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34 matches announced for February 25 Summit 2 hosted by PRTC and WIBN Philadelphia

by Pennsylvania Regional Training Center

The Pennsylvania Regional Training Center and the Wrestlers in Business Network Philadelphia Chapter are excited to release the match list for this Thursday’s Summit 2 card. The event, which follows January’s Summit 1 card, features nine middle school matches, five high school matches, five Senior-level matches, and fifteen U23 matches, primarily featuring wrestlers from the Pennsylvania RTC, the New Jersey RTC and the Spartan Combat RTC.
The event will be streamed live via the PRTC’s Rokfin channel starting at 4pm EST for middle school and high school matches, 6pm for U23 and 8pm for the Senior lineup.
On the Senior level, fans can expect to see PRTC members Ethan Lizak, Mauro Correnti, Ben Honis, Dan Vallimont and Cole Urbas square off with some of the nation’s most elite talent.
At 63 kg, Lizak will take on Frank Perrelli of the Lehigh Valley Wrestling Club. Lizak is a three-time All-American, a 2017 NCAA finalist and a 2013 Junior World Team member. Perrelli, a freestyle veteran, has placed at a slew of domestic and international events over the years including winning a Canada Cup title in 2012 and finishing second at the 2017 International Ukrainian Tournament.
Honis, a 2019 U.S. Open runner-up, will see current National Team member Ty Walz of the SERTC at 99 kg. Walz is a 2017 U23 World bronze medalist. The two have not met since Honis defeated Walz in the 2019 U.S. Open semifinals.
Vallimont, a two-time All-American, NCAA runner-up and 2018 U.S. Open runner-up, will face Jevon Balfour of the Spartan Combat RTC at 77 kg. Balfour is a two-time Canadian Senior World Team member and a 2019 Pan Am Games bronze medalist.
The PRTC’s Cole Urbas and the NJRTC’s CJ Brucki will duke it out at 92 kg. Urbas is a 2020 NCAA qualifier and a 2019 Fargo Junior freestyle runner-up. Brucki is a two-time Senior Nationals place winner.
At 125 kg, Correnti, a 2016 NCAA qualifier, matches up with NJRTC’s Matt Cover.
The U23 card is filled with compelling bouts featuring some of the best age-group wrestlers in the country.
At 86 kg, Jake Hendricks of the PRTC will face Chris Foca of the Spartan Combat RTC. Hendricks has an extensive Greco-Roman background, competing on the 2017 Cadet World Team and winning a 2020 UWW Junior National title as well as finishing runner-up at the 2020 U23 Nationals. However, he is highly decorated in freestyle as well, winning a 2016 Cadet Pan Am Championships title and placing at both the 2019 and 2020 UWW Junior Nationals. Foca also has impressive Greco credentials, winning a 2019 Fargo Junior title and finishing runner-up in the Junior division in 2018. He is also a two-time Fargo Junior freestyle All-American. Hendricks previously defeated Foca in the best-of-three finals to make the 2017 Cadet World Team.
Another high-profile bout features Doug Zapf of the PRTC vs. Josh Saunders of the Spartan Combat RTC at 71 kg. Zapf, a 2020 NCAA qualifier and first team All-Ivy selection, received Outstanding Wrestler honors at Summit 1 for a dominant, 18-8, technical fall over Connor Kievman of the NYCRTC. Saunders is a 2018 Cadet and Junior World Team member. He won a Fargo 16U title in 2017, a Fargo Junior title in 2019 and placed eighth at the 2019 Senior Nationals.
At 76 kg, the NJRTC’s Quincy Monday will battle the Spartan Combat RTC’s Julian Ramirez. Monday is a two-time NCAA qualifier and two-time First-Team All-Ivy selection. Last season, he was also named a NWCA First-Team All-American. Ramirez is a 2016 Fargo 16U and 2018 Cadet World Team Trials runner-up.
Other big names to look for on the U23 card include the PRTC’s Carmen Ferrante (61 kg), Michael Colaiocco (63 kg) and Anthony Artalona (70 kg), as well as the NJRTC’s Pat Glory (59 kg).


Middle School – 4PM EST
108 lbs: Chris Cropanese, NJ (Princeton Wrestling Club) vs. Griffin Kaye, NJ (Rhino Wrestling Club)
122 lbs: Morgan Schwarz, NJ (Princeton Wrestling Club) vs. Jarred O’Neill, NJ (Watchung Hills Wrestling)
62 lbs: Forest Rose, NJ (Princeton Wrestling Club) vs. Jack Anello, NJ (Team Buxton)
92 lbs: Cole Rose, NJ (Princeton Wrestling Club) vs. Dalton Weber, NJ (Scorpions Wrestling Club)
72 lbs: Chase Dubuque, NJ (Princeton Wrestling Club) vs. Vince Anello, NJ (Team Buxton)
140 lbs: Gavin Cole, PA (Council Rock Wrestling) vs. Pete Snyder, MD (Underground Wrestling Club)
140 lbs: Gabe Delgado, NV (Gold Rush Wrestling) vs. Austin Craft, NJ (Underground Wrestling Club)
80 lbs: Keegan Bassett, PA (Young Guns Wrestling) vs. Nico DeSalvo, PA (M2 Wrestling)
105 lbs: Bo Bassett, PA (Young Guns Wrestling) vs. Manny Saldate, NV (Gold Rush Wrestling)

High School – 4PM EST (Right after Middle School matches end)

64 kg: Branden Palcko, NJ (Paul VI High School) vs. Ethan Wilson, NJ (Washington Township HS)
145 lbs: Louis Colaiocco, NJ (Blair Academy) vs. Nico Damico, MD (Stephen Decatur HS)
103 lbs: Belle Foard, PA (Wyoming Seminary) vs. Makennah Craft, OH (Jackson High School)
114 lbs: Abby Duke, PA (Wyoming Seminary) vs. Sydney Petzinger, NJ (Parsippany High School)
122 lbs: Ava Bayless, PA (Wyoming Seminary) vs. Jaclyn Dehney, NH (Central Catholic HS)
U23 – 6PM EST
125 kg: Nate Hoaglund (PRTC) vs. Aiden Connor (NJRTC)
125 kg: Ben Goldin (PRTC) vs. Matt Cover (NJRTC)
72 kg: Jeremy Ridge (PRTC) vs. Jack Lang (NJRTC)
86 kg: Jake Hendricks (PRTC) vs. Chris Foca (Spartan Combat RTC)
86 kg: John Stout (PRTC) vs. Jon Lowe (Spartan Combat RTC)
76 kg: Cam Connor (PRTC) vs. Blaine Bergey (NJRTC)
82 kg: Neil Antrassian (PRTC) vs. Nate Dugan (NJRTC)
79 kg: Nick Incontrera (PRTC) vs. Grant Cuomo (NJRTC)
72 kg: Lucas Revano (PRTC) vs. Hunter Richard (Spartan Combat RTC)
71 kg: Doug Zapf (PRTC) vs. Josh Saunders (Spartan Combat RTC)
76 kg: Julian Ramirez (Spartan Combat RTC) vs Quincy Monday (NJRTC)
61 kg: Carmen Ferrante (PRTC) vs. Nick Masters (NJRTC)
63 kg: Michael Colaiocco (PRTC) vs. Anthony Clark (NJRTC)
59 kg: Ryan Miller (PRTC) vs. Pat Glory (NJRTC)
70 kg: Anthony Artalona (PRTC) vs. Marshall Keller (NJRTC)

Senior – 8PM EST

63 kg: Ethan Lizak (PRTC) vs. Frank Perrelli (LVWC)
125 kg: Mauro Correnti (PRTC) vs. Matt Cover (NJRTC)
77 kg: Dan Vallimont, PRTC vs. Jevon Balfour (Spartan Combat RTC)
99 kg: Ben Honis (PRTC) vs. Ty Walz (SERTC)
92 kg: Cole Urbas (PRTC) vs. CJ Brucki (NJRTC)
The Pennsylvania RTC (PRTC) is a non-profit organization that is for developmental and senior-level wrestlers who desire to train in an environment that specializes in the international styles of Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling with the ultimate goal of becoming World and Olympic champions. The PRTC is dedicated to providing our wrestlers with the tools and resources to succeed on and off the wrestling mat.
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