Academy)
9th - Mason Mills (Pinnacle)
10th - Noah Tonsor (Askren Wrestling Academy)
11th - Zachary Parisi (Izzy Style)
12th - Dillon Arrick (Kd / Arlington)
13th - Tanner Grooms (Washington)
14th - Dominick Spadaro (South Side Wrestling Club)
15th - Ethan Kennedy (Team Alberta)
Pool 1
1Luke Lilledahl (X-calibur Athletics)
2Benjamin Bast (Askren Wrestling Academy)
3Mason Mills (Pinnacle)
Pool 2
1Marcello Milani (S A W)
2Cooper Hilton (Wyoming Seminary)
3Zachary Parisi (Izzy Style)
Pool 3
4Tanner Grooms (Washington)
1Draegen Orine (Seckman)
2Ben Reid (Team Alberta)
3Dillon Arrick (Kd / Arlington)
4Dominick Spadaro (South Side Wrestlin
Pool 4
1Leo Deluca (Team Nj)
2Collin Mcdowell (Askren Wrestling Academy)
3Noah Tonsor (Askren Wrestling Academy)
4Ethan Kennedy (Team Alberta)

120 B
1st - Liuzzi Pasquale (Italy)
2nd - Nico Rivera (Journeymen Wc)
3rd - James Hanley (Headhunters)
4th - Brown Jaeden (New Zealand)
5th - Alex Polsinello (Shaker)
6th - Gundling Lewin (Germany)
7th - Alexander Isopo (Great Neck)
8th - Ben Taylor (Journeymen)
Pool 1
1Liuzzi Pasquale (Italy)
2Brown Jaeden (New Zealand)
3Alex Polsinello (Shaker)
4Ben Taylor (Journeymen)
Pool 2
1Nico Rivera (Journeymen Wc)
2James Hanley (Headhunters)
3Gundling Lewin (Germany)
4Alexander Isopo (Great Neck)

126 A
1st - Jore Volk (Pinnacle)
2nd - Drew Gorman (Boom Ranch)
3rd - Nodirbek Jumanazarov (Uzb)
4th - Yelaman Amangeldy (Kazahkstan)
5th - Tyler Ferrara (Team Worldwide)
6th - Coleman Nogle (Headhunters Wc)
7th - Mason Kernan (Young Guns)
8th - Charlie Bunting (Nazareth)
9th - Abdullokh Khabibullaev (Uzb)
10th - Emrakh Guseynov (Uzb)
11th - Jackson Heslin (Kt Kidz)
12th - Tahir Parkins (Dark Knights)
13th - Ryan Wilson (Mount Vernon High School)
14th - Maddox Casella (Mill Valley)
15th - Sebastian Ortega (Triumph)
16th - Jannis Rebholz (Germany)
Pool 1
1Nodirbek Jumanazarov (Uzb)
2Mason Kernan (Young Guns)
3Tahir Parkins (Dark Knights)
4Sebastian Ortega (Triumph)
Pool 2
1Drew Gorman (Boom Ranch)
2Tyler Ferrara (Team Worldwide)
3Emrakh Guseynov (Uzb)
4Ryan Wilson (Mount Vernon High School)
Pool 3
1Jore Volk (Pinnacle)
2Coleman Nogle (Headhunters Wc)
3Abdullokh Khabibullaev (Uzb)
4Jannis Rebholz (Germany)
Pool 4
1Yelaman Amangeldy (Kazahkstan)
2Charlie Bunting (Nazareth)
3Jackson Heslin (Kt Kidz)
4Maddox Casella (Mill Valley)

126 B
1st - James Tildsley (Doughboy)
2nd - Elijah Smoot (Eastern View Hs)
3rd - Matthew Dimen (Xcal)
4th - Jimmy Lally (Doughboy Wrestling Club)
5th - Toribio Torres Pedro Juan Martin (Peru)
6th - Brown Kaige (New Zealand)
7th - Alex Vishniakov (Germany)
8th - Angelo Herrington (Curby/ Bethlehem Hs)
9th - Curtis Levy (Copiague)
10th - Lachlan Crooks (Team Alberta)
11th - Tomah Gummow (Black Belt Wrestling Academy)
Pool 1
1Elijah Smoot (Eastern View Hs)
2Toribio Torres Pedro Juan Martin (Peru)
3Lachlan Crooks (Team Alberta)
Pool 2
1Jimmy Lally (Doughboy Wrestling Club)
2Angelo Herrington (Curby/ Bethlehem Hs)
Pool 3
1James Tildsley (Doughboy)
2Brown Kaige (New Zealand)
3Curtis Levy (Copiague)
Pool 4
1Matthew Dimen (Xcal)
2Alex Vishniakov (Germany)
3Tomah Gummow (Black Belt Wrestling)

