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Gomez wins Main Event over Moore, Jimenez wins Co-Main Event on exciting Who’s Number One girls card

by by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Katie Gomez gets in on a single leg attack against Shelby Moore at Who's Number One. Photo by Sam Janicki.

DALLAS, Texas – History was made tonight when FloWrestling hosted its first all-girls card as part of the popular Who’s Number One competition. The 10-bout card featured three No. 1 vs. No. 2 battles, with the Main Event featuring a pair of No. 1 ranked wrestlers from different weight classes. The action was outstanding.

The Main Event featured the No. 1 at 122 pounds, Shelby Moore of Washington against the No. 1 at 117 pounds, Katie Gomez of California. In a high-scoring event which went to the very end, Gomez edged Moore, 11-10 on the strength of an early four-point move and some clutch counter offense. Gomez led for most of the match and extended her lead to 11-6, but Moore hit a four-point headlock on the final buzzer to close it just a one-point margin. Gomez was a 2021 Cadet World champion, while Moore won Junior and 16U National titles in Fargo.

Gomez, in her post-match interview on FloWrestling, was asked how she handles the pressure of big matches. Her answer was simple. “By training hard. It’s not pressure if you really want it. Just go out there and get it,” she said.

In the first No. 1 vs. No. 2 bout, SaVannah Cosme of Colorado defended her top position at 127 pounds with a solid 8-3 decision over No. 2 Alexis Janiak. Cosme had a powerful second period to extend her lead.

The next battle between the top two wrestlers went to the No. 2 at 100 pounds, 2021 Junior Nationals champion Brianna Gonzalez of California, who stopped the No. 1 wrestler Ava Ward of Missouri, a Cadet World bronze medalist, 6-3. A first-period four-point throw and a late high crotch takedown were the difference for Gonzalez.

The final No. 1 vs. No. 2 was at 106 pounds, with the No. 1 wrestler, Cadet World bronze medalist Audrey Jimenez of Arizona busting up a wild match that was tied at 9-9 by pinning No. 2 Paige Morales of California with just 54 seconds in the match. Morales went for a throw that was blocked by Jimenez, who ended up on top and locked down the pin.

Jimenez was asked about her powerhouse high school program at Sunnyside High School in Tucson. “We have a lot of people who lead by example. Like the guys at the Div. I level like Roman Bravo-Young and Jesse Ibarra. It pushes us to do better ourselves,” she said.

Another No. 1 ranked wrestler who won was Cecilia Williams of Michigan at 112 pounds, who stopped Jenavi Alejandro of Nevada, 6-3. Janida Garcia of California knocked off the No. 1 wrestler at 132 pounds, with a 16-8 win over Hanna Errthum of Wisconsin.

Other winners on the card were Cadence Diduch of Illinois at 117, Destiny Rodriguez of Oregon at 152, Erica Pastoriza of Arizona at 94 and Lillian Freitas of California at 164.


127 pounds
SaVannah Cosme (Denver, Colo., No. 1 at 127, No. 11 P-4-P) dec. Alexis Janiak (Plainfield, Ill., No. 2 at 127, No. 14 P-4-P), 8-3

Cosme defended her No. 1 ranking with an 8-3 victory, where she displayed both strong defense and a varied offensive attack. Cosme was placed on the shot clock in the first period and could not score, giving Janiak a 1-0 lead..Cosme answered with a slick double leg takedown with about 30 seconds to go in the first period for a 2-1 lead. In the second period, Janiak secured a high single leg takedown to secure a 3-2 lead just 45 seconds. During a throw attempt, Cosme came out on top with a takedown and a 4-3 lead midway through the period. Cosme secured a step out point with about a minute to go for a 5-3 lead. Another Cosme attack turned into a caution and one penalty and a 6-3 lead for Cosme. Cosme secured a counter spin-behind takedown to go up 8-3. This was a rematch of the UWW Cadet World Team finals, won by Janiak.

132 pounds
Janida Garcia (Modesto, Calif., No. 4 at 127) dec. Hanna Errthum (Mount Horeb, Wis, No. 1 at 132), 16-8.

