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NCAA official response to the end of match 230 at 149 pounds (Heil vs. Lewallen)


ST. LOUIS — The following is the official statement from Karen Langston, chair of the NCAA Division I Wrestling Committee concerning match 230 in the second round at 149 pounds between Joshua Heil of Campbell and Boo Lewallen of Oklahoma State.

“At the end of match 230 between Campbell and Oklahoma State at 149 pounds, following an official challenge by Oklahoma State with seven seconds remaining, the clock did not start upon resumption of action.

“Campbell threw its foam brick to indicate that they wanted to challenge that the clock had not started, and time should be deducted from the clock. By rule, scoring and timing are reviewable calls, and the referees should have granted the challenge request by Campbell and proceeded to initiate the coach’s video review challenge.

“According to Rule 3, Section 13, Article 6 the integrated time and scoring system and/or a view of the official clock on the official video review system are the only allowable timing or scoring devices to be used for video review. At the 2021 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships, the official clock on the mat is integrated with the scoring and video review systems. Since the clock did not start on the mat, it also did not start in the scoring or video review systems. There is no rule in the NCAA Wrestling Rules Book that allows for an additional stopwatch or other secondary timing device to be used to apply how much time should’ve run off the clock.

“Had the review been granted, the review process would’ve confirmed that the clock did not start, and the preceding match action is considered dead time, and the match would resume with seven seconds remaining, which is what happened.”