132 A
1st - Kannon Webster (Illinois)
2nd - Abdinur Nurlanbek (Kazahkstan)
3rd - Mashrabjon Uzakov (Uzb)
4th - Tyson Charmoli (Pinnacle)
5th - Grigor Cholakyan (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage)
6th - Dyson Dunham (Va Team Predator/benedictine College Prep)
7th - Matty Lopes (Blair Academy)
8th - Anthony Ferraro (Young Guns)
9th - Connor Collins (Team Nj)
10th - Ben Weader (Integrity Wrestling Club)
11th - John Schneider (Team Tugman)
12th - Braxton Appello (Dark Knights / Nazareth)
13th - Ostin Blanchard (Askren Wrestling Academy)
14th - Nathaniel Cotto (Krazy Monkey Wrestling Club)
15th - Assanali Oralov (Kazahkstan)
Pool 1
1Abdinur Nurlanbek (Kazahkstan)
2Dyson Dunham (Va Team Predator/benedictine College Prep)
3Connor Collins (Team Nj)
Pool 2
1Mashrabjon Uzakov (Uzb)
2Anthony Ferraro (Young Guns)
3Braxton Appello (Dark Knights / Nazareth)
4Nathaniel Cotto (Krazy Monkey Wrestling)
Pool 3
1Tyson Charmoli (Pinnacle)
2Matty Lopes (Blair Academy)
3John Schneider (Team Tugman)
4Assanali Oralov (Kazahkstan)
Pool 4
1Kannon Webster (Illinois)
2Grigor Cholakyan (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage)
3Ben Weader (Integrity Wrestling Club)
4Ostin Blanchard (Askren Wrestling Academy)

132 B
1st - Manuel Wagin (Germany)
2nd - Nursadyk Nurdinov (Kyrgystan)
3rd - Phoenix Alyea (Integrity Wrestling Club/skyline High School)
4th - Felix Kirchhoff (Austria)
5th - Sid Tildsley (Dwc)
6th - Colin Diffee (Journeymen)

Pool 1
1Phoenix Alyea (Integrity Wrestling Club/skyline High School)
2Sid Tildsley (Dwc)
3Nursadyk Nurdinov (Kyrgystan)
Pool 2
1Manuel Wagin (Germany)
2Felix Kirchhoff (Austria)
3Colin Diffee (Journeymen)

138 A
1st - Pj Duke (Kd Training Center)
2nd - Koy Buesgens (Pinnacle)
3rd - Kole Brower (Illinois)
4th - Lubrano Danny (Italy)
5th - Marcel Wagin (Germany)
6th - Jordan Soriano (Savage / W.t. Clarke High School)
7th - Akseli Erkkola (Finland)
8th - Cameron Catrabone (Kd6)
9th - Wyatt Duchateau (Askren Wrestling Academy (Awa))
10th - Luke Roberts (Tech Squad/loudoun County High School)
11th - Jack Myers (Buxton)
12th - Damani Almodovar (Team Nj)
13th - Smokey Mcclure (South Whidbey High School)
14th - Eli Murray (Combat Athletics)
15th - Mateo Sgambellone (St.josephs Regional)
16th - Griffin Laplante (Starpoint)
17th - Tristan Corbin (Robinson Secondary)
18th - Colton Thorpe (Team Tugman Wrestling Club)
Pool 1
1Pj Duke (Kd Training Center)
2Wyatt Duchateau (Askren Wrestling Academy (Awa))
3Tristan Corbin (Robinson Secondary)
Pool 2
1Marcel Wagin (Germany)
2Smokey Mcclure (South Whidbey High School)
Pool 3
1Kole Brower (Illinois)
2Jack Myers (Buxton)
Pool 4
1Cameron Catrabone (Kd6)
2Mateo Sgambellone (St.josephs Regional)
Pool 5
1Lubrano Danny (Italy)
2Eli Murray (Combat Athletics)
Pool 6
1Jordan Soriano (Savage / W.t. Clarke High School)
2Damani Almodovar (Team Nj)
Pool 7
1Akseli Erkkola (Finland)
2Griffin Laplante (Starpoint)
Pool 8
1Koy Buesgens (Pinnacle)
2Luke Roberts (Tech Squad/loudoun County High School)
3Colton Thorpe (Team Tugman Wrestling)

