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USA advances all eight men's freestylers to Sunday's Pan Am finals

by Taylor Miller, USA Wrestling

Photo of Gable Steveson finishing a takedown on his opponent from Mexico. Photo by Tony Rotundo,

GUATEMALA CITY Team USA is sending all eight of its men’s freestylers to Sunday’s finals of the 2021 Senior Pan American Championships in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Action begins at 7 p.m. ET live on FloWrestling.

Going for gold tonight is Olympic champion Kyle Snyder (97 kg), two-time World champion Kyle Dake (74 kg), 2018 World champion David Taylor (86 kg), 2017 Junior World champion Gable Steveson (125 kg), 2017 U23 World bronze medalist Joey McKenna (65 kg), 2019 Junior World silver medalist Vito Arujau (57 kg), 2019 U23 World Team member Alec Pantaleo (70 kg) and 2021 Senior Nationals champion Shelton Mack (61 kg).

The United States looks to sweep the freestyle tournament, having already secured gold medals from Tommy Gantt (79 kg) and Nate Jackson (92 kg) on Saturday.

Here’s a breakdown of who each American will face in tonight’s finals:

  • 57 kg GOLD: Vito Arujau vs. Roberto Alejandro Blanco (Mexico), 2017 Cadet Pan American champion
  • 61 kg GOLD: Shelton Mack vs. Juan Ramirez Beltre (Dominican Republic), 2011 Pan American Games champion, 2019 Pan American Games silver medalist
  • 65 kg GOLD: Joey McKenna vs. Marcos De Brito Siqueira (Brazil), 14th at 2019  Pan American Championships
  • 70 kg GOLD: Alec Pantaleo vs. Carlos Romero Millaqueo (Chile), 2017 Pan American bronze medalist
  • 74 kg GOLD: Kyle Dake vs. Victor Hernandez Luna (Mexico), 2020 Pan American bronze medalist
  • 86 kg GOLD: David Taylor vs. Clayton Pye (Canada), 2020 Pan American bronze medalist
  • 97 kg GOLD: Kyle Snyder vs. Luis Perez Sosa (Dominican Republic), 2017 Pan American silver medalist, three-time Pan American bronze medalist
  • 125 kg GOLD: Gable Steveson vs. Aly Barghout (Canada), 2018 Junior World silver medalist


Guatemala City, Guatemala | May 27-30

U.S. men’s freestyle results
57 kg: Vitali Arujau (Spartan WC/TMWC) – FINALS

WIN Bryan De Oliveira Pereira (Brazil), 10-0
WIN Alexander Fernandez Pena (Dominican Republic), 11-0
vs. Roberto Alejandro Blanco (Mexico)

61 kg: Shelton Mack (NYC RTC/TMWC) – FINALS
WIN Victor Alfonso Lopez Miranda (El Salvador), 10-0
WIN Jorge Olvera Rodriguez (Mexico), 12-2
WIN Esteban Perez Castellanos (Guatemala), 10-0
vs. Juan Ramirez Beltre (Dominican Republic)

65 kg: Joey McKenna (Pennsylvania RTC/TMWC) – FINALS
WIN Juan Rodriguez Jovel (El Salvador), 10-0
WIN Albaro Rudecindo Camacho (Dominican Republic), 17-6
WIN Sebastian Rivera (Puerto Rico), 10-0
vs. Marcos De Brito Siqueira (Brazil)

70 kg: Alec Pantaleo (Cliff Keen WC/TMWC) – FINALS
WIN Joao Victor Dos Santos Silva (Brazil), 10-0
WIN Vincent de Marinis (Canada), 11-0
vs. Carlos Romero Millaqueo (Chile)

74 kg: Kyle Dake (Spartan Combat WC/TMWC) – FINALS
WIN Julio Rodriguez Romero (Dominican Republic), 10-0
WIN Renato Da Silva (Brazil), 10-0
WIN Jasmit Phulka (Canada), 10-0
vs. Victor Hernandez Luna (Mexico)

86kg: David Taylor (Nittany Lion WC/TMWC) – FINALS
WIN Noel Torres Chacon (Mexico), 10-0
WIN Juan Rivera Garcia (Colombia), 10-0
vs. Clayton Pye (Canada)

97 kg: Kyle Snyder (Nittany Lion WC/TMWC) – FINALS
WIN Richard Deschatelets (Canada), 10-0
WIN Kenett Martinez Viloria (Colombia), 12-0
WIN Maxwell Lemar Lacey Garita (Costa Rica), 10-0
WIN Marcos Carrozzino (Brazil), 10-0
vs. Luis Perez Sosa (Dominican Republic)

125 kg: Gable Steveson (Gopher WC RTC) – FINALS
WIN Christian Chajon Garcia (Guatemala), 10-0
WIN Santiago Restrepo Hernandez (Colombia), 10-0
WIN Aly Barghout (Canada), 10-0
WIN Eduardo Garcia Betanzos (Mexico), 10-0
vs. Aly Barghout (Canada)