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Team Kong United (HS Freestyle), Hammer Chicks (Girls), Este Built Underground (HS Folkstyle) among champs at Spartan National Duals

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Action from the Spartan Duals high school freestyle finalsAction from the Boys High School Freestyle finals dual meet between Team Kong United and Team Shutt. Photo by Robbert Wijtman.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Spartan Nationals Dual meet champions were crowned in five divisions on Sunday, to conclude four full days of high-level wrestling.

Team Kong United won the High School Freestyle Duals, going 5-0 in their dual meets, and defeating Team Shutt in the finals, 41-26.

Team Kong United won the final five matches of the dual meet, with pins from Dean Hamiti (170) and Rylan Rogers (195), plus technical fall wins from Hayden Walters (182), Nicholas Feldman (220) and Chase Horne (285).

Team Kong United won two of the first three bouts, with technical fall wins by Bo Bassett (98) and Kael Lauridsen (113). In a major battle of two nationally ranked stars, Jett Strickenberger of Team Shutt won a wild 12-10 match over Stevo Poulin at 120 pounds. Team Shutt also won the next three matches, a technical fall by Nico Provo (126) a pin by Hunter Mason (132), and a decision by Richard Fedalen (138).

Team Kong United rallied with wins from Daniel Cardenas (145) and Alejandro Herrera-Rondon (152), but Team Shutt stopped the run with a win at 160 pounds by Robert Weston. Then Team Kong United closed out the win in the upperweights.

Hammer Chicks emerged as the champions of the Girls Freestyle Duals field, defeating Riot Performance Academy 44-36 in the Championship Match. Hammer Chicks won four of the final six matches of the dual meet, with technical falls from Amani Jones (125), April Kelly (130) and Stella Steigler (145), plus a decision from Eryn Hubble (165). The team also had a strong start among the lighter weights, with Kellibell Bono (50), Emma Moya (64) and Ryleigh Sturgill (70) getting the team off to a strong start.

The High School Folkstyle Duals champions were Este Built Underground, which defeated the South Side Mafia, 54-10 in the championship finals. Este Built Underground won nine of the first 10 matches to put away the dual meet. Bonus point wins for Este Built Underground included pins by Blake Biessel (98), Isiah Rios (145), Cyrus Williams (152), Connor Johnston (160), Kingsley Menifee (182), a technical fall from Kyle McGill (195) and a major decision by Brandon Nauer (138),.

The Middle School champions were Team Minion (GA) in freestyle, and Peer Pressure in folkstyle.

Team Minion won a six-team round-robin with a 5-0 record. In the battle that determined the title, Team Minion defeated Team Dragon, 54-21. Team Minion opened with four straight wins from Aviyahn Mills (53), Jaxon Flood (58), Beau Abbott (63) and Ariah Mills (67). After a Team Dragon win, Team Minion added four more wins to take an insurmountable lead.

Peer Pressure went 3-0 in a four-team round robin in folkstyle. Their key victory came in the first round, with a 46-30 victory over CFWAXLP, 46-30. In the win over CFWAXLHP, Peer Pressure won the first four bouts, including pins from Gabe Royzi (76) and Richie Davis (80). Other bonus point wins in the finals were by Stone Phillips (major decision at 100 and Cecilia William (pin at 115).

At Jacksonville, Fla., May 23

High School Freestyle Duals

Gold Pool (Places 1-4)

