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Foley wins silver medal at U17 Pan American Beach Championships in Mexico City, Mexico

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

U17 Pan American Beach Team: Lilly Reese, Coaches Randall and Cheryl Baynard, Kane Foley, Kennedie Snow.
U17 Pan American Beach Team: Lilly Reese, Coaches Randall and Cheryl Baynard, Kane Foley, Kennedie Snow. Photo by Danny Struck.

MEXICO CITY, Mexico – Kane Foley of New Bern, N.C. won a silver medal at 70 kg at the U17 Pan American Beach Championships on Saturday evening, the top U.S. performance of the tournament.

In the gold medal finals, Foley was defeated by Rafael Garcia Morales of Puerto Rico, 3-0 in 1:01

Foley won Group A, with a 3-1 victory over Victor Soto of Puerto Rico, and two forfeits. In the semifinals, he threw and pinned Dennys Vera Enderica of Ecuador in 1:32.

Foley was a 2022 16U Beach Nationals champion at 169 lbs. and was a 2023 U17 Beach Nationals runner-up at 80 kg. Foley competed in the 2022 U17 Beach World Championships.

Two U.S. women wrestlers qualified for bronze medal matches, after dropping their semifinals matches. Both finished fourth after losses in the bronze-medal match.

Kennedie Snow of Havelock, N.C. placed fourth at 60 kg. Snow went 1-1 in her Group competition to advance to the semifinals, where she was edged by Elaina White Vega of Puerto Rico, 3-2. In her bronze-medal bout, Snow lost to Angelica Plascencia Aceves of Mexico, 3-2.

Lilly Reese of Asheville, N.C. placed fourth at 70 kg. Reese won her first match over Martina Godoy Corvalan of Chile, 3-1, then was pinned to place second in her group. She lost in the semifinals to Bruna De Souza Azeredo of Brazil, 3-0 then was stopped in the bronze-medal bout by Gabriela Ocasio Borges of Puerto Rico, 3-1,

Snow was a 2023 U17 Beach Nationals champion at 60 kg and 2023 16U Beach Nationals champion at 134 pounds. Reese was a 2023 U17 Beach Nationals champion at 70 kg.


At Mexico City, Mexico, June 25

Men's medalists

50 kg

Gold - Frederick Bachmann (Puerto Rico)

Silver - Joseph Bachmann (Puerto Rico)

Bronze - Daniel Martinez Salinas (Mexico)

60 kg

Gold - Clisman Carracedo Veliz (Ecuador)

Silver - Cristian Sanchez Guerra (Dominican Republic)

Bronze - Gabriel Sanchez Zepeda (Mexico)

70 kg

Gold - Rafael Garcia Morales (Puerto Rico)

Silver - Kane Foley (USA)

Bronze - Adrian Cerquera Sanchez (Colombia)

80 kg

Gold - Sixto Garcia Mina (Ecuador)

Silver - Luis Figuereo Suero (Dominican Republic)

Bronze - Matheus Silva de Macedo (Brazil)

Women's medalists

50 kg

Gold - Aneishka Santos Baez (Puerto Rico)

Silver - Valeria Alvarez Agurto (Ecuador)

Bronze - Giovanna Cincinato Pimenta (Brazil)

60 kg

Gold - Eliana White Vega (Puerto Rico)

Silver - Cindell Casusol Casas (Peru)

Bronze - Angelica Plascencia Aceves (Mexico)

70 kg

Gold - Bruna De Souza Azeredo (Brazil)

Silver -Mayara Neper Oliveira Santos (Brazil)

Bronze - Gabriella Ocasio Borges (Puerto Rico)

U.S. U17 men’s Beach results

70 kg - Kane Foley, New Bern, N.C. (Wrestling Warehouse WC), silver medal

WIN Victor Soto Rivera (Puerto Rico), 3-1, 1:31

WIN Joao Montesinos Macedo (Peru), inj. dft.

WIN Dennys Vera Enderica (Ecuador), pin 1:32

LOSS Rafael Garcia Morales (Puerto Rico), 3-0, 1:01

U.S. U17 women’s Beach results

60 kg - Kennedie Snow, Havelock, N.C. (Havelock WC), 4th place

LOSS Angelica Plascencia Aceves (Mexico), 3-1, 0:36

WIN Avril De Souza Oliveira (Brazil), pin 1:06

LOSS Eliana White Vega (Puerto Rico), 3-2, 1:18

LOSS Angelica Plascencia Aceves (Mexico), 3-2, 1:07

70 kg - Lilly Reese, Asheville, N.C. (Baynard Trained WC), 4th place

WIN Martina Godoy Corvalan (Chile), 3-1, 1:22

LOSS Mayara Neper Oliveira Santos (Brazil), pin 0:17

LOSS Bruna De Souza Azeredo (Brazil), 3-0, 0:52

LOSS Gabriela Ocasio Borges (Puerto Rico), 3-1, 1:43