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Indian Hills CC wins first Junior College National Championships for women, with Big Bend CC taking second

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Image of Indian Hills CC women's team courtesy of Indian Hills CC Wrestling Twitter.

ROSEBURG, Ore. –Led by three individual champions, Indian Hills CC of Iowa won the historic first Junior College National Championships (JCNC) in women’s wrestling, held at Umpqua CC on Friday.

Indian Hills CC finished with 154 points, 11 points ahead of runner-up Big Bend CC of Washington with 143 points. Southwest Oregon CC of Oregon was third with 86.5 points, with host Umpqua CC of Oregon fourth with 80 points and Grays Harbor College of Washington in fifth with 77 points.

Indian Hills CC and Big Bend CC were neck-and-neck going into the medal-match rounds of the tournament. Indian Hills had seven athletes in the finals and Big Bend had four. These teams met twice in the finals, splitting the bouts.

At 109 pounds, Heaven-Leigh Jackson of Indian Hills pinned Kayla Rogers of Big Bend in 5:16. However, at 136 pounds, Aliyah Yates of Big Ben scored a 10-0 technical fall over Alondra Rosado Martinez of Indian Hills, 10-0. Yates recently placed second at the UWW Junior Nationals in Irving, Texas.

The top two teams both finished with three champions. Indian Hills champions were Jackson, plus Chloe Clemons (123) and Sofia Rubio (191). The individual champions for Big Bend were Yates, plus Cora Orton (130) and Avery Ackerman (170).

All five participating teams had at least one individual champion. Southwest Oregon CC was led by champions Marissa Ritchie (116) and Krista Warren (143). Grays Harbor College champions were Jennifer Tongi (155) and Quinn Lacy (235). Host Umpqua had the lightest champion, as Madison Shearer won at 101 pounds. The event featured the traditional 10 women’s college weights, with the addition of the 125-pound weight.

The event continues with a dual meet national tournament on Saturday, May 15. All of the teams will wrestle each other, giving each team four dual meets. There will be a championship and runner-up team trophy awarded from the duals as well.

Other awards will include an Outstanding Wrestler, based upon both days of competition, as well as a Coach of the Year and Academic All-Americans.


At Roseburg, Ore., May 14, 2021

Individual national tournament results


1st - Madison Shearer (Umpqua CC) pin Annaliz Duran (Indian Hills CC), 1:30

3rd - Violeta Evangelista (Umpqua CC)


1st - Heaven-Leigh Jackson (Indian Hills CC) pin Kayla Rogers (Big Bend CC), 5:16

3rd - Mya Turnmire (Indian Hills CC) pin Analee Razo (Southwest Oregon CC) Fall 0:57

5th - Angelina Barrett (Umpqua CC) forfeit Kathryn Philbrook (Umpqua CC)


1st - Marissa Ritchie (Southwest Oregon CC) dec. Jamesa Robinson (Indian Hills CC), 10-8

3rd Place Match - Mikayla Jardine (Big Bend CC) inj dft. Faith Strode (Umpqua CC) 2:00

5th Place Match - Anna Rose (Umpqua CC)


1st - Chloe Clemons (Indian Hills CC) dec. Nani-Marie McFadden (Indian Hills CC), 8-0

3rd - Anjelique Alcala (Big Bend CC) tech. fall Kaya Akana (Umpqua CC) 10-0


1st - Cora Orton (Big Bend CC) pin Tatum Pine (Grays Harbor College), 4:46

3rd - Alexie Donohue (Big Bend CC) dec. Kaci Bice (Southwest Oregon CC) Dec 13-9

5th - Angelique Torres (Indian Hills CC) forfeit Dallas Gomez (Grays Harbor College)


1st - Aliyah Yates (Big Bend CC) tech. fall Alondra Rosado Martinez (Indian Hills CC), 10-0

3rd - Jocelyn Fiero (Grays Harbor College) pin Maya Lindskog (Umpqua CC)1:40

5th - Kaitlyn Lemmon (Big Bend CC) forfeit Araya Boday (Big Bend CC) FF


1st - Krista Warren (Southwest Oregon CC) pin Abe Jolley (Umpqua CC), 2:06

3rd - Kayla Trujillo (Big Bend CC) pin Celeste Tellez (Indian Hills CC) 1:37

5th - Andrea Jones (Grays Harbor College) pin Kaylee Gaines (Big Bend CC) 1:31


1st - Jennifer Tongi (Grays Harbor College) pin Tiyanna Leal (Umpqua CC), 0:56

3rd- Ginamarie Santiago Ayala (Indian Hills CC) pin Sierra Mason (Big Bend CC) 2:22