Championship Bout – Team Kong United 41, Team Shutt 26
98Bo Bassett PA (Team Kong United) VSU Ryan Meier Rutland, MA (Team Shutt), 10-0 0:42
106Luke Lilledahl Saint Charles, MO (Team Shutt) VSU1 Nathan Desmond Wind Gap, PA (Team Kong United), 12-2 5:17
113Kael Lauridsen Omaha, NE (Team Kong United) VSU1 Drew Heethuis Linden, MI (Team Shutt), 14-4 4:08
120Jett Strickenberger Monument, CO (Team Shutt) VPO1 Stevo Poulin Schuylerville, NY (Team Kong United), 12-10
126Nico Provo Stratford, CT (Team Shutt) VSU1 Andre Gonzalez CA (Team Kong United), 14-3 4:44
132Hunter Mason Greeneville, TN (Team Shutt) VFA Laird Root Oceanside, CA (Team Kong United), 2-0 1:20
138Richard Fedalen Laurel, MD (Team Shutt) VPO1 Henry Porter Oakdale, CA (Team Kong United), 7-5
145Daniel Cardenas Denver, CO (Team Kong United) VPO1 Angelo Ferrari Allen, TX (Team Shutt), 5-4
152Alejandro Herrera-rondon Harmony, PA (Team Kong United) VSU1 Kj Evans Edmond, OK (Team Shutt), 12-2 2:08
160Robert (rj) Weston Marietta, GA (Team Shutt) VPO Tyler Lillard Alpharetta, GA (Team Kong United), 4-0
170Dean Hamiti jr Joliet, IL (Team Kong United) VFA Jake Null Dolgeville, NY (Team Shutt), 8-1 1:07
182Hayden Walters OR (Team Kong United) VSU1 Logan Messer OH (Team Shutt), 12-2 3:24
195Rylan Rogers Hardwick Township, NJ (Team Kong United) VFA Zayne Lehman OH (Team Shutt), 6-0 1:45
220Nicholas Feldman PA (Team Kong United) VSU Ira Jenkins MI (Team Shutt), 10-0 0:37
285Chase Horne GA (Team Kong United) VSU David Szuba (Team Shutt), 10-0 0:27

Third Place CFWA Blue 55, Team New York 14
98Liam Davis (CFWA Blue) VPO1 Kiernan Magee NY (Team New York), 14-13
106 Ethan Rivera (CFWA Blue) by forfeit
113Benjamin Aranda (CFWA Blue) VSU Trevor Bishop NY (Team New York), 10-0 1:24
120Luis Bazan (CFWA Blue) VSU Torin Bishop NY (Team New York), 10-0 2:08
126Eligh Rivera (CFWA Blue) VSU Mason Welch NY (Team New York), 10-0 1:43
132Danny Nini (CFWA Blue) VSU1 Casper Stewart NY (Team New York), 12-2 4:30
138Jeakus Hines (CFWA Blue) VSU1 Devlin Blanchard NY (Team New York), 16-6 3:21
145Rocco Camillaci NY (Team New York) VSU1 Ethan Mojena (CFWA Blue), 11-1 4:01
152Myles Griffin (CFWA Blue) VSU Owen Hicks (Team New York), 10-0 1:22
160Nick Sanko NY (Team New York) VSU Gaetano Console (CFWA Blue), 10-0 1:14
170Ty Lukens (CFWA Blue) VFA Tyler Joseph NY (Team New York), 11-0 2:13
182Dj Parker (CFWA Blue) VSU1 Lais Cardero FL (Team New York), 13-2 2:06
195 Brock DelSignore (CFWA Blue) by forfeit
220 Bradley Hill (CFWA Blue) VSU1 Ollie Donhue (Team New York), 13-2 1:09
285 Adrian Sans (CFWA Blue) VSU1 Cameron Groncki (Team New York), 14-4 2:22

Semifinals – Team Kong United 62, Team New York 4
Semifinals – Team Shutt 43, CFWA Blue 22

Silver Pool (Places 5-8)
5th Place – 5th Place –Valiant Prep 40, OKRTC 22
7th Place – Florida Pride Black 41, Compound Wrestling 24
Semifinals - OKRTC 40, Florida Pride Black 29
Semifinals – Valiant Prep 46, Compound Wrestling 18

Bronze Pool (Places 9-12)
9th Place – Savage Wrestling dec. Spartan Mixed Nuts 8
11th Place – Spartan Gold 44, Virginia Elite 18
Semifinals - Spartan Mixed Nuts 36, Virginia Elite 27
Semifinals - Savage Wrestling 27, Spartan Gold 22

Copper Pool (Places 13-16)
13th Place – Vougar’s Honors Wrestling 50, Sheldon Wrestling Academy 16
15th Place – Ground Up USA 1 29, Apex 25
Semifinals – Sheldon Wrestling Academy 46, Ground Up USA 1 15
Semifinals – Vougar’s Honors Wrestling 44, Apex 18

Pool A
1 Team Kong United
2 Valiant Prep
3 Spartan Mixed Nuts
4 Sheldon Wrestling Academy Training 1
Team Kong United 55, Spartan Mixed Nuts 1
Valiant Prep 54, Sheldon Wrestling Academy 9
Team Kong United 69, Sheldon Wrestling Academy 1
Valiant Prep 53, Spartan Mixed Nuts 8
Team Kong United 50, Valiant Prep 15
Spartan Mixed Nuts 44, Sheldon Wrestling Academy 23

