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Ohio Red earns 16U freestyle title, Minnesota Red wins 14U division at National Duals

by Taylor Miller, USA Wrestling

WESTFIELD, Ind. – Ohio Red and Minnesota Red claimed titles in freestyle at the 16U and 14U divisions, respectively, at the 2021 National Duals in Westfield, Ind.

In 16U competition, Ohio Red won the tournament with a 41-32 defeat over New Jersey. Ohio won nine of the dual’s 17 bouts to help propel the squad to the win. Taking third was Minnesota Blue, which took out Illinois, 49-27. Pennsylvania Blue finished fifth and California finished seventh in the tournament.

Winning the 14U tournament was Minnesota Red, defeating California, 41-31 in the finals. For bronze, New Jersey edged out Iowa, 39-38. Ohio Scarlet was fifth, while Illinois took seventh.

Westfield, Ind. | June 9-13

16U freestyle results
1st place – Ohio Red df. New Jersey, 41-32
138       Alessio Perentin (Team New Jersey) over Brodie Dominique (Ohio Red) Dec 2-0   
145       Wynton Denkins (Ohio Red) over August Hibler (Team New Jersey) Dec 4-4             
152       Luke James (Ohio Red) over Max Nevlin (Team New Jersey) Fall 2:27     
160       Louie Cerchio (Team New Jersey) over Hunter Andel (Ohio Red) TF 12-2
170       Harvey Ludington (Team New Jersey) over Connor Havill (Ohio Red) TF 12-1    
182       Luke Vanadia (Ohio Red) over Jared Schoppe (Team New Jersey) TF 10-0
195       Carter Neves (Ohio Red) over Alexander Uryniak (Team New Jersey) TF 10-0
220       Max Shulaw (Ohio Red) over Jarett Pantuso (Team New Jersey) TF 10-0     
285       Aidan Fockler (Ohio Red) over Hunter Matthews (Team New Jersey) Dec 4-0             
88          Neal Krysty (Ohio Red) win by forfeit
94          Javaan Yarbrough (Ohio Red) over Ryan Haynes (Team New Jersey) TF 11-0
100       Carson Walsh (Team New Jersey) over Mason Rohr (Ohio Red) TF 12-2     
106       Patrick OKeefe (Team New Jersey) over Johnny Green (Ohio Red) Dec 11-8           
113       Anthony Knox (Team New Jersey) over Jaxon Joy (Ohio Red) TF 11-0     
120       Omar Ayoub (Ohio Red) over Luke Stanich (Team New Jersey) TF 12-2     
126       Nathan Taylor (Team New Jersey) over Ty Wilson (Ohio Red) Fall 3:10     
132       Tyler Vazquez (Team New Jersey) over Brock Herman (Ohio Red) Dec 6-5             

3rd place – Minnesota Blue df. Illinois, 49-27
138       Zach Hanson (Minnesota Blue) over Jaydon Robinson (Illinois) Dec 4-4             
145       Logan Swaw (Illinois) over Kyler Wong (Minnesota Blue) TF 13-2             
152       Bryce Burkett (Minnesota Blue) over Jayden Colon (Illinois) Dec 8-4           
160       Travis Smith (Minnesota Blue) over Jack Seacrist (Illinois) TF 12-1             
170       Jed Wester (Minnesota Blue) over Nick Nosler (Illinois) Dec 8-4             
182       Dominic Thebeau (Illinois) over Soren Herzog (Minnesota Blue) Dec 14-10        
195       Peter Marinopoulos (Illinois) over Caleb Vancura (Minnesota Blue) TF 12-2
220       Noah Wenzel (Illinois) win by forfeit
285       Will Sather (Minnesota Blue) over Edward Perry (Illinois) Fall 1:07
88          Lawson Eller (Minnesota Blue) over Rocco Hayes (Illinois) Dec 6-2
94          Michael Olson (Minnesota Blue) over Kalani Khiev (Illinois) TF 14-4             
100       Parker Lyden (Minnesota Blue) over Cole Gentsch (Illinois) TF 15-4
106       Deion Johnson (Illinois) over Jack Nelson (Minnesota Blue) Dec 6-3           
113       Logan Swensen (Minnesota Blue) over William Denny (Illinois) TF 10-0     
120       Alex Braun (Minnesota Blue) over Joshua Vazquez (Illinois) TF 12-0
126       Landon Robideau (Minnesota Blue) over Daniel Aranda (Illinois) TF 10-0
132       Leonard Tukhlynovych (Minnesota Blue) over Brock Smith (Illinois) TF 14-4