138 B
1st - Amir Avazov (Vhw/kwrestling)
2nd - Kieran Cullen (Journeymen)
3rd - Joona Hakola (Finland)
4th - Tabriz Khetab (Afghanistan)
5th - Josh Howard (Team Tugman Wc)
6th - Chad Busching (Washington)
7th - Billy Oconnor (Wednesday Warriors)
8th - Zachary Schonhoff (Blackstone Wrestling Club)
Pool 1
1Kieran Cullen (Journeymen)
2Joona Hakola (Finland)
3Chad Busching (Washington)
4Billy Oconnor (Wednesday Warriors)
Pool 2
1Amir Avazov (Vhw/kwrestling)
2Tabriz Khetab (Afghanistan)
3Josh Howard (Team Tugman Wc)
4Zachary Schonhoff (Blackstone Wrestling)

145 A
1st - Umidjon Jalolov (Uzb)
2nd - Finn Solomon (Young Guns)
3rd - Pierson Manville (M2/state College High School)
4th - Alessio Perentin (Team Nj)
5th - Yrysbek Maksutov (Kyrgystan)
6th - Jimmy Harrington (Doughboy Wrestling Club / Belmont Hill School)
7th - Mason Stefanelli (Blair Academy)
8th - Yernur Nurgazy (Kazahkstan)
9th - Zach Hanson (Pinnacle)
10th - Muhamed Bektimirov (Austria)
11th - August Hibler (Scorpions)
12th - Bekhruz Gubaev (Uzb)
13th - Casper Stewart (Genesee Valley Wc/batavia Hs)
14th - Nariman Serikbayev (Kazahkstan)
15th - Donavan Smith (Tioga)
16th - Gunnar Garelli (Izzy Style)
17th - Jackson Polo (Savage Wrestling Club)
18th - Logan Rozynski (Wyoming Seminary)
19th - Jordan Brown (Monroe Woodbury Hs)
20th - Jekabs Kikurs (Latvia)
21st - Gage Laplante (Starpoint)
22nd - Nikolas Voros (Virginia Slaughter House)
23rd - Alex Greco (Olympic Wrestling Club)
24th - Daniel Sheen (Wvrtc)
Pool 1
Umidjon Jalolov (Uzb)
2Gunnar Garelli (Izzy Style)
3Alex Greco (Olympic Wrestling Club)
Pool 2
1Jimmy Harrington (Doughboy Wrestling Club / Belmont Hill School)
2August Hibler (Scorpions)
3Jackson Polo (Savage Wrestling Club)
Pool 3
1Alessio Perentin (Team Nj)
2Nariman Serikbayev (Kazahkstan)
3Jordan Brown (Monroe Woodbury Hs)
Pool 4
1Mason Stefanelli (Blair Academy)
2Zach Hanson (Pinnacle)
3Nikolas Voros (Virginia Slaughter House)
Pool 5
1Yernur Nurgazy (Kazahkstan)
2Muhamed Bektimirov (Austria)
3Daniel Sheen (Wvrtc)
Pool 6
Finn Solomon (Young Guns)
2Casper Stewart (Genesee Valley Wc/batavia Hs)
3Logan Rozynski (Wyoming Seminary)
Pool 7
1Yrysbek Maksutov (Kyrgystan)
2Donavan Smith (Tioga)
3Jekabs Kikurs (Latvia)
Pool 8
1Pierson Manville (M2/state College High School)
2Bekhruz Gubaev (Uzb)
3Gage Laplante (Starpoint)