Pool B

1 Team Shutt
2 Florida Pride Black
3 Spartan Gold
4 Vougar's Honors Wrestling
Team Shutt 63, Spartan Gold 4
Florida Pride Black 46, Vougar’s Honors Wrestling 22
Team Shutt 57, Florida Pride Black 7
Spartan Gold 37, Vougar’s Honors Wrestling 29
Team Shutt 68, Vougar’s Honors Wrestling 1
Florida Pride Black 48, Spartan Gold 19

Pool C

1 CFWA Blue
3 Savage Wrestling
4 Apex
OKRTC 42, Savage Wrestling 23
CFWA Blue 61, Apex 7
OKRTC 56, Apex 14
SFWA Blue 56, Savage Wrestling 7
CFWA Blue 45, OKRTC 20
Savage Wrestling 47, Apex 19

Pool D
1 Team New York
2 Compound Wrestling
3 Virginia Elite
4 Ground Up USA 1
Compound Wrestling 62, Ground Up USA 1 5
Team New York 53, Virginia Elite 8
Team New York 37, Compound Wrestling 32
Virginia Elite 37, Ground Up USA1 26
Compound Wrestling 47, Virginia Elite 14
Team New York 62, Ground Up USA 1 0

Girls Freestyle Duals

Gold Pool (Places 1-4)
1 Hammer Chicks
2 Riot Performance Academy
3 WLAG Teal
4 Buckeye Girls

Championship Match - Hammer Chicks 44, Riot Performance Academy 36
50 - Kellibell Bono FL (Hammer Chicks) VFA Reagan Wallace (Riot Performance Academy) 0:07
57 – Jordan Traster (Riot Performance Academy) by forfeit
64 - Emma Moya (Hammer Chicks) VSU Bridget Castleberry (Riot Performance Academy), 10-0 2:00
70 - Ryleigh Sturgill (Hammer Chicks) VSU Payton Dias (Riot Performance Academy), 10-0 2:53
78 – Kara-Lynn Dover (Riot Performance Academy) by forfeit
84 – Kavani Cook (Riot Performance Academy) by forfeit
90- Emma Bacon Naples, FL (Hammer Chicks) VFA Kara Mckeel (Riot Performance Academy), 4-0 0:17
95 - Hailee Moder Naples, FL (Hammer Chicks) VFA Lily Bradshaw (Riot Performance Academy), 10-0 1:15
102 - Gracie Bradshaw (Riot Performance Academy) VFA Samantha Gray (Hammer Chicks), 9-0 1:23
110Charlize Shuler (Hammer Chicks) VFA Memphis Moses (Riot Performance Academy), 6-0 0:37
118 – Olivia Weiland (Riot Performance Academy) by forfeit
125Amani Jones GA (Hammer Chicks) VSU Brielle Bibla (Riot Performance Academy), 10-0 0:43
130April Kelly (Hammer Chicks) VFA Kilani Barrientos (Riot Performance Academy), 4-0 0:44
135Madisyn Blackburn (Riot Performance Academy) VFA Selina Moore (Hammer Chicks), 5-2 2:41
145Stella Steigler (Hammer Chicks) VSU Aubriana Apple (Riot Performance Academy), 10-0 1:57
165Eryn Hubble (Hammer Chicks) VPO1 Jazzmine Hecht (Riot Performance Academy), 12-6

Third Place Match – WLAG Teal 44, Buckeye Girls 33
50 – Paulette Perez (Buckeye Girls) by forfeit
57 - Allie Proctor GA (Buckeye Girls) VFA Piper Fry (WLAG Teal), 8-0 1:35
64 – Paulo Perez (Buckeye Girls) by forfeit
70 – Calliope Willman (Buckeye Girls) by forfeit
78 – Mia Parker (Buckeye Girls) by forfeit
90 - June Pyles-treser Dayton, OH (Buckeye Girls) VSU Maya Alvarado (WLAG Teal), 10-0 1:29
95 – Sarah McLaughlin (WLAG Teal) by forfeit
102 Clare Booe FL (Buckeye Girls) VSU Parisa Shahamat (WLAG Teal), 10-0 0:19
110 – Deliahlah Betances (WLAG Teal) by forfeit
118Kyla Oliver (WLAG Teal) VFA Eve Matt Jamestown, OH (Buckeye Girls), 2-1 0:43
125Riley White (WLAG Teal) VSU Gwen Matt Jamestown, OH (Buckeye Girls), 10-0 1:53
130Bella Hoffman (WLAG Teal) VFA Kayla Evans (Buckeye Girls), 12-2 2:55
135 Keyla DeLeon (WLAG Teal) by forfeit
145Greta Garbuzovas (WLAG Teal) VFA Zoe Hussar Rossford, OH (Buckeye Girls), 4-0 1:46
165Caitlyn Flaherty (WLAG Teal) VFA Isabell Carrington OH (Buckeye Girls), 6-1 2:36
225Kiara Brin (WLAG Teal) VFA Alyssa Favara Naples, FL (Buckeye Girls), 6-6 3:37