5th place – Pennsylvania Blue df. Oklahoma Outlaws Blue, 39-35
138       Jace Roller (Oklahoma Outlaws) over Luke Sipes (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 10-0   
145       Dylan Evans (Pennsylvania Blue) over Layton Schneider (Oklahoma Outlaws FS) Dec 3-2           
152       Angelo Ferrari (Oklahoma Outlaws) over Bekhruz Sadriddinov (Pennsylvania Blue) Dec 7-0   
160       KJ Evans (Oklahoma Outlaws)over Liam Scrivanich (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 0:16 
170       Oscar Williams (Oklahoma Outlaws) over Tommy Cohenour (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 10-0    
182       Erik McCown (Oklahoma Outlaws) over Connor Jacobs (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 1:17  
195       Sonny Sasso (Pennsylvania Blue) over richard thomas (Oklahoma Outlaws) Fall 1:35        
220       Austin Johnson (Pennsylvania Blue) over Carsten Mower (Oklahoma Outlaws) TF 10-0  
285       Mason Harris (Oklahoma Outlaws) over Baily Miller (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 10-0   
88          Kole Davidheiser (Pennsylvania Blue) over Hudson Beckley (Oklahoma Outlaws) TF 11-1  
94          Josef Garshnick (Pennsylvania Blue) over Max Mcdaniel (Oklahoma Outlaws) TF 10-0  
100       Shane McFillin (Pennsylvania Blue) over Iziah Tusler (Oklahoma Outlaws) TF 10-0          
106       Sam Herring (Pennsylvania Blue) over Bryson Humphries (Oklahoma Outlaws) TF 12-2  
113       Gage Walker (Oklahoma Outlaws) over Jackson Butler (Pennsylvania Blue) Dec 8-4
120       Vincent Kilkeary (Pennsylvania Blue) win by forfeit
126       Clayton Giddens (Oklahoma Outlaws) over Nick Gorman (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 11-0    
132       Kollin Rath (Pennsylvania Blue) win by forfeit

7th place – California df. Indiana Gold, 44-25
138       Dylan Pile (Team California) over Rider Searcy (Team Indiana Gold) Fall 2:25
145       Aidan Torres (Team Indiana Gold) over Angelo Posada (Team California) TF 10-0       
152       Gavin Fernandez (Team California) over Luke Robards (Team Indiana Gold) TF 10-0 
160       Arvin Khosravy (Team California) over Anthony Cashman (Team Indiana Gold) TF 10-0 
170       Jayson Suetos (Team California) over Logan Farnell (Team Indiana Gold) Dec 16-11           
182       De`Alcapon Veazy (Team Indiana Gold) over Diego Morales (Team California) TF 10-0       
195       Diego Costa (Team California) over Gunner Henry (Team Indiana Gold) Dec 8-0  
220       Nicholas Sahakian (Team California) over Paul Clark (Team Indiana Gold) TF 10-0  
285       Jose Morales (Team California) over Hosia Smith (Team Indiana Gold) TF 10-0  
88          Revin Dickman (Team Indiana Gold) over Nathaniel Granados (Team California) TF 10-0         
94          Devin Bobzien (Team California) over Brady Byrd (Team Indiana Gold) TF 10-0  
100       Gavin Jendreas (Team Indiana Gold) over Anthony Ayon (Team California) TF 10-0       
106       Tanner Tishner (Team Indiana Gold) over Jason McDonald (Team California) TF 10-0
113       Brock Mantanona (Team California) over Seth Syra (Team Indiana Gold) TF 10-0  
120       Parker Reynolds (Team Indiana Gold) over Timothy Murabito (Team California) TF 11-0         
126       Collin Guffey (Team California) over Kyrel Leavell (Team Indiana Gold) Fall 3:58
132       Wanderlei Whittington (California) over Justice Thornton (Indiana Gold) TF 10-0