145 B
1st - Anthony Evanitsky (Mat Assassins)
2nd - Luca Felix (Felix Wrestling Academy)
3rd - Corbin Ramos (Kenosha Wrestling Academy)
4th - Joseph Antonio (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage)
5th - Brett Skaug (Askren Wrestling Academy)
6th - Ainis Kulikovskis (Latvia)
7th - Tyler Rossini (Journeymen)
8th - Benjamin Smith (Warhawks)
9th - Leevi Joutsenlahti (Finland)
10th - Diesel Grant (Empire Wrestling Academy)
11th - Martin Ennemoser (Austria)
12th - Jashon Holmes (Journeymen)
13th - Christopher Creason (Wrestling Prep)
14th - Konstantinos Koufalis (Empire)
15th - Brendan Magure (Team Alberta)
16th - Ilya Shlemonov (Krazy Monkey Wrestling)
17th - Vincent Grembocki (Journeymen)
18th - Suddens Nixon (New Zealand)
19th - Samuel Almeida (Blackstone Wrestling Club)
Pool 1
1Joseph Antonio (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage)
2Martin Ennemoser (Austria)
3Vincent Grembocki (Journeymen)
Pool 2
1Brett Skaug (Askren Wrestling Academy)
2Ilya Shlemonov (Krazy Monkey Wrestling Club)
Pool 3
1Luca Felix (Felix Wrestling Academy)
2Diesel Grant (Empire Wrestling Academy)
Pool 4
Tyler Rossini (Journeymen)
2Konstantinos Koufalis (Empire)
Pool 5
1Ainis Kulikovskis (Latvia)
2Christopher Creason (Wrestling Prep)
3Suddens Nixon (New Zealand)
Pool 6
1Corbin Ramos (Kenosha Wrestling Academy)
2Jashon Holmes (Journeymen)
Pool 7
1Benjamin Smith (Warhawks)
2Brendan Magure (Team Alberta)
Pool 8
1Anthony Evanitsky (Mat Assassins)
2Leevi Joutsenlahti (Finland)
3Samuel Almeida (Blackstone Wrestling)

152 A
1st - Meyer Shapiro (Wyoming Sem.)
2nd - Olzhas Olzhakanov (Kazahkstan)
3rd - Jackson Arrington (Young Guns)
4th - Nicholas Kunstek (Blair)
5th - William Henckel (Blair Academy)
6th - Collin Carrigan (Izzy Style)
7th - Christopher Crawford (Wyoming Seminary)
8th - Renso Montalvo (Journeymen)
9th - Viljams Lutkevics (Latvia)
10th - Stamos Tsakiris (Izzy Style)
11th - Cooper Lockhart (Integrity)
12th - Ritchie Grungo (Team Nj)
13th - Joshua Warland (Journeymen)
14th - Dias Zhumatay (Kazahkstan)
15th - Charlie Millard (Askren Wrestling Academy)
16th - Jake Dailey (Bethlehem Catholic)
17th - James Thibaudeau (Blackstone Wrestling Club)
Pool 1
1Olzhas Olzhakanov (Kazahkstan)
2Joshua Warland (Journeymen)
3James Thibaudeau (Blackstone Wrestlin
Pool 2
1Renso Montalvo (Journeymen)
2Ritchie Grungo (Team Nj)
Pool 3
1Collin Carrigan (Izzy Style)
2Viljams Lutkevics (Latvia)
Pool 4
1Nicholas Kunstek (Blair)
2Jake Dailey (Bethlehem Catholic)
Pool 5
1Meyer Shapiro (Wyoming Sem.)
2Stamos Tsakiris (Izzy Style)
Pool 6
1William Henckel (Blair Academy)
2Charlie Millard (Askren Wrestling Academy)
Pool 7
1Christopher Crawford (Wyoming Seminary)
2Dias Zhumatay (Kazahkstan)
Pool 8
1Jackson Arrington (Young Guns)
2Cooper Lockhart (Integrity)

1st - Mukhammad Inshapiev (Austria)
2nd - Taythan Enrique Silva (Izzy Style Wrestling)
3rd - Cael Andrews (Izzy Style)
4th - Thomas Oneill (Blair Academy)
5th - Logan Kennedy (Team Alberta)
6th - Jordan Dacosta (Blackstone)
7th - Carlos Barrios (Bolivia)
8th - Logan Staunton (Journeymen)
Pool 1
1Mukhammad Inshapiev (Austria)
2Cael Andrews (Izzy Style)
3Jordan Dacosta (Blackstone)
4Logan Staunton (Journeymen)
Pool 2
1Taythan Enrique Silva (Izzy Style Wrestling)
2Logan Kennedy (Team Alberta)
3Thomas Oneill (Blair Academy)
4Carlos Barrios (Bolivia)