Semifinal – Hammer Chicks 49, Buckeye Girls 27
Semifinal – Riot Performance Academy 55, WLAG Teal 28

Bronze Pool (Places 5-7)
5th - WLAG Pink
6th - Charlies Angels
7th - Ponte Vedra
Charlies Angels 55, Ponte Vedra 7
WLAG Pink 64, Ponte Vedra 10
WLAG Pink 43, Charlies Angels 35

Pool A

1 Buckeye Girls
2 WLAG Teal
3 Charlies Angels
4 Ponte Vedra
WLAG Teal 35, Charlie’s Angels 30
Buckeye Girls 64, Ponte Verde 7
WLAG Teal 52, Ponte Verde 9
Buckeye Girls 51, Charlie’s Angels 31
Buckeye Girls 52, WLAG Teal 25
Charlies Angels 53, Ponte Vedra 4

Pool B
1 Hammer Chicks
2 Riot Performance Academy
3 WLAG Pink
Hammer Chicks 56, Riot Performance Academy 17
Riot Performance Academy 53, WLAG Pink 22
Hammer Chicks 50, WLAG Pink 23

High School Folkstyle Duals

Gold Pool (Places 1-4)

Championship Bout – Este Built Underground 54, South Side Mafia 10
98Blake Biessel MN (Este Built Underground) F Johnathan Moder FL (South Side Mafia), 0:17
106Aidan Carmody Livingston, NJ (Este Built Underground) DEC Roman Lermer FL (South Side Mafia), 6-2
113Ethan Vugman St Augustine, FL (Este Built Underground) DEC Raider Morelli FL (South Side Mafia), 7-0
120Raymond "blaine" Taranto FL (South Side Mafia) DEC Jackzen Rairdon CO (Este Built Underground), 8-4
126Anthony Monetti Montville, NJ (Este Built Underground) DEC Tamarion Kendrick Apopka, FL (South Side Mafia), 11-6
132Joe Innamorato Stewartsville, NJ (Este Built Underground) DEC Gage Wiggins FL (South Side Mafia), 5-2
138Brandon Bauer Long Valley, NJ (Este Built Underground) MD John Mcnichols, FL (South Side Mafia), 10-2
145Isiah Rios CO (Este Built Underground) F Bonosky Fidel Apopka, FL (South Side Mafia), 0:40
152Cyrus Williams FL (Este Built Underground) F Nicholas Sloan, FL (South Side Mafia), 0:49
160Connor Johnston MO (Este Built Underground) F Ransom Randolph FL (South Side Mafia), 0:22
170Koen Hoffman FL (South Side Mafia) MD Lou Paradiso NJ (Este Built Underground), 10-1
182Kingsley Menifee VA (Este Built Underground) F Khalil Mitchell FL (South Side Mafia), 4:23
195Kyle Mcgill FL (Este Built Underground) TF Jaden Markus FL (South Side Mafia), 16-0 3:14
220Ralph Sanchez FL (South Side Mafia) DEC Julian Moszczynski, NJ (Este Built Underground), 9-2
285Ethan Vergara FL (Este Built Underground) DEC Caleb Rodriguez FL (South Side Mafia), 5-1