Garcia, who competed at 127 in Fargo but wrestled often at 132 last year, came out on fire. She secured three straight takedowns, first on a bodylock, second on a throw by and third on a drag down, for a 6-0 lead. When Garcia scored two more on an exposure during a scramble, the lead was 8-0 and a technical fall was possible. Errthum scored double leg takedown just seconds before the break to trail 8-2. In the second period, a 2-and-2 early made it 10-4. Errthum got her offense opened, scoring a takedown to make it 10-6. Garcia came right back, with two more takedowns and a 14-6 lead. Errthum scored late to make it 14-8, but Garcia scored a go-behind to close it out at 16-8. Errthum had a win over Garcia last season, but Garcia turned the tables with an impressive offensive showing.

112 pounds
Cecilia Williams (Lansing, Mich., No. 1 at 112, No. 21 P-4-P) dec. Jenavi Alejandro (Las Vegas, Nev., No. 3 at 112), 6-3

Williams, the No. 1 coming in, defended her top ranking with a strong performance. Williams scored first with a front-headlock spin behind for a 2-0 lead. With about 40 seconds left in the first period, Williams executed the front-headlock to a spin behind takedown for a 4-0 lead going into the break. Early in the second period, Alejandro secured a throw-by for a takedown to close it to 4-2. Alejandro secured a stepout with less than a minute left to make it 4-3. With Alejandro pressing the action, Williams secured a re-attack single leg takedown to make it 6-3.

117 pounds
Cadence Diduch (Freeport, Ill., No. 6 at 117) pin Zao Estrada (Hilton Head, S.C., No. 2 at 112), 3:32

Estrada got on the scoreboard quickly on a go-behind to lead 2-0. Diduch answered back with a re-shot on a scramble for her first takedown and a 2-2 tie. Another Estrada go-behind takedown made it 4-2. With only 10 seconds left in the first period, Diduch scored a takedown and added an ankle lace turn to take the 6-4 lead into the break. In the second period, Diduch became the aggressor, forcing a step out for a 7-4 lead. A double leg takedown by Diduch brought Estrada to her back and Diduch finished off the pin.

152 pounds
Destiny Rodriguez (West Linn, Ore., No. 2 at 144, No. 15 P-4-P) dec. Jasmine Robinson (Allen, Texas, No. 2 at 152, No. 13 P-4-P), 11-4

In a battle of Junior Nationals champions at different weight classes, Rodriguez was able to have a consistent attack, off-setting the explosive techniques of Robinson for an 11-4 victory. Rodriguez controlled the first period, securing a pair of takedowns for a 4-0 lead at the break. Early in the second period, Robinson hit an impressive four-point lateral drop throw, almost getting the fall, but when Rodriguez got out, the score was 4-4. Robinson suffered stomach discomfort throughout the bout, which broke up the momentum. Rodriguez took over the match. She scored a takedown and stepout to make it 7-4. Another Rodriguez takedown then a turn closed it out for an 11-4 victory.

94 pounds
Erica Pastoriza (Phoenix, Ariz., No. 10 at 100) pin Valerie Solorio (Panama City, Fla., No. 17 at 100), 2:57

In a match of wrestlers in the 90-pound range, Cadet World champion Erica Pastoriza was able to finish off an active match with a powerful turn for a first-period pin over 16U Nationals champion Valerie Solorio. The first takedown went to Solorio for a 2-0 lead, but Pastoriza responded with a takedown and a turn to make it 4-2. Solorio got a reversal to make it 4-3. As the period winded down, after a Pastoriza takedown, she was able to run a powerful bar arm turn and pin Solorio with just three seconds left in the first period.

100 pounds
Brianna Gonzalez (Baldwin Park, Calif., No. 2 at 100, No. 18 P-4-P) dec. Ava Ward (Centralia, Mo., No. 1 at 100, No. 9 P-4-P)

In this No. 1 vs. No. 2 battle, it was No. 2 Brianna Gonzalez who scored the big moves and showed poise in clutch positions to knock off No. 1 Ava Ward 6-3. Ward opened the scoring with a takedown and a 2-0 lead. Gonzalez popped a four-point throw for a 4-2 lead. Ward scored a leg attack that led to a stepout to close it to 4-3 at the break. The second period was very active, with some great defense by both wrestlers. A slick high crotch by Gonzalez for a takedown closed out the match with a big 6-3 win.