160 A
1st - Mitchell Mesenbrink (Arrowhead High School)
2nd - Nicco Ruiz (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage)
3rd - Erbolatov Llyas (Kazahkstan)
4th - Thor Michaelson (Nwwc)
5th - Raul Caso (Italy)
6th - Bekbol Izabekov (Kyrgystan)
7th - Samagan Ulan Uulu (Kgz)
8th - Paul Ognissanti (Unattached)
9th - Zhassulan Bexultanov (Kazahkstan)
10th - Marat Kardanov (Germany)
11th - Dom Federici (Wyoming Seminary)
12th - Silas Dailey (Askren Wrestling Academy)
13th - Marc Koch (Blair Academy)
14th - Benedikt Huber (Austria)
15th - Jake Zearfoss (Team Nj)
16th - Jackson Glasgow (Gta Alliance)
17th - Benjamin Shvartsman (Izzy Style)
18th - Liam Scrivanich (Grit Mat Club)
19th - Connor Gregory (Journeymen)
Pool 1
1Samagan Ulan Uulu (Kgz)
2Marc Koch (Blair Academy)
3Liam Scrivanich (Grit Mat Club)
Pool 2
1Thor Michaelson (Nwwc)
2Zhassulan Bexultanov (Kazahkstan)
Pool 3
1Mitchell Mesenbrink (Arrowhead High School)
2Dom Federici (Wyoming Seminary)
Pool 4
1Raul Caso (Italy)
2Jake Zearfoss (Team Nj)
Pool 5
1Erbolatov Llyas (Kazahkstan)
2Marat Kardanov (Germany)
3Benjamin Shvartsman (Izzy Style)
Pool 6
1Bekbol Izabekov (Kyrgystan)
2Jackson Glasgow (Gta Alliance)
Pool 7
1Paul Ognissanti (Unattached)
2Benedikt Huber (Austria)
Pool 8
1Nicco Ruiz (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage)
2Silas Dailey (Askren Wrestling Academy)
3Connor Gregory (Journeymen)

160 B
1st - Tyler Reed (Cornwall High School)
2nd - Jake Zargo (Rhino Wrestling)
3rd - Eli Fines (Team Alberta)
4th - Garcia Puca Adriano Miguel (Peru)
5th - Nick Dimonda (J Men)

170 A
1st - Kamdyn Munro (Boom Ranch)
2nd - Carter Baer (Gouverneur Wrestling Club)
3rd - Daniels Bendiks (Latvia)
4th - Yelnar Shildebay (Kazahkstan)
5th - Ethan Riddle (Askren Wrestling Academy)
6th - Finizio Luca (Italy)
7th - Jed Wester (Pinnacle Wrestling)
8th - Artemios Trepca (Australia)
9th - Dalton Loyden (Manu)
10th - Roberto Padilla (Team Nj)
11th - Nicholas Hooper (Team Alberta)
12th - Rocco Dellagatta (Team Nj)
13th - Lukas Lins (Austria)
14th - Unto Haaslahti (Finland)
15th - Robert Kucharczk (Robinson High School)
16th - Liam Kilrain (Blair Academy)
Pool 1
1Carter Baer (Gouverneur Wrestling Club)
2Artemios Trepca (Australia)
3Roberto Padilla (Team Nj)
4Unto Haaslahti (Finland)
Pool 2
1Daniels Bendiks (Latvia)
2Finizio Luca (Italy)
3Rocco Dellagatta (Team Nj)
4Robert Kucharczk (Robinson High School)
Pool 3
1Yelnar Shildebay (Kazahkstan)
2Ethan Riddle (Askren Wrestling Academy)
3Nicholas Hooper (Team Alberta)
4Liam Kilrain (Blair Academy)
Pool 4
1Kamdyn Munro (Boom Ranch)
2Jed Wester (Pinnacle Wrestling)
3Dalton Loyden (Manu)
4Lukas Lins (Austria)

170 B
1st - Jeremy Weinhold (Germany)
2nd - Joshua Nieroda (Ktkidz)
3rd - Nick Bernik (Rednose)
4th - Cusinga Gomez Alexander Matias (Peru)
5th - Reddy Alex (New Zealand)
6th - Chigozie Ljeoma (Bahamas)
7th - Jai Barnett (Wallkill Hs)
8th - Sirvans Mamedovs (Latvia)
Pool 1
1Jeremy Weinhold (Germany)
1Nick Bernik (Rednose)
2Joshua Nieroda (Ktkidz)
3Chigozie Ljeoma (Bahamas)
4Sirvans Mamedovs (Latvia)
Pool 2
1Jeremy Weinhold (Germany)
2Cusinga Gomez Alexander Matias (Peru)
3Reddy Alex (New Zealand)
4Jai Barnett (Wallkill Hs)

