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Reece beats Jordin in battle of Humphrey brothers in Veterans World freestyle finals; Medeiros adds bronze; USA wins team title

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Brothers Reece and Jordin Humphrey pose together with the USA flag after their finals match in the Veterans Worlds in Greece. Photo courtesy of Chris Brown.

LOUTRAKI, Greece – Brothers Reece and Jordin Humphrey met in the men’s freestyle gold-medal finals at 70 kg in Div. A at the Veterans World Championships on Thursday, and they chose to wrestle each other. Div. A is for athletes 35-40 years old.

Young brother Reese, who lives in Dayton, N.J. defeated older brother Jordin, who resides in Granada Hills, Calif., in a 10-0 technical fall. Reece Humphrey, who competed in three Senior World Championships and also won two University World medals, was competing in his first Veterans World Championships. Jordin won Veterans World medals in freestyle in both 2018 and 2019.

Reece Humphrey scored 10-0 technical falls in all three of his matches. His first two technical falls came over Michael George of the USA and Viktor Banzaraktsaev of Russia.

Jordin Humphrey had to win three bouts to reach the finals against his brother. Jordin beat Elman Guseinov of Russia, 12-6, Efthymios Tserepas of Greece by pin and Timur Shanbayev of Kazakhstan, 8-7.

This is certainly the first time that brothers from the USA have met in the finals of a Veterans World Championships, and may be the first time American brothers have met in a UWW World finals at any level.

Both brothers are also registered to compete in Greco-Roman, with their Div. A competition set for Sunday.

The Humphrey brothers come from an amazing U.S. wrestling family as their father Jim Humphrey was the head coach of the 1988 U.S. Olympic freestyle team and won a 1977 World silver medal in freestyle for Team USA.

Claiming a bronze medal at 88 kg in Div. A was multiple-time Veterans World medalist James Medeiros II of Granada Hills, Calif. Medeiros edged Abay Smagulov of Kazakhstan, 2-1 in the finals. Medeiros opened with a 4-3 win over Andris Ozolins Ozols of Latvia, 4-3, then fell in the semifinals to Roman Sarybaev of Kyrgyzstan, 7-1.

The USA won the Veterans team title in freestyle, with Russia in second place. The standings are determined by adding the team scores in all five age divisions together. Team USA had 384 points, with Russia next with 359 point.

With the three medals won in Div. A on Thursday, the United States extended its final freestyle medal count to 20 medals. With Humphrey’s gold medal today, the USA has now won five World titles this year, with Dan Chaid (Div. E, 130 kg), Rob Prebish of Richmond, Va. (Div. C, 62 kg), Stephen Horton of Cibolo, Texas (Div. D, 70 kg) and Jon Banko of New Kensington, Pa. (Div. D, 78 kg) also standing on the top of the podium.

The freestyle competition has concluded. The Greco-Roman competition begins on Friday, with competition in Divisions B and E. A separate story with all of the U.S. draws in Greco-Roman will be posted later today.


At Loutraki, Greece, October 21

Div. A (ages 35-40) men’s freestyle medalists

62 kg

Gold - Mostafa Hassan Abdelaal Mohamed (Egypt)

Silver - Michael Nesseler (Germany)

70 kg

Gold - Reece Humphrey (USA)

Silver - Jordin Humphrey (USA)

Bronze - Viktor Banzaraktsaev (Russia)

Bronze - Timur Shanbayev (Kazakhstan)

78 kg

Gold - Renat Ramazanov (Russia)

Silver - Eldar Gaydarov (Russia)

Bronze - Aslambek Ezerkhanov (Russia)

Bronze - Alexandru Burca (Moldova)

88 kg

Gold - Bulat Dashinimaev (Russia)

Silver - Roman Sarubaev (Kyrgyzstan)

Bronze - James Medeiros II (USA)

Bronze - Magomedmirza Taurovskii (Russia)

100 kg

Gold - Saber Emamgholi Emagholipourarmaki (Iran)

Silver - Araik Gevorkyan (Russia)

Bronze - Shahab Tayeb Moeinifar (Iran)

Bronze - Burak Kaya (Turkey)

130 kg

Gold - Mehrdad Hossein Tamaddoni Kenari (Iran)

Silver - Saleh Moustafa Mohamed Omara (Egypt)

Bronze - Ismail Ozdamirov (Russia)

Bronze - Rustam Gereikhanov (Russia)

U.S. Div. A men’s freestyle results

70 kg – Michael George, Littleton, Colo., 5th place

LOSS Reece Humphrey (USA), tech fall 10-0

LOSS Viktor Banzaraktsaev (Russia), tech fall 10-0

70 kg – Jordin Humphrey, Crestline, Calif., silver medal

WIN Elman Guseinov (Russia), 12-6

WIN Efthymios Tserepas (Greece), pin 1:35

WIN Timur Shanbayev (Kazakhstan), 8-7

LOSS Reese Humphrey (USA), tech. fall 10-0

70 kg – Reece Humphrey, Dayton, NJ, gold medal

WIN Michael George (USA), tech. fall 10-0

WIN Viktor Banzaraktsaev (Russia), tech. fall 11-0

WIN Jordin Humphrey (USA), tech fall 10-0

78 kg – Michael Morgan, Sheridan, Ind., 9th place

LOSS Michael Martinke (Germany), 6-2

88 kg – James Medeiros II, Granada Hills, Calif., bronze medal

WIN Andris Ozolins Ozols (Latvia), 4-3

LOSS Roman Sarybaev (Kyrgyzstan), 7-1

WIN Abay Smagulov (Kazakhstan), 2-1

100 kg – Marko Bojkovic, Westmont, Ill., dnp/12th place

LOSS Ahmed Said Mohamadi Ahmed (Egypt), pin 1:04

100 kg – Michael Harbison, Glen Carbon, Ill., 10th place

LOSS Kaan Kaya (Turkey), tech. fall 12-2

Top Two Teams

1. United States, 384 points

2. Russia, 359 points.