138 pounds
NO MATCH between Savannah Gomez (Calexico, Calif., No. 2 at 138, No. 19 P-4-P) and Korina Blades (Broadview, Ill., No. 1 at 138, No. 4 P-4-P)

Blades, who was dealing with injury at both the Cadet World Championships and Junior World Championships, was not able to compete. Both Gomez and Blades were at the event in person and were in good spirits.

164 pounds
Lillian Freitas (Modesto, Calif., No. 3 at 164, No. 6 P-4-P) dec. Rose Cassioppi (Hononegah, Ill., No. 3 at 152), 9-3

Cassioppi scored first on a stepout for a 1-0 lead, but Freitas was in control throughout the rest of the match. Freitas scored her first two points on step outs, then added a knee-tap to spin-behind takedown for a 4-1 lead at the break. In the second period, Freitas extended it to a 6-1 lead on takedown. Cassioppi came back with a spin-behind to close it to 6-3, but Freitas forced another step out then locked down the win with a takedown late in the match.

106 pounds
Audrey Jimenez (Tucson, Ariz., No. 1 at 106, No. 7 P-4-P) pin Paige Morales (Clovis, Calif., No. 2 at 106, No. 17 P-4-P), 5:06

Jimenez, a Cadet World bronze medalist and No. 1 ranked star, won a wild, wide-open, high scoring event with a stunning pin over Junior Nationals champion Paige Morales late in the second period. The wrestlers traded step outs early in the period for a 1-1 tie. Jimenez secured an exposure to lead 3-1. After a scramble where both wrestlers scored, Jimenez led 5-3. She added a takedown to make it 7-3 at the break. Early in the second period, Morales popped a four-point throw on the edge to tie it at 7-7. Jimenez quickly forced a step out for an 8-7 lead. A Morales exposure and Jimenez reversal made it 9-9, with Morales ahead on criteria. Jimenez blocked a Morales lateral drop attempt and secured the fall for a big win.

122 pounds
Katie Gomez (Van Nuys, Calif., No. 1 at 117, No. 5 P-4-P) dec. Shelby Moore (Buckley, Wash., No. 1 at 122, No. 8 P-4-P), 11-10

Gomez scored first on a single leg to lead 2-0, but a Moore spin-behind takedown made it 2-2. Gomez elevated a single leg shot to exposure for a big four-point takedown and a 6-2 lead. Moore forced a step out, and Gomez went to the break with a 6-3 lead. A counter go-behind by Gomez made it 8-3. Moore scored an exposure with Gomez getting a reversal, putting the score at 9-6 for Gomez. A spin-behind takedown by Gomez made it seem like the match was over at 11-6, but a last-second four-point headlock by Moore made the final score 11-10. It was a fitting final match between two great No. 1 athletes, with the lighter Gomez getting the W.

At Dallas, Texas, September 17

127 - SaVannah Cosme (CO) dec. Alexis Janiak (IL), 8-3
132 - Janida Garcia (CA) dec. Hanna Errthum (WI), 16-8
112 - Cecilia Williams (MI) dec. Jenavi Alejandro (NV), 6-3
117 - Cadence Diduch (IL) pin Zao Estrada (SC), 3:32
152 - Destiny Rodriguez (OR) dec. Jasmine Robinson (TX), 11-4
94 - Erica Pastoriza (AZ) pin Valerie Solorio (FL), 2:57
100 - Brianna Gonzalez (CA) dec. Ava Ward (MO), 6-3
138 – No Match - Savannah Gomez (CA), Korina Blades (IL), Blades not able to wrestle due to injury
164 - Lillian Freitas (CA) dec. Rose Cassioppi (IL), 9-3
106 - Audrey Jimenez (AZ) pin Paige Morales (CA), 5:06
122 - Katie Gomez (CA) dec. Shelby Moore (WA), 11-10
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