5th - Valerie Osborn (Southwest Oregon CC) forfeit Layla Donahoe (Southwest Oregon CC)


1st - Avery Ackerman (Big Bend CC) pin Evangelina Toruno (Southwest Oregon CC), 1:35

3rd - Kamila Montenegro (Grays Harbor College) tech. fall Adele Moulton (Big Bend CC) TF 12-2

5th- Brittney Zenteno (Indian Hills CC) forfeit Sarah Hamilton (Big Bend CC)


1st - Sofia Rubio (Indian Hills CC) dec. Kaevon Burney (Umpqua CC), 4-1

3rd - Annalease Barraza (Indian Hills CC) pin Clarissa Alvarez (Southwest Oregon CC) Fall 2:39


1st - Quinn Lacy (Grays Harbor College) pin Danika Scott (Southwest Oregon CC), 1:50

3rd- Helena Bourque (Indian Hills CC)

Team Standings

1. Indian Hills Community College (IA), 154

2. Big Bend Community College (WA), 143

3 Southwest Oregon Community College (OR), 86.5

4 Umpqua Community College (OR), 80

5 Grays Harbor College (WA), 77

Semifinal results


Madison Shearer (Umpqua CC) received a bye

Annaliz Duran (Indian Hills CC) won by fall over Violeta Evangelista (Umpqua CC) Fall 2:47


Kayla Rogers (Big Bend CC) won by fall over Mya Turnmire (Indian Hills CC) Fall 2:41

Heaven-Leigh Jackson (Indian Hills CC) won by fall over Analee Razo (Southwest Oregon CC) Fall 2:02


Marissa Ritchie (Southwest Oregon CC) won by fall over Mikayla Jardine (Big Bend CC) Fall 0:32

Jamesa Robinson (Indian Hills CC) won by fall over Faith Strode (Umpqua CC) Fall 1:26


Chloe Clemons (Indian Hills CC) won by fall over Kaya Akana (Umpqua CC) Fall 1:17

Nani-Marie McFadden (Indian Hills CC) won by tech fall over Anjelique Alcala (Big Bend CC) TF 18-6


Cora Orton (Big Bend CC) won by fall over Angelique Torres (Indian Hills CC) Fall 0:29

Tatum Pine (Grays Harbor College) won by fall over Kaci Bice (Southwest Oregon CC) Fall 2:07


Aliyah Yates (Big Bend CC) won by fall over Jocelyn Fiero (Grays Harbor College) Fall 0:20

Alondra Rosado Martinez (Indian Hills CC) won by fall over Araya Boday (Big Bend CC) Fall 3:00


Krista Warren (Southwest Oregon CC) won by tech fall over Kaylee Gaines (Big Bend CC) TF 10-0

Abe Jolley (Umpqua CC) won by fall over Kayla Trujillo (Big Bend CC) Fall 1:11


Tiyanna Leal (Umpqua CC) won by decision over Ginamarie Santiago Ayala (Indian Hills CC) Dec 9-6

Jennifer Tongi (Grays Harbor College) won by decision over Valerie Osborn (Southwest Oregon CC) Dec 8-7


Evangelina Toruno (Southwest Oregon CC) won by fall over Adele Moulton (Big Bend CC) Fall 1:13

Avery Ackerman (Big Bend CC) won by tech fall over Kamila Montenegro (Grays Harbor College) TF 10-0


Sofia Rubio (Indian Hills CC) won by tech fall over Clarissa Alvarez (Southwest Oregon CC) TF 10-0

Kaevon Burney (Umpqua CC) won by fall over Annalease Barraza (Indian Hills CC) Fall 1:30


Semifinal - Quinn Lacy (Grays Harbor College) received a bye

Semifinal - Danika Scott (Southwest Oregon CC) won by fall over Helena Bourque (Indian Hills CC) Fall 0:16