14U freestyle results
1st place – Minnesota Red df. California, 41-31
106       Kyler Walters (Minnesota Red) over Wyatt Sandoval (California) Dec 8-4             
110       Parker Zutter (Minnesota Red) over Nicolas Trujillo (California) TF 11-0     
114       Bo Bokman (Minnesota Red) over Isaac Padilla (California) TF 13-3
119       Cooper Rowe (Minnesota Red) over Jalen Concepcion (California) Dec 5-0             
125       Jackson Barron (Minnesota Red) over Garrison Sartain (California) Dec 6-2             
130       Michael Gillette (Minnesota Red) over Christopher Acuna (California) Dec 6-5      
136       Bradley Rodriguez-Little (Minnesota Red) over Daniel Reza (California) Fall 0:50    
149       Mikel David Uyemura (California) over Luke Hoag (Minnesota Red) TF 10-0    
165       Adrien Reyes (California) over John Murphy (Minnesota Red) TF 10-0     
187       David Calkins (California) over Jack Graham (Minnesota Red) TF 10-0     
250       Clayton Danielson (Minnesota Red) over Troy Ceja (California) Dec 4-3             
71          Liam Collins (Minnesota Red) over Gavin Pongsai (California) Fall 1:05     
77          Samuel Sanchez (California) over Eli Schultz (Minnesota Red) Fall 1:42     
83          Slater Hicks (California) over Joel Friederichs (Minnesota Red) TF 10-0     
87          Tas Storer (California) over Titan Friederichs (Minnesota Red) TF 12-2     
92          Chase Mills (Minnesota Red) over Matthew Orbeta (California) TF 11-0     
97          Trey Gunderson (Minnesota Red) over Antonio Rodriguez (California) Dec 10-8

3rd place – New Jersey df. Iowa, 39-38
106       Timothy Koester (Iowa) over Joey Rondinelli IV (Team New Jersey) TF 10-0
110       Corbin Reisz (Iowa) over Jackson Weller (Team New Jersey) TF 10-0
114       Gino Schinina (Team New Jersey) over Garrett Evans (Iowa) Fall 1:31     
119       Maximus Riggins (Iowa) over Ryan Gavrish (Team New Jersey) TF 15-4     
125       Michael Craft (Team New Jersey) over Boden White (Iowa) Fall 0:25     
130       Brandon Dean (Team New Jersey) over Clay Ledger (Iowa) Fall 1:08     
136       Kyler Knaack (Iowa) over Joseph Ruiz (Team New Jersey) Fall 1:51             
149       Reese Fauble (Iowa) over Terry Terch (Team New Jersey) Fall 1:35             
165       Dreshaun Ross (Iowa) over Dante Deluca (Team New Jersey) TF 10-0     
187       James Lynch Iii (Team New Jersey) over Terrin Lawrenson (Iowa) TF 10-0
250       Xavier Williams (Team New Jersey) over cooper martinson (Iowa) Dec 9-8
71          Cameron Sontz (Team New Jersey) over Ethan Humphrey (Iowa) TF 10-0
77          Charles Esposito (Team New Jersey) over Hayden Schwab (Iowa) Dec 9-3             
83          Mac Crosson (Iowa) over Lazarus Joyce (Team New Jersey) Dec 7-2           
87          Paul Kenny (Team New Jersey) over Dawson Youngblut (Iowa) Dec 4-0             
92          Gavin Landers (Iowa) over Dalton Weber (Team New Jersey) Dec 8-4       
97          Jayden James (Team New Jersey) over Jayden Rinken (Iowa) TF 12-2     
102       Wil Oberbroeckling (Iowa) over Ryan DeGeorge (Team New Jersey) Dec 11-3