Third Place – Este Built XTB 72, North Port Wrestling 18
98Hope Eastes FL (North Port Wrestling Club) F Nate Bertha NJ (Este Built XTB), 0:32
106Sean Markey NJ (Este Built XTB) F Andrew Labash FL (North Port Wrestling Club), 2:15
113Sean Narayan NJ (Este Built XTB) F Canon Locastro FL (North Port Wrestling Club), 1:04
120Sam Rizzuto NJ (Este Built XTB) F Paige Baker North Port, FL (North Port Wrestling Club), 1:25
126Kade Toner FL (Este Built XTB) F Nathan Honhart FL (North Port Wrestling Club), 1:58
132 Cooper Lysek (Este Built XTB) by forfeit
138Gannon Wertz FL (North Port Wrestling Club) F Kieran Ball FL (Este Built XTB), 1:30
145Charlie Dojan MN (Este Built XTB) F Yanderek Young FL (North Port Wrestling Club), 1:58
152Josh Route Vermillion, MN (Este Built XTB) F Samuel Holman FL (North Port Wrestling Club), 3:33
160Ryder Heimbach MO (Este Built XTB) F Vincent Donatelle FL (North Port Wrestling Club), 0:50
170Eli Zar MO (Este Built XTB) DEF Dominic Joyce FL (North Port Wrestling Club), 2-0 1:30
182Riley Orr, FL (North Port Wrestling Club) F Camden Meeks MO (Este Built XTB), 0:42
195Seth Suvak (Este Built XTB) by forfeit
220Dedric Marshall FL (Este Built XTB) DEF Chi Haywood, FL (North Port Wrestling Club), 0-0 1:02
285 Cane Fernandez FL (Este Built XTB) by forfeit

Semifinals – Este Built Underground 62, Este Built XTB 18
Semifinals – South Side Mafia 53, North Port Wrestling 21

Silver Pool (Places 5-8)
5th Place – Somerset Academy 35, Fort Lauderdale WC 34
7th Place – Legacy National Team 42, Villians of Valdosta 36
Semifinals – Fort Lauderdale WC 52, Villians ofValdosta 23
Semifinals – Somerset Academy 47, Legacy National Team 23

Bronze Pool (Places 9-11)
9th Place – CFWA Red
10th Place – Spartan Black
11th Place – Blackcat WC
CFWA 54, Spartan Black 13
CFWA Red 64, Blackcat WC 7
Spartan Black 1, Blackcat WC 0

Pool A
1 South Side Mafia
2 Este Built XTB
3 Somerset Academy
4 CFWA Red
South Side Mafia 54, Este Built XTB
Sumerset Academy 38, CFWA Red 31
Este Built XTB 45, CFWA Red 39
South Side Mafia 42, Somerset Academy 29
Este Built 41, Somerset Academy 37
South Side Mafia 39, CFWA Red 28

Pool B
1 Este Built Underground
2 Fort Lauderdale WC
3 Legacy National Team
4 Blackcat WC
Este Built Undergound 85, Blackcat WC 0
Fort Lauderdale WC 43, Legacy National Team 21
Este Built Underground 57, Fort Lauderdale 12
Legacy National Team 50, Blackcat 15
Este Built Underground 71, Legacy National Team 3
Fort Lauderdale WC 54, Blackcat WC 18

Pool C
1 North Port Wrestling Club
2 Villains of Valdosta
3 Spartan Black
North Port Wrestling 42, Villians of Valdosta 34
North Port Wrestling 44, Spartan Black 30
Villians of Valdosta 39, Spartan Black 23

Middle School Freestyle Duals
1 Team Minion (GA), 5-0 record
2 Team Dragon, 4-1 record
3 Apex, 3-2 record
4 Hamma Shack, 1-4 record
5 Florida Pride Teal, 1-4 record
6 Alchemy, 1-4 record
Team Minion (GA) 72, Florida Pride Teal 4
Apex 41, Alchemy 27
Team Dragon 42, Hamma Shack 24
Apex 45, Florida Pride Teal 25
Team Dragon 48, Alchemy 15
Team Minion (GA) 65, Hamma Shack 9
Team Dragon 43, Florida Pride Teal 29
Team Minion (GA), Apex 13
Alchemy 35, Hamma Shack 32
Hamma Shack 44, Florida Pride Teal 30
Team Dragon 42, Apex 28
Team Minion 68, Alchemy 8
Florida Pride Teal 41, Alchemy 29
Apex 33, Hamma Shack 29
Team Minion (GA) 54, Team Dragon 21

Middle School Folkstyle Duals
1 Peer Pressure, 3-0 record
2 CFWAXLHP, 2-1 record
3 Legacy National Team, 1-2 record
4 Team Mocco, 0-3 record
Peer Pressure 46, CFWAXLHP 30
Legacy National Team 46, Team Mocco 39
CFWAXLHP 45, Legacy National Team 33
Peer Pressure 44, Team Mocco 33
CFWAXLHP 46, Team Mocco 37
Peer Pressure 51, Legacy National Team 18
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