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Team USA wins women’s freestyle U15 Pan American title with eight golds, Schneider named Outstanding Wrestler

by Joe Wedra, USA Wrestling

Photo of the 2021 U15 Pan American women's freestyle group courtesy of the team.

OAXTEPEC, Mexico – The United States women’s freestyle team won the team title on Saturday at the 2021 U15 Pan American Games. The team collected eight individual gold medals and nine medals in total, dominating the event.

The United States won the team race with 220 total points. Mexico came in second with 160 points, while Brazil finished in third place with 87 points.

Leading the way for Team USA was Skye Schneider of Elk Grove, Calif. Wrestling at 42 kg, she went 4-0 to win her title. She won three matches via fall, and the fourth by technical fall.

The eight U.S. athletes winning individual gold medals were:

• Morgan Turner (36kg) of Lockport, Ill.

• Emma Bacon (39kg) of Naples, Fla.

• Skye Schneider (42kg) of Elk Grove, Calif.

• Julianna Ocampo (46kg) of New Haven, Ind.

• Rianne Murphy (50kg) of Valparaiso, Ind.

• Isabella Gonzales (54kg) of Fresno, Calif.

• Haylie Jaffe (58kg) of Avondale, Pa.

• Faith Bartoszek (66kg) of Wrightstown, Wisc.

Winning a silver medal at 62kg was Alicen Dillard of Morrison, Colo.

The women’s freestyle team is coached by Bill Sullivan of Henderson, Nev. He was joined by Mike Duran of Baldwin Park, Calif. and Salvador Gutierrez of Arvada, Colo.

“Today was a proud day for our team,” Sullivan said after the event. “We battled through injuries and exhaustion to come out team champions. The talent of this group of young women is the best I have seen yet at this age group. I am proud of every single one of the girls. Coach Mike and I are truly grateful for the opportunity to represent the best country in the world.”

The men’s freestyle team also won the team title. A story will be posted later tonight on Team USA won all three styles at the event, including the Greco-Roman team title yesterday.


At Oaxtepec, Mexico October 23

36 kg

Gold – Morgan Turner (USA)

Silver – Xochitl Hernandez Velazco (Mexico)

39 kg

Gold – Emma Bacon (USA)

Silver – Gabriela Palacios Hernandez (Mexico)

Bronze – Ananda de Souza Januário (Brazil)

42 kg

Gold – Skye Schneider (USA)

Silver – Giovanna Cincinato Pimenta (Brazil)

Bronze – Dana Medina Arellanos (Mexico)

46 kg

Gold – Julianna Ocampo (USA)

Silver – Bernardina Jimenez Cruz (Mexico)

Bronze – Matilda Villarreal Martinez (Mexico)

50 kg

Gold – Rianne Murphy (USA)

Silver – Montserrat Hernandez Gomez (Mexico)

Bronze – Yulissa Garcia Saldaña (Mexico)

54 kg

Gold – Isabella Gonzales (USA)

Silver – Astrid Paulino Madrid (Peru)

Bronze – Angelica Plascencia Aceves (Mexico)

58 kg

Gold – Haylie Jaffe (USA)

Silver – Laysla Dias Barbosa (Brazil)

Bronze – Isis Fachin Quispe (Peru)

62 kg

Gold – Athziry Garay Chapa (Mexico)

Silver – Alicen Dillard (USA)

Bronze – Maricielo Molina Rivasplata (Peru)

66 kg

Gold – Faith Bartoszek (USA)

Silver – Sthefany Evangelista Calheiros (Brazil)

Bronze – Luisa Pereyra Gonzalez (Mexico)

U.S. Women’s freestyle bouts

36kg: Morgan Turner, Lockport, Ill., gold medal

WIN Xochitl Hernandez Velazco (Mexico)

39kg: Emma Bacon, Naples, Fla., gold medal

WIN Gabriela Palacios Hernandez (Mexico)

WIN Ananda de Souza Januario (Brazil)

42kg: Skye Schneider, Elk Grove, Calif., gold medal

WIN Giovanna Cincinato Pimenta (Brazil)

WIN Britani Garcia Esqueda (Mexico)

WIN Dana Medina Arrelanos (Mexico)

WIN Yohana Cabrera Garcia (Colombia)

46kg: Julianna Ocampo, New Haven, Ind., gold medal

WIN Matilda Villarreal Martinez (Mexico)

WIN Meliza Escobar Marroquin (Guatemala)

WIN Anna Gutierrez Martinez (Mexico)

WIN Bernardina Jimenez Cruz (Mexico)

50kg: Rianne Murphy, Valparaiso, Ind., gold medal

WIN Brenda Games (Brazil)

WIN Montserrat Hernandez Gomez (Mexico)

WIN Yulissa Garcia Saldana (Mexico)

54kg: Isabella Gonzales, Fresno, Calif., gold medal

WIN Naomi Soto Rodriguez (Mexico)

WIN Angelica Plascencia Aceves (Mexico)

WIN Ashly Iboy Escobar (Guatemala)

WIN Astrid Paulino Madrid (Peru)

58kg: Haylie Jaffe, Avondale, Pa., gold medal

WIN Gabriela Ferriño Alvarado (Mexico)

WIN Meissy Valdez Ovando (Guatemala)

WIN Shanaia Garcia Rojas (Colombia)

WIN Laysla Dias Barbosa (Brazil)

62kg: Alicen Dillard, Morrison, Colo., silver medal

WIN Allison Valdez Obando (Guatemala)

WIN Athziry Garay Chapa (Mexico)

WIN Grecia Romero Gudiño (Mexico)

LOSS Athziry Garay Chapa (Mexico)

66kg: Faith Bartoszek, Wrightstown, Wisc., gold medal

WIN Sthefany Evangelista Calheiros (Brazil)

WIN Elide Castañon Buendia (Mexico)

WIN Zashka Ruiz Carrizales (Mexico)

WIN Sthefany Evangelista Calheiros (Brazil)

Women’s freestyle final team standings

1. USA, 220

2. Mexico, 160

3. Brazil, 87

4. (tie) Peru and Guatemala, 50

6. Colombia, 34

7. Barbados, 4

8. Chile, 2