5th place – Ohio Scarlet df. Oklahoma Outlaws Red, 52-28
106       Cole Evans (Ohio Scarlet) over Jake Miller (Oklahoma Outlaws Red) Dec 8-6   
110       JayVeon Clinton (Ohio Scarlet) over Devon Miller (Oklahoma Outlaws Red) TF 11-0
114       Isaiah Jones (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red) over Cameron Carter (Ohio Scarlet) TF 12-2
119       Grayson Woodcock (Ohio Scarlet) over Shawn Rounsaville (Oklahoma Red) TF 14-3          
125       Kaden Wallace (Oklahoma Outlaws Red) over Drake Brasiel (Ohio Scarlet) Dec 8-7            
130       Cooper Driscoll (Ohio Scarlet) over Thomas Toteh (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red) TF 15-5
136       Harrison Ratliff (Ohio Scarlet) over Jayden Fuston (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red) Fall 1:54
149       Zylan Johnson (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red) over Isaiah Roberts (Ohio Scarlet) TF 13-2
165       Anthony Kroninger (Ohio Scarlet) win by forfeit
187       Alex Taylor (Ohio Scarlet) over Wura Yinusa (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red) Dec 17-11
250       Edward German (Ohio Scarlet) over Brodie Law (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red) TF 10-0
71          Cason Craft (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red) over Loc Webber (Ohio Scarlet) Dec 18-16
77          Brandon Bickerton (Ohio Scarlet) over Jace Reed (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red) TF 12-2
83          Grey Burnett (Ohio Scarlet) over Caleb Crawford (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red) TF 10-0
87          Karson Brown (Ohio Scarlet) over Legend Ellis (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red) Dec 8-0            
92          Guardian Miller (Ohio Scarlet) over Tohmi Carney (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red) TF 10-0
97          Jaedan Adams (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red) over Harrison Haffner (Ohio Scarlet) Fall 1:20
102       Hayden Wright (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red) over Rylan Seacrist (Ohio Scarlet) TF 14-4

7th place – Illinois df. Wisconsin, 42-40
106       Declan Koch (Team Wisconsin) over Wyatt Medlin (Illinois 14U FS) Fall 3:16            
110       Colton Weiler (Team Wisconsin) over Royce Lopez (Illinois 14U FS) TF 14-4
114       Aaron Stewart (Illinois 14U FS) over Nolan Skebba (Team Wisconsin) TF 10-0      
119       Daniel Heiser (Team Wisconsin) over Sergio Calleros (Illinois 14U FS) TF 10-0       
125       Brody Sendele (Illinois 14U FS) over Caleb Dennee (Team Wisconsin) Dec 11-2   
130       Liam Crook (Team Wisconsin) win by forfeit
136       Blake Smith (Illinois 14U FS) over Gage Losiewicz (Team Wisconsin) TF 10-0      
149       Breyson Kelley (Team Wisconsin) win by forfeit
165       Tyson Martin (Team Wisconsin) over Jaxon Penovich (Illinois 14U FS) Fall 0:33     
187       Garett Kawczynski (Team Wisconsin) over Hunter Eastin (Illinois 14U FS) Fall 1:04           
250       Kai Calcutt (Illinois 14U FS) over Hunter Vander Heiden (Team Wisconsin) Fall 2:30    
71          Vincent DeMarco (Illinois 14U FS) over Isaac Hermanson (Team Wisconsin) TF 12-0
77          Anthony Hayes (Illinois 14U FS) win by forfeit
83          James Hemmila (Illinois 14U FS) over Max Gonzalez (Team Wisconsin) Dec 18-13 
87          Domenic Munaretto (Illinois 14U FS) over Torin Kuokkanen (Team Wisconsin) Fall 1:53
92          Bruno Cassioppi (Illinois 14U FS) over Spencer Madsen (Team Wisconsin) TF 10-0      
97          Rocco Cassioppi (Illinois 14U FS) over Olin Neuville (Team Wisconsin) TF 10-0      
102       Jacob Herm (Team Wisconsin) win by forfeit

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