182 A
1st - Muhammad Abdullaev (Kyrgystan)
2nd - Connor Mirasola (Askren Wrestling Academy (Awa))
3rd - Aeoden Sinclair (Askren Wrestling Academy)
4th - Joshua Palacio (Team Nj)
5th - Kingsley Menifee (No Team)
6th - Jai Sodhi (Gta Alliance)
7th - Reed Douglass (Journeymen)
8th - Ryder Rogotzke (Pinnacle)
9th - Roman Martinez (Blair Academy)
10th - Justin Soriano (Savage / W.t. Clarke High School)
11th - Mark Ayala (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage)
12th - Rainers Lukins (Latvia)
13th - Luca Pellegrino (Australia)
14th - Owen Gudmundson (Team Alberta)
15th - Jesse Mullis (Journeyman)
Pool 1
1Muhammad Abdullaev (Kyrgystan)
2Reed Douglass (Journeymen)
3Justin Soriano (Savage / W.t. Clarke High)
Pool 2
1Aeoden Sinclair (Askren Wrestling Academy)
2Kingsley Menifee (No Team)
3Rainers Lukins (Latvia)
4Luca Pellegrino (Australia)
Pool 3
1Connor Mirasola (Askren Wrestling Academy (Awa))
2Jai Sodhi (Gta Alliance)
3Roman Martinez (Blair Academy)
4Owen Gudmundson (Team Alberta)
Pool 4
1Joshua Palacio (Team Nj)
2Ryder Rogotzke (Pinnacle)
3Mark Ayala (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage)
4Jesse Mullis (Journeyman)

195 A
1st - Azizbek Fayzullaev (Uzbekistan)
2nd - Muslim Zhaksylyk (Kazahkstan)
3rd - Cole Mirasola (Askren Wrestling Academy (Awa))
4th - Ike Schmidt (Blair Academy)
5th - Wolfgang Frable (Xcalibur)
6th - Ruben Karapetyan (Tech Squad)
7th - Aidan Stevenson (Team Alberta)
8th - Jacopo Giusti (Italy)
9th - Joshua Anthony (Blair Academy)
10th - Jared Bilinski (Journeymen)
11th - Mukhammedsultan Kopbayev (Kazahkstan)
Pool 1
1Muslim Zhaksylyk (Kazahkstan)
2Ruben Karapetyan (Tech Squad)
3Jared Bilinski (Journeymen)
Pool 2
1Ike Schmidt (Blair Academy)
2Jacopo Giusti (Italy)
Pool 3
1Cole Mirasola (Askren Wrestling Academy (Awa))
2Wolfgang Frable (Xcalibur)
3Mukhammedsultan Kopbayev (Kazahkstan)
Pool 4
1Azizbek Fayzullaev (Uzb)
2Aidan Stevenson (Team Alberta)
3Joshua Anthony (Blair Academy)

220 A
1st - Max Ramberg (Pinnacle)
2nd - Nicholas Sahakian (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage)
3rd - Beibarys Zen (Kazahkstan)
4th - Pj Casale (Team Nj)
5th - Hampton Kaye-kuter (New England Gold)
6th - Kutman Tolobaldiev (Kyrgystan)
7th - Aidan Schlett (St Joe's Regional)
8th - Nehemias Pettway (South Side Wrestling Club)
9th - Brady Colbert (Wyoming Seminary)
Pool 1
1Nicholas Sahakian (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage)
2Pj Casale (Team Nj)
3Hampton Kaye-kuter (New England Gold)
4Nehemias Pettway (South Side Wrestling Club)
5Brady Colbert (Wyoming Seminary)
Pool 2
1Max Ramberg (Pinnacle)
2Beibarys Zen (Kazahkstan)
3Kutman Tolobaldiev (Kyrgystan)
4Aidan Schlett (St Joe's Regional)

285 A
1st - Jimmy Mullen (Team Nj)
2nd - Ashton Davis (Cleveland High School)
3rd - Karanveer Mahil (Panorama Ridge Secondary)
4th - Tristen Hitchcock (Journeymen)
5th - Dale Moehring (Wyoming Seminary)
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