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Interested in being on U.S. Beach World Team in Romania, Sept. 23-26? Check out these details

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

USA Wrestling is organizing a team to compete at the Beach Wrestling World Championships (for Junior and Cadet age groups) in Constanta, Romania, September 23-24, and the Constanta Beach Wrestling World Series Final for Seniors, September 25-26.

Information has been sent to those who participated at the 2021 Beach Nationals in Jacksonville, Fla. in May, as well as others who contacted USA Wrestling with an interest. Depending upon interest levels, other USA Wrestling members at the appropriate age divisions could be included on the team if space allows.

Please understand that we have a short turnaround time to get our team organized, as the deadline for final entries for the Constanta events is August 25.

We are asking for you to immediately email Gary Abbott of USA Wrestling if you have an interest in competing in Romania with the U.S. delegation at


International age divisions

Seniors: 20 and older, but 18 and older with medal certificate

Juniors: 18-20 years, but 17 included with medical and parental certificate

Cadets 16-17 years, but 15 included with medical and parental certificate

Beach World Weight Classes

Senior Men: 70 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg, Over 90 kg

Senior Women: 50 kg, 60 kg, 70 kg, Over 70 kg

Junior Men: 70 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg, Over 90 kg

Junior Women: 50 kg, 60 kg, 70 kg, Over 70 kg

Cadet Boys: 50 kg, 60 kg, 70 kg, 80 kg

Cadet Women: 40 kg, 50 kg, 60 kg, 70 kg

Funding: This is a self-funded tour, meaning that all expenses for the tour will be the responsibility of the participant. That includes airfare, Room and Board at official UWW hotel, UWW license fee, other event fees, and a possible participation fee (to cover required referee).

Passport, UWW License and USA Wrestling membership: Everyone participating will need a current valid U.S. passport (which does not expire within six months) as well as a UWW Beach license which must be purchased by the August 25 deadline. All participants must have a 2021-22 USA Wrestling athlete membership (which becomes available on August 20 through the USA Wrestling membership system at

What is needed for UWW License: For athletes and coaches who will participate in the UWW Beach Worlds events, you must have a current UWW License. If you do not have this, you will need to get the following to USA Wrestling before the August 25 deadline: 1) Copy of your passport; 2) Headshot in jpg format; 3) UWW medical form (for athletes only); 4) Payment through Visa or Mastercard only.

Three athletes per weight class: The U.S. team can have as many as three athletes per weight class. The following criteria will be utilized in if there are more than three individuals who wish to compete at the same weight class:

1) Placement at the 2021 Beach Nationals in Jacksonville, Fla.

2) Participation at the 2021 Beach Nationals in Jacksonville, Fla.

3) Any USA Wrestling member meeting age requirements, with those with past participation on U.S. Beach international teams, or participation in past Beach National events given preference.

Room and Board costs: Those competing in Constanta must stay at the official hotel, and pay the event room and board fee of 110 Swiss Francs per day (which is approximately $125). Participants should be sure to bring cash with them to pay this fee onsite in Constanta.

Equipment sizes needed immediately: There are official uniforms for beach wrestling. According to the UWW guidelines, men/boys wear “board shorts or biking shorts.” Women/girls wear “board shorts or biking shorts” on bottom and “either a sports bra (preferably) or a form-fitting rash guard.” Traditionally, USA Wrestling sponsor Nike has provided our Beach Team with equipment. If you are planning on going, we need to have your sizes immediately in order to begin the equipment ordering process.

Required Official and the participation fee: If the U.S. team includes three or more athletes, it is required that the delegation also include a referee (who must meet UWW specifications). Should the U.S. delegation include three or more athletes, the cost of the official’s expenses will be split between the participating athletes. We are seeking outside funding for the referee cost, but if that is not available, the participation fee will be calculated and split between the participants.

Additional information to those interested: Once an individual notifies USA Wrestling that they may wish to compete in the Constanta beach events, additional information will be sent, including the schedule, the Beach Wrestling rules and other relevant information. Some of this can be found on the United World Wrestling site at:

Beach Wrestling Regulations

Beach Wrestling World Championships

Beach Wrestling World Series Final

Contact for additional information

Gary Abbott

719-659